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What new boy man troubles await HBO’s Girls in Season 2? What sort of bliss is Once Upon a Time‘s handsome prince hoping for? What is Fringe star Anna Torv’s one wish for Olivia’s future as a mom? Read on for answers to those questions plus other teases from fall and summer shows.

Girls | It looks like Hannah will be moving on from Adam in a very interesting way – with an older man. The HBO dramedy is looking to cast the juicy Season 2 guest-starring role of Joshua, a doctor in his early forties who becomes a potential love interest for the insecure 24-year-old. Girls is probably looking for a “name” here, so armchair casting directors, hit the Comments with your picks for Hannah’s more mature hook-up!

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Once Upon a Time | Already TVLine has brought you Ginnifer Goodwin’s take on Season 2 and her own anticipation of the Charmings’ reunion, now that Mary Margaret and David know their true identities and connection to Storybrooke sheriff Emma. Now, we’ve got Josh Dallas’ own prediction for the family get-together. “Bliss,” he states. “That’s what I hope it feels like.” But, as Goodwin also expressed, Dallas would not be surprised if Emma has some abandonment issues to work through, even given the far-out fairytale circumstances. “For 28 years, she’s been carrying around a lot of stuff. She’s felt lost the whole time. Her identity hasn’t been clear to her,” he notes. “So this is all going to come rushing back at her. She’s going to have a lot to deal with.”

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Fringe | The cat’s out of the bag: As spoiled by John Noble to TVLine earlier this week, the fifth and final season will leap ahead to 2036, where Olivia – though absent from the “Letters of Transit” episode – will be on hand. And as Noble intimated, Anna Torv is champing at the bit to play the relationship between mother and (grown) daughter Etta. She just hopes the women have it easy! “We’ve seen Olivia work through so many relationships in her life, I would love her not to have to work through this one with Etta,” Torv told me last month. “I would love for us to meet her and Etta having already done all of that and just be family, and have that trust all there already, which is what we kind of got with Olivia’s sister [Rachel]. That was always so lovely, because it was the only time we saw Olivia settled.”

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Rizzoli & Isles | Speaking of complicated mother/daughter issues…. Now that we’re a few weeks into the new season and have dialed down the drama between the ladies, you may be wondering when Maura will delve into finding Hope, the woman who gave birth to her. Well, as Sasha Alexander told me, “It’s not until Episode 5 (airing July 3) that Maura decides that the curiosity is killing her, and she really wants to find her biological mother.” Played in a multi-episode arc by Sharon Lawrence (NYPD Blue), Hope’s introduction promises to be “very interesting,” Alexander says, in part because her adoptive mother Constance “did know her. It was all a bit of a secret to basically protect my life, because Paddy Doyle’s parents were not good people.” All told, she teases, the mother/daughter reunion serves up “a nice mystery.”

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Modern Family | Once again on the topic of mothers and children, this ABC hit’s coming season should be pregnant with comedic possibilities as expectant Gloria carries her second-born child. “I can’t wait to see Gloria pregnant, and how the mood swings and all of that will coincide with everything,” enthuses Rico Rodriguez, who plays Manny. The 13-year-old actor is hoping that his TV sib is a boy, “so Manny can show him things,” but whatever the case, the new Pritchett stands to have the very best big brother. “I think he’ll be a good [brother],” Rodriguez offers, “because Manny will learn more about taking care of others.”

Suits | Harvey – and fans of the USA Network series – will get a blast from the past when an upcoming episode flashes back five years to introduce us to Monica Egan, a super-smart and super-cute colleague of Harvey’s who at this time, somewhat curiously, is no longer with Pearson/Hardman. And over the course of the episode, we find out not why she’s MIA, but also what became of that rising star attorney. Casting is now underway for the thirtysomething Monica….

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Drop Dead Diva | Wrapping things up with a dip into the reader mailbag, Lia says, “I would love some Drop Dead Diva spoilers if you have them.” Well, Lia, as part of our recent chat with show boss Josh Berman, even though there will be no big, splashy musical numbers this season, “There is a lot of music” – courtesy of Teri (played by Margaret Cho). “We learn this season that Teri’s secret dream is to be a performer, so we get to watch her perform in multiple episodes,” Berman shared. “We replaced [the bigger production numbers] with some original songs that were written just for the show, and we’ve given it the context through Margaret Cho[‘s character].” So stay “tuned” for that!

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  1. Templar says:

    Re: OUAT, I’m thrilled that Henry is going to have so much family. He will have an easier time than Emma adjusting to the altered circumstances. And Regina is going to flip! I love it.

    • A. Webb says:

      Where will this take Henry in regard to his mother? Will he still be Regina’s son since he was (presumably) legally adopted, and will she still want him as her son now that Emma is officially part of the Charming family?

      • Dani says:

        Well Regina has known for a long time now who Emma is. Remember that conversation between Gold and Regina at the end of episode 2 and then the one towards the end of the season where they confirmed that they both know who Emma is and how she’s relevant to the curse? Hence, I don’t see how Regina’s feelings for Henry would know change all of a sudden. The season finale in particular made it very clear that she loves him, no matter what.

        At the end of the day it should be Henry’s decision if he wants her to be part of his life and he should be allowed to hear the full story of how everything went so very wrong for Snow and Regina – how they met, Daniel and Cora and how Regina was forced to marry King Leopold. It doesn’t justifiy what Regina’s done. Not at all. But it’s part of the full story. And I want Henry to know it all. Then he can make up his mind and everyone involved should accept his decision.

  2. yut says:

    Charmings reunion, it’s what I wanna see more in the season2 premiere. CANT WAIT

    • Olivia says:

      I haven’t finished the season yet (I like spoilers), but wont the show deteriorate now they now their identity?

  3. Annie says:

    First person I thought of, regarding Girls looking for an older man, was Dylan McDermott. This works out since he’s now free from American Horror Story. McDermott has the right amount of sex appeal, masculinity, and always a hint of sadness behind the eyes, which I think would work perfectly for the description given of Hannah’s new love interest.

    • Sara says:

      the only issue is I can’t imagine any attractive man wanting anything to do with Hannah. I am so not on the Girls train, dull, boring, whiney, sloppy girl writes herself into her dream life, fabulous.

  4. Bob Lozano says:

    Rizzoli & Isles: What a major coup for TNT to get Sharon Lawrence to play Maura’s bio mom. I mean, look at photos of the actresses side-by-side;they could be related! The only problem that I have with it: There is only a 12-year age difference between Sasha & Sharon. How could Sharon be her mom? Now I know that suspension of disbelief is part and parcel of TV & movies, but seriously? I have the same problem with Joanna Cassidy & Dana Delaney playing mother & daughter.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      C’mon now. Estelle Getty was a year younger than Bea Arthur. It’s how this thing called TV works.

  5. Frivolouswhim says:

    OUAT: Cool. Can we get some spoilers for Regina though? I’m most interested in her.

  6. Lilly Mcgill says:

    The Girls casting info is wrong. The role has already been cast.

  7. hollywoodnadlanu says:

    Reblogged this on HOLLYWOOD NA DLANU.

  8. Georgina says:

    I can’t wait for Olivia to finally meet Etta and for the Charmings to finally ‘meet’ their daughter. Excited for family reunions all around!

  9. Lia says:

    Thanks for answering my email!!

  10. This says:

    I really wish Rizzoli & Isles followed the books more. Maura’s mom being a serial killer is way more interesting than this whole Paddy Doyle thing, imho.

    • Kvivik says:

      How do you know that they won’t incorporate that? Lots of serial killers have kids and love them and are devestated by their loss.
      Maura doesn’t know the whole story of anything yet, not even Constance’s role in everything.
      It should be interesting.

  11. Lee says:

    let’s see
    this monica girl was working at the firm 5 years ago & isn’t now
    hardman did something horrible to force harvey to blackmail him out of the firm 5 years ago
    & now with hardman back we’re gonna get a flashback to 5 years ago

    hmmmmmmm wonder if there’s possibly such an obvious connection that even Stevie wonder can see it coming

  12. Renda says:

    Bradley Cooper for Hannah’s older hookup…it would be super hot

  13. cher says:

    Can’t wait to see more from Drop Dead Diva and Rizzoli & Isles. Hey, Matt, can you also add Drop Dead Diva on your What to Watch on Sundays? :)

  14. A few choices for casting the Doctor role on Girls, John Hannah, David Tennant, Michael Sheen or maybe Callum Keith Rennie. I know I went for a very British selection there. I just thought felt from the brief description given that adding a stiff British upper lip would only add to the character.

  15. Patti says:

    I am so excited for the charming family reunion on Once Upon a Time. I am excited for them to explore Emma’s relationship with Charming and Snow.

  16. lipsticksocialism says:

    yay for sharon lawrence!!

  17. Britta Unfiltered says:

    For Girls, I don’t think the casting should go to a typical Hollywood leading man at all. It would be much funnier and true to life if the guy was not a heartthrob. Because she is messed up and has issues and would be most likely doing it to piss off her parents, not to mention she probably wants a father figure to take care of her. Okay, I know he is way out of his 40s, but I think this would be hilarious…give it a chance and think about it for a minute….Tom Wilkinson!!! He’s my old guy crush. Yeah, I’m messed up and have issues too.