Did The Killing Make You LOL? Time for a Liars Breakdown? Girls Gone Weird? And More TV Qs!

Popular TV Shows 2012 The KillingWe’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, here are some queries we’re going to lob at you, from shows including The Killing, Mad Men, Girls and Pretty Little Liars!

1 | Has The Killing ever delivered as big a smile (or any smile, for that matter) as when Linden waved the pinched key card at the casino security camera, brandishing a big ol’ grin? But at what point does Linden’s determination to solve Rosie Larsen’s murder (yes, that is still the premise of the series) veer into sad, depressing and near-delusional territory? Meanwhile, do The Powers That Be seriously think we care at all about the mob storyline?

2 | Why did Girls‘ Hannah not only stick around after Adam peed on her in the shower (!), but don one of his creepy onesies as loungewear? And why did he even have those weird undergarments in the first place?

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3 | TVLine reader Meg raises a legit question: “I know MTV has pretty much zilch to do with music anymore, but how can the MTV Movie Awards not have an award for best song from a movie?”

Mad Men Jared Harris4 | Who’s having the lousiest spring: Jared Harris, killed off both Fringe and Mad Men, or Odette Annable, who saw House air its series finale and Breaking In get cancelled? (On the flip side, do they each get to collect double unemployment?)

5 | How incredible was Neil Patrick Harris’ secret magic room, which he showed off on Oprah’s Next Chapter?

6 | When did everyone on Secret Life of an American Teenager come out as gay or possibly gay? (Not that there’s anything wrong with that… ‘cept when it comes off as lazy plot-contorting.)

7 | Seriously, after such a long stretch of near-uninterrupted torment, wouldn’t one of the Pretty Little Liars have suffered their own psychotic break by now? And did Lucy Hale read our minds when she noted on Twitter Tuesday night, “I don’t know how many of you wear a bikini with an overall jumper, but Aria did. With knee-high hooker boots”?

8 | If Jane By Design The Glee Project Lea Micheleis going to understandably draw out the Jane and Billy UST, how about introducing an age-appropriate love interest for Jane, and not another older co-worker?

| Why did Lea Michele look like she was dressed up for a red carpet event when meeting The Glee Project contestants? And how did Taryn not land in the bottom three?

10 | For those mourning The Finder: Would you rather Walter show up on Bones to help Booth find Brennan, or for Willa to become a new intern at the Jeffersonian?

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11 | Who else thinks The Soup should offer True Blood‘s Sam Trammell a full-time contract after his hilarious guest spot on this Wednesday’s installment?

12 | Why oh why is General Hospital recycling the All My Children/One Life to Live baby-swapping storyline from just a few years back? (And using a couple of One Life vets no less!)

13 | After that Saving Hope premiere, was anyone out there diagnosed with a sever case of lens flare-itis? And is Charlie fated to walk the halls in a tux the whole time? Seems kinda formal.

14 | Is there anybody out there who can tell the ballet-dancing brothers apart on The CW’s Breaking Pointe?

15 | How did it take this long for Burn Notice to use Cake’s “The Distance” in a promo? And do you think it beats the awesome “Some Like It Hot” trailer from a couple years ago?

16 | NBC’s casting of Hannibal Lecter in the wake of recent news headlines was just an awful coincidence, right?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. 8daysmeg says:

    @7: Aria dresses like a colorblind hobo taxidermist. Sometimes her outfits are the scariest thing about the show.

  2. George says:

    13. Yes. (re: flare-itis). VERY distracting! I almost wish I WASN’T watching in HD

  3. 13. What was with the lens-flare?! I happened upon Saving Hope accidentally, but I had to turn it off because I couldn’t take the lights! So weird!

    • Laurie says:

      One lens-flare was interesting. The second was overkill. All the rest were just extremely irritating. If this is one of the ‘signatures’ of the show … cancel it RIGHT NOW.

      • dlferriola says:

        Totally agree with you is was annoying and distracting trying to look through the flares from the light. Hopefully future show will not be like that I definitely will not watch.

    • Danielle H says:

      Yeah.. horrific camera trick. Needs to stop immediately.

  4. Emma says:

    I must be the only person in the world but I’m loving The Killing and all storylines are very interesting right now. Really hope there will be a season 3.

    • Lora says:

      I’m still watching…and enjoying. I actually woke up in the middle of the night b/c I was trying to figure out who killed Rosie Larsen. Also, I love Holder and Linden’s relationship. They’re both a little pitiful, but they look out for each other.

      • The mayor did it, or his aide. Rosie saw one of them meeting with the Sheriff and they killed her to keep her quiet, then they used the opponent’s car to frame him.

        • Junie says:

          Are you sure? Because the ID to City Counsel led to Richmond’s campaign area, not the Mayor’s. It seems like the show is indicating that it may be Jamie or Gwen. I’ve given up on guessing, but still enjoying the show regardless.

          • How could it have been Gwen when she was with Richmond? Did she leave the hotel after he did to go meet with the Sheriff, then she saw Rosie and killed her? Would she have had enough time to get back? Whoever did it, has enough clout to fake the photograph that was used to frame Richmond, i.e. enough clout to buy out the guy who assigned Holder to the investigation.

            if it wasn’t the mayor, then it was Alan Dale’s character, Gwen’s father. He is the only one high enough in the bureocracy to get this conspiracy against Richmond going.

        • DL says:

          Yeah, as Junie said, they’re now implying that Gwen or Jamie did it. Which drives me a little nuts. Aren’t we now exactly where we were in season 1? I admit I wasn’t too happy about that twist. If it turns out to be Gwen or Jamie, I don’t think I’ll tune in for season 3.

          • Emma says:

            It wasn’t Gwen because at the end of season 1 she thought Darren did it, and then she told Linden about how he wasn’t really with her the night of the murder. She really looked like she was worried about Darren being the killer and all, not like she was setting him up. And as for Jamie, I guess it’s possible but I’m not sure.

        • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

          Nope, card key didn’t open that door. As someone else replied, it’s (maybe!) someone in the Richmond campaign.

          • Autumn says:

            How about someone connected to the Richmond campaign like say Gwen’s father?

          • Dwigt says:

            Someone in the Richmond campaign was there on the tenth floor, and it’s presumably Jamie.
            But, as it only will be the 12th episode, he isn’t the killer. The best guesses are actually on Terry (who may have assumed that Rosie was dating her lover).

            And the ID stuff is completely stupid, especially if it is, as the previews hint, Gwen’s ID, as she had reported that hers was lost a few weeks ago. The first thing that’s done when an ID is lost is to deactivate it from the central system…

          • Autumn, if it’s not the mayor, odds are than it’s her father.

      • TheBeach says:

        Does it EVER stop raining there?

    • Barb says:

      I’m also still loving it. Another thing that made me smile was when they casually showed Holder rolling sushi in his kitchen. It was subtle and great!

    • Joan says:

      I am another big fan of The Killing. I think it has been excellent this year. I wrote to AMC requesting a season 3, but haven’t heard back yet. It was June 13 of last year that they announced Season 2, so it should be anyday now. I like the chemistry between Linden and Holder and I just don’t know who the killer is, other than Jaimie or Gwen’s DAD.

  5. Pat says:

    10. How about neither. Since when did Booth need help with Brennan, the squints and her father just invite trouble between them and is Willa even qualified? Aren’t all the squints geniuses? Move on, The Finder is over, fans were not interested.

    • Bruce_F says:

      Degree or no degree, Willa would be more than qualified to be Angela’s assistant.

      • Lana says:

        Agreed! I adore Willa. She’s such a cutie. I really liked where things were going with her relationship with Leo as well. Cut short too soon.

    • smidnite says:

      Finder had more fans than certain other Fox shows, and we’d be thrilled to have anyone from the show pop up on Bones.

    • Ben says:

      Willa would be great – but I never watched Bones, only the finder (which I loved).

    • Sheldon W. says:

      I say that both could contribute , in vastly different ways, as recurring characters. And Willa is most certainly a genius. She’s hacked some impressive sites over her brief career with Walter and Leo. She could probably help nab the super nerd who murders…

      And there are sufficient fans to warrant them popping up from time to time – if only to resolve the cliffhangers from the series-ending cliffhanger. I know I need to know what happens next!

    • sofia says:

      I don’t want any of them to go to Bones. If it was cancelled it was because it sucked. Just like CM: SB, it was an error that should have never left the paper.

      • Gem says:

        Do you not know how TV works? Shows that get cancelled don’t necessarily suck they just don’t hit the marks networks like FOX want.. aka Firefly. And you should probably watch a show before you make statements about its quality.

  6. Amanda says:

    3. They do but award it off air. LMFAO won.

    9. It’s Lea Michele – queen of dramatics.

  7. William says:

    In regards to #3, they did. It was called Best Music and Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO which was used in 21 Jump Street won.

  8. Mel says:

    Yeah,loved Linden’s victorious smirk at she held up her prize to the casino cameras, but sadly this character who originally made me like the show so much, has devolved into a creepy,depressing character with a single focus. When it comes to doing anything but being an investigator, (mom,friend,human being) Sarah is a fail. Sadly, the show has become one big yawn to me.

    • TheBeach says:

      I hate that I have to agree with you here but I do. Her character has evolved into someone I don’t enjoy watching. Holder is way more interesting to me.

  9. “veer into sad, depressing and near-delusional territory?” guys, it’s onlybeen half a month since Rosie was killed. That they are going to find out who did it before the month is over (13 days per season, remember?) is rather fast.

  10. Barbara Tenenbaum says:

    I too am loving “The Killing.” I have a big crush on Holder and really look forward to it every week. More than Mad Men if I’m honest. Here’s to season 3. Tasha

    • Emma says:

      Me too! I love Mad Men too but I’m more excited about The Killing these days. Holder is absolutely adorable.

    • Emily says:

      First half of the season, I watched Mad Men on time while the Killing piled up on my DVR. Two weeks ago, that switched. Now I’m going to have to watch both as they air.

  11. Junie says:

    1. I laughed. Linden has had SO LITTLE to smile about, and she finally got a bit of a breakthrough in the case. And to even the field, um, I’m a little interested in the mob story. I don’t know, I feel like “The Killing” can be good but the results are just okay (good idea, mixed execution, varying from interesting to poor). I keep watching because I really like Linden and Holder.

  12. blufeet says:

    12) I know soaps recycle stories but doing this story when Todd has been involved with something similar, is just flat out lazy.

  13. Dave says:

    listen, i love The Killing and i think it’s a brilliantly acted and directed piece of TV work … but all the red herrings are bordering on ridiculous now. every single person in Seattle has now been a suspect at some point or another. i loved that Linden finally got a reason to smile – and it was only logical that she’d light up a smoke at some point – but as much as i’m loving the show, if that Wapi Casino chick doesn’t get a serious batch of comeuppance, i’m going to be seriously disappointed. (SO done with the Polish mob story and couldn’t possibly care less about Mitch Larsen at this point.)

    • elr says:

      I have to agree with all the points you make. I’m not sure at this point how I’m supposed to feel about Mitch. She left her husband and sons to fend for themselves. She put a huge burden on her sister when she left and now that she’s back am I supposed to feel good aout that. I understand she just lost her daughter, but what was her little journey, away from her family when they needed her most, supposed to be about.

  14. Mark says:

    “I know MTV has pretty much zilch to do with music anymore, but how can the MTV Movie Awards not have an award for best song from a movie?”

    This is all at once the funniest, saddest, truest, and most sarcastic think I’ve seen in a while. Way to go.

    • guest says:

      Not really considering, they do and it was handed out Sunday night. Albeit off-camera to LMFAO.

      • tripoli says:

        Exactly the point. Off camera. Might as well not even bothered. Especially if it goes to a group as awful and talentless as LMFAO.

  15. Leslie says:

    #12, Ripping off past stories is just too easy. Thanks for reminding me of the AMC/OLTL baby swap story. I actually enjoyed that crossover. Maybe I just didn’t like Babe or Kelly much. Ha ha! I preferred the Babe/Bianca baby switch where NO baby actually was dead in the end. Ugh! Better question, why does any soap think we like dying baby stories at all?

    • guest says:

      Especially to Sam who’s been through this in the past. This storyline is just cruel and what they did to Jason (abandoning her when it’s HIS fault she was raped) is just the last straw. I can’t stomach GH any longer. It’s horrible now.

  16. Jared Harris is most definitely having the worst spring, because he has significantly more talent than Odette Annabelle. Odette is stiff and completely unbelievable. I have an easier time believing that David Robert Jones is a real person than Dr. Jessica Adams.

    • DaDawg says:

      I hope Jared Harris finally gets the recognition he deserves. His role on Mad Men this season (as in the past) has been nothing short of award winning.

  17. Winnie says:

    Nice job to commenter Meg for #3-I asked myself the same thing, though now other comments remind me to check for off-air awards (if it was removed for time, I have some internet armchair warrior suggestions for downtime that could’ve been replaced).

    #6 – Yes, but I feel that’s the rule, rather than the exception with Secret Life lately…

  18. Emily says:

    1) The Killing has wonderful actors doing what they can with a rocky script. If it weren’t for how much I admire them, I would’ve stopped watching a long time ago. On a side note, does anyone else think that if the Killing gets a third season, it’s going to be about Linden trying to solve the case that put her in the psych ward the first time around?

    4) DRJ was obviously going to have to leave Fringe sooner or later, but I found solace in the fact that Lane Pryce lived on. Now who’s going to beat up Pete when he’s asking for it?

    9) I was convinced that Taryn was going to go home first, couldn’t believe she didn’t even land in the bottom 3.

  19. Tab says:

    #1 – Totally love The Killing this season. I hope we get a season 3. That moment in the elevator was the best!! Take that Nicole, bwahahaha!

    #14 – Yes. Really they don’t look exactly alike. Ronald is the one dating cute-as-a-button Katie. Rex is the one in the messed up relationship with selfish Allison.

  20. bob says:

    Lens flare in Saving Hope? Is J.J Abrams working on this show?

  21. michelle says:

    I love the moment in The Killing when Holder slapped the warrant in the Reservation’s face and then shoved them out of the way!

    I love this show and hope it comes back for Season 3.

  22. George says:

    I am waiting for Burn Notice to Ted Nungent song Strangle Hold

  23. arial2 says:

    Re The Finder: shouldn’t hiring Walter be his immediate reaction to Temperance driving away; I’d really prefer Willa end up in Canada and move in with Bo and Kenzi in Lost Girl; she’d be the perfect fit as Kenzi’s long-lost sister/cousin/whatever ; )

  24. Tawni says:

    1. Nope, the best LOL moment was ‘Drunk Holder’ distracting the casino peeps so Linden could sneak in… “Oh… Oh, I found ma phone… Ma bad…”

  25. arial2 says:

    Question #1:
    – Finally, a real smile from Linden; Hope she didn’t injure her jaw…
    – Apparently (but with this show you’re never sure), Rosie’s killer is one of Richmond’s aides (or will it turn Machiavellian and it will have been Richmond all along, with the mayor having been nothing more than a good citizen trying to get a murderer arrested?) and will be found out by the end of episode 13. Love the title of next week’s: “Donnie or Marie?” LOL
    – I guess the mob storyline is done now, unless the very last scene of the season is Alexi shooting Stan, thus setting up next season’s (if there is one) storyline.
    – Just glad Mitch is back; I was worried she’d find another Rosie lookalike and get arrested on suspicion of pedophilia.

  26. Renee says:

    #10 Both. I wish Walter and Willa were on Bones

  27. UGH the answer to question #12 about GH/OLTL & AMC is true, they are recycling storylines and that is why the soap genre is dying.

  28. queerbec says:

    Re: The Killing: I did like the switch of Alexi doing the kill while leading us to believe that it was Stan for a few seconds. Since it happened so fast in Stan’s garage, did Stan set up the Russian guy by indicating just as Alexi came in the door that he (Stan) had carried out the hit on Alexi’s father under the Russian’s orders? Also whatever happened to that rich dude in season one who Richmond played basketball with and who Jamie visited and who had been contributing some big bucks to the campaign, but the campaign decided that they couldn’t grant his favors anymore? That wasn’t Adams, was it?

  29. Tine says:

    #16 – I honestly don’t understand this question (someone please explain), but I’m thrilled Mikkelsen is getting the part, he’s amazing.

    • David FV says:

      I was just about to ask the exact same question. Which headlines are they talking about???

      • Angela says:

        The stories in the news recently of people literally eating other people’s faces and other various things of that sort. There’s a running thing in the media about a “zombie apocalypse” going on now, because a few stories of people getting all cannibal on others have been popping up. And the question raises a good point-I would say that it’s just horrible coincidence, but this is NBC we’re talking about here…they haven’t exactly been known for their brilliant network running abilities in recent years.
        Anywho, as for #11: I’d be okay with that. Very entertaining episode of “The Soup” this week (and in regards to the “Secret Life” question-who cares, as long as it keeps giving us absolutely hilarious clips to show on “The Soup” on a regular basis. The ones they showed from “Secret Life” this week had me doubled over laughing).

  30. kirads09 says:

    #10 – The Finder: For love of God, NO on Willa. She was annoying to me, and never smart enough to be a squintern any way. They need to find a way to reincorporate Zack IMO. Consult via skype if nothing else.
    I would be all on board for Walter helping on Bones. Yes!

  31. Sara says:

    | For those mourning The Finder: Would you rather Walter show up on Bones to help Booth find Brennan, or for Willa to become a new intern at the Jeffersonian?

    BOTH. I love Walter and I love Willa. I’d like to see Leo consult with Caroline Julian. I think that would be awesome too.

  32. Sharon says:

    I think Mitch’s younger sister Terry is the person who killed Rosie. I think Mitch will kill her sister when she finds out Terry is Rosie’s killer.

  33. AngieD says:

    GH is ‘recycling’ OLTL baby swap and split personality storylines for 1 simple reason – the head writer of GH was the headwriter of OLTL. This is what I was worried about when so many OLTL’ers got added to GH – that the show would turn into OLTL.

  34. Tee says:

    14 – Yeah I keep mixing them up even though they really don’t look alike. A lot of people are complaining about the girls are looking alike too, but I really don’t get that. (Though a little diversity would have been nice.)

  35. Riz says:

    9- i think lea michele always dressed-up for every events she attended to

  36. Icepop says:

    10) willa
    14) one’s taller.

  37. cj says:

    10 – both?

  38. KSH says:

    I only got to see clips of the NPH and David Burtka episode of Next Chapter because I don’t have cable (even if I did, I don’t think that they offer OWN in my neck of the woods). But from what I saw in the short clip online, that magic cave looked awesome…especially the secret door. I loved that little bit I heard that he built it because David would always get mad at him for leaving his magic stuff around the house. I really wish there was somewhere I could watch the entire episode :-(

  39. ADC says:

    12. I like the baby swap so far. Todd and Heather work great as partners in crime.

  40. Britta Unfiltered says:

    1. No, I don’t really care about the mob storyline either. A lot of the side stories on that show I could do without, though they are just barely starting to make the campaign manager an interesting character to me. I worry they’re trying to make us think the mob killed Rosie, and if so, that’s a lame sudden turn of events at this late stage in the game to introduce a new character who was the one that did “the killing”. (see what I did there?)
    2. TVLine, I’m sorry you don’t get what’s so hysterical about being peed on. Hahahaha. I nearly choked on my dinner from laughing so hard at that line.
    4. It’s too soon, I still can’t let myself think about that with Lane yet.
    15. I only watch USA when Burn Notice and Psych are running, so I need to go watch these promos.

  41. Bec says:

    7. If I was on Pretty Little Liars I’d be a social recluse, curled up under my bed covers and never leave my room, never turn my phone on and never go anywhere alone. I’m looking forward to seeing one of them actually have a break down, it’s overdue.
    8. I think it’s creepy that Jeremy wants Jane, isn’t she like….17 and he’s…late 20’s/30 it seems really weird and if he ever found out about her being in high school he’d probably feel so embarrassed for ever liking her. She should just get with Billy.

  42. FallonA says:

    @6… i think this isn’t getting much attention online and it really should. I don’t know what the Secret Life writers room is like but the last two episodes have just been down right offensive. I don’t know if this is how the writers actually believe high school teenagers talk but WOW. There was an entire episode devoted to how the teens of this high school believe there is a “gay gene” that can be passed down from mother to daughter (but not mother to son). It was actually absurd and I turned off my tv. I don’t generally due that often. As a straight 23 year old college graduate I needed it to be documented just how offended I was. Secret Life has played with some pretty ridiculous and outrageous storylines (case in point: Ben’s crazy new girlfriend and Grace’s extremely random step brother from no where) and I usually let it go but this was too much. At some point, Grace decided she was a lesbian because she kissed a girl and dressed up in the most offensive stereotypical clothes IN ADDITION to her mother telling her that if she was gay that it was her father’s fault for cheating on her mother.

    I. Just. Cant. Secret Life is supposed to be a guilty pleasure I watch in the background of me getting actual meaningful work done. But this got my blood boiling. Please tell me I’m not the only one. I think the writers need to know how wrong they were by introducing this storyline. ABC family. You were wrong for letting this show continue.

  43. Nikki says:

    If The Killing gets a season three, AMC says it will be with an all-new cast and storyline. I’m going to miss Joel Kinneman; he’s done an outstanding job as Holder.

    • Joe says:

      @Nikki I actually believe according to an interview Joel Kinneman did after shooting the finale ( I forget what publication it was with but I’ll try to find it and link it) that he implied that he and Enos would be returning. It’s just the Larsen family and The Richmond camp that won’t be back- which actually makes more sense.

      Also, I have to applaud the responders of this blog for not letting this spiral into another lynch mob mentality in which sophomoric “viewers” rant about how The Killing should be canceled because they can’t let last year’s finale go.True, not everyone here likes it, but at least the show’s critics in this forum have given clear and precise reasoning of why it doesn’t work for them. It’s so much easier to accept an opposing viewpoint when it’s not bordering on obsessive.

  44. Teléfila says:

    I laughed, yeah, it was really funny to see Linden with the card laughing off the Indian chief. But it was really funny as well to see Holder slaping Roberta with the warrant.

  45. HLH says:

    I just started watching The Killing this week (watched all of Season 1 & caught up on all Season 2 episodes). I’m surprised at how much I have enjoyed it and I am now obsessed with wanting to know who killed Rosie. Very intriguing!

    I too enjoyed Linden’s expression in the elevator because you rarely see her enjoying anything on the show. And I know that they are now looking at Richmond’s people but I still the think the Mayor had something to do with it because he has all his henchmen in the police department working against Linden. If he thought Richmond’s campaign had anything to do with it, he would have given Linden free reign instead of having her locked up in a mental institution, getting her fired and then trying to arrest her. It just doesn’t make any sense.

    I also grew tired of the mob story line and couldn’t figure out what it had to do with Rosie and I’m glad that they have moved on. I am also sick of this Mitch story line. Too much time is spent on her and for what? Unless some how she is involved and is feeling guilty.

    Don’t you think it’s interesting that EVERYONE in this series seems to be so screwed up in some kind of way? I can’t think of one character who has a normal life (i.e. they had a normal childhood and/or they aren’t scheming against someone). It’s kind of depressing when you think about it.