Eye on Emmy: As Fringe's Anna Torv Says One Sad Goodbye, She Braces for the Biggest One

Anna Torv simply isn’t ready to talk about it yet, the loss she experienced as part of Fringe‘s penultimate season finale.

“I… I can’t even… I don’t even want to think about it,” she says of bidding Agent Olivia Dunham’s alt self goodbye. Shaking her head in disbelief and with palpable affection for a fictional being coloring her voice, she shares, “I’m totally going to miss her! I can’t believe they let me have her for so long.”

The moment seemed only appropriate to tell the Aussie beauty that this reporter harbored a bit of a crush on that rascally redhead from the “red” ‘verse. “I do, too!” she confides. “She’s so cute, and easy, and fun…. Because [Alt] Lincoln was always the leader of that team, she was always able to be a little more loose. She didn’t have to carry the show.”

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Torv makes no secret of her immense love for Season 3, which toggled between the “blue” (prime) and “red” (alternate) universes and dangled so, so much Emmy bait. “I’ve missed that back-and-forth,” she admits. Yet Season 4 — in which Peter’s presence in a timeline that heretofore didn’t acknowledge him eventually led Olivia to “remember” how things used to be — presented new notes for the actress to play.

“Any opportunity I get for Olivia to not be so dour all the time, I sort of relish,” Torv smiles. “When she gets her memories back, I didn’t want her to be troubled by it. I wanted her to be truly, ‘This is a great feeling and I don’t want to let this go!’ So that was one of my favorite little parts of the year.”

Speaking of small moments, I had to ask Torv about that look, the one exchanged between Fauxlivia and our Lincoln Lee as the bespectacled G-man revealed his decision to stay on the Other side as the bridge between the worlds closed down. Did the badass beauty actually blush?

“Oh yeah,” Torv confirmed, reminding that the foundation for the agents’ compatability was previously established during a convo between Olivia and her alt self. “[Altlivia] says of Peter, ‘Ah, the Secretary’s son. He’s a real bad boy,” and Olivia goes, ‘Just your type.’ And she’s like, ‘No, actually I like the nice guys.’ Because that’s who she is. That’s why our Lincoln is more suited to her than the Alt Lincoln.”

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Whereas the aforementioned Fringe Season 3 asked Torv to play Olivia, Altlivia, one-posing-as-the-other and — because why not? — Olivia-channeling-Mr. Spock, Season 4 in its final hours dealt the actress another new challenge, by “powering up” her alter ego.

Yet even as Olivia was overcome with newfangled cortexiphantastic abilities, Torv ably portrayed someone not giddy about new gadgets but tentative about their nature.

That stuff is the bloody challenge!” she attests. “How do you do stuff with your mind? When you’re not even looking at anything but a green screen? [Exploding] the lights was easier, but that scene where she’s punching through the air [to help Peter clobber David Robert Jones]…? I haven’t even looked at it, because that was just so awkward to do. But that’s the stuff [the writers] don’t think about. ‘Oh, that’d be cool!’ Yeah? Try doing it!” she relates with a laugh.

Looking to Fringe‘s final, 13-episode season, Torv confirms that Season 4’s Episode 19 – in which she did not appear (thus affording her a chance to hang with her visiting mum in Vancouver) – will inform what’s to come. Though she has not yet been made privy to how much of a time jump will occur between seasons, she’s confident that, save for maybe flashbacks, we won’t see Olivia pregnant. But other than that, “I’m not sure where Olivia is,” given her eventual and rather conspicuous MIA status in the year 2036.

“I don’t know if they’ll go for it,” she starts with a chuckle, “but I would love for her to have not been put in amber [like her team mates], but for her to have been hanging around…. sitting on the sidelines and teaching [daughter] Etta the ropes, sort of pulling the strings from behind, where the Observers can’t get her.”

Such a scenario presents, however, an “age”-old problem. And Torv knows it, yet has a fix for it. “People are like, ‘But what about you aging?’ And I’m like, ‘She’s been on cortexiphan!’ Then I would be able to work with Georgina [Haig, Etta]” – if the other Australian actress comes back.

Then again, it very well may be Olivia’s destiny to die a hero’s death. “I’d be happy with that, too,” Torv allows. “Yeah. I would be happy with that.”

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What doesn’t make Torv happy, of course, is the prospect of ultimately bidding Fringe and her castmates farewell, once these next 13 episodes are in the can. “I don’t think anybody’s really thinking about that” – yet – “but there will definitely be tears at the end, because it’s a huge chunk of my life – and a massively important one, too.”

And though her Fringe run got off to a rocky start, Torv says she would “absolutely” be game to follow it up with another TV turn.

“It’s interesting because after the first season, which was really rough — you don’t know what to expect, and I felt like a deer in the headlights – I was like, ‘I’ll never do TV again. I just couldn’t.’ But after the second year you start to see all of the good stuff. And then after the third season you’re like, ‘Absolutely.’ And now? Absolutely.”

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  1. Emily says:

    Anna Torv has really grown on me. Fringe must be one killer of an introduction to TV. Emmys are never kind to genre shows, but she deserves it, even if it never happens.

    • Tom says:

      I agree. She really is amazing. The fact that she and John Noble will probably never get an Emmy nomination is a shame.

      • Damaris says:

        Não entendo muito bem isso, de prêmios, mas acredito que o maior prêmio é o reconhecimento do público (que assiste, que derruba e que levanta programas de TV)! É inimaginável o reconhecimento e alcance no mundo inteiro que Anna Torv (Dunham) e John Noble (Walter) conseguiram! A partir disto, do reconhecimento do público, é que vem os demais trabalhos… Congratulations! And Emmy?? What is that…? kkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    • lyssandri says:

      I remember reading so many complaints about how “wooden” her acting was during the first season. I don’t think you’d find too many people using that term now :D Except for Joshua Jackson and Leonard Nimoy, every main performer on that show has had to portray multiple versions of their character as well as show the kind of character development that viewers just naturally expect after so many seasons, AND they had to tailor how each version of their character responded to the different versions of everyone else’s characters on top of all that. It’s too bad the Emmy doesn’t have an award for ensemble acting – not that John Noble and Anna Torv don’t deserve their own individual awards because they do, but the rest of the cast deserves some recognition, as well

    • Christine_Lee says:

      I agree Anna Torv is unbelievable amazing and awesome, her acting skill and spiritual on her job,.. yes!..she really deserves an Emmy nominate.

    • Ana Cláudia says:

      I agree… Concordo também. Anna Torv me surpreendeu interpretando Olivia Dunham, um personagem denso, crítico, surreal (Fake Olivia)… E ela o faz extremamente bem. Espero que Fringe tenha enredo para mais 10 temporadas.

  2. cody says:

    i LOVE Anna Torv!!! I’m going to miss her, the rest of the FRINGE cast, and of course the greatest show on television, when it ends next season.

  3. davej says:

    I am surprised and sad to hear the Alt-verse is gone. I thought for sure that we would revisit it at some point in Season 5 to catch up with them or to give them some sort of aid.

    As for Torv, I thought she was too Olive-Oily at the start of the series, a little too mousy, but she has turned into a strong and beautiful character and one of my TV crushes.

    • davoor says:

      But she will stay Olivia Duhnham for ever :) If she’ll ever play in another show I just won’t be able to get used the idea of her not being Olivia :) I’m happy for a fifth season, but sad that it’s the last one?

      • forrest says:

        To davoor: Ah – good point. I’ll just have to think of Olivia as being in another reality -the green-verse- where she didn’t join Fringe….that way I can cope with her being in another series.

      • LizM says:

        She would be a good fit for Law & Order I think.

        • Rivera-Kahlo says:

          I would love to watch her do some comedy stuff, like that police-woman sketch from college humor, she was great in that too, And of course anything related to law enforcement would fit like a glove. Really she can make it work for any kind of character in the future as long as she keeps the same passion she has with the Olivias.

        • Sarah Orrin says:

          boo.. that’s a completely unimaginative show – she is far better than that.

    • Amy says:

      The alt-verse can’t be totally gone. No way would they not be part of the end game. I think the hand they stole from Bell will help them get back to the alt-verse and thus be able to destroy the Observers.

  4. Kaa says:

    How can they NOT bring Georgina Haig back???

  5. She is AWESOME, as is the show and her fellow countryman John Noble.. sooooo glad they gave us an extra year!! Am sooo lookin forward to next season!

  6. Sarah says:

    I’ll follow you wherever your career goes, Anna! And I can only hope you get the recognition you deserve at some point.

  7. I will really miss this show and its wonderful characters. I love the twists and turns the show has taken over the last several years. I am said to hear that it’s coming to a fast end, especially now that Olivia and Peter are back together and having a baby. I hope the final 13 episodes lets fans have some visual of that time in their lives.

  8. Vera Parr says:

    finally a show worth watching and it’s almost over already

    • KP says:

      This is one show that should NOT be cancelled. More people will get turned on to it and it will have a cult following but sadly there will be no more episodes after next year. There are so many cookie-cutter cop shows on tv that it makes me sick. When a good, truly different show comes along it deserves the time to mature and grow. This show would do that. I guess it’s all about the buck. Too bad.

      • Kris says:

        I’ll probably get chewed out for saying this, but if it was JUST about the buck, Fringe would have been cancelled years ago. I don’t like that Fringe is ending, but in THIS case, I don’t think Fox deserves people’s ire. 4+ seasons is time to mature. Fringe is a cult show that didn’t find a mainstream audience. At this point, it’s fair to assume it won’t. To be given 5 seasons (and fair warning in order to end the series satisfactorily) of a show that is averaging around 3 million viewers is a gift and on this ONE occasion, I think Fox should be given credit for that. I know people are angry it’s being cancelled, but don’t lose perspective.

        • ann says:

          That isn’t quite true Fringe is No. 1 in Japan, China No.4, No.6 in Australia, and No.3 in Italy. They have a large global market which Fox failed to market. They never marketed it as a World Wide show, failed to do what other shows do by acknowledging theirs Saturn awards and the Critics Choice awards. Fox let WB and Bad Robot do the job and they suck at marketing. This show did what was rare, they advertised every episode the sponsors of the show. They failed to put push Fringe, all their efforts went to new shows like Finder, Alzatraz, that dumb dinosaur show, and now Touch. When you fail to know what you have, with incredible acting and you don’t use your money to push the award shows and hype the strong fan base to vote by informing them and providing them the place on the internet to be heard, you lose the audience. If a show is winning critical acclaim as this one did week after week, taking awards when they got the nominations, the fault lies with a lazy network incapable or deserving of what they have. I will greatly miss the excellent acting, next season won’t be the same without Walter and Olivia. If they had any sense they wouldn’t have put Peter and Olivia in bed fully clothed, that was they only really strange thing on the show. Tell me how often do people in a sexual relationship go to bed with their top and bottoms covered LOL

          • Emily says:

            I don’t completely understand how licenses and profit shares in the entertainment industry work, but I’m pretty sure that the success of Fringe worldwide benefits the production company (WB) and not the broadcasting channel (FOX). Or is that for syndication only? Can anyone confirm or correct this?

        • MockingbirdGirl says:

          @Kris – I couldn’t agree more. Fox did right by “Fringe” and deserves credit.

          @ann – Overseas distribution makes money for the rights holders, but not the network. The fact that there’s a global market does not benefit the domestic distributor.

        • thomas says:

          I’m an old timing guy that was around for the original star trek…if anyone recalls or cares to know it was cancelled after 2 seasons…I’m remain a glass half full kinda guy…and what was science fiction is eventually science fact…perhaps we’ll be living a fringe life…..Ha Ha..

          • Dori says:

            heck I agree with you, we already have so many developments that were first dreamed up on the original star trek(cell phones(communicators) tablets(the report logs) speak and write programs for the computer, talking while seeing each other on the other end of the computer, the list goes on & on) and even though the thought of some of the things in fringe becoming reality is danged scary, I think the ability of people to dream up this stuff is somthing that should be continued not to mention i just love the show-“lost” Walter and his records and 60’s music and cherry licorce and ability to think outside the box is just the most endearing character. I am glad we get the last season but I will truly miss this show.

      • fringe lover says:

        youre right all fox think about is how much money there making they don’t care how amazing the show is unfortunately

  9. Kim says:

    Everytime I think about Fringe ending, I get very sad. I’m going to miss this phenomenal show more than I can say. Anna Torv and John Noble both deserve Emmys. Don’t get me wrong, the entire cast ensemble is fantastic, they all deserve accolades, but Anna played so many different emotions and characters… and John, well, there’s simply never been anyone like Walter. I’m sad that the altverse is gone. I would’ve preferred to see the show go knowing what was happening in both verses as opposed to the future. But, oh well, I know the show is in good hands, the writers have never let me down.

  10. Oh no, I can’t believe this is going to be the final season of Fringe! It has been one of my all time favorite shows. I will miss it so much. Peter and Olivia are like friends to me.

  11. Tony says:

    Anna is beautiful Actress and so in tune with he characters and her audience. I do not think Fringe and it’s very special Cast/ Storyline will be topped for a very long time. I like many will miss it badly.

  12. majamababe says:

    Hopefully, when the tv show ends, it won’t be as lame an ending as X-Files. Depending on how the writers end the show, it would be neat to see a big-screen movie version.

  13. Pickelbarrael says:

    Fringe ending is music to my ears. No more stupid doubles and Anna for Emmy nonsense. Goodbye Anna

  14. Roger G Peak says:

    You would think that a certain channel would love to pick up and continue this great sci-fi show,but all they want to produce is low budget movies and reality junk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Tim Rowland says:

      I haven’t watched the sci-fi channel since they canceled the Stargate series, they used to have some good franchises that we would record and sit down to watch for family night, but they have gone really low-budget and cheesy in the last 3 years. Damn shame.

    • Sir Issac Hayes Newton says:

      I would imagine a run on a premium cable channel like Showtime would be a good place for Fringe to spend a few more years,not some sci fi channel that would cheapen it up.

  15. Bob Benwar says:

    I will truly miss Fringe when this next season ends. I’ve loved watching it from the beginning, tho I have to admit I was afraid it wouldn’t make it into a second season because of all the other first season cut offs that took place during that time… but it made it. And it improved in the process… Anna… you were great in both universes and I’m looking forward seeing you again where ever you go from here.

  16. jacquelin martinez says:

    im going to miss the thrill wen they leave you on the edge well good things dont last i really enjoyed it ill miss you Anna Torvand John Nobel and who can forget joshua jackson

  17. good riddance says:

    this chick is so overrated.
    goodbye anna, we will NOT miss you.
    i never liked her acting. she is the reason why fringe never had good ratings.
    this bland actress has no charisma, so no viewers.

    • Diernii says:


      • please says:

        o, i’m sorry, did i offend the marlyn streep of tv aka (in her dreams) anna tov ? *sarcasm*
        not everybody kisses her *ss. not everybody likes her.

        • Diernii says:

          You don’t like her, fine. What’s that old saying?

          “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”

          When you can’t say anything nice and just dump on something or someone, THAT makes you a Hater.

          I think my reasoning here is pretty iron-clad.

        • T Ro says:

          really? You have such a miserable small meaningless life that you spend it immersed in hate over a television personality. I have great pity for you.

        • Emily says:

          It’s Meryl Streep. Just a tip; trolling tends to be more effective when you don’t show your idiocy cards right off the bat.

    • Tom says:

      Oh no Patty is here.

      • haters says:

        yeah, because anna has just one hater, right?
        there are a lot of anna torv haters out there.
        you wish that patty was the only one.

        • Really says:

          It’s very sad when people are PROUD to call themselves haters. Especially when most of you will never be half the decent human being Anna Torv is. You may not like her acting, that’s your POV, but she’s never been anything but a humble, sweet woman in interviews or else, hating on her is like hating on puppies. Which makes all of you ‘proud haters’ a bunch of *ssholes.

          • Ken says:

            Really– Now that Fringe is coming to an end,and i will no longer be able to enjoy the great script writing and tremendous acting,not to mention the beautiful love story of Peter and Olivia,all this i will surely miss.As for the haters,there was a time when i would really let them have it, but i have come to realized that their hatred for Anna Torv stems from one reason, Jealously . Apart from being beautiful,gentle and caring,at times even shy,Anna Torv is a wonderful actress and more than deserve to win an Emmy. So the haters can continue to be consumed by their hatred,that will not change what an exceptional woman the unique Anna Torv is,and will always be.

        • paul says:

          unless you know her personally your hate is based on NOTHING. hating an actor because you deslike their acting or the way they talk is lame and even haters dont do that. at least the ones who hate based on facts. Its different being an Olivia hater and different claim to be Anna hater. I say goodbye to you when fringe will be over because im gonna finally not see your or (general haters ) posts about hating upon an actor …

        • Sue says:

          LOL U MAD?

    • LizM says:


    • Thank God you don’t work in Television!!!!

  18. Terry H says:

    Oh, PLEASE don’t let her die a hero’s death, or any other kind of death. I like happy endings. I want Peter and Olivia and the baby to ride off into the sunset. I will miss this show so much. I hope to see all of the actors in other things in the future. Then i can say “look, it’s Peter” or “look, it’s Astrid” for a long time. Love them all.

  19. Diernii says:

    “What doesn’t make Torv happy, of course, is the prospect of ultimately bidding Fringe and her castmates farewell, once these next 13 episodes are in the can.”

    13 episodes?? All other seasons of Fringe have been 20+… so they’re ending on a short season?

    That sucks. :-( I’m going to miss this show.

  20. Dear Anna Torv: You rock. Love, Erin

  21. fringeobsessed says:

    Nicely done, Matt. :))

  22. madgram says:

    I loved the show, and will miss my Friday nights, all bad comments shouldn’t even be here, why even read and post if you don’t like the show? Good luck to all the cast, and Walter, we will miss you too!

  23. Dennis kochever jr says:

    Im so going to miss i looked forward to friday nights picture to lt like have a girlfriend break up was really heard i will miss you all:(

  24. Bill D says:

    Anna is a Terrific Actress and has shown her versatility many times over duing Fringe’s 4 seasons and I look forward to (with sadness of course) the 5th and final season. And of course she is one of the MOST BEAUTIFUL actresses on TV

  25. Rick says:

    Something’s been in my mind lately, what if the observers are the product of Walter’s trial kids, a mutation years in the future and Olivia is just the first one to super develop almost to observer status… mmmmmmnnnn food for thought

  26. Nodens says:

    What I really liked about Anna’s acting is that it is subtle. It wasn’t over the top and unrealistic like so many other TV females – cookie cutter in that overly emotional way. It helped me really appreciate the moments where Livia loses her immense control, and the abused child emerges. Brilliant.

    • adg says:

      Anna’s acting is just like her beauty, natural, nothing crazy, just plain beautiful.

      • Ken says:

        She is a totally natural beauty,as a matter of fact where most women uses make-up to enhance their looks,with Anna Torv make-up on her works in a negative way because she needs no make-up.Also her subtle expressions,the movements of her head and body language, only adds to her beauty,all this makes her quite unique.

      • Ivan Corrêa says:

        There is quite a few, if so, an actress in cinema history with the richness of facial expressions of Anna Torv. Dot.

  27. Ruff says:

    ABsolutely adore this woman. What’s not to love; sweet, funny talented and a perfect example of Beauty!!! i love Anna Torv she’s awesome

    • Tom says:

      She’s stunning and unbelievably talented!

      • Ken says:

        Tom–I am in total agreement.Also what is most profound is the fact that she is a natural maturing beauty. She is more beautiful now than she was in season one.She is now 34,i wonder when she reaches 40 how much more beautiful can she becomes,if possible.

  28. Corbanb5 says:

    hate her fans lol. Seriously what is wrong with people.

  29. Sandgirl/AltSandgirl says:

    I miss the Alternative Universe already… can’t even think about Fringe ending! :(
    But hey, at least we made it to the fifth season!

  30. cj says:

    any interview with Anna Torv is more reason to love Anna Torv.

  31. Kristen says:

    This is my favorite show! I am so bummed its final season will only have 13 episodes. There is so much repetitive trash out there with unoriginal writing. This show has excellent writing and a talented cast. It is one of the very few shows I will actually turn on my TV and watch. To say farewell to Fringe is indeed tragic.

  32. Carol says:

    Miracles have happened in the past, such as Star Trek. It was not supposed to survive past one season. But the FANS put the pressure on and saved it. This show is much too good and has too many potential story lines to let it go after ONLY 5 seasons. Pester FOX to keep it on the air! I gotta have my Fringe!

  33. Mena says:

    An excellent interview with a wonderful woman! I adore Anna Torv!

  34. Noel says:

    So talented…absolutely love her. The whole cast is fantastic. Definitely going to miss the show when it ends.

  35. Nanda says:

    am so mad that she wasn’t nominated! She has such a tough acting gig, with playing a million different characters and all, and does it so brilliantly!

  36. Doug says:

    What’s wth the “Altlivia” crap? She’s Fauxlivia!

  37. Anna says:

    Anna Torv is amazing, her performance in Fringe is so fantastic, no matter who she was portraying, Anna Torv deserves to get an Emmy!!

  38. Kacsa says:

    I really gonna miss Anna, and the entire team. ^^
    FRINGE is more to me than just a TV show. I have memories of my childhood and my relatives – connected to FRINGE:
    After all… the series will end, but it will forever live in my heart.

  39. Suhara says:

    It is actually ludicrous how badly Anna deserves Emmy recognition. This woman has portrayed at least 8 versions of herself in the past 4 years, and has made each and every one of them distinctly different, and has even made the characters that were seen as “evil” likeable. The minor character differences she adds to Olivia and Fauxlivia make them so distinctively different that they seem like they were being portrayed by different actresses. And yet Anna still manages to convey how similar they actually are when you look past their difference. If the Emmy voters cannot look past their stubborn, senseless, unjustified ignorance of genre-specific shows, I fear for the standards of American television to come. A television show is a television show, whether it is a comedy, drama, science fiction show or otherwise. To ignore one type of show, for no real reason is beyond foolish, and just sad. I can’t even imagine not having Fringe, Anna and all the other lovely actors on my television every week, but I know for sure that Fringe will go out with a bang.

  40. William says:

    She is really terrific , no doubt about it. There are a lot of subtleties to her roles. That’s the most difficult thing to pull off, as opposed to simply playing an entirely different character. Anna is very talented.

  41. Sal says:

    I only liked Fauxlivia in Season 4. Yes, she was interesting in Season 3, but she was evil! Killing a deaf man execution style is not a character I can get behind, but when Season 4 came around and she didn’t seem to be the same Fauxlivia she was- even though she had still slept with Peter, she was such a great contrast to Olivia. You could tell that Anna Torv really enjoyed playing both characters. I’ll miss Fauxlivia for sure!

    • adg says:

      i agree with you 100% I hated Fauxlivia in season 3, but really came to like her mid-to-late-season 4. Credit Anna torv for that.

    • Mikael says:

      Season 4 Fauxlivia never slept with Peter, because he didn’t exist in that timeline. She still crossed over and impersonated our Olivia, but Peter was never there.

  42. Jeff says:

    I rarely watch TV but watched every episode of Fringe. You had to to keep up with all the twists. It reminded me of X-Files which was the same. If you missed one episode you were lost the entire season. LOL Absolutely love Fringe. I am surprised, and also saddened, to find out that it is going off the air.
    BOOOOOoooooo ref!

  43. I will miss Olivia and Anna THE MOST when Fringe ends. I hope she gets more fantastic roles after Fringe

  44. Jackie Pittman says:

    My wife always gave me a hard time when I would tell her that Fringe was God’s favorite tv show. Why, because it stretched your thinking, expanded your mind, broaden your imagination beyond the normal course of life. I was extremely glad when they announced season 5, but was truly sadden about it being the last. Fox needs to change it back to original time slot. This show is a keeper. Thanks to all the great cast and writers for the amazing ride.

  45. helennorwood says:

    ..kiss my little beautiful ass haters of anna torv!! she’s a queen..no!! she’s the Queen!! so “your argument is invalid”..and relax and ask Walter some Brown Betty please…la la la la

  46. Joseph P says:

    sorry to hear its going. it will join my favs like Farscape, that came and went to fast.

  47. Simon says:

    Anna Torv and John both deserve an Emmy.

  48. dessy111 says:

    i really will not particularly miss Fauxlivia
    Alt-Astrid, yes. Walternate’s craziness and Alt Lincoln (R.I.P). But Fauxlivia? LOL no. I guess I’m one of the few fans that does not like her! I can’t wait to see more Walter, Peter, Olivia, Astrid and Broyles and hopefully Etta. The HAVE to add Georgina Haig to the cast!

    • Bob says:

      Nope, I’m glad the alt-verse is gone too. And TBH, I think that Anna certainly deserved an Emmy nomination for season 3,; she was outstanding but not so much this season. This was Jackson’s season to shine, especially from 4.10 on; but you’ll never hear that, and God forbid anyone say it without being jumped on.

      • Kaa says:

        I agree. I love Anna Torv as always, but Olivia was not front and center this season (and I’m fine with that). Fans had been complaining for a long time that Joshua Jackson didn’t have much to do, but this season he was given a lot of nice material to work with.

        • Jeanne says:

          At certain times in the season, Olivia was front and centre. In the end season 4 was all about amberverse Olivia, learning about her and then her gradual change into blueverse Olivia and how that affected her relationships with the people around her. Peter’s disappearance was the driving force for where they took this season, and his return helped shape Walter and Olivia again, which is what the character has been doing the whole series. Jackson was given some nice material to work with in key episodes, but in alot of episodes he didn’t have very many scenes or was absent (the first three episodes).

          • According to interviews Joshua Jackson gave, going into season 3, Torv’s Olivia was at the center of the season (I think he even called it the season of the Olivia(s)). This season arc was Peter’s story. Jackson doesn’t get to be showy on the series (compared to Noble and Torv), but he has proven to be a very strong actor.

      • malena says:

        They certainly tried to make him shine, but for me, it didn’t work, either it was too late for his character, or he doesn’t have the talent. IMO It was a wasted opportunity to bring Fringe to a higher level. They should’ve continue with Walter and Dunham in front of the story and keep things more interesting; give more time to build Bell’s return, Jones attack or the Nina’s arch and maybe even more award nominations between scenes with Anna, John, Brown or Reddick or the guest Orla, Jared, etc. It wasn’t bad, but not Emmy worthy for JJ

        • Natty says:

          I agree Joshua Jackson is a bad actor his inferior performance is the Anna and john.

        • Sam says:

          I disagree completely, he shined bright, even brighter than before. The first few episodes of the season showed how empty the show felt without him. Walter is a character, that beyond his sense of guilt and without his love for Peter falters and lacks depth, which is why he was unbearable to watch for most of this season. Olivia, as Anna Torv correctly describes, is dour and I’m afraid there little else going for the character. She never captured my imagination and the only time that her storyline seemed to push her in the right direction, they destroyed her character development in S4 to bring back that incredibly blank face from S1. Fringe was only worthy of Emmy nominations in S2, the Peter and Walter show. John Noble should have been nominated then. S4 has done nothing special to be nominated, not even John Noble has been that good. Anna Torv has never ever given Emmy-worthy performances. Everyone plays double roles better than her.

          • malena says:

            “S4 has done nothing special to be nominated”…that’s what I’m saying, they missed the opportunity going the “Peter way” trying to make him the most important topic, he had the most tremendous scenery to shine with all the September, Eliznate, Walternate, Olivia, Walter, etc. interactions, and no nomination at all. That’s what I mean when I say they should’ve kept Olivia and Walter as they were in season 3 and continue to build Peter around them, not in front of them. You’ve just confirmed my point, that even if JJ was better than before, it wasn’t enough to be as superb as the Olivia from season 2-3 and Walter from season 1-2. I liked season 4 because it took a chance, but it should’ve been better than its previous seasons..And that’s my point of view, that’s all.

          • Sam says:

            I confirmed nothing of the sort, malena. Do me a favor and don’t put words in my mouth. I said that the show without Peter felt empty and for me it was unbearable to watch. At no point did I say they focused on Peter, because they didn’t. They made him the most important topic outside the show, but they failed to do so within the show. They still focused on Olivia and her angst and Olivia and Lincoln. A couple of episodes focusing on the action on Peter’s side a Season of Peter does not make.

            Joshua Jackson was brilliant in those scenes you mention, he did shine. He has always been great. John Noble also shined here and there, but S4 simply isn’t Emmy worthy, because the writing itself wasn’t that great, which was a failure all throughout S4 (and S3, which wasn’t Emmy-worthy either).

            Your justification to keep building the show around the most static characters in the show, I don’t care how much you like them, is the lack of nominations for S4. My memory must fail me miserably, because it seems you’re remembering Emmy nominations for S2 and S3, that I don’t. It seems the lack of nominations would have justified a shift in focus on Peter. It’s unfortunate that didn’t happen. I still maintain that the only time the show was worth an award was S2, where the story was built around Peter and Walter. The writing and acting were then top notch, but that was short-lived.

            In the end, it’s a question of personal opinion, as you say, but don’t twist my arguments to fit your views. Please and thank you.

          • Ken says:

            Sam– You are completely right,the first 3 episodes of S4 was nothing without Peter(Josh),then they tried to push the Lincoln Lee character which made matters worst.It was not until Peter returned that the story picked up.Without Peter in the center to give relevance to the Walter and Olivia character, then there is a tremendous void that makes the story uninteresting.
            Josh Jackson did shine brightly in the episodes.I do know that the J/Jackson haters out there do not like to hear this,too bad.

      • Ken says:

        Bob– I have to agree with you.Anna did not have the material, and from 4.10 on it was Josh season.This does not diminished the fact that Anna is a brilliant actress and deserved a Emmy. I could also care less about the J/Jackson haters jumping on what i have said.

  49. Kaa says:

    I love Fringe TO DEATH but everybody’s got to dump this Fox-bashing and “Save-Fringe”-ing… The truth is, Fringe was never going to be a hit show because it’s too complicated and Fox did a pretty good job keeping it on the air for this long. Stop hating on Fox – if this show was on NBC, it would have been cancelled after Season 1. We’re getting 13 more episodes, they’re going to be exciting, and then Fringe is moving on to syndication on the Science Channel – which is an awesome home for it and it will pick up more fans.

    Who knows what the future holds? But Fringe as a show on Fox is done and fans have to accept that. We were lucky to get it for this long.

    • Fox does have a reputation for killing good sci-fi shows, but I agree with you that they did a lot to keep the show going. I am very impressed that it lasted 5 seasons, because it isn’t a mass interest show. Fox has really seemed to champion it, and I think they’re glad they stuck with it.

  50. Andrey says:

    From the first minute I watched Fringe I was impressed with Anna’s work, She became the reason to watch it, I especially like the gradual progression he has made in his character from inception to now. Anna deserves ALL OF THE AWARDS.