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Fringe Exclusive: Major Final-Season Time Jump Is Planned, Plus [Spoiler] Returns!

Fringe Season 5 SpoilersIn the Season 4 Fringe episode “Letters of Transit,” which was set in the year 2036, Peter says that he, Walter et al had been trapped in amber for some 20 years. So it would stand to reason that if the Fox drama’s final season jumps ahead in time, it would be either by a little… or a lot.

The answer, to hear John Noble tell it, is the latter.

“As far as I know, we’re just jumping ahead [to 2036],” Noble shared with TVLine at the Critics’ Choice Awards on Monday, where he was nominated for Supporting Actor in a Drama (the prize he took home a year ago).

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While some Fringe fans my lament the decades’ worth of “lost” time, Noble allows that “there will be references” to the team’s pre-amber days, even using “found footage” to share monumental moments with viewers.

In the Evil Observers-ruled 2036, Noble reminds, “Walter, Olivia, Astrid and Peter are insurgents, so we know all the dirty tricks that have been played against us. We’ll be learning from the past.”

Yes, you read the above correctly: Though Olivia (played by Anna Torv) was conspicuously MIA from the “Letters of Transit” episode that informs Season 5, “She’ll be back” in this return to the future, Noble reassures. Viewers can also expect to once again see Olivia and Peter’s grown daughter Etta (played by Aussie actress Georgina Haig).

Meaning that just as your eyes welled up upon witnessing Peter meet adult Etta (watch clip below, because you know you want to), Noble foresees “a wonderful reunion of mother and daughter” — a scene, he tells us, Torv is “really excited” to play.

Noble himself, meanwhile, is excited to “tie up the loose ends and emotional connections” that Fringe has put forth over five seasons.

“Walter is the man who started this, so there has to be resolution. There has to be redemption,” the actor attests. “We  also have to see the final maturing of the relationship between Peter and Olivia, because it has been so difficult for them and we want them so much to be with each other.”

And lastly, he shares, “I would love to see the Peter/Walter relationship come back to where it was.” (With reporting by Vlada Gelman)

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