Was Dallas Too Slick? Is a Final Killing Twist to Come? Got Gilmore Flashbacks? And More TV Qs

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, here are some queries we’re going to lob at you, from shows including True Blood, Bunheads, The Killing and Dallas!

| Jamie didn’t really murder Rosie Larsen on The Killing, right? There’s just gotta be another dodge coming. It’s The Killing!

| Dear Drop Dead Diva: Was it really necessary to make the already controversial Kim Kardashian even more unlikable by pitting her between Jane and Stacy?

| After the opening dance number, the marathon song and hanging upside for an entire segment, can we name Tony Awards emcee Neil Patrick Harris the host for all awards show from now on? Speaking of the Tonys, leaving Private Practice kinda sorta worked out well for Audra McDonald, didn’t it?

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| Did Mad Men‘s latest knockdown of Pete evoke a cartoony Little Rascals fistfight? All that was missing was the whimsical sound effects. And when Don walked into the movie theater in the finale, who was afraid that he was going to find Peggy, um, involved with another random patron?

| The best twosome in True Blood‘s season premiere — Eric/Bill, Sookie/Pam or Jason/Rev. Newlin? Vote in the comments!

6 | What’s it going to take to get Kathryn Hahn (currently recurring on HBO’s Girls) a starring vehicle that doesn’t get axed after a few episodes?

| Is there a comedy — or really any series — that makes better use of profanity than HBO’s Veep? Also, does anyone else think that Reid Scott —Bunheads Sutton Foster so sleazily ambitious as Selina’s staffer Dan, and yet so doe-eyed adorable in his prior stint as Cathy’s smitten young doctor on The Big C — could be the Next Big Thing?

8 | Which scene from the Bunheads premiere reminded you the most of Gilmore Girls? (For us it was Fanny and Michelle’s dive bar bonding session.)

9 | How does one trump former Disney queen Ashley Tisdale as a Sons of Anarchy call girl? Maybe Phineas and Ferb will construct a contraption to help Walter White cook his meth?

10 | Yes, The Glee Project‘s transgender contestant has got an intriguing backstory and a sweet personality. But Ryan Murphy will have no choice but to send Tyler to the reality-TV guillotine if he doesn’t exhibit a smidgeon of singing/acting/dancing talent in the next couple of weeks, right? And was there anyone who didn’t kiss on this week’s episode?

11 | Who would have ever expected NBC’s Love in the Wild to feel like a more genuine relationship-starter than ABC’s extended Disney Princess fantasy also known as the Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise?

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12 | Anyone else feel vaguely skeeved out listening to So You Think You Can Dance‘s Nigel Lythgoe tell innocent-looking, 18-year-old, braces-wearing Whitney Carson that she had a “smokin’ hot face” during the Salt Lake City auditions?

13 | Did you get chills when the Dallas theme and familiar title sequence was cued up on the TNT series’ debut? Also, as “splashy” a visual it is to have John Ross and Elena frolicking in the downpour of a gusher, wouldn’t that oily grime be an absolute horror to ever wash off? (And kinda poisonous if ingested? Frankly, it reminded us of Zoolander‘s gas pump dance number.) And what do you think of this working theory: Someone paid off Bobby’s doc to misdiagnose him and cause false symptoms, thereby prodding him into selling Southfork.

14 | Was Weeds cancelled three seasons too late?

15 | When did we as a country forget how to laugh at a prank, like Game of Thrones‘ allegedly random use of a severed George W. Bush head in the background of a scene? The real GWB is alive and well and certainly has never been decapitated, so why the fuss?

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16 | True or False? ABC’s Duets would be a better show if all the contestants were auditioning to be backup singers for Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Nettles.

17 | At first blush, Jeanne Tripplehorn joining Criminal Minds seems pretty perfect, doesn’t it?

18 | As thrilling as the Burn Notice premiere was, aren’t we all getting a little tired of the “dead man’s switch” (aka “Shoot me and X blows up!”) gizmo being used on crime dramas?

19 | On Saving Hope, when Charlie’s ex was suggesting “arousal” therapy or whatever to Alex, who half-expected her to offer up her own services?

20 | Is there anything sadder than Shannen Doherty’s Education Connection ad airing during a rerun of Beverly Hills, 90210 on SOAPNet?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Sara says:

    Yes please to NPH hosting everything.
    Yes to chills during Dallas’ opening credits (seriously!)
    Yes to thinking that breathing in the oil probably wasn’t a good idea on Dallas.
    Yes to Reid Scott being the next big thing (Loved him on My Boys years ago!)

    • Maggie says:

      11. it’s crazy!! and the top 2 couples from last season are still together & apparently the top 2 couples from this season are still together too!!

    • Jake says:

      I absolutely loved the opening but do u think we can eventually get the actors faces shown? I hope this is a resurgence of opening credits!

    • Garnet_and_Gold47 says:

      Thank you for the My Boys shout out! He was hilarious as Dr. Brendo. I miss that show…

  2. Reilly says:

    14 – So insulting for Weeds… Season 6 was awesome and season 7 not that bad. The show tries to stay fresh, and does it quite well.

  3. 8. for me it wasn’t so much a particular scene as the rift of music that was the classic Gilmore scene transition music. One in particular that had Kelly Bishop standing alone while it played gave me Gilmore whiplash.
    9. I can only hope that this might make Disney stop putting her in things. Please god.
    12. ::raising hand:: Totally skeeved out
    15. I’ve come to the conclusion that a whole lot of today’s “hot button issues” would be resolved if the whole country would take a deep breath and pull their collective panties out of that bunch.
    18. Really, really over it. I’m already worried about the show going full out spy mode and leaving behind our quasi Robin Hood stories but the dead man switch gimmick is DONE and them using it does not make me feel better.

  4. A.P. says:

    To me it’s more like “Is there anything sadder than Shannen Doherty being in an Education Connection ad?” Airing during a BH 90210 rerun is just salt in the wound.

  5. Amy says:

    For me the main Gilmore flashback was the denim shorts and cowboy boots! And completely agree about the music.

    • cindy says:

      Agree completely!

    • Ava says:

      YES the denim shorts and cowboy boots! I was like, oh so we aren’t even going for subtle? HAHA! I kind of think the lead in Bunheads isn’t going to be able to pull off the fast dialogue. It just sounded so much better when Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel did it.

  6. 20 | Is there anything sadder than Shannen Doherty’s Education Connection ad airing during a rerun of Beverly Hills, 90210 on SOAPNet? <—– DIED laughing!

  7. Lygel says:

    14- um, last Season of Weeds was a return to form of sorts, and season 6 was not as bad as a lot of people call it. It definetly earned EVERY renewal it was given, so I don’t understand this one. I’ve never seen a show with enough balls to keep re-inventing itself like Weeds does, so I’m kind of angry with this. Also, for the last time, Showtime didn’t CANCEL anything. It was a mutual decision between Showtime, Jenji Kohan (the creator) and Mary Louise Parker, to END the show.

    • eliott256 says:

      The last 3 seasons have all been wasted opportunities, especially last season.

    • Ava says:

      I know a lot of people didn’t like seasons 4 & 5 but I really enjoyed them. Season 6 was disjointed but it was supposed to be so I’m torn between thinking it’s total genius and total garbage. Season 7 was pretty good but I’ve only seen it once so I want to withhold final judgement until I’ve seen it again.

  8. Steve Newlin & Jason win.

  9. Michele says:

    You guys should slowly tweet these gems throughout the day for easy retweeting by fans of the site. Some of these are pure twitter genius!

  10. LizA180 says:

    Well, I don’t think putting any presidents head on the stake like that is in good taste. Had it been Obama or Clinton, there would have been serious hell to pay. Its a major double standard.

    • Bryanne says:

      AMEN! Thanks for your courage to state that– sad that it’s obvious & overlooked!

      • Danielle says:

        Oh yeah, it takes so much courage to make an anonymous comment on the Internet. She should be Times’ next Person of the Year!

        PS- I’m a Democrat. I think the prank was in poor taste, but think it’s an incredibly stupid thing to get your panties in a twist over. I can’t summon the energy to care that it even happened, and I’d feel the same way if it was Clinton. I’d be more upset if it was Obama simply because he’s currently in office. I’d feel the same way if McCain or Romney were currently in office. Furthermore, how do you know how the show’s creators or the writers of this article voted? You don’t. They could be Republican. Check out late night talk shows. They make fun of both parties equally. But way to make sweeping generalizations about another group. I hear that always works out for the best.

    • Lyn says:

      Liz, you are right. I would not say “aw, have a sense of humor, folks!” had it been Obama’s head, either. But the point is that the show’s creators (and the writer of this column) never would have thought it was hilarious to depict the decapitated head of someone they and their fashionable friends liked and voted for.

    • Miffy says:

      Yep – it’s tasteless, no matter which president’s head is on the pike. It further degrades the level of political discourse in this country when people wish that their political opponents are dead.

      And I guarantee you that the authors of this story wouldn’t find it nearly as amusing if President Obama’s head were on that pike.

      • Bobbi says:

        Absolutely! My panties weren’t in a twist, but I have a very hard time believing it was accidental when it mentioned in the DVD version. Sounds planned to me and they expected some laughs. I’m so tired of the disrespect that is shown on a regular basis these days. What ever happened to civility?

    • Temperence says:

      And I’d say grow a sense of humor. It’s not like the guy wasn’t one of the worst presidents in history.

  11. “Someone paid off Bobby’s doc” Someone spelled JR.

  12. smidnite says:

    2 Was it really necessary to put Kim Kardashian on Drop Dead Diva in the first place?

    • icywinter2 says:

      No it wasn’t, everyone is sick of Kim Kardashian and she has zero acting talent. She is just going to make people not want to watch the show, which means lower ratings.

  13. Jon says:

    My vote goes to Bill/Eric – the new Batman and Robin.
    I’ve been singing Reid Scott’s praises since My Boys.
    Anyone notice how incredibly dreary the music soundtrack is on Saving Hope? Really doesn’t make me want to watch it.
    Kathryn Hahn is fantastically funny, but she is sidekick, second banana, Eve Arden type of star; not a headliner.

  14. Rocky says:

    You’re right. The Killing has no buzz. No way it’s Jamie.

  15. M3rc Nate says:

    18: I LOVEEEEEEE Burn notice (and all things USA network, spies, guns, etc) but its true, the dead man switch is getting old…though it is a classic for a reason..its a really good tool to stop someone from killing you. The problem more is iv seen enough shows/movies where they shot the person and grabbed their hand and tapped it so they couldnt let go that whats getting old is the dead man switch WORKING as a tool to prevent being killed.

    Also why not just radio for them to leave the building…follow him pointing the gun at him, and when they get out, shoot him dead. OR let him go, but first tell him your going to shoot him in the leg so he will permanently have a limp (and need medical attention, and always be slowed down). Dead man switch is the game of chicken, both have something to use…if Hanson let go , there goes his leverage and Weston shoots him dead, so as long as Weston doesnt kill him, he will probably continue to hold it so he can get away..even if that means getting shot in the leg or foot or something.
    I thought of this live while watching that scene so i think a highly trained Special Forces/CIA contractor spy with a crap load of Macgyver knowledge/experience would too.
    Like they said on suits last night and last season “If someones got a gun to your head, it doesnt mean you have to do what they ask, maybe the guns empty, maybe ____, maybe _____, or maybe you just pull your own gun”. Theres more than one way to play chicken (aka deal with a Dead Man Switch).

  16. RENNIE says:

    5.JASON & REV

  17. mArS says:

    11. Hell yeah
    13. Nice catch with the doctor twist

  18. AJ says:

    1- In the original danish version you found out who the killer was in the second to last episode.
    14 – Weeds has sucked for a looooooooooong time.
    15 – It’s about the ongoing disrespect that many Americans continue to display towards a former President, and then try to hide behind as a “joke.” It’s not ok to make fun of Obama without getting crucified by liberals, so they should have to play by the same rules as everyone else. It’s funny when SNL does skits about politicians. It’s not funny to suggest someone should cut their head off and mount it on a pike.
    18 – I love Burn Notice and you just have to suspend disbelief sometimes. Who drives around wit a trunk full of C4 and automatic rifles lol

    • M3rc Nate says:

      I actually have no issue believing CIA operative (Weston) /Former IRA (and current semi gun/explosive dealer, [Fi]) drive around with auto rifles/C4. Considering almost all times they are on a mission or a mission could start (by a civilian or the CIA), and always have a arch enemy around, it would be stupid to not have all that in their trunk.
      What i take up issue with is Hanson all of a sudden having explosives (let alone enough to take out that huge section of the building he blew up). Its not totally unreasonable but i did stop and go “huh” when out of no where he turns around with the Dead Man Switch and all this C4 he planted on the building…i mean he supposedly was home and grabbed his go bag and got in his green jag and was on the run. I guess his go bag has 10 bricks of C4 and a dead man switch in it. :)

      • AJ says:

        The reason I say this is because the CIA is prohibited by law from operating on US soil. I am quite sure they still do, but they aren’t supposed to be. So you kinda have to suspend disbelief a little there. And I wondered the same thing about Anson. When he was running he just happened to take a suitcase full of C-4 and a deadman’s switch? It’s still great entertainment though and I love it.

        • M3rc Nate says:

          Anson haha, forgot that was is name. True, i didnt fully think of it that way. Up until the CIA made him official and started giving him official missions, he was a burned spy so that was kinda a loop hole for the CIA to use him on U.S. soil, however now him (and his handler) should deff not be operating on US soil. Your right though, i suspend disbelief for that, especially on Covert Affairs, which has Annie (and others) operating on U.S. soil quite often.

          Yeah exactly my point about Anson and the suitcase full of C4! Yup, it is, and i love the show. Thought Fi wouldnt be so stupid though to take that CIA guy at his word that Michael was dead right away…at the very least id expect even a moron to say “well….what a coincidence…right when i say im done talking, you come in 20 min later with stuff that would make me open up.” Let alone he shows her those documents like they are original scripture…ummm, the CIA has never false-afied documents before? They dont have techs that use photoshop? lol…let alone the dude is moronic enough to show pics of a explosion to a IRA bomb expert and lie to her about how the explosion happened lol….its like showing pics of a long range sniper shot to the best sniper in the world and telling him a lie about where the sniper was when he took the shot…he will be like “uhhh..no, your wrong, it was obviously this way: _________”.

  19. Juan says:

    3. I thought it already was an elaborate pitch to gain that.
    10. He should have been out two weeks running, I have a bad feeling about this..
    14. God, yes.
    16. False. They just need to fix their fixed voting.

  20. 8daysmeg says:

    @8 My big flashback was the jeans and cowboy boots. Also for some reason the scene when Sutton and Hubbell came down to the party after ahem consummating their marriage. Giggly Sutton reminded me of Lorelai’s giggle “I’m not that happy.”
    @20 That commercial always makes me sad for her.

    P.S. I really love the TV Shows Q&A – it’s something I’ve come to look forward to on Fridays as much as I look forward to Ask Ausiello on Tuesdays!

  21. J says:

    Bunheads: Kelly Bishop screaming (and for me pretending was screaming at Lorelai) + main character (cannot remember her name yet) walking through the town with the GG-like music in the background entering “Sparkles” and finding Gypsy as one of the sales advisors =P

  22. Chelsea says:

    So many Gilmore flashbacks! Denim shorts and cowboy boots, the music, and that fight at the party was classic Lorelai and Emily. The dive bar scene reminded me of the episode where Lorelai and Emily went to the spa. Oh, and did the ballerinas remind anybody else of Madeline, Louise, and Paris?

  23. Leah says:

    Love Kathryn Hahn! She was great on Parks. Hope to see her there next season.

  24. dude says:

    10. Don’t get me wrong, I totally agree BUT adding “right?” to the end of a statement, doesn’t make it a question. You might as well start putting questions like “The Secret Life sucks, right?”

  25. dude says:

    13. Exactly what i thought. As great as it looked, with all of their mouths wide open ingesting that oil, all I could think was “wow, they’re all going to die soon”

    • AJ says:

      The silly part of that was the fact they don’t let wells do that and haven’t for many decades. Spilling oil all over the place like that would draw a nice fine. I liked the part where she said something about it being 10,000 barrels. I think it probably costs more to drill a well than you could make up with only 10,000 barrels.

      • Lyndsey says:

        It’s 10 MILLION barrels, not 10,000! Do you really think John Ross would have made the statement that it could make them richer than they ever dreamed over only 10,000?!

  26. blondememphisbelle41 says:

    Am in the only one having a hard time differentiating between Christoper’s wife, JohnRoss’ girlfriend and the faux daughter of the conservationist? Is like they put out a casting call for a white, dark haired, size 3, 30 something female.

    • dukeroberts says:

      Christopher’s wife is super cute and the faux conservationist is sexy as hell. John Ross’s girlfriend reminds me of Chaka from Land of the Lost.

  27. Colleen says:

    13. I absolutely think Bobby’s diagnosis was faked to make him sell Southfork. But who did it?

  28. AJ says:

    I guess Dallas is just ruined for me from the start lol. I don’t live that far from South Fork and the idea of them striking oil there makes no sense. The part where he is trying to sell natural gas at the first makes sense, but I haven’t seen them drilling for oil around here in a long time.

    • Drew says:

      The Southfork on the show is not really the Southfork of reality. The interior isn’t even shot at Southfork… It’s just the name and some mish-mash of elements thrown in to create a fictional ranch.

      • AJ says:

        Oh yeah I know that. It’s just odd to see a show based on the area where you live that has no basis in reality when it comes to the story for the most part. I know the original Dallas was shot in California and I assume this one too.

        • Miffy says:

          Actually, this version of Dallas is shot completely on location. The original was mostly shot in L.A., with a few weeks of exterior shots done in Dallas each year.

  29. Callie says:

    8—The fight that Michelle and Fanny had at the party SCREAMED Gilmore Girls to me. Fanny just WAS Emily Gilmore in that scene. I was rather certain that one of the lines said was nearly a direct quote from a fight Lorelai and Emily had on Gilmore Girls once. Four days later, I just cannot remember what the line was, and nor could I place the line from Gilmore Girls, but the entire fight was so indicative of Gilmore Girls that I turned to my mon and said, “now that’s Emily Gilmore.”

  30. Sheldon W. says:

    Dallas was so awful I couldn’t get past the first twenty minutes (I tried three times) – and I loved the original.

    The new ‘continuation’ is badly written, poorly acted and barely directed. It wants to be both operatic and grounded and winds up being neither.

    I felt sorry for Patrick Duffy and Larry Hagman.

    • Larry says:

      Who are you? Dallas was great. I watched every episode and been a fan since the original 5-episode first season. You really are missing out, my friend. Patrick and Larry were terrific. And Patrick and Linda were very complimentary to the creators in the Dallas roundup show on the TNT website. As long as they are happy -I’m happy too.

      • Sheldon W. says:

        I was a fan of Dallas in its original run – even managed to get through the whole ‘it was all just a dream’ season (remember Bobby stepping out the shower?) without giving up on the show – and this, my friend, is not Dallas. It’s a simultaneously pallid and florid imitation (in itself a pretty good trick, but not worthy of air time on its own).

        Patrick and – to a lesser extent – Linda were so much better than the material that it only made the rest of the cast’s shortcomings (and especially Jordana Brewster’s) that much more painful to behold.

        TNT may know drama, but they sure don’t know Dallas.

    • Temis says:

      Dallas was definitely not too “slick.” Too clumsy (acting and writing) is closer to the truth. However, my impression that the original was vastly better may simply be a delusion caused by nostalgia. It was pretty hokey, too, wasn’t it?

      • Aus1967 says:

        The orignal first season was patchy at best check out the episode were the woman are held hostsage at south fork, god awfull and pam and bobbys disco dancing has to seen to be belived, but nostalgia can play tricks on you, I was ten when it came out, loved it also love the orginal battlestar galactic and after the reboot watched the orginal again, and boy as a kid I must of been on crack it was so bad and campy, I used to skip boy scouts to watch lol

  31. Jones says:

    Dallas is back and it couldn’t have started out any better! Poor Bobby. Everyone always underestimates him because he has a conscience. Just out of the gate he’s being betrayed by his lawyer, his brother (nothing new), his nephew (not a surprise), his daughter-in-law (somehow yet to be revealed) and possibly his doctor. He will rise above. I have no doubt. Team Bobby all the way!

  32. Jennifer says:

    I’ve been saying for years that NPH needs to host ALL award shows!

    #17-I love that they are adding an “older” character to CM, I was worried after the Seaver fiasco. Too bad Sela’s not available. I would have also been ok with Jeanine’s character from the Suspect Behavior spinoff.

  33. Brandy says:

    I had Gilmore flashbacks when Michelle found out Paradise didn’t have a movie theatre(Paradise & Stars Hollow are really small towns) and Michelle to a certain extent IMO looks, talks, sounds like Lorelai and Fanny is just like Emily.

  34. LUCY says:


    8)The boots, the music, fanny and michelle fight! I saw Emily G. for a moment! But Im so sad they already kill her husband!

  35. Ayana says:

    9| That would be like if on Shake It Up CeCe and Rocky got together!

  36. Max says:

    I still think the killer on The Killing could wind up being the douchy frat-boy investor guy that Richmond had to cater to in the first season. Which would be bad, since he hasn’t shown up at all in Season 2, but on a recent “go to AMC’s website” commercial, they included him in the clips from the show, which I don’t remember seeing before. Regardless, I don’t have the hate for the show others do and am hoping for a third season.

    And I think you’re right on the Dallas/Bobby’s illness theory. That was always my thought on bringing back Bobby from the dead…rather than saying the previous season was a dream, Bobby should have paid the doctors to rig the equipment to make it look like he died, then taken a year to get away from his crazy-ass family.

    • Sara says:

      I, too, am hoping for a 3rd season. After the Larsen case is solved, it would be nice to see Linden and Holder working together. Plus, I’d like to continue seeing Holder and his cute nephew.

      FROM EW : Holder — a recovering drug addict — has been through the ringer this year, starting with a near-rock-bottom exchange with his nephew Davie (Arien Boey) in this season’s third episode. For the smooth-talking, wisecracking Holder, it was an uncharacteristic moment of vulnerability. Joel Kinnaman: I really loved that scene. There were so many conflicting emotions, which is something I love to play. He has a desperation where he seeks his nephew out because he needs him. His nephew is one of the people that makes him feel like he’s a good person. It makes him feel real and grounded, but at the same time he knows he’s not supposed to [see him]. He’s almost looking for help, but then he realizes he’s using his favorite person for his own benefit, and it makes him feel ashamed. And the little kid who plays Davie is such a wonderful kid. He breaks my heart.

      • SD says:

        But as the season finale of ‘‘The Killing’’ nears, with its resolution of a mystery stretching back to its premiere, the future of the series remains a mystery. AMC has not yet said if the show will be renewed.
        When asked about that, Kinnaman looks unperturbed. ‘I’m planning on doing the third season of ‘The Killing,’’’ he declares with a determined smile. ‘‘I’ll go up there and shoot it myself.’’

  37. Mrs. Peele says:

    I watched the entire premiere of Dallas and it was a good but I don’t know how they can keep it going. They gave all of the main plots and sub plots right to us in the beginning. Bobby’s illness; the ‘sting’ wedding of Christopher; the fake ‘daughter’ and the main theme of not selling the ranch – plus all the assorted sub stories. It’s like they shot a double barreled gun at us and unloaded the entire payload right up front w/o teasing us for future epis. J.R. saying he’s back and gong to be than ever – at his age – does that even make sense? I mean I loved him and his evil grin is even more evil looking now but he is OLD. Taking back the ranch at this point for his own benefit seems rather stupid. If he did it for his son, who is apparently exactly like his father, I could see that or just to get it away from Bobby as a spite thing but to do it for himself is unrealistic. The show might go on but the character looked pretty ‘at Death’s Door’. So I don’t know how many seasons they expect the show to run at least with the original cast members. Linda looked pretty worn out too. Patrick did look good though. Of course all the gratuitous sex was present from the get go – I guess we have to expect that in this day. I can definitely see it running for at least 2 seasons but w/o something new besides the same old brother against brother and at their ages it really is rather unbelievable – and now cousin against ‘not true blood’ Ewing cousin (Christopher) I can’t see it going on longer. If it’s all about the oil – how long can they keep the sale or the ‘not’ sale of the ranch going? And the brother and sister ‘sting’ operation on Christopher, plus the mysterious ‘e-mail’ – I’ll watch it again to see what happens but perhaps they should have just remade the original with a new cast and started over. Just updated to the present time. The three original cast members are probably not even known to the younger people watching the show unless they have seen the original so I can’t see it making a difference to them. And the older folks out there who do remember the original probably won’t care too much about the younger group – just new faces on an old show. But I hope it works out for the new Dallas.

    • blondememphisbelle41 says:

      I am going to watch and see if the show improves. Too much happening in one episode. I love the actor that plays Christopher – I remember him from Desperate Housewives a few years back. The actor that plays JohnRoss needs to brush up on Acting 101. From the original show, I think Bobby should be the only one to stay. Anyway they can bring Pam back? Also would like to see Jenna and her daughter return to Southfork. She was about the same age as Christopher and JohnRoss.

  38. jonathon says:

    i don’t get all the negative news on the Game of thrones prop. lol. I mean they used what they had. it could have been Obama, Nixon, or even Jay Leno for that matter and regardless they worked with what they had. I don’t see why its such a big deal. Its a prop used for a scene on a television show based in a land of fiction and has nothing to do with our politics at all but sadly everyone tries to take it there. I didn’t like Bush and i like Obama but needless to say no matter what president it was it doesn’t matter because it was a prop. Okay, rant over…

    • Aus1967 says:

      It was another no news day for Fox news, funny how they react to this but dont react to a reporter interrupting the current president during a press conference in a very disrespectful and aggressive way, oh wait that would be actual be news for Fox, As an Australian I apologise for Rupert Murdoch, but Mel Gibson is Texan so he is all yours…;)

  39. Ava says:

    #4 here’s the thing about Peter Campbell, Vincent Kartheiser will always and forever be Connor from Angel FIRST and Peter Campbell second so whenever Peter Campbell gets hit/gets in a fight, I fully expect him to have some Connor-esque fight moves. I just laugh every time he gets hit or hits someone because to me, in the back of my mind, he is still Connor who cut off a guys ear and wore it on a necklace and there is no way a middle aged paunchy businessman could take him in a fight.

  40. YowzaPowza says:

    14. More like five seasons too late.

  41. Laura says:

    5. Jason/Steve
    8. Bar scene as well. It gave me immediate flashbacks to Emily and Lorelai’s spa day in “There’s the Rub” (GG’s the only show where I can memorize its episode titles) from season 2.

  42. Aus1967 says:

    Dallas return: wait and see, first season of dallas was shaky back in 78, after a quick rewatch, I was ten when it first aired. As for the villan of the pieace: Christopher will be the JR of this show, he comes off as a wide eyed, do gooder smarmy “I aint a real Ewing” chip on his shoulder thing and yeah pay off the doc, dump the cooks daughter as she is not good enough. get daddies money and then play the victim as dumb as mud John Ross is an easy target to be first blamed, (I really like the charcter of john ross and the actor by the way, so no hate)
    as for the rest well the orginal cast need no mention except Mr Hagmans eybrows (someone manscape that man stat) but for gods sake Jordanna Brewster eat somthing for the love of humanity.

  43. Colin says:

    7. How about BBC TV series The Thick of It, especially Peter Capaldi’s character…

  44. albtrex says:

    2. I agree 100%!!!! I don’t hate Kim Kardashian, but Nikki La Pree is an awful character!!! And also: how many deus ex machine are they gonna use to prevent Jane to be back with Grayson??? This is becoming boring!!!

    5. Jason and reverend Newlin!!!! XDDD

  45. oscar says:

    DALLAS Yes the opening titles and music stirred many memories for me. The music-had to replay the titles 3 times to really enjoy it. So far i like the show though the young guys all look a like. I need a play card right now. Have to go back to the final season to catch up on what happened to who then. I’ll dvr it for now.

  46. MikeyM says:

    I tuned out of Weeds a few seasons ago.
    I thought the George Bush head thing was funny.

  47. Pavanne says:

    10) Yes. No guy on guy kissing. You’d think there would be at least one.

    18) Just once, I wish someone would shoot the deadman switch and the hand holding it. Whoever does that gets my emmy nomination for writing.

  48. S. says:

    18) the switch is a little annoying giving wouldn’t Michael figure out that he needs to act less predictable around Anson and just shoot him already?

    _but the really annoying thing is Jere Burns’ forehead. I swear they were using a prosthetic on the last Burn Notice episode for his forehead. it creeped me out before when it was all smooth and this time with his hat it had 4 wrinkles and it stayed in the exact same shape the entire time he was talking on the phone to Michael in all of his scenes. No one’s forehead can do that! Also in one shot if you look at it, the light makes it look as if you can see the edge of the plastic part of the prosthetic similar to that of someone wearing a bald cap.

  49. duranmom says:

    The openig to Dallas gave me chills. It was the 1980’s all over again. Yay!

  50. meg says:

    am i the only one who hates the lead on bunheads????