True Blood's Rutina Wesley on Tara's Big [Spoiler]: 'It's Definitely a Game-Changer'

If you have yet to watch Sunday’s fifth season premiere of True Blood, hit the nearest exit. Everyone else, proceed…

It was one of 2011’s biggest cliffhangers: How would True Blood keep Rutina Wesley around in the wake of Crazy Debbie blowing her head to bits in the Season 4 finale? Well, the final minutes of Sunday’s Season 5 opener solved that mystery, and Wesley is here to tackle some burning Qs about the big twist — namely, how long has she known and what the heck comes next?!

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TVLINE | How long have you known?
I’ve known since last season. Three quarters of the way through last season I found out.

TVLINE | What was your reaction?
I was initially terrified because I was being shot in the head. [Laughs] I was like, “Where is that going to lead?” But I was also excited because I was going to be able to create a whole new Tara in a way, and explore a whole new physicality.

TVLINE | Was there a part of you that was like, “Damn, now I have to wear those uncomfortable fangs!”
Yes. There was a point when Stephen [Moyer] came up to me in the makeup trailer and said, “Still enjoying being a vampire?” [Laughs] It is difficult. It’s a whole new routine you have to get used to. But it’s been so much fun.

TVLINE | What was it like the first time you saw yourself with the fangs in?
I took a bunch of goofy pictures in my trailer. I was looking at myself and like, “Oh my God!” It was very weird getting used to seeing my face with fangs popping out. The thing that’s hard is talking with them. We have this thing that if you can say Sookie Stackhouse then you’re good.

TVLINE | Can you say Sookie Stackhouse?
Yes. [Laughs] I can say it without slurring my S’s.

TVLINE | Last season Tara mellowed out a little bit, but this season — at least in the first four episodes — she’s angrier and more pissed off than ever!
It’s fun being feral, as they call it. [Laughs] She’s only been a vampire for a minute, and what transpires when she comes out of the grave is the most chaotic crazy thing; she doesn’t know what to do. And the most important thing is the relationship between her and Sookie and her and Lafayette and how all of that plays out.

TVLINE | Can she forgive them for turning her into the very thing she hates the most?
I don’t know. Only time will tell. I can say that the relationships will never be the same. It’s definitely a game-changer on many levels.

TVLINE | The best thing to come out of this, at least in my opinion, is that it bonded Tara with Pam for life. Talk about a dysfunctional relationship.
I think Kristin Bauer is a goddess. She’s been so much fun to work with, and so sweet to me. She’s been giving me [vampire] pointers. She’s the one person who I hadn’t worked with, so it’s been amazing to get the chance to work with her. Their relationship is going to be fun because they both say what they want. They’re both like, “Whatever.” It’s going to be interesting to see how that relationship grows — if it does grow.

TVLINE | What does this mean for Tara romantically?
I don’t know if she’s even thinking about romance right now. [Laughs] Love is the furthest thing from her mind.

TVLINE | Is she still into women? 
She likes who she likes. And now that she’s a vampire, well, vampires like everybody — which I love. [Laughs] They love who they love. They’re like, “You look good to me right now. You’re B-negative? Cool. Get over here.” [Laughs]

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  1. Jarrod says:

    I think vampire Tara will be fun. I’m gonna enjoy Tara and Pam scenes. However, I do feel bad for her. I don’t blame her for hating Sookie and Lafyette. They were both aware of how much she hated vampires, so to bring her back as one – for what I believe for their own personal gain – was truly selfish.

  2. sara says:

    I am going to love her scenes with Pam. BRING IT.

  3. Mike says:

    For some weird reason, I was under the impression that perhaps she would be in some weird lobotomized state…that perhaps her brain stayed in the same capacity it was after she got shot when she became a vampire. But it seems like she’s just learning the ropes or something. Whatever! I’m good with either, being one out of seven people who actually loves Tara!

  4. twitch201 says:

    Its too bad she came back… I was really hoping tara would stay dead…

    • Brendan says:

      Why read an entire article about Tara and then say stupid crap like that. I hope Tara bites you first…

    • jdurbs says:

      I’m with you twitch…can’t stand Tara. I hope vamp Tara makes me change my mind, but I won’t hold my breath.

    • justme says:

      agreed. sucks that she’s still alive. she is easily the lamest character on this show, and that’s saying something (cough*billcompton*cough).

    • Jasmine g says:

      I agree. What I like about game of thrones is that characters die. It’s real. Tara didn’t have to come back and that would have made the show interesting. Lafayette and sookie would be stronger idk but when characters die IMO just makes a great show.

  5. S says:

    Yay. I’ve always loved Tara and plus this will always show more Pam as well and I’ve always thought she should be on more too.

  6. melanie says:

    Tara rocks…I love this twist…

    • Jasmine g says:

      Twist? What twist I already knew without reading anywhere else that some vamp like bill or Eric would save her but Pam? Now that’s interesting.

  7. Superhero says:

    I honestly think Tara is the worst character currently on television, and even saying that doesn’t fully describe how much I hate her. The fact that the writers of True Blood – a show which has far too many characters as it is – chose to bring back one of it’s most despised and most pointless characters speaks to their many creative failings.

    • blue alert says:

      There are far worst characters on tv than Tara. Trust me. You’re letting your biases come into the pictures. Just because you hate her doesn’t mean everybody does, and it doesn’t mean that a founding member of the show should be tossed aside. Her story on the show deserves to be told just as much as any other characters on the show as well. (btw, she has more point on the show then Jessica or Andy-and I like both those characters.)

      • Superhero says:

        A) I don’t believe there is a worse character on television among the ones I’ve seen. That’s my opinion.
        B) A large percentage of True Blood’s viewership despises her.
        C) They should’ve killed her because her character is mostly despised, because she’s served absolutely no purpose for the past four seasons, because the show already focuses on too many characters which results in many of the storylines lacking focus, and because the show’s aversion to killing central characters creates a sense of security that destroys any would-be tension in situations where someone’s life is supposedly on the line.

        • Emiliz says:

          I think by killing Jesus they didn’t show an aversion to killing central characters. I cried when he died. I don’t think she has served no purpose either. She is Sookie’s best friend and one of the people that Sookie loves most in her life and Sookie is the main character so I think that in and of itself gives Tara some purpose. Also, Tara was one of Sookie’s only links to humanity in a time where she was getting to know that there is a supernatural world and that she in fact is supernatural. Other than that I also think that Tara is just plain interesting to watch and that in itself gives the writers a purpose to write more about her. I see that we disagree in whether she is a good character, but I don’t think whether you like her or not you should say that she has no purpose. Its offensive as a fan of hers to say that. I might not like some other characters but I don’t say they have no purpose, unless they REALLY have no purpose and that can not be said about Tara.

          • Superhero says:

            If her only purpose is to be Sookie’s foil, than she is pretty worthless, or at the very least she shouldn’t be getting as much screen time as she does. Virtually all of her individual storylines have been pointless.

          • J2 says:

            Jesus wasn’t a central character. Bill, Eric, Sookie, Tara, Jason, and Sam – those are your central characters. Those are the people through which the other characters function.

          • Emiliz says:

            I suppose you’re right. I just loved Jesus so much. I love how True Blood’s side characters can be, at least for me, as moving as the central characters like Jessica, Hoyt, Jesus, Pamela. Oh man, I love Pam. She’s hilarious. “I’m wearing a wall-mart sweatsuit for ya’ll” lol. She said something like that. Her one-liners are awesome and I’m so excited to see her butting heads with Tara. They are both such fierce women. Oh I think I’d add Lafayette as a central character though to the list you made, even if Jesus wasn’t central I still think Lafayette is.

        • blue alert says:

          A=I’ll name you one character worst then Tara on the best show on television-Pete Campbell. There.

          Can’t you see how subjective that is? Good for you, you despise her. Your opinion doesn’t matter. Neither does mine. It’s all in the writers hands. If they want Tara around, she stays around. End of.

          B-Do you know how many people watch True Blood? And I don’t just mean the numbers HBO gets when each episode airs, I mean do you know exactly how many people watch the show worldwide? Then how would you know that “a large portion” of the viewership hates her? Just because the places you visit don’t like the character doesn’t mean that a large or majority of the viewership hates her.

          C-I already talked about the whole despised character thing so I’ll focus on the whole no point/too many characters point. do you remember when this show first came on? do you remember the five actor names that were actually in the credits in season one? Or at least the first five? Anna (Sookie), Stephen (Bill), Ryan (Jason), Sam (Sam), and Rutina (Tara). After that the show is basically filler for those five characters, who are the mains (Alexander/Eric has since become one since season one). Characters that are more “pointless” then Tara-Arlene, Terry, Andy, Jessica, Hoyt, the returned Steve Newlin, Luna, Lafayette, Pam, etc. etc. if a character is somehow directly connected to Sookie (the main) then he/she has a point. Tara is Sookie’s best friend and practically sister. She is not pointless.

          Again, just because YOU or your assumed large portion of viewers (or let’s be frank here, you’re talking about horrible cesspool known as fandom) don’t like a character, doesn’t mean other people don’t, doesn’t mean other people don’t want to see her journey, and most importantly, DOESN’T MEAN THAT CHARACTER IS POINTLESS.

          And with that I’m done.

          • Superhero says:

            A) Of course it’s subjective and of course it’s ultimately up to the writers. That doesn’t mean its in the show’s best interest to keep her around,
            B) You ever heard of sample size? If a large portion of the internet community dislikes her (and I’ve seen far, FAR more people express displeasure with her than the opposite), that probably doesn’t bode well for what the reaction is amongst the rest of the world. The logic you’re using is just a BS safety measure to disregard whatever a substantial section of the shows viewership thinks.
            C) Like I said above, if her only purpose is to be someone for Sookie to talk to, than she’s not a well defined character and shouldn’t get so much screen time devoted to her. And like I said, the show’s spent too long trying to give focus to the entire cast, which ultimately makes all of the storylines weaker. Getting rid of Jesus or Tommy won’t fix that; getting rid of a character like Tara, who gets a lot of screen time for her own adventures which often do very little to further any overall plot, would help.

          • Shales says:

            This is actually a reply to Superhero’s reply post – which for some reason lacks a reply button.

            I was going to stay out of this, but now have to ask, do YOU know how a sample size functions? You can’t use the screaming haters on Fandom sites as a representative sample of the show’s viewers for at least a dozen reasons. A sample size must be randomly collated and ensure that its collection isn’t in some way skewed and given that the vast majority of viewers DON’T in fact air their opinions online, means you can’t presume things about them from the ones that do. Maybe the majority of people do hate Tara, but I have no authority on which to say that and neither do you. You are of course welcome to your opinion, but please don’t argue that your view represents the rest of us!

            Haters and shippers, this is why ‘FANDOM’ can be an intolerable hellhole.

          • Superhero says:

            It’s not like I’m basing what I’m saying off of discussions in the “I hate Tara” fanclub (though it wouldn’t surprise me if such a thing existed, and I’d be the first to join). There are plenty of people on multiple different websites who’ve expressed displeasure with the character, not to mention critics as well. Some of you seem determined to dismiss that, but is that a common occurrence for TV characters? No; you might see the random person expressing displeasure here and there, but generally you don’t see numerous people rallying against a character like you do with Tara. And regardless of what you say, that does matter and it does suggest that a large portion of the overall fanbase isn’t happy with her.

          • Tooter Hatfield says:

            This is also directed towards Superhero. I agree with blue alert. Superhero, sadly, you’re under the misguided impression that what you say holds greater volume than anyone who disagrees with you. Here’s the thing, Tara provides the perspective of a normal human surrounded by a best friend who turned out to be half fairy, who has been courted by two vampires and a werewolf, worked for a guy who is a shapeshifter, has a cousin who is now a medium, who dated a guy who was a warlock/male witch. For you to overlook this fact, Superhero, shows how little you understand about her character and how central she is to the series. I agree with blue alert and the others who have called you out on your obvious biases against her. She’s a strong, black female character. Tara is and will remain a very vital character in the series, contrary to what you think.

          • Superhero says:

            I’m confused; I mention repeatedly that part of the reason why I think she should stay dead is because a large fraction of the community despises her (you’d have to be blind not to see the large amount of people expressing discontent with her). But you dismiss that. Worse still, you make the same arguments as to why she’s so interesting and important as everyone else, and yet you still don’t get the point: just because a character is surrounded by other interesting characters, doesn’t make that character interesting. And OF COURSE I’M BIASED, it’s MY opinion that she’s an awful character.

            Also, my below comment was not directed towards you.

          • howtogrowgoddesses says:

            Pete Campbell (even if he was lifted directly from an Ayn Rand novel) is my favorite character on that show! But then I love the Cersei Lannisters of the world. The conniving, catty foils and villains are the most fun to watch, and dramas would be terribly boring without them. Maybe that’s why I’m excited to see more Tara!

            Tara does have a chip on her shoulder that can be a tad obnoxious, but can you quite blame her? She’s possibly the show’s most tragic character, and her human life was nothing but a long series of abuses and misfortunes culminating in a cap to the head. I’m interested to see if, like Pam, she’ll ultimately find her vampire life to be a vast improvement.

          • John says:

            Hear, hear! Tara shouldn’t be ‘killed off’ just because some people think she’s ‘pointless’…that’s ridiculous. If she doesn’t have anymore ‘storylines’ then the writers should just have her leave Bon Temps and live a happy life without Sookie and her shenanigans.

        • karebear2 says:

          Geez…all these Tara haters. Plus lots of other negative comments of the show. If the characters and plot lines bug you all so much then I suggest not tuning in. I think each character adds value and interest to the show. I love it all.

    • Craig says:

      Tara is one of True Blood’s most despised and pointless characters? Says who? You? You’re nobody. It’s good to see that the writers of this show have balls and refuse to let their story be dictated by so called fans who want characters written off because of the color of their skin. If you’re going to say you hate a character, be real about the reason why. Tara is a survivor; a hero; a strong woman. Everything she is is what every woman, every person should aspire to be.

      • Sara says:

        I don’t dislike Tara because of the color of her skin. I dislike that she uses the color of her skin as a reason to mope and whine. I dislike that she always plays the victim while saying that she is a “strong woman.” I don’t think she has been a great friend to Sookie, other than getting her head blown off for her. I dislike the way she speaks, her volume and rhythm are obnoxious to me. Mostly, I dislike the actress that plays her and the decisions she makes as an actress.
        To be fair, I also hate how Sookie always seems to pull the victim card as well. I don’t think the writers are doing the human women on this show any justice with their storylines. The vampire women seem to be so much more interesting and strong. So, maybe Tara will start to be less obnoxious and get a better storyline now.

        • Emiliz says:

          Getting her head blown off for her is a pretty grand gesture of friendship. She basically died for her best friend and that doesn’t register as a good friend to you? Tara does talk about race a lot but that may have to do with her being treated poorly as a black person in the south, her mother being vicious to her, and her sauciness. Sometimes, it is way over the top, but sue me I love that she acts outrageous. Sookie has been a victim many times. Her breaking down at times, I think, is totally reasonable. I can’t really think of a time where she didn’t have reason to be upset. I may be forgetting something, but I really don’t recall. Her grandma dying, her cat being killed, being kept in a cell and almost raped, etc. I think those are reasons to act up as a victim seeing how she was in dire straits.

        • Tooter Hatfield says:

          @ Sara: Can I ask the somewhat obvious question – are you White? For you to start your statement with “I don’t dislike Tara because of the color of her skin” betrays your obvious inclination to focus on the fact that she’s a Black female. Had she been white, you’d think it’s a hoot, wouldn’t you that she talks the way she talks. There’s a few characters on the WB Show “Hart of Dixie” who are as loud and obnoxious as Tara is in True Blood. I don’t think they’re respectable just because they implore the “Pride of the South” bulldung to justify their arrogance. Tara went through a lot last year and quite a bit of it has been because of Sookie and her magical lady parts. So, no, it’s unfair to blame Tara for not wanting to just be normal and not be surrounded by the supernatural.

          • familia says:

            I’m just confused as to why most of you speak as though its a reality show and these characters are real. Its a great show. All the characters have a reason. But… good lord people. Lets just fight over the likes and dislikes of fictional characters… fail. Epic fail.

          • “Tara is one of True Blood’s most despised and pointless characters? Says who? You? You’re nobody. It’s good to see that the writers of this show have balls and refuse to let their story be dictated by so called fans who want characters written off because of the color of their skin.”

            Pretty sure Sara’s comment about not disliking Tara because of the colour of her skin was because she was replying to this comment by Craig, not because of her ‘obvious inclination’ to focus on the fact that Rutina Wesley happens to be black.

            (And yes, I realise this is two years late.)

        • NICOCOJ says:

          Wow you are going all the way back to season one. Tara hasn’t brought up her race in three years, sounds like you are the one whining about it.

      • Superhero says:

        I might’ve given you a serious response, but if you’re gonna blindly play the race card like that, you don’t deserve one. You goddamn moron.

        • Jess says:

          Mostly I try to stay out of these silly back and forth arguments on fan sites as there’s no place less conducive to a constructive discussion than an anonymous fan board. I enjoy a heated debate where both sides have an opportunity to voice their opinion, ideas are volleyed back and forth, and, though minds may not be changed at the end, understanding and perspective are altered so that one might have a broader grasp of the issue they are discussing. Ideally, the exchange of ideas in a free manner will leave all parties better educated, further enlightened, and more appreciative of the substance and intelligence of their counterparts. However, in general, the internet tends to be counterproductive to the purpose of these exchanges as “debate” and “discussion” are merely the guises under which anonymous participants might hurl insults and unfair accusations at anyone who simply takes a stance seemingly at odds with their own. And all over a television show! However –

          @Craig – shame on you for your baseless accusations of racism. Having read through the post, I can assure you you were the first to bring the issue of race into this. Such over-sensitivity and swiftness to blame any disagreement on a prejudice over skin color is more a contributor to the tension that still lingers in our society over race issues than it is a means of eradicating those tensions.

          @Superhero – though I can certainly understand your anger, I am appalled by your manner of addressing the situation. You could have taken the opportunity to defend yourself and your opinions in a mature, well thought out, and intelligently articulated way, or you could have rendered the instigator of this situation powerless by simply refusing to respond to his childish taunts. Instead, you sunk to the level of name calling, which calls into question your own intellect and ability to develop and deliver a well-reasoned argument.

          Poorly done, both of you. May you both learn to widen your minds and interact with others in a way that is constructive, informative, and geared toward improving your understanding and tolerance of others rather than stoking the flames of friction and distemper between those of contradicting opinions.

          • brightlighteyes says:

            How funny! I read your post Jess and thought to myself, who is this intelligent & well writen soul. Turns out its another Jess, like me!

            Kudos on everything you said. I could not have said it better myself!

          • Christi says:


          • Superhero says:

            If someone acts like an idiot, I’m going to let them know that. And if they’re going to throw out serious accusations based on absolutely nothing, then they don’t deserve a well thought out reply.

        • Tooter Hatfield says:

          You overlooked the perspective that Tara’s character provided in a series full of supernatural characters. You dismissed her as irrelevant and boring. I mention black once. I didn’t play the race card. Her character, until recently, was the only human among the lead characters. That was my point. You not seeing that and then getting butt hurt and assuming I was calling you anything else but a racist shows how your comments about Tara have more to do with you than about respecting other people’s differing opinion about a character who just happens to be human.

          • Jean says:

            I can’t wait to see the repartte between Tara & Pam!! In some ways, they are so much alike, I think there will be hair pulling & fangs growing!! I am totally stoked for this season!! :)
            The only thing I’m worried about is how will the show be after Alan Ball leaves? Maybe we should start an internet petition begging him NOT to leave!!

    • Brendan says:

      Tara is Sookie’s best friend. And Sookie is the main character, so her dying would completely destroy Sookie… even if they do other things during a season, they are still best friends and I think that makes Tara a very important character. I personally have loved Tara since the very first episode and while I’m not sure how well I will like vampire Tara, I’m glad that she is staying on the show.

    • Tee says:

      A lot of those shows like to have friend characters that kind of give the main character a hold on the mortal world, if not downright try to pull them entirely away from the supernatural stuff. Some just come across kind of wound tightly and chronically disapproving, and those tend to get more split reactions from fans.

      (Bonnie on the Vampire Diaries comes to mind, though she’s ‘supernatural’ herself so it’s more trying to pull Elena away from the vampire stuff. But there have probably been a bajillion comments from viewers on the interwebs about the need for Bonnie to ‘loosen up.’ Ties-to-the-mortal-world characters that seem(ed) to come across less abrasively: Xander from Buffy, Kenzi from Lost Girl, etc.)

      I never minded Tara, though I am usually not too interested in her storyline either. The actress seems great though. I’m curious to see where she goes this season now that she likely won’t be in that same type of role in Sookie’s life.

    • Nesha says:

      I think you are completely wrong! She is the friend of the special girl, that person who is always there plain, normal and for some reason has the unbelievable thrust upon them, making their life more. She has a great story and I love how she is a strong opinionated black woman instead of some white tramp who gets used and almost killed by a vampire and then marries the town dumbo like in he books.

  8. blue alert says:

    I can’t wait for all the Tara and Pam scenes. They should be good. Really like this twist, but I kind of figured this is where they were headed when Rutina said that she was coming back to the show.

  9. Day says:

    I, too, hate Tara. I’m not surprised that she got turned; I was pretty sure it was going to go that way at the end if last season. I was hoping, as another commenter above, that she might be as Bubba in the books (since we know we’re not getting him), a little slow due to the state her head was literally in when she was turned.

  10. Will says:

    Im not to happy with them turning her into a vampire. The 1st and 2nd season they had a story for her with the whole maenad/demon thing.
    And she had black eyes during the opening in season 4 during the cage fight seen with her asain girlfriend. I guess they wanted to drop that.
    Will just take some episodes to get used to.

  11. Eli says:

    I’m happy she was turned. We all need a Marmite character on a tv show. She’s the type you either love or hate. For me I swing back and forth with her. This premiere did not disappoint and I’m super excited to see how Tara adjusts to being a vampire and especially how she bonds with Pam, being her progeny and all.

  12. rawr says:

    I wonder how long it will take for her to recover her memory or if she doesnt have one since she was shot in the head
    And loved Pam’s inspiring words “F*cktarded”

  13. Loved the show tonight, love Rutina and can’t wait for the further adventures of Tara the vampire.

  14. Emiliz says:

    I love Tara and her fierce attitude. It will be so entertaining to see Pam and Tara’s relationship now. I love that they didn’t kill Tara off. I cried when she got in the way and protected Sookie.

  15. LQ says:

    Hey, what can I say? I love Tara and Rutinaaaaa!!! Lol, I’m glad she’s alive, dead, or whatever. Steve Newlin is insanely funny too, hope they show more of him, and I hope the fairies from the other dimension strike back against the vampires, just sayin’. Tara’s mother is mean enough to her already. What’s she gonna think about this? I hope she gets outta that outfit too. Tara and Pam= dynamite. P.s. When and how did Sookie’s cat die? Ha ha to that Pete Campbell joke up there.

  16. Jared says:

    I have loved Tara since season one..but her storyline has been kind of bland..especially last season..bringing her back as a vampire gives her character and storyline somewhere to go..

    very much missing Jesus..i wish he wasn’t killed off..his relationship with Lafayette was one of the more Stable and healthier ones on True Blood..hes missed this season!

  17. Shaun says:

    This show needs to kill off characters,it’s just horrible to never send characters to their perfect exit.

  18. Bobbie says:

    I for one am a devoted Tara fan. i love her character and her storyline. Yes, there were few times when I wanted to strangle the writers for screwing up her storylines, but I have her to be one of the most intriguing people on the show. To be honest, she and Lafayette are my main reason for watching. I can’t wait to see her as vampire and pray to God the writers don’t screw this up too.

  19. Loved the season premire!! I’m still heart broken for Lafyette, can’t wait for Sookie and the hunk of a wolf to hook up (it’s so going to happen!!) I bet the former King falls for the former Reverand. 2 gay vamps that love to love (awwww!)

    It’s going to be interesting to see Tara as a vampire. Wonder how long she’s going to be mad at Sookie and Lafyette for?? Not only did they turn her into the one thing she hates so much and has warned them over numerous times, how they better never let her be one, but now she’s linked to Pam, one of the vampires she hates the most. Poor Tara!!

    I’m still wondering if Lafyette is going to find out he has the Mexican Devil Marney sucked up out of Jesus. Oh snap, that would be awful for him :(

    Oh and boy, doesn’t Eric move quick??? Sure he has history w/ his sister, but still. Just hours after supposenly getting his heart broke by Sookie, he’s hammering his sister in a box car. Booo on Eric!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Mel says:

      LMAO @ the Eric comment, I was thinking the same thing and then I told myself “f*ck Sookie (in Pam’s voice), he’s Eric f*cking Northman!” who is Sookie to him? pfffff let her and her fairy snatch play hard to get. I’m glad he’s not sad and moppy over her that’s what Bill’s for after all…

      • brightlighteyes says:

        Haha, loved the “in pams voice” part.

        Your right about Bill being the sappy & sensitive one, but still… I guess it just confirmed to me who out of those two Sookie should pick. Eric might love Sookie, but he clearly isn’t IN LOVE with sookie.

  20. Tara is awesome, she kept me watching the show since seeing it from episode one and was around before fans were obsessing with Eric, Pam, Jessica, Alcide. It should be interesting to see were the writers take her. It is time for her to stop being written as a victim.

  21. Vampers says:

    My only question is why is vampire Tara’s head a big ole curlie mess?? They couldn’t leave her with the smooth hair, they had to hark back to season 1? That sucks. I hated that hair.

  22. Lisa says:

    I was really hoping last season was the end of Tara.
    Hopefully being a vampire will breath new life into her character and perhaps then she won’t be so annoying to watch.

  23. Tiffany says:

    Tara is not one of my fav characters. I liked her better in the books bc she wasn’t as whiney. BUT it has nothing to do with the actress, I think she does a great job portraying Tara as the trueblood show writers mean her to be. I do agree that being turned into a vamp will make her character more fun to watch. I look forward to seeing where this goes! (I also think race has nothing to do with why some people don’t like her. I absolutely love Lafayette!)

  24. Geliz says:

    I loved Tara since her first scene in season 1. She & Lala are the main reason I am glued to the show. It’s nice to see really strong, bitter, resilient & vulnerable gay & lesbian black Southern characters on any TV show. I say kill Sookie off, she has bigger hate mail.

  25. Mel says:

    I love me some Tara, and I’m going to enjoy every single bit of her dysfunctional relationship with Pam. As for some people here whining about her still being on the show I’m gonna pop some book spoilers here. If they didn’t kill Lafayette, who was supposed to be long dead since season 2, then they better not kill Tara who in the books is still alive and kicking… just saying…

  26. Kalee says:

    I’m surprised they turned Tara into a vampire simply being that “No, they wouldn’t make another main character into a vampire where there’s already plenty.” Would rather they do something else supernatural to her like bringing her into the faerie fold as Sookie’s new fairy godmother or something.

  27. Johanne says:

    Love Tara! Can’t wait to see what happens next.

  28. RLS says:

    I’ve always liked Tara as a character, and I love Rutina Wesley because she always brings realism to the role when they put that character through some tough stuff.

    I must admit I like that they turned our expectations on their heads. I thought they’d bring her back as a neutered vamp, never thought she’d be so hardcore. I dig the choice. Glad she’s back.

  29. Kate says:

    People/haters let me introduce you to something that most of you probably cannot comprehend. It’s the remote control, usually there is a button called channel and one called power. The first one magically changes the channel, yes I know how amazing. The second turns the power off to either your cable box, DVR or TV..Yes I know….how exciting..I think you should practice a lot with these especially Sundays nights.

    Tara is awesome..and as not serving a purpose. You are completely wrong, Tara has always stuck beside Sookie and basically kept her grounded especially after Gran was killed. Rutina is a great actress and I cannot wait to see what she brings to the table this season.

  30. nick says:

    Tara’s only acting is yelling or lip quivering. She is a minor character in the books and is, in my opinion, painful to watch. On the plus side, I can just fast forward whenever she’s on and I save ten minutes or more per episode. Some people hate her, others seem to like her. I just wish they’d showed some courage and killed her off. The show has a thing for annoying side characters (sam’s family arc) that eat up time. Oh well. Some seasons I end up watching maybe twenty minutes an episode.

  31. Anthony says:

    I find it interesting that the people who dislike Tara states that they don’t like her because she’s whiney and mopey. Seriously? To me, that doesn’t seem like a valid reason because anyone would react to having your lover killed, being possessed by a Maenad, kidnapped and raped by a strong vampire and sustaining the abuse from an alcohlic mother the way she has. I love Tara Thornton and Rutina Wesley! The people who claims to hating the character just lack empathy and are de-sensitized to seeing another human being suffering.

    Seeing Tara as a vampire was surprising, well not so much, I was just surprised to see her attack Sookie. I’m wondering if Sookie will have to zap her with her fairy powers to bring out the humanity in Tara.

  32. SeetherGirl says:

    I love Tara. If could get away with it, I would be just like her. I agree with Anthony, and I think Rutina is brilliant.

  33. jarryboy says:

    I think that Eric is the most amazing character of all :D I love him so much :P definitely my fav :P

  34. jarryboy says:

    I think that Eric is the most amazing character of all :D I love him so much :P definitely my fav :P I can’t wait for season 5 to start

  35. Lavonne says:

    I’m gonna do those haters of Tara a favor and unload what might be their true feelings about the character. Tara is a main character and she’s black – not just black but bad-assed! She’s multifaceted and handles her scenes with brilliance. She’s comfortable and in your face with her blackness, never trying to tone it down for the white audience. As a black person myself, I find that refreshing. Finally. Why does every black female in TV land have to be either a Huxtable or a Hoe? It’s nice to see a little reality for a change, even if this is all fiction. If you notice, fans of true blood, the writers don’t cater to any one group of people. They often offend blacks, whites, whoever. That’s part of what makes this story incredible. Hats off to the writers and producers!

  36. Andrea says:

    I love Tara! The only people I didn’t like on True Blood were the ones who died during season 4. Everyone else I feel plays an important, or if nothing else entertaining role in the show. I’m interested to see what will happen now, very cool changes happening!

  37. Bobbie says:

    I LOVE TRUEBLOOD and everyone I see on there is relavant in one way or another even if it is a short time. I love the writers. Guess I’m just a fan.

  38. tre says:

    for all these dense racist comments they just cant stand too see a black actress on tv doing her thing , whats pathetic is arlene why every time something go wrong she always says i got kids in that awful hick voice …..i love tara i think she makes the show works an she an lafayette brings the funny…they both keep that strange show real ….i couldnt watch that show without them………

  39. tre says:

    rutina your doing a fantastic job as tara …i hope they keep you around till the shows final finale … if your reading pay no attention too these undercover racist comments …i rather see you on screen anyday than that annoying oily ass arlene…what purpose that dshe serves shes not even funny her storyline arc , super sucks …..those are scenes i wish i can skip too watch ….

  40. NICOCOJ says:

    Wait, how can you have a show set in Louisiana with no Black female character, no matter how central she is to the main story? The answer is, you can’t. I for one love Rutina Wesley and if her storylines suck (which is not true, but I am merely humoring the haters on this board) then blame the writers. RW’s acting has been terrific!

  41. tam says:

    ive loved taras character for scene one. shes real, and has true love ( blood ) in her heart …and they could have sooo much fun with tara and pam! what a combo!

  42. Johnathan says:

    Honestly, Tara is a great character, I didn’t like her that much, but that wasn’t an excuse for me to hate her. I didn’t like her in season 4, but to say she doesn’t have any importance in the show is biased.

    It was her character that brought in the best villain of the show Mary-Anne. Her story in season 3 with Franklin was really good and it was the opportunity for her character to grow stronger from that. In season 4 her importance was at a all time low, because she was pretty much a tag along to the witches. However from the past 3 episodes of season 5 her story seems to be really interesting. In fact Tara’s story line is way better than Jason and Jessica in my opinion.

    What has Jason brought to the show other than getting framed for murder for his sexual desires, going with the fellowship of the sun and falling in love with a dirty panther (lol), and let’s not forget the twilight love affair with Jessica.

    What has Jessica brought to the show other than playing rock band and acting like a spoiled brat because her dad is the king?

    I’m sure people will say in both of those characters defence that Jason is Sookie’s brother and so therefore he is important, and jessica is a teenage vampire that’s how she is suppose to act. In that case it’s not any different for the way Tara acts from everything that has happened to her, at least her character shows growth unlike some of the others. Her story has always been interesting except for season 4.

  43. TJ says:

    And this is the state of our world. People really need to find a life that doesn’t involve a TV Show. I am a fan and love to watch… but after it is over I move on. It is not real it is fictional drama and you all are pulling it in to real life! I mean with ever thing that is going on in the world you all need to fight over a HBO show? Your talents would be better put to use doing something possitive…like fighting for your local animal shelter. Grow up people.

  44. presley says:

    Lots of these posts are making this issue far too personal, and bringing race into it is completely ridiculous. I am not a fan of Tara’s character in the show simply because in every scene she is way over the top. That tends to get irritating and take me out of the flow of the story. And for those of you who are trying to make this a race issue shame on you.

  45. gibblers says:

    true blood is a good show to watch but you people really need to come back to the real world. It is just a t.v. show.

  46. Jimmy says:

    She should have moved to Alaska with Hoyt. =o)>

  47. Though I like Pam and Tara together as vampires. I will not forget that Sookie was not the only magical one, tara has some magic in her,like her cousin or maybe more powerful buts its like that storyline was forgotten. The same goes for the panther storyline, Jason most likely has baby panthers out there. Again I like Tara, I mean people claiming she should have died, really, she was an important character in this series, she saved sookie,so obviously she isnt as big of a bitch as some so claim. I have been waiting for Pam and Tara to be in a comical scene together, its always been Pam threatening tara when involving her cousin. So basiclly some wish everybody was a kiss ass to sookie, thats why I like Pam and Tara. Yeah I agree at times or many times Tara would get on my nerves but what really got on my nerves was sookie too worried about her two boyfriends, or shall I say the 3rd thats been added,Bill,Eric and Alcide. Thats why Tara was hurt when Eggs a guy she only knew for like 2 weeks died, he was the only one who listened. I do miss Tara and her cousin Lafayette bickering with eachother.

  48. Pam and Tara together is hilarious. Though I kind of wish yeah I am really glad Pam saved Tara from killing herself I don’t really like that she forced her to feed on humans, I like that in the beginning when Tara attacked the girl with the messed up car she contained her hunger and even apologized. Not to mention her new wardrobe, its doesnt go with her. Tara is beautiful but it was too much. I’ve seen the actress dress girly but this is slutty and I guess weird.

  49. But than again I must remember Pam is the way she is and she is gonna teach of progeny the same. I love everything about those 2, they are so sarcastic. And Pam is just teaching Tara now to care what others think except for their maker of course.