Exclusive: Yep, Glee Is Going to Comic-Con – Find Out Who Will Be There

Glee Comic-ConReports of a Glee-less Comic-Con have been greatly exaggerated.

In a late development that is sure to have Gleeks frantically scouring the Interwebs for last-minute travel deals to San Diego, Glee is not only returning to Comic-Con next month but it will do so with one of its most star-studded panels in years.

TVLine has learned exclusively that Lea Michele, Cory Monteith, Darren Criss, Kevin McHale, Jenna Ushkowitz and Naya Rivera are confirmed to headline the panel, which is set to take place in the Indigo Room on Saturday, July 14 from 6 to 7 pm PST. (The 11th hour decision to bring Glee to the Con prevented the show from securing the ginormous Hall H, which is where the panel was held last year.)

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Additionally, Glee co-creator and executive producer Brad Falchuk will be on hand to preview the show’s fourth season.

Oh, and yours truly will once again be moderating, so you can probably count on a healthy supply of spoilers.

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“The fans at Comic-Con were among the first to really get behind our show, and we’ve had such a great time returning there every summer,” says Falchuk. “This was the first year our cast has not gone out on tour, so Ryan and I thought we’d let them have some well-deserved time off. But everyone wanted to be there, so we couldn’t be happier that Glee is returning to the convention where we feel it all started.”

Thoughts? Are you more inclined to hit up the Con now that Glee will be there? And should we glean any Season 4 clues from who will and will not be in attendance? Hit the comments!

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  1. noa says:

    i will never understand the connection between Glee and Comic-Con.

  2. wtf why wouldn’t jenna , amber and chris be there i’m furious i don’t care about themm

    • fol says:

      did you even read the post? Jenna is attending.

      And btw, Chris is off doing his book tour & Amber’s essentially off the show, so wtf would they bother have here there.

    • Emily says:

      Chris is doing a book tour and idt Amber wants to be on the show anymore

  3. Kerry says:


    At least it got kicked back to Indigo, though.

  4. Raquel says:

    No Heather !!! We need Heya ! They are the best part ! No Monchele please !

    • Matt says:

      …you realize HeYa aren’t real, right? Heather is dating her longtime boyfriend, Tyler, and Naya is dating one of the writers…

      And on that note, I’m actually relieved HeMo won’t be there. There’s really no place for her in Season 4. Her character has run its course and there’s no where really left to take Brittana.

      • J says:

        Just because Heya isn’t real as in a relationship doesn’t mean their friendship isn’t adorable. I don’t ship them as a couple but I Adore their friendship.

      • Georgia says:

        I’m pretty sure Britt’s repeating though so she’ll still be there despite the lack of Brittana?
        But their friendship is amazing anyway so it would be nice to have here there, but I don’t really care so much.

      • Xe says:

        …you realize that you’re being incredibly condecending? ‘Heya’ doesn’t always mean the ship in the romantic sense – it can just mean that fans wanted to see them together at Comic-Con again. Not a big stretch considering Naya is often very withdrawn in interviews when Heather isn’t present.

        And fyi his name is Taylor. Is your last name Hodgson by any chance?

    • Emily says:

      It’s a good thing heather won’t be there… less chance for her to say something offensive without realizing it

  5. liz says:

    Awesome! I see that Chris Colfer can’t make it because of his book tour, but I guess we’ll live. Please be specific with your questions, Ausiello. We want Falchuk to answer up!

    • Rose says:

      Exactly! Like……
      Why did you think it good storytelling to follow up the public outing of a teenage girl with a show detailing how Finn is a hero and it’s really for her own good?
      Or why did you not only dump on Kurt Hummel for 3 years but unrelentingly all of S3. He lost the student election to a fool, Kurt not only lost the lead in WSS to his boyfriend but he was laughed off the stage in the process and after working for months on 2 outstanding audition pieces, Kurt aces it when it matters. But, oh yeah, he loses his spot at NYADA to Rachel who bitched and moaned her way to a third chance! The “making McKinley a better place for tadpole gays” meant absolutely nothing since it was NEVER shown onscreen. And to add insult to grevious injury, you crapped on Kurt Hummel and left him as if his story didn’t matter. Instead we had 10 straight minutes of Rachel and Finn plus Lea showcasing Anders’ song.

      Was that fair? And how are you going to fix these grievous storylines in Season 4?

      • Someone who doesn't understand the blind defenses of Kurt says:

        Okay, some of your points are valid (Brittany is an idiot, but she’s popular, and that’s what happens realistically in high school; it sucks that Kurt wasn’t focused on because although I love Rachel I really wanted to know what Kurt planned to do once he didn’t get in to NYADA), but can everyone PLEASE stop acting like Kurt deserved to get into NYADA more than Rachel? I agree that I wish he had gotten in too – his audition was, in fact, amazing. But that doesn’t make up for the fact that, as you said, he wasn’t good enough to get the lead in West Side Story. He wasn’t good enough to get solos in most of the competitions that they competed in. 3 minutes of performing really well doesn’t mean that his resume is better overall than Rachel’s, and getting in to college isn’t just about one aspect, it’s the overall package. Someone could have sort of low SAT scores and still get in to a school, or have an awkward interview and still get in, as long as the rest of what they had to offer was outstanding, and that’s what happened for Rachel. I also don’t appreciate you saying she’s “bitching and moaning” to get another chance – being persistent and following up on one’s dream isn’t a negative quality. If Kurt had bombed his audition and had sought out Carmen to get her to come see him perform again (which she wouldn’t have gotten to, because Kurt doesn’t stand out enough to lead them to a Nationals win and would never get featured at such a big competition), you would be praising him for his determination and dedication. So try to be more open-minded and don’t just diss Rachel because you live in a la-la land where Kurt Hummel can do no wrong. I like Kurt too, but some of your points are just ridiculous.

        • sick of all the Rachel bashing! says:


          • sm says:

            I second that!!! I am really embarrassed to be a Glee fan on social media where so many fans are so vocal with hate on fictional characters for one thing or another. Rachel and Finn get it the most.

        • Rose says:

          This is not about Lea Michele’s voice vs. Chris Colfer’s but Rachel and Kurt plus a musical theatre program. Glee has told us several times this very year that Rachel, Kurt and Mercedes are equally talented. Schue himself says this in Saturday Night Glee-ver. Mercedes and Rachel were given leads in competitions but Kurt was told he could only have one if he wore a dress! Schue has NEVER been fair or conducted the club the way a real show choir would be run.

          As for resumes, Rachel is in 16 clubs. This makes her appear stretched thin and as if she isn’t passionate or committing real efforts to any. Kurt was on the Titans and The Cheerios where he was the soloist when they won Nationals. He has been a member of New Directions as long as Rachel plus he was a Warbler. Kurt was the campaign manager for Burt’s successful senate run. Kurt’s also held a job at Hummel Tire. I am an alumni of both an art HS and college. I know about the entry requirements. Your school transcripts or resume is a small portion of the process and counts primarily towards who will get the opportunity for an interview and audition. Kurt and Rachel both passed that. The audition would have been 75-80% of the decision of who to accept to this school program. I know Rachel Berry is the star and that having her choke on her audition made for a good storyline. But this was not a well planned arc for the season. After Rachel choked, we had 3 episodes that heaped praise and goodies on her character. After Kurt’s successful audition, we didn’t even see Schue, Blaine or Burt congratulate him! The season long arc for Kurt was fatally flawed and it’s especially grievous considering this was his final year at McKinley and Kurt alone, out of all 8 grads left school without a triumph!

          • Casey says:

            Give me a break! Rachel, Kurt and Mercedes are not equally talented! Rachel has the best voice by far! Mercedes is a good singer but no better than many others plus she is overweight which makes it a lot harder in Hollywood. As for Kurt, he has a great voice but he sings and looks like a girl which also limits his options. In the real world, Rachel would be the most marketable of the three.

        • sick of all the Rachel ass kissing says:

          Actually what Rachel did was hugely wrong, inappropriate, and can be viewed as illegal. She harassed and stalked Carmen, sent gift baskets to her office, tracked her down in another city to confront her, etc. I would not be praising anyone who did that because that’s not determination and dedication. That’s obsession and inability to accept reality, which is always a huge problem for Rachel and one she obviously will never deal with no matter how many people she hurts. Rachel didn’t just give an awkward interview, she choked. She doesn’t offer anything that’s unique or that stands out when she’s put with other musical theatre kids, she stands out only when she’s in a group like a school choir. She is by far not the total package, she’s a total mess who can’t deal with not getting her dream. It’s not a secret that she blew her audition and when she gets to NYADA and everyone sees she’s nothing special, they’ll all be wondering how this girl managed to get such an exclusive spot. Then they’ll discover the stalking and the bribes.

          • Meg says:

            Get over it, it’s a tv show. It cannot be real because it is indeed fictional and the more the plot is further from what reality would be, the more people watch it. Don’t take it personally, it is just tv..

          • Someone who doesn't understand the blind defenses of Kurt says:

            Or maybe they’ll just watch a Youtube video of how amazing she was at Nationals and realize Carmen Tibideaux was in the audience.

          • sm says:

            People act and react to Glee’s off the wall writing of scripts like it was real. IT IS FICTION!!! It is supposed to be- where no one has ever done that before-because it is campy, satirical, ludicrous and supposed to be that.

        • sm says:

          Hurray! Someone with something other than poor Kurt attitude. Rachel has trained and has prepared for her admission into NYADA or wherever since she was little. She was the captain of 16 groups while a senior in HS. Remember, s1 how she joined every organization to fit in and be prepared for her transition to NY(voice over). She had always at least auditioned for community theater mentioned s1. She had 3.8 grade average also. She had solos and duets and ensemble leads throughout HS. Kurt was always into fashion and was good at French. He never quoted his real desire to pursue musical theater til s3 start(Rachel best friend influence). He was really good. But Carmen Thibideaux turned down Jesse St James when he tried out. And Jesse is so much more of a musical and theatricial talent than Kurt ever has been. Just look and his performance at Regionals s1. If there is anyone to blame, Carmen Thibideaux. Rachel showed her emottional sense with her solo and how she wowed the audience. She also showed her group participation with the romp spectacle of Dashboard Lights. Not only did Carmen see both sides her talent and how she woos the audience but she herself was amazed. Personally, I think that Finn killed his solo parts of Dashboard Lights. He was the main one on it. But for people to think that he lost his spot to Rachel at NYADA is absolutely fantasy thinking.
          People forget that Glee from the start is about a girl with big talent and an enormous dream joins a Glee club. A club where she is surrounded by others with talent but no dreams. Rachel is the center and central figure of the Glee club(thusly the show). She has been their catalyst to learn that one can achieve anything through perseverance, hard work, tenacity, that being a part of something special makes you special. They learned from her all these things. She learned from them about being a social member of something. Through their interactions and especially, Finn, she found out what a friend was like and how to be one. Barriers of all kinds were portrayed in the 3 years of Glee, Rachel and Kurt and Finn were the ones who faced them the most. The ones who represented these stations of social intolerance. Loser, Gay, Social Status, Popularity, it goes on and on. At the end of the Nationals episode the school finally accepts them. That is all any of them ever wanted. Now as for Kurt, he was disappointed but we haven’t seen what is in store for him YET. As in real life, we don’t always get what we want. I just wish people would seriously stop putting the blame on Rachel. Kurt was really good for his audition but not musical theater top-of-the-line-best-of-the-best-go-to-this-school. He like the majority of HS students( I would assume in the high 90% range) are talent good for HS and maybe local college talent. Now for Chris Colfer he has multiple talent written all over him(acting is his ace in the hole). But for people to think that he has been forgotten(lose the election to Brittany, lose the starring role to Blaine, lose to NYADA) is just silly. Brittany is a moron, realistically, she wouldn’t be able to hold office with 0.0 grade average but she was popular(she had sex with almost every boy in school and was going to go topless) That would get alot of votes. Really, Blaine is a better talent as a male singer and lead.
          In the Graduation episode Kurt felt like he really made a difference in school with other gays being more open and accepting of themselves and that the student body pretty much accepted that being gay was fine( Santana and Brittany open as Lesbians while Kurt and Blaine were as gays).

      • sarah says:

        OMG!!! Stop using the actions of FICTIONAL characters written by others to bash the actors. It makes you seem ridiculous and makes the fandom look INSANE.

      • Casey says:

        Are yoi serious? Glee has spent a significant amount of time promoting gay rights for the last three years! We even had to miss time spent with ND to give more screentime to the drag queen from VA which was a big snore. Kurt has had incredible storylines so quit whining!

        • Rose says:

          Glee is proud of the designation of “the gayest show on television” and to accept praise for bullying story lines. Ryan Murphy said that Kurt Hummel would never be a victim. He is designed to be an inspirational character and one of the leads of Glee.

          S1 was about Kurt gaining acceptance from his father.
          S2 was about Kurt finding love.
          Both of those showed Kurt making mistakes and learning from them. He had pain and ultimately joy.

          S3 seemed to be about Kurt embracing his inner unicorn. Early on, he sings “I’m the Greatest Star (you just don’t know it.) We learn as does he that this is a mistake and won’t get Kurt what he wants. After a season of painful lessons, Kurt embraces who he is, an effeminate gay man, and he auditions with, “I’m Not the Boy Next Door.” Except all of the joy is sucked out of his audition when Rachel chokes on hers. And he ultimately gets absolutely nothing to show for this or his season long arc.

          So how is this not showing Kurt as a victim? Where’s the inspiration here? Why did Glee not show Kurt between “I didn’t get in” and smiling as he waves to Rachel while she goes to NY to live his dream?

          • Someone who likes both Rachel and Kurt says:

            Not getting into college doesn’t make Kurt a victim, it makes him realistic. Would you call Brittany a victim if she didn’t get into college? No. Kurt not getting in is not victimizing Kurt. And while I do wish we knew what was happening to Kurt, I think it was deliberately left as a cliffhanger so that Kurt fans especially would be tuning in to the first episode in full force to find out his fate. It’s not fair that we got time wasted on Finn’s out of nowhere return to his daddy issues instead of seeing Kurt have an emotional reaction to not getting into his dream school, but I still don’t think Kurt is a victim because of this.

  6. YESSSS that’s awesome!!! but naya rivera without heather morris ? no heya in this year’s comic con? :'(

  7. Kate says:

    Honestly the only person I still care for is Heather Morris.

    They’ve screwed her and her character over so many times this season (including this again) that I’m not interested. Probably more talk about how revolutionary season 4 is gonna be while they keep ignoring all the criticism and the fact that a lot of people lost interest in the show.

    • why the hell are you so obcessed with hemo … i mean i would understand if they gave her a solid storyline but let’s face it she’s not gon na be there.

      • Confused fan says:

        A) Heather seems like she will be back as a regular, since Brittany failed and spent the last episode sitting with the juniors. Unless they have her transfer schools, which is sort of realistic for people repeating grades.
        B) Even if Heather were there, what does that have to do with the fact that Brittany didn’t have a solid story this season? Reading these threads makes me feel like people don’t really get that the actor or actress (in this case Heather) and the character (in this case Brittany) are not one and the same.

  8. Stacey Rabanal says:

    Yes!!! on my birthday too

  9. Camila says:

    Please, get rid of Darren Criss and add Chris Colfer, Jenna Ushkowitz and Amber Riley.

    This panel should have been the original six. Although I don’t care about Monteith, so talentless.

    • i thought that should be it too i hate darren he’s talentless and can’t sing for his life wtf has glee turned into

      • elinafred says:


      • PC says:

        Seriously? Are we watching the same show?

      • IPaysdegale says:

        lol bc ZzzzzZzzzzzZzz is exactly my reaction to this vitriolic crap nowadays.

      • June says:

        Are you serious. You are insane. Look at his audition tape. Look at his live performances. Look at anything. It’s completely fine to say you don’t like him or even hate him, but saying that he is talentless us obscure and ridiculous.

        • sm says:

          People have a right to their opinion but to say that any actor is talentless is pretty pathetic. I, for one, think that Cory Monteith is an exceptional actor. So are Lea, Chris and Naya. Kevin McHale and Jenna are really good. So is Chord Overstreet. Darren can really sing. Amber is good at singing. Heather is exceptional at dance. The suprise is Harry Shrum. I really liked him s3. Mark and Dianna have their specialties. Mark is very good at comedy. I think it is our right to talk about the show but not the actors. IMO that is stepping over the line. I think that Finn killed his solo part of Dashboard Lights. So for me Cory can really sing. They all can, some better than others-real life in a Glee club. Stop the hate.

      • thisislifebaby says:

        this is a joke, right ?! Because after Lea and Chris, Darren is the most talented ! O_O
        Even Obama said that he is an exceptional talent !
        Brittana fans should stop so jealous u-u
        HeMo is untalented (except dance) and nobody is talking about it to not hurt her…

    • Nunaya Bidness says:

      Amber is part of the original FIVE. The character of Mercedes was part of the Glee Club from season 1 episode 1. As were Jenna and Chris (Tina and Kurt) There were only FIVE original member of Glee club. Rachel, Mercedes, Kurt, Tina and Artie. Finn came into the club later. Did you actually watch the first season or are you just spouting off to have something to say?

      • Camila says:

        I’ve watched the first season, especially the pilot a lot of times.

        And who were the original members depends on your point of view, because If you say that only Mercedes, Rachel, Kurt, Arty (which was how his name was spelled in the pilot) and Tina were the original members you are also wrong. You are forgetting Hank, the dude that was harrassed by Sandy Ryerson, and the rest of the group that was part of ‘One (singular sensation)’.

        According to me, the original members, the ‘founders’ of New Direction as we know it were six. Because let’s get real… I can hate Finn all you want, but if it wasn’t for him there wouldn’t be a glee club.

        • Nunaya Bidness says:

          No. I didn’t forget Hank, it was never actually stated that he was part of the glee club. And I never said a word about hating Finn, I said he came later. Where’s the hate in that?

          • Camila says:

            Actually it is stated that he was part of the glee club. Rachel clearly says that he was auditioning for a solo at the moment that Sandy tried something with him. He also says ‘this is not fun anymore’ clearly talking about being in Glee club.

            I didn’t mean you hated him, I meant I hate him xD And despite the fact that I hate him, I have to admit that he was a key character for ND.

      • Confused fan says:

        Amber won’t be playing a big role next season, though – they’ve established that the 4 seniors that will still have big roles post-graduation are Santana, Finn, Rachel, and Kurt. If they wanted Mercedes to play a large part next season, I doubt they would have sent her off to the other side of the country – it’s going to be hard enough for the show to split between NYC and Lima.

    • stfu says:

      aw leave him be. Clearly Chris Jenna and Amber couldn’t make it because of their own commitments. It’s not Darren’s fault so people can sit down.

    • Sean C. says:

      Riley is pretty much done with the show at this point, so there’d be no reason for her to be on the panel. Colfer is on a book tour. And Jenna is there, in case you didn’t notice.

    • Rose says:

      Chris Colfer is probably already booked elsewhere as he’s promoting his first novel and he has a film that he wrote, starred in and produced opening in December. No matter what you feel about Darren Criss, Fox and the Glee producers know he is a rising star and a great front person for Glee. Jenna doesn’t have much to brag about Glee wise or otherwise. Amber is only beginning to make a name for herself in the music world but she seems to be moving on from Glee. And both Lea and Cory are popular and Glee’s stars. Of course they are there. I’m sure Brad and Fox are hoping to attract gushing fans to squeal over Lea, Cory and Darren than ones who will ask tough questions like anything about the abysmal writing or how often will Dianna appear on Glee next year. Will Chord and Vanessa return? How about Damian, Samuel and Lindsay? Will they be back?

      • Fowler says:

        I think it was confirmed somewhere that Lindsay doesn’t intend to come back

        • Rose says:

          Lindsay Pearce is still under contract to Glee. Just about a week ago, there was a Glee Project panel at which Ryan Murphy said he wants to bring back all four of the round one winners next season. Lindsay was there and didn’t say she had any problems or doubts about this.

      • Delie Q says:

        I agree that Sam, Sugar and Rory could be the best part of the show.

        • eek says:


          • Jones says:

            I love Sam and Rory. I hope they’re both back next year. I’m disappointed that they disregarded Mercedes and Sam as a couple. It’s fine to have two gay couples on the show, but Heaven forbid we get to see an interracial couple. This show is so uneven, I can’t believe it’s made it this far. That said, I’ll be checking out next season. Definitely for Sam. Hopefully for Sam and Rory. If he stays, I hope he gets a decent story line and not another stupid leprechaun thing.

    • Cy says:

      Cory Monteith is one of the most talented actors on this show. Pity you can’t see that. He blows my away with his acting whenever his character is given a substantial storyline. He’s also one of the most underrated actors.

      • Sam says:

        Agreed. He doesn’t showboat but all his reaction shots and the emotional connection are fantastic. The finale parting with Rachel blew me away and he got rave reviews from the critics who I believe more than the haters who are still going on about a plotline they didn’t like involving a FICTIONAL character and think that gives them the right to be rude.

        • sm says:

          Agreed. People go off on the Finn character because of a storyline involving another character of their liking. People forget that the writers write the scripts not the actors. But it is just unforgivable for people to hate on an actor because of their reaction to the outcome of a script. Yes, Cory has done some exceptional acting as Finn. Finally, noticed by critics and many of them. Finn is a character with flaws as a kid. It is really pathetic that people forget that Cory and Finn are different.

  10. Jenna says:

    Please get us some Finchel scoop! I can’t wait to see them reunite in season four!

    • askjgh says:

      Ugh Jenna… No one cares for Finchel! I really hope they are broken up for good. There couldn’t be a better representation of an unhealthy relationship on TV, seriously.

      • Amy says:

        I care about Finchel, so there goes that argument. Please stay away from absolutes. They weaken your already flimsy argument.

        • sm says:

          I adore Finchel. Watch Glee just for them. Yes, some story lines have been different but as a whole it is a joy to watch them. Agreed stay away from absolutes. This social medium is not just for Finchel haters. There are many of us Finchel fans in every aspect of fandom.

      • Mike says:

        I love Finchel so there’s at least three people. Idiot.

      • Ashley says:

        I LOVE finchel! They r mah OTP…forever. so thats 4 people.

      • nix says:

        I love Finchel as well, and would love to hear some news of what’s in store for them next season :)

        • Sg says:

          These trolls have tried to bully the Finchel fans into submission for too long, to the detriment of the show. Thank goodness it seems sense is prevailing.

      • Someone who used to love Finchel but thinks they have gone down the tubes says:

        I used to really like Finchel, but after Rachel accepted the proposal I have found them increasingly irritating, mostly because of Finn. I acknowledge that Rachel is not and never has been perfect, but she used to be so driven and strong, and I feel like she’s really settling for Finn, who has no direction in life, has all these random things pop up that he cares about for 5 seconds (and seems to care about more than Rachel in the moment), and who really just has no grasp on reality. I feel like he has watered down her character and her dreams, and I would love to see them be broken up for good at this point. I agree that their relationship really doesn’t have a healthy feel to it, either – even from the beginning of season 3 I had a hard time embracing them the way I used to because it’s so unsatisfying for viewers to never see Finn apologize to her for his complete and total douchery the entire second half of season 2. I hate that in their relationship we see so much of Rachel apologizing and Rachel making herself out to be the bad guy when personally I think just as often if not more often Finn is the one who is wrong and should be apologizing for his behavior. Finn Hudson is not a hero, and he is no longer a good match for Rachel Berry – he won’t be so long as he doesn’t realize how totally flawed and unmotivated he is.

        • Rachel, someone who hates sharing her name with such a bitch says:

          That’s funny because I think Rachel’s the one who’ll never be a good match for him because she’s never learned how to not be selfish. She has a little moment where she apologizes for being a selfish bitch then turns right around and does it again. She has never actually cared about Finn, all she’s wanted from day one is a guy she can mold into who she wants to star in her life and when reality doesn’t match up with what she wants, she can’t handle it. Rachel Berry is not a hero, she’s a selfish little girl who will never grow up because everyone keeps defending her awfulness as being ‘motivated’ or ‘socially awkward’. She’ll never be a good match for anyone but herself so someone buy her a mirror.

          • Jones says:

            You said it!

          • me says:

            Agree 100% with all you said

          • Someone who used to love Finchel but thinks they have gone down the tubes says:

            How about we agree that they both just suck for each other? I think they’re both selfish, and I wanted to punch someone in the face when I saw how spoiled Rachel acted in the Christmas episode, but as far as her friends go, I feel like I’ve seen progress. She wanted to pass on NYADA to help Kurt audition again (and to help Finn, but that part of it was stupid as Finn has never expressed any interest in acting before and all of a sudden wanted to try to get into a grad program, wtf), she was the one who proposed to Mr. Schuester the idea of having the Troubletones perform a number at every competition once they rejoined New Directions, she wanted to run for class president against Kurt, which was selfish, but realized her mistake and then tried to stuff the ballot box because she wanted to help him so badly… Yeah, she still screws up and thinks about herself initially, but Rachel now steps back and actually takes action to rectify her behavior. What does Finn do? Proposes to her because he hates himself and needs to latch onto something good. Breaks up with her in a car on the way to what she thinks is going to be their wedding. Doesn’t even bother to try to do a long-distance relationship, or reach some sort of compromise. Never showed any sort of remorse for encouraging Quinn to cheat on Sam. Finn’s character is just all over the place, and he gets placed on such a pedestal for no reason. I hate that we have confident, growing-in-character Rachel lower herself and talk about how Finn is too good for her and act as if Finn is settling for her when really she is the one who has been trying to settle for him. Sure, maybe she sometimes wishes Finn was more like her fantasy than reality, but who doesn’t do that, especially in high school? Can you honestly say no one has ever disappointed you, and made you wish that they were just a little bit more like what you were hoping they were? He has his moments where he tries to be a good boyfriend, but I just don’t think they are well suited for each other anymore. Season 2 did irreparable damage to them as a couple, but more importantly to the character of Finn in general, and while I enjoyed the journey of them finding their way back to each other, I didn’t feel like there was enough resolution or payoff once they did for it to be worth it. I think their ship has come and gone, and most relationships end for a reason. I think it would be a crying shame to have them reunite once again in season 4, when there is so much potential for Rachel to try and make her dreams come true in New York (and to see some awesome Hummelberry, Pezberry, and possibly even Faberry FRIENDSHIP anchoring the show), and when Finn is so lost and needs to have a coherent storyline where he matures as an individual.

      • Meg says:

        I love Finchel as well, one of the main reasons I watch the show actually.

      • Yvonne says:

        Hahahaha one of the most often repeated fallacies in the Glee fandom. A lot of people care about and love Finn and Rachel.

      • Casey says:

        I love Finnchel and they are the reason I still watch Glee!

      • murley says:

        i am also a big fan of finchel and think their story is one of the more engaging parts of the show. i don’t understand all of these comments about how unhealthy it is and it makes me wonder about the relationship experience of those commenting. as an adult woman in a healthy loving marriage, with parents and other role models with heathy loving, lasting marriages i see finn and rachel as great partners and think their relationship is one of the most grounded and well developped on the show. as a rule should people in high school get married? no. and they didn’t in the end. do people find the love of their lives in high school? sometimes. i know a few couples that did and that shared history is a wonderful basis for a strong and lasting relationship. is finn, ATEENAGE BOY, unsure of his future? yes. all the more reason someone as sure of herself as rachel is a good match. it’s called balance. all the people crying out about what an unhealthy relationship they have makes me think they have NO idea what a truly unhealthy relationship actually looks like. which i would never wish on anyone but don’t speak with an authority that you don’t have.

        • Someone who was raped by their ex-boyfriend and now has a new, wonderful love in her life says:

          Finn can be supportive at times, but overall I don’t think they’re good for each other. Rachel clings to Finn because he’s the first boy that ever really showed any interest in her, and because she was so unpopular for so long that having the attention of the quarterback made her feel better about herself. But she’s so quick to back down and try to say everything was her fault when things go wrong, because ultimately Finn still hasn’t shown her just how special she is and how truly deserving of love she is. Admittedly, the worst of Finn’s crimes came in seasons 1 and 2, but I still just don’t believe that they’re compatible.

          • sm says:

            We must be watching different Glee episodes. Finn tells her daily how special she is. She tells him that he can do anything. They support each other. Yes, they’re still kids needing to mature more and find their niche in their own designed futures but in the end they belong together. Soul mates if I ever saw one. They complete each other. I’ve known opposites who fit each other like a glove. It can happen in the real world and so it can too in Glee world.

    • eve says:

      second that ;)

  11. I said it before right here, I’ll say it again What the frak does Glee have to do with comic books? If at least ONE character on that show read one there would be one thin connection, but no one does. They don’t even watch Star Wars, or Star Trek, or Lord of the Rings.

    This show has nothing to do with comic books, fantasy, science fiction, or ANYTHING else that comic con is about.

    How would Gleeks like it if there was a Glee convention with a panel devoted to Star Wars?

    • askjgh says:

      Well, there are also other FOX shows that go to comic con that have no connection to Comics, so blame it on FOX:

      • Emily says:

        No, FOX is pretty good about this. They’re sending their animated series, Fringe, and the Following. Glee is the odd one out.

    • J says:

      the Character of Sam is a comic/pop culture nerd. He speeks Navi and Clingon (or however it’s spelt.) so.

    • bamabunny says:

      Comic-Con became more of a “popular culture” convention YEARS ago when they started to include TV shows and movie promotions, way before Glee. So blame the organizers of the con.

      • murley says:

        exactly. at this point if you a looking for a more legit experience you should go to one of the smaller cons, like wondercon.

  12. askjgh says:

    I wonder if they will try to make us believe even more in that PRomance that’s Monchele.

    • SMH says:

      *Facepalm* So, are you one of those people who are constantly tweeting the reporters and actors about how “fake” they are?

    • sm says:

      Get a life. They have. Obviously, you live life in a fantasy bubble around fictional characters and the actors who portray them. I feel sorry for you and all those crazed fans with fantasies about actors of their choosing to be dating. This is their lives not yours. Be happy for them. Now, Find some happiness for yourself. Live a life not around the TV set or computer screen. Be with friends and loved ones who find something of value that is not TV related. You will be happier once you’ve found that out.

  13. Moni says:

    OMG!!! Lea, Kevin, Darren and Naya ♥…Why I don’t live there??? =(

  14. LP says:

    The only ones worth seeing are Kevin and Jenna. The rest are too annoying to bother, as are their fans.

  15. J says:

    lol they keep dianna and heather away to make sure theres no Achele or Heya. There wont be any Sallingstreet either so it’s kinda pointless. hm

    • askjgh says:

      Dude, there’s no such thing as Achele or Heya. Get over it.

    • readernicole says:

      I know right! It’s like Ryan Murphy’s biased or something. Cory Monteith is not worth seeing because all he’s done in the show is being the biggest asshole.

      I love Achele. But Dianna really deserves to appear in this kind of convention, Achele or not.

      The writers screwed up her character so bad that they should at least let her have this chance of appearing in public.

      And what does Darren have to do with this anyway? He’s like the character made for Kurt to love. And he appeared in season two instead of one!

      Talk about equality, Ryan Murphy!

      • rayna says:

        Oh look, an Achele fan who’s not biased towards Cory Monteith at all….NOT.

        • Sam says:

          The funny thing is that I bet these Achele fans have sealed Dianna Agron’s fate. There has been so much hate directed towards Cory Monteith and Lea Michele that if I were the producers I wouldn’t want to risk having Quinn anywhere near season 4.

        • sm says:

          LMAO. Fell off my chair. People are so full of fantasy. Starry nights. Seriously, this fruitcake fandom and their hate which is all over twitter and every other social media. They condemn the actors on their twitter accounts-to them directly. Unconscionable actions by crazed fans for unions out of this fandom’s dreamstates. I really pity people who have nothing in their own lives to live for so they reach for such outlandish extremes as a reality for them to be fullfilled. Pathetic. It is one thing to wish for a character to have this or that but when they invade a boundary which is sacred to anyone and that is one’s real life-an actor’s life. What the actors do with their own lives is not our business. This is stepping way over boundary limits . I feel that the actors got their twitter accounts so they can keep in touch with their fans and other special folks. But when they receive hate from so called fans, it must be disappointing to the point of getting angry at fandom. I don’t blame Glee’s stars for being less open toward their fans. This is their life and they deserve to find happiness. As for the actors and this crazy fandom and their wants and their rants, if they read some if what is out in social media, they would laugh hysterically or sigh with pain for pity for those who live in a dream world. As for Dianna Agron and her place on the show, I don’t think she wants to come back and be in the spectacle that the Agron fans have put her. She has had boyfriends and denounces any thoughts of this kind. As had Lea. The producers have to get a grip on this spectacle before show starts s4. The one thing about Glee which they should be proud and that is they have brought to light different aspects of the gay community on public TV. The only detriment to this has been the obsession of unrealistic couples in character and out as well. Bringing hate to the fore. Hate is what Glee has tried to disspell its 3 year run.

  16. grace cairney says:

    brilliant news looking forward to com con with glee always good … and have got to say i’m real happy darren is there again awesome , although everyone is great x

  17. dee says:

    ALLLLL the questions for Darren Criss. He had lovely things to say last year.

  18. Let says:

    I wish Heather was there… And I wish Brittany and Santana would join Mercedes in LA. I also wish Glee was a good show.

  19. Chris says:

    No Heather/Brittany? Not interested.

  20. TF says:

    Glee doesn’t belong at Comic Con. Period.

  21. Celia says:

    Can’t wait to find out what’s going on with Rachel and hopefully how soon Kurt will be joining her NY. It’s nice to see Jenna and Kevin will be there. Lea, Jenna, Kevin are the only ones going that I really care about.

    • Someone who is a fan of Kurt without being blinded by love for him says:

      Ah I really hope Kurt ends up applying to a fashion or design school for the winter term! It would be nice to see him pull a Santana and just go find a job there or something for the fall, though.

      • mar says:

        Agreed although I wouldn’t want Kurt to totally give up on Broadway.
        Other than that I think it would be great as it would fulfill one of my season 4 wishes: having Santana, Kurt and Rachel share an apartment – at least we’ll have some good laughs!
        As for the questions:
        I want to know why the writers think it is a good idea to have their main role model for young girls declare she can’t do anything without her guys.
        I want to know if they think it’s believable to have a character like Quinn passing through so much stuff in 3 years (this is the same character who in season 2 stated she turned to Faith throughout her pregnancy, guess that was forgotten in season 3).
        I want to know if the writers think every bully/slut do what they do because they are secretly in the closet (Karovsky/Santana)
        I want to know if they think it is a good idea to show almost all their seniors apply for 1 school without any back up plan.

        • Someone who used to love Finchel but thinks they have gone down the tubes says:

          THE COLLEGE THING DROVE ME CRAZY!!! Like, the only person who applied to more than one college was Mike Chang, and even he had his girlfriend apply to a bunch of schools for him. It’s NOT NORMAL for people’s significant others to apply to school’s for them, and it’s not even possible (applications require signatures (although I guess less so in the digital age) and I highly doubt Brittany is smart enough to forge Santana’s). Sam got Mercedes the attention she needed for going to L.A., Tina applied to dance schools for Mike, Rachel babied Finn through his application… What kind of message is this sending? Don’t apply to college, your girlfriend will do it for you!

          Also, not every one of these kids in Glee would be like “YAY MORE PERFORMING ARTS!” I was in band in high school. I loved it. But 99% of the kids in band went on to get liberal arts educations. Only one girl went on to a music conservatory. I just wish Glee would be a more realistic representation of the world, since they try so hard to preach about moral messages. If you’re going to try to show kids what not to do, be consistent.

  22. gleekto says:

    I think this group plus Chris (who will be busy with his book tour) are the series regulars for next year. This is the ‘smaller group’ Ryan talked about. So let’s actually have some major Kurt and Blaine storylines please! (conflict can be good, with connection, resolution and romance). The double standard with the same sex couples has to stop. They kissed in one episode the entire season despite being THE fan favourite couple. More klaine please.

    • Rose says:

      Yes exactly! Klaine is not only a Glee Super Couple but a TV Super Couple too as they are the only teenage gay couple on network television and in a steady relationship for more than a year. So why only 1 onscreen lip lock in 29 episodes and counting while Finchel sucks face in every episode? Is it censorship by the network? If so, please cut back on the gratuitous onscreen kisses by Finchel and Wemma so that it doesn’t feel so outrageously out of balance that Klaine can’t kiss. How about simply showing them as a couple. Blaine should have been with Finn, Rachel and Kurt at the Breadstix pity party and in the letter opening scene. Simple solution showing two couples and support for Kurt. Allow Blaine to touch Kurt the way he did in S2!

      And Rachel got her romantic parting for Finn onscreen. Give Kurt the same when he leaves his long time boyfriend!

      • Lil says:

        Why do obnoxious Klaine fans think that EVERYONE loves Klaine. Some people strongly dislike them, me included. They aren’t a super anything.

        • Is Klaine a super something? says:

          That’s not true, Lil – Klaine is super boring. Doesn’t that count?

          • Lil says:

            Haha yes

          • sm says:

            LOL So true. They are not a super anything. The thing about characters in prose, those that are central in the book(on TV show) will go through obstacles good and bad to reach the other side. Or we have the lesser to the boring incidental couple who are perfect and have no drama or complications. Thusly, less screen times and yeah fewer kisses.

        • ryebread says:

          Lol. Except you’re being an equally obnoxious special snowflake imo.

        • Gleek4ever says:

          Klaine is the favorite couple of fans ! Just saying u-u

          • Klaine is okay but rather dull says:

            Lol according to polls Faberry is the favorite couple actually, and according to RIB it’s Finchel, but nice try.

          • babyst says:

            Klaine Won all the votes for best couple ‘o’ including the ballot that the fox did ! the one who was lost to the E!
            Klaine > All

          • excuse me? says:

            babyst, if you want people to take your comment seriously, figure out how to use the English language in a way such that people have a clue what you’re saying. To me this looks like gibberish, which is fine, because now I can continue living in a world where Klaine is boring and overrated.

          • hmnkl says:

            ^ English might not be their first language though.

          • hmnkl says:

            Klaine are what they are. They’re gorgeous, but suffering from FOX’s censorship of gay content. It’s obvious. RMurphs said he would treat gay couples like any couples on the show, yet you can see that they’ve been getting overly-friendly with the scissors in the cutting room.

          • hmnkl says:

            Brittana have a similar lack of agency. Brittany and Blaine especially.

      • sar says:

        Giving parity to on-screen kisses of the gay couples = further deterioration of ratings = cancellation. It is wonderful how much Glee has done to promote awareness on this but you have to understand this kind of representation is still hard for a lot of the audience to watch. Until society has caught up you have to take the progress where you can.

        • Rose says:

          But why did Glee dial up the Finchel and Wemma PDA up the wazzo if they cannot have more than 3 queer kisses for 2 canon gay couples for an entire season. That’s what enrages fans. There was no need to see a shirtless Matt Morrison in bed with Emma and discussing his dick! Or for endless diatribes from Coach Roz about Sue’s vagina! The amount of Finchel make outs this season totally distracted from any real storytelling.

          I just wanted to see Kurt and Blaine look like normal teenage boys. Last year, Blaine was a touchy feely, eye sexin’, flirty beast. Somehow, that disappeared after 3×01. There were random lines about them going out together last season. This year, we got oddly neutered boys and lesbian bed death. I just want S2 style Klaine back.

          And a romantic fair well for Kurt’s leaving for NY in S4 the equal of Rachel’s in the S3 finale.

  23. Klara says:

    Fortunately Lea and Cory are there, the only two people on the show I still care about. I already cringe thinking about the fan questions considering how embarrassing this fandom is, it would be best to not allow fan questions at all.

  24. missy says:

    GLEE + COMIC CON : I don’t really get the connection!!!
    NO CASTLE???

  25. Let says:

    And can you please ban the words ‘groundbreaking’, ‘revolutionary’, and ‘life saving’ from this panel?

  26. me says:

    I really hope Amber Riley is off the show.
    She deserves better than the The Rachel Berry show

    • Gleek says:

      She’ll never do better than what she had. If she chose to go, she’s an idiot. She’s got a great voice, but it’s nothing unique, and her acting is atrocious.

      • Sean C. says:

        If she wants to pursue singing (she’s got an album coming), it makes sense to get started on that rather than hanging around the show more.

      • GBz says:

        I’m pretty sure her singing career will take off and she’ll be able to leave this sh*tty show and haters like you in her dust. At this point, anything that isn’t Glee is an upgrade in life

  27. CrissColfer says:

    It’s sad that Chris won’t be there, but i get why :)

  28. Aww no Mark, Chord, or Amber. Only people worth seeing is Kevin and Jenna.

  29. STW says:

    Awesome! Great to have these cast members attend, and a really important step in bringing attention to the fact that Glee is still on, that it’s going to be on at a new time & day (YES for 9 p.m.!!!), and that CHANGE is the operative word for S4.

  30. me says:

    i love reading the comments. god, the glee fandom is hilarious.

  31. jessica ncaphi says:

    I can’t believe Di won’t be there. So no

  32. jessica agron says:

    I can’t believe Di won’t be there. So no #achele. No #heya. We don’t cate about PRomance monchele.ugh, not interested.happy for Jenna and Kevin

    • Ugh says:

      There is no such thing as Achele (and why are you using a hashtag in the comments section?). The fact that you would comment about this on this article just shows how delusional you are, and I don’t even care about Finchel or Lea & Cory dating. You people scare me.
      I’m gad Agron won’t be there, and I’m glad it seems her character won’t be coming back. She brought nothing to the show after the first season, and her blank looked acting and poor singing were wasting time better spent on good actors/singers (e.g., the criminally underused Kevin McHale).

      • jessica agron says:

        You just a hater, and Idont care about your comments. ########

      • readernicole says:

        Oh.. Bad acting and bad voice? Obviously you have really bad judgement.

        How do you explain the fact that I Feel Pretty/Unpretty TOP the charts?

        You’re just a hater who doesn’t appreciate talent.

        • Lara says:

          Actually, compared to most of the cast I also think that she is one of the weakest voices. But anyway I think the writers pretty much put an end to Quinn’s storyline, she might be back as a guest but nothing more, that’s why she won’t be there.
          Pretty/unpretty was top chart, yes, but who was singing with Dianna? Yes, you have the answer..

          • Someone who used to love Finchel but thinks they have gone down the tubes says:

            I agree that Dianna has one of the weaker voices, but I think that she’s a fantastic harmonizer. I absolutely love hearing her sing with someone else, but don’t really care about her solos one way or the other.

            And I wouldn’t say she’s a bad actress at all – sure, she’s not phenomenal, but most of them aren’t. If they were they’d move on to bigger and better things than a dying (albeit addicting) FOX dramedy.

          • Someone who used to love Finchel but thinks they have gone down the tubes says:

            I agree that Dianna probably won’t be back very often, though, despite them leaving the door open to have her visit Rachel in New York with those Metro passes. I know that they just did that to tease the Faberry fans and probably won’t follow up on it, though, which is too bad, because I love both the Rachel/Quinn friendship and the Santana/Quinn friendship, which is what we would get to see if they did have her frequenting New York on weekends.

      • jessica agron says:

        Who got the lead role in I Am Number Four? Yeah, THE Dianna Agron

      • PC says:

        A little pocket of sanity amongst the tween crazy.

    • Sean C. says:

      Dianna’s almost certainly not going to be a regular next year, so it’s hardly surprising that she’s not there (same with Amber, Harry, and Mark).

    • me says:

      it’s not hard to fathom that dianna is no longer a regular on glee. and you’re still on the promance after numerous times it’s been shot down left, right and center. go figure you’re a dianna stan.

  33. Julie says:

    I’m always amused at people complaining about Glee at Comic-Con. Very few of the panels are based on comic books. Get over it. It’s much more pop-culture and mainstream now.
    I, too, am glad Glee is going. It seems clear that the people they’re bring (and Colfer) are the main stories (besides the adults) next season. I still think it is too many characters, but that’s my opinion.
    Only one’s of the panel I’m interested in hearing from are Lea, Cory, and Brad. I
    I think the absence of certain actors is very telling. Except for Kevin, these were the actors (plus Colfer) who went to the Upfronts. It’s obvious what the focus will be. Anyone who thinks differently just has blinders on.
    Also, I would LOVE IT if it was the Rachel Berry show! I’d kill for 30 minutes of Rachel doing crazy jobs, auditions, etc. in NYC. IMO,Glee was at it’s best in the first season when it was focused on Rachel, Will, Finn, Sue, and Kurt.

    • Meg says:

      I second that. There might be too many characters but the main lead is only one, and was and still will be Rachel Berry. I think also, based on the two guest stars, that Kurt is going to be the male lead this season, which would make sense. I only hope they can manage well with the two locations. Personally I wish they would focus more on the seniors going to NY, rather than the glee club. And I totally would love to see Rachel and Santana as roomates in NYC, that would be hilarious.

    • sm says:

      Amen sister. S1 was magical and Glee’s best. s2 they tried to incorporate the secondary characters with focus start and that was the start of mayhem and lost and dropped stories. s2 was a mess. s3 was a drag. Too many characters can drain a show of its compass. Too much, too little, too dull, too boring, too stupid. When there are 14 to 15 stories in a season to tell to include as many characters as possible, then there is so little emphasis on any one character to have a sensible and interesting and understandible story to watch.

  34. ggny says:

    so 3 that will graduate and are gonna be apart of the show within a show – Cory, Lea , Naya. and 3 that are still apart of the glee club Darren, Jenna, Kevin

    guess we know who the lead characters are gonna be next year

  35. Resse says:

    I hope all of you could just leave all of the negativity behind. We all love Glee, so let’s love all who’s on Glee. for one, I love Naya Rivera and heather Morris or what we call as Brittana/Heya/Santany :)) spread the love , not war. a’ryt guys? We’re all Gleeks. all for one, one for all. Love lots.

  36. Riz says:

    i’m not really a monchele fan but what’s with the hate about them this article is not talking about them and why are you bother so much about their relationship anyway as far as i’m concerned it is none of your business

    • Tad says:

      They have nothing better to do. It bothers them so much. They say they think it’s fake, but then they spend their time commenting about it on an article that isn’t even talking about it. Basically their sick and they have an unhealthy obsession.

  37. Petra says:

    I wish Mark would be there. He’s the only one I care about on Glee. Why is it always the same “boring” people?

  38. readernicole says:

    Really? PRomance? Monchele is the last thing I wanna see. Cory Monteith is the last person I want to see in a convention like this.

    And no Dianna? Seriously, Ryan Murphy, you’re all talk but no action. Where did equality go? I thought glee is all about equality!

    • Meg says:

      It is a convention about Glee, obviously one of the male lead goes there. And no one mentioned Lea and Cory relationship here. They are the leads of the show and this is a convention about the show, and most of the people that watch glee love their characters. You might not like Finn, fine by me, but why are you so against the actor? He s just doing his job.
      Concerning Dianna, I think she won’t be much involved in the show next year, not a regular, hence why she is not going to be there, plus she will be attending an event in Italy around those days.
      Can I just ask you to be rational and comment about what the article is about instead of bitching about people you don’t know? No one mentioned Monchele here, and if you don’t like them, ignore them, why talk about them when there’s no need? I don’t understand this, it just makes you unhappy, just avoid it.

    • JT says:

      Cory is one of the most articulate and fun personalities among this cast. And he’s one of the lead characters. And if there is anyone in this cast who is sure to be a natural in this kind of convention, interacting with the audience, you can be sure that it is Cory (and Chris who unfortunately can’t be there.) I am so bummed that I can’t be there, I really want to see Cory.

      • Someone who used to love Finchel but thinks they have gone down the tubes says:

        I have no feelings on Cory being there one way or the other, but I don’t understand why he gets so much hate. Finn the character sucks, even if he is considered to be one of the most important characters on the show, but Cory seems like a really genuine, funny person, and it makes me sad to see all this hate towards the actors.

        • sam says:

          Because they blame Cory/Finn for stopping a Lea-Dianna or Rachel-Quinn lesbian relationship they want/believe/hope will happen. Notice that fiction and reality intermingle. What with the disastrous way the Santana coming out was ruined it has meant about 6 months of hate spewed to Cory Monteith on twitter, tumblr and other means. It is disgusting.

  39. readernicole says:

    Really? PRomance? Monchele is the last thing I wanna see. Cory Monteith is the last person I want to see in a convention like this.

    And no Dianna? Seriously, Ryan Murphy, you’re all talk but no action. I thought the whole show is about equality!

    But you give Lea and stupid Cory more credit than you have given anyone else in the show!

    This Comic-Con is a waste.

    • jessica agron says:

      Another PRomance date! Thank you FOX.when will RM realise no one give a fuch about monchele. We want HeYa, Achele,Sallingstreet

    • Hey says:

      Oh hey bitter Achele fan! I don’t think Dianna is gonna play an important part in season 4… and to me it seemed like she wanted to focus on other things the last few months. No need to bash Cory, it’s not like you know him (and honestly he’s a better actor than Dianna is… she may be pretty but… whatever I like her as a person though). And you have no proof that monchele is pr… it actually seems to be quite the opposite. And why are Cory and Lea there? Probably because they’ve been the main characters from the pilot until now? And the last time they were there was 3 years ago?

      • jessica agron says:

        And Cory will? Dianna’s character is going to Yale, Finn will still be th d-bag he’s been since s1. What guarantee do you have Finn will even be in the Army. Is a character that changes his dream every 5 seconds about his future inspirational? He’s a lost baby who complains all the time. Quinn shows teens that it’s okay to lose track in high school. You can get your life back and make your dreams comes true. What is Finn’s message? Get engaged at 18, dump your fiance on the wedding day?

        • Pam says:

          Rolling my eyes. Finn is the most realistic character on this show. How many teens know exactly what their dream is? How many teens are lost not knowing where they’re going, what they’ll be doing after graduation? People make mistakes in their lives, but the most important thing is how they try to do better. And he thought they shouldn’t get married because he wanted Rachel to go find her dreams in NYC. It’s one of the best decision Finn has ever made.

        • Mavis says:

          Yes, Cory will play an important part in Season 4 as he has been doing for the past 3 seasons.

  40. nm says:

    no hemo so i dont care….plus with the awful finale and finachel loving ryan murphy i am over glee now… the writers and fox have ruined the show.

    • nm says:


    • sr says:

      Actually, Murphy started season 3 saying he didnt really care about Finchel, he wanted to concentrate on Rachel. Finn was barely featured in the first few eps and then after that had teribly written features in the introduction of Rory, the wrtiers misjudged Santana coming-out and then finally the teen marriage storyline. it is a tribute to Cory Monteith’s appeal that he came through all that (Similar poorly judged writing for Will has killed off any hope for that much maligned character). A lot of his supporters were literally cheering him on in Nationals and weeping in the finale. The haters can post all they like but they are very much in the minority. They tried to destroy the heart of Glee with their bullying, but failed.

      • murley says:

        it’s so depressing that so many of the glee fans online are such bullies. maybe, just maybe, they are paying way too much attention to the wrong things.

  41. Emily says:

    Er, if there are indeed people scrambling to get in for Glee, I think it goes without saying that if you haven’t gotten your Comic-Con pass already, you’re out of luck.

  42. Wow says:

    Glee fans should really feel embarrassed everytime they open their mouths. It’s just cringeworthy. I don’t know how this cast deals with the crazy fans who make up strange fantasies in their heads.

  43. Amanda says:

    No heather and another scheduled monchele fest? No thank you.

    • JP says:

      Hemo is not doing S4. Santana going to NY is the writers way of breaking them up without public backlash..The storyline is complete and Santana will move on.

  44. jojo says:

    Lea and Cory! great! ;)

  45. jessica agron says:

    When will RM realise we don’t care about off screen Finchel. The are like 2 people in these 100+ comments rooting for the PRomance.that’s how many people will come to the boring comic con. Where’s mark,chord,amber,hemo and Di. The people we all care about. Not the talentless, boring ass Cory Monteith

  46. Velvet says:

    Glee does not belong at Comic-Con!

    • DVD says:

      As someone that has attended the past 5 years, I disagree. Comic-con has changed well before Glee first aired and excepts all popular films and television shows to promote. Also as someone that has actually attended the Glee panel in Hall H I can say the 5000 people in attendance would also disagree that it belongs there.

      Frankly if people expect Comic-Con to be purely about comic book and comic related properties than they should look to attend Tr!ckster which is a throwback to where Comic-Con started and runs in San Diego during the same week.

  47. The "used to be hardcore and proud of this show" fan says:

    Really RM? The Finchel overload (both on-screen and off. I mean come on, once they broke up on-screen we all knew that the Finchel stans were gonna flip out and threaten all the writers through twitter and everything, so they placate them by giving them an off-screen romance to create buzz on the show and please them) is what killed the show. Finn “the hero” Hudson is nothing but a hypocritical d-bag that most people now hate because of how unequal this show is towards all the females (making Quinn the crazy one with the child and have Puck “save her” after he treated her like crap, really?).
    Also, Dianna Agron and Lea Michele are the only good things on this show. Dianna’s acting is one of the best, if not THE best, on this show because she makes all of the crazy storylines they give her believable and she connects with the audience. Same goes for Lea. The writers have trashed their characters with their horrid and highly misogynistic writing, yet they save the show with their acting.
    This show went to hell when they started to listen to all the crazy stans, and it will continue to go to hell with their atrocious writing.
    The only reason why I even watched season 3 is to support the original cast (Di, Lea, Mark, Chris, Amber, Jenna, Kevin, and Cory) since I fell in love with them. It’s too bad that this show that had so much potential lost all their good qualities when they rose to fame.

    • Meg says:

      If you have to be negative I don’t see the point of posting your comment here. Just don’t watch the show anymore if you don’t like it but don’t bitch about the actors and your strange theories because you don’t like the two leads together in real life, that’s really rude and desrespectful.

    • jessica agron says:

      OMG PREACH! The finchel show ir annoying, I just wanna saliva vomit everytime PRomance comes up. Lea and Di are great actresses, and I love the Original 5, + mark and Chord. You speak the truth. AMEN

    • Hi there says:

      Oh another bitter Achele fan. My question is why do you come here and feel the need to write a comment about something you hate? Why don’t you go somewhere else and talk abouth something you love? That would make you a much happier person for sure.

      • The "used to be hardcore and proud of this show" fan says:

        How about you stop assuming things huh? PR romances happen all the time. I couldn’t care less about who they date or don’t date because in the end it’s their life not mine. I apparently can’t post my personal opinion here because I’ll get bashed. Where’s the Gleeks that supposedly loved and respected one another? You don’t see me insulting you or anyone else here, yet you and others are doing it all the time to other posters. Get off your high horse, and be civilized enough to respect my opinion if you’re capable to do so.
        And to the other poster that laughed about my comment of Dianna being a good actress: It’s my opinion, so stop laughing about it. I see the potential she has, and I think she’ll do great things in her career. It’s my opinion, so I don’t really care if you agree.
        Everyone has different opinions. I could care less about all of y’alls, but I still have enough decency to not attack you. Grow up.

    • I can't says:

      “Dianna’s acting is one of the best, if not THE best, on this show” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    • readernicole says:


  48. Delie Q says:

    If Damian McGinty had been in the panel I would have definitely made the trip to San DIego.

  49. brandy says:

    Glee is my favorite comic book. (lolz)

  50. Hey says:

    Really happy that Cory and Lea are finally gonna be there again! It’s been too long! Will You ask them about Finchel in season 4?