Did House Guest Surprise? Supernatural Creep You Out? Glee Dads Missing? And More TV Qs!

Popular TV Shows 2012 SupernaturalWe’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, here are some queries we’re going to lob at you, from shows including Supernatural, House, American Idol and Modern Family!

1 | Was the sight of Dean in purgatory, surrounded by monsters, the creepiest visual Supernatural has given us in years?

2 | Hey, Degrassi: What was the point of bringing back Holly J. if you were going to give her nothing to do?

3 | Has Saturday Night Live ever done a send-off as sweet as the one they held for Kristen Wiig?

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4 | Mad Men‘s Don misses having his missus, Megan, around the office — do you?

5 | So, The Killing would have us believe that if the teenage daughter of an ex-girlfriend you haven’t spoken to in roughly 16 years shows up on your doorstep, you just welcome her with open arms and allow her to confide in you very personal things — including that she plans to run away — all without picking up the phone to loop in her mom?! And are we expected to believe that despite all of the news coverage that Rosie’s birth father had no clue she was dead?

6 | Is there anything weirder than the way AMC keeps running ads for CSI: Miami reruns during episodes of The Killing? The total crossover audience for those two shows has to be in the double digits, right?Popular TV Shows 2012 House

7 | Who else really wanted Game of Thrones‘ Brienne to knock Jaime Lannister unconscious before putting him in the canoe and rowing him to safety?

8 | Arsenio Hall totally won Celebrity Apprentice just by sucking up to Donald Trump and telling him he’d drop the mogul’s name in every interview from now until his possible/inevitable late-night comeback, didn’t he?

9 | Did you like how House‘s series finale seized the day to sneak in an 11th-hour Dead Poets Society reference, even with Robert Sean Leonard not in the scene? Who else let out an audible squeal when Cutthroat Bitch popped up? And how did the show manage to make Olivia Wilde looking anything but stunning these final two episodes? Or were we being “true” to Thirteen’s sickly-ish state?

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10 | Seriously, why aren’t you watching The L.A. Complex? It’s like everything you’d want from a CW soap, and it delivers. Plus, Kal and Tariq: TV’s most interesting, unexpected romance?

11 | Was Rachel disowned by her gay dads on Glee? How else to explain their glaring absence from her graduation, and then later at the train station? (Or would that have gotten in the way of her leisurely 25-block stroll, with suitcase in tow?) Speaking of which, did the show use the same magical train line that Smash does, running service between Ohio and Grand Central (versus Penn Station)? And Cory Monteith, where have you been hiding those acting chops?

12 | Has anyone checked to see if there’s some kind of hypnotic, subliminal message in Chopped that keeps you from changing the channel? Because we can’t stop watching.

13 | Just to be clear, Revenge‘s Emily was thrown head first into a glass-doored cabinet — as but one part of a larger, absolutely brutal throwdown — and all she came away with was what looks like a shaving nick? And what assurances does Em have that the one unfriendly who knows her true identity, the White-Haired Man, won’t blab? But on the positive side, was this episode more expertly directed than usual? The amazingly staged shot of Emily entering Nolan’s house, Em with an axe, the wickedly cool closing montage set to Florence + The Machine’s “Seven Devils”… just, wow.

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14 | Do you think Don’t Trust the B—- In Apartment 23‘s twisted sense of humor is better suited for cable?

15 | That ridiculously absurdist, over-the-top telenovela subplot was very out of place on Modern Family, right? On 30 Rock, totally. Three’s Company? Yes! But Modern Family? No.

16 | With the way Jennifer Holliday devoured Jessica Sanchez whole while simultaneously eliciting the Idol finalist’s best performance all season, do you think it’s pretty much guaranteed Nigel Lythgoe will sign her on for a week (or three) of Rookie Blue Ben Bass Missy Peregrymguest mentoring in Season 12? Also: Can we please retire Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing” from the song list? Two covers of it in the last three months served as the final nails in the coffin.

17 | Andy’s bangs on Rookie Blue: Yay or nay? And how heartbreaking was guest star William Shatner?

18 | Is it too late for the producers of ABC’s Duets to demystify the show’s “secret” scoring system? If the power to send contestants home is going to rest in the hands of the celebrity judges, they should be accountable to the audience for the scores they’re giving, no?

19 | If Awake must be cancelled, can we at least get a sitcom spin-off about Britten’s two combative shrinks? Maybe make them mismatched roommates? Or they go open a practice together in Shrink, Inc.?

20 | Is it fall, yet?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Dilys says:

    Yes, I LOVE the idea of Dean and Cas stuck in Purgatory. All the monsters that Dean has killed, all the angels that Cas has killed, both of them fighting to stay alive together and hopefully repairing their relationship. I haven’t been this excited for a new Supernatural Season since the finale of Season 4. And it looked super scary. I hope Carver leaves them in Purgatory for awhile while Sam has heroic adventures on Earth. Great finale visual.

    • Dilys says:

      And that should be labeled Answer to Question 1.

    • Kris says:

      \o/ Isn’t it fantastic to feel excited about the show again? I’m counting the days! :D

    • Drew says:

      Has anyone actually confirmed that they will be spending time in purgatory? Because we have seen glimpses of Hell too and never spent much time there.

      I think that more than one episode there may push it too far. The show seriously needs to get its sense of subtlety back and spending a long time in purgatory is not the way to do that.

      • Ari says:

        I vaguely remember reading that they will take a few episodes to sort out. I’m assuming we’ll see more of it than we have of hell.

        • rowan77 says:

          I think it’s safe to say that anything said by Sera Gamble (while she was still headwriter) about next season will be null and void now that Carver’s taking over. I’m getting they are out of Purgatory in one episode.

          @Dylis, I have been wondering this – nowhere does it say in the show’s canon that Angels go to purgatory when they die, that I could find (I looked after Castiel exploded underwater in the beginning of this past season. Have you read something from someone connected with the show that says they do? I hope so. I’d love to see Balthazar again. He’s a riot. In fact, since all the angels in heaven are dead (and hopefully in purgatory (RIP Joshua) wouldn’t that make for an interesting thing when Dean and Cas find a way out? Will there be angels in heaven again? Just a thought.

    • Kay says:

      That single moment made me excited for the next season, for sure! An awesome shot! I just hope Carver does it justice and lets Dean and Cas spend a few episodes in Purgatory, while Sam starts relying on his own while remaining good on the topside. Shake things up a bit from the same old formula. I’m super excited about what is coming in the first few episodes of the next season!

  2. Lambsilencer says:

    13 – Yes, I was thinking the same thing about Em telling her true identity to the White-Haired Man. As for the directing, Sanford Bookstaver has always proven to be a great director with the episodes he did. Remember THE OC where Ryan rescues Marissa in Mexico? The shot where he carries her out of the ally to Mazzy Star’s “Into Dust”? – That was just TV directing at its absolute best!

  3. Kris says:

    Purgatory for the win! I’m excited about Supernatural again and it’s the first time since S5 that I’ve felt that way. Counting the days till we see Dean and Cas struggling to survive the monsters and Sam working to get them back!

  4. EequalsMC3 says:

    14. I love Apt.23 but if it was on cable it would be able to be so much more wicked and therefore better, pity.

    • Lisa London says:

      I actually love that the show has pushed it so far while being on network TV. Being edgy on cable is not that big of a deal anymore… Also, JVDB is really hilarious!

      • Ari says:

        I really enjoy JVDB. I like that he is willing to play ugly (phsyically on HIMYM and personality wise on 23). He is a really good sport and that makes me love him a lot more than when he was playing Dawson.

  5. julia says:

    love your “Awake” idea! My money is on Cherry Jones, but I think she would also play dirty in “Shrink, Inc”

  6. Elle says:

    1.) No.

  7. guest says:

    #10 No clue but it’s an amazing show. I’ll never support Tariq/King though. Not after the finale. “I’m conflicted/scared” is not an excuse.

    #11 Finn told Rachel her dads were waiting for her in New York but yeah, they probably should have shown them at her graduation since they made the effort of showing them at Regionals.

    #13 It definitely was sloppy for Emily to either a) Leave him alive or b) Tell him in the first place. There’s nothing stopping him from derailing her plan.

    #17 Nay, she was much prettier last season.

    • Ari says:

      #17 I really hate that bangs are back on trend. There is only about a 1% slice of the population that can pull of bangs. Andy? Part of the 99. Especially in some of the publicity shots that were released where it looks like she has curled them like she’s having a flashback to the 80’s (or 90’s since they are in Canada)

  8. nikki says:

    The Revenge montage was awesome. Too bad they lost that director.

  9. Romy says:

    Totally agree with the Cory Monteith comment! I mean, he blew me away with that car scene

    • uh huh says:

      He’s had other moments over the years–even this season when he didn’t get into Ohio State, and when he found out about his father. But yeah, the guy’s got chops and is criminally underutilized on this show. Run away, Cory, Run!

    • Laura says:

      I’ve always thought he was one of the most underrated actors on Glee. He was very solid from the first. It’s just that his dumb jock character doesn’t allow him many opportunities to shine. But given the right material, Cory can always knock it out of the park.

  10. Robin says:

    Yes the visual of Dean in Purgatory is the best season ending since the visual of him hanging by hooks at the end of season 3. At least this time he has Cas to watch his back, right?

    • Kvivik says:

      Maybe. Cas disappeared before the actual ending of the episode so all you saw at the end was Dean alone in purgatory. Doesn’t mean Cas can’t reappear to help him, but right now he doesn’t have anyone watching his back.

  11. Gertrude says:

    I don’t think it’s fair to expect the Glee people to call Jeff Goldblum and Brian Stokes Mitchell to appear in every situation where Rachel’s dads could be present. Celebrity guests cost money and they tend to be busy with other things.

    • Kvivik says:

      It’s GRADUATION!!!! The producers should have been on the ball to have all of the graduating seniors parents present and accounted for during the ceremony. They had more than enough time to arrange things with Tamlyn Tomita (Mike’s mom), Jeff Goldblum and Brian Stokes Mitchell and any other parent that I happen to be missing. And yes, guest stars cost money, however actors with non-speaking roles usually get paid less. They could have made it work.

      • JR says:

        It was a bit off that the Berry’s weren’t there (unless we were supposed to conclude that they had already gone to NY from the end of the episode), no sign of Mercedes’ parents either. Pretty sure all the other graduating seniors from ND had their parents there though Burt, Carole, Mr and Mrs Chang – they even brought back Puck’s mother – she was next to Judy Fabray :) and Maribel Lopez turned up right after the graduation scene, so I guess we have to assume she was there even if we didn’t see her in the auditorium!

  12. Isla says:

    No way. Dean in purgatory was totally dull, it’s been done before Dean went to hell and Sam went to hell, Sam’s death remains the most shocking thing SPN has pulled this is just yawn inducing. I hope Carver rescues this show I really do. And get rid of Castiel already for the love of god.

    • Hudson says:

      Dude, Cas is one of the BEST things about Supernatural. I’m glad he’s back. Can’t wait to watch Dean and Cas battle monsters in Purgatory.

    • Clare says:

      It doesn’t take you haters long, does it?

      Yay for Cas in S8! Yay for Cas and Dean together in Hell, repairing the profound bond! And here’s hoping for a better S8 and more brother moments too… S7 was a big let down for me. No Cas, and a Sam and Dean who were just going through the motions. Yay for Team Free Will in S8!

      • lola says:

        I don’t think some of these extreme Sam fans have jobs or lives ‘cuz they show up to spew their bile the minute Dean or Cas are mentioned. It’s kind of hilarious actually.

    • Ross says:

      Agreed. I have nothing against Castiel, but I just wish the writers would stop fan servicing and only bring him into the sl when it actually makes sense, and not randomly which makes the storyline suffer

      • silver says:

        Stop fansevicing? Gamble has been fanservicing for two seasons by giving the Sam fans everything. How about some fanservicing for us Dean and Cas fans? Feels fair to me.

      • lola says:

        Gamble did plenty of fan-servicing with extended workout scenes with a shirtless Sam. And woobie Sam who has suffered more than anyone ever. And brave, noble Sam who is too weak to unwrap and chocolate bar but still manages to hunt a ghost and save a damsel in distress.I could go on, but that would be as obvious as Gamble’s sam fan servicing.

        If Carver wants to do some fan servicing, all he actually has to do is give Dean an actual storyline instead of emo filler and his fans will rejoice. We don’t even need all the Mary Sue tricks to make us happy. Just some indication that Dean is actually part of the story again, after being exiled from it in Swan Song.

    • silver says:

      Spoken by a true Sam fan who thinks that Dean should only be about Sam. I really enjoyed Dean and Cas in purgatory and I hope Carver makes the story last at least 5 or 6 episodes. Heck if I had to put up with the dull souless Sam story, I think Dean can have some time in purgatory with his guardian angel.

      • Katrina says:

        Spoken by a Dean fan I don’t hate Sam so when I say what I have to say don’t blow a casket please. I personally hope that this new writer brings Dean back to the forefront because I am kind of getting tired of Sam getting all the attention. I mean even when Dean was brought back from hell is seemed like it was always Sam this, Sam that and frankly it gets a little old. I hope that the make the story line of Dean in Purgatory last a little bit so that way his character could evolve more. Can’t wait for next season.

  13. Jos says:

    I was wondering the same thing about Rachel’s MIA dads.

  14. I was awfully curious where Rachel’s dads were, especially after Finn said they would meet her in NYC and they weren’t there to see her graduation. I also loved the send-off they gave to Kristin Wiig. So sweet and wonderful to see them all finding it bittersweet to have her go off to follow her other passions (screenwriting, etc.).

  15. Yes I completely agree with the Duets scoring thing. Especially when BOTH of kellys duet partners were on the bottom which was completely unfair to me. I think Jason Farol definitely deserved better! I would like all the judges to show their score and be made to explain it.

    • uh huh says:

      Yes, the judging system needs to be made transparent. BUT, as much as it pains me to say this cuz I love Kelly, her two duet partners were the weakest of the night, imo.

  16. cjeffery7 says:

    13 – I feel like as long as the white haired man doesn’t see her again, especially with the Graysons, or anytime as Emily Thorne, her identity will remain secure. and her breaking up with Daniel serves that. (then again, at some point she’s gonna have to be outed, and i suspect that’s gonna happen sooner than many of us would assume)
    to the rest of it – OMG yes the episode was written and directed and edited absolutely beautifully! i may actually watch it again!

    20 – how do you guys and gals at TV Line survive the summer TV doldrums?? i mean, i know there’s like, rookie blue, the most critically acclaimed show in the history or modern television *eye roll*…… but don’t you just want to scratch out your eyeballs out May through August??

  17. nohuddyfan says:

    9) I liked Amber and Stacy back !!! Leading Ladies back in House. Oliva Wilde is stunning bcs SHE IS…. always…!! :))

  18. The supernatural purgatory scene was amazingly creepy as well! loved it. Though it does kind of flashback to previous season finales where one of them was stuck in hell and the other had to figure a way to get them back.

  19. Maggie says:

    18–NAY on the bangs, sorry Missy (Andy), love her & Sam together but was not feeling the bangs…that being said i’m so glad Rookie Blue is back!

  20. Joel says:

    #17 in that picture she looks like Lisbon from the mentalist she looks better without the bangs. Usually she looks good like when she was in Stick It.

  21. 1) Not interested in any Dean and Cas bonding. But I do want to see Sam rescue Dean from Purgatory. I’m ok with Cas so long as he is included as a friend and ally to BOTH brothers. I don’t see any ‘profound bond’ or alleged chemistry with Dean particularly, and have no interest in seeing Dean and Cas do anything that excludes Sam, but he is a good character.

    SPN is Dean and Sam’s story. Without their onscreen bond / chemistry it is not Supernatural. So ‘no’ to the Cas / Dean show, ‘no’ to any extended separation (beyond an ep or 2), and 100% ‘yes’ to Sam rescuing Dean.

    • Ross says:

      You just summed up my whole feelings for the show haha. Although I do like the idea of purgatory and would like to see an episode or two more than two episodes in there.

    • lola says:

      Gamble listened to the loud minority who wanted everything to be about Sam and Dean’s devotion to him. To that end, she killed off a ton of great characters and we got stuck with the most boring season of Supernatural ever with season 7. So I hope Carver realizes that the show needs to be about more than just Sam and his nanny and gives up a show that is genuinely about two brothers and the people who kick evil ass at their side. Castiel has been an amazing addition to the show and his friendship with Dean has been sorely missed by many people. Sam also needs to build some relationships of his own. He and Garth would make a fun team while Sam looks for ways to get Dean and Cas out of purgatory.

    • Nic says:

      I’m totally with you, GG.

  22. #3 Yes. When Gilda Radner died, the last SNL i’ve ever watched.

  23. protoscholar says:

    I am SO WITH YOU on Cory Monteith. For three seasons I thought that a cardboard cut-out could do his job just as well, and then all of a sudden, in that scene in the car, he just blew me away. Maybe the cardboard part was more the fault of the writers?

    As far as chopped goes, I’m addicted to seeing what kind of sadistic baskets they came up with. Some of those are just plain mean…Chopped is so much harder than Iron Chef (where they have a list of possibles in advance so that the pantry’s can be stocked). I want to see get his butt kicked Bobby Flay on Chopped.

  24. Moe says:

    So much agreement with the scary moment of Dean being stuck in Purgatory! That was creepy and scary! Poor Dean! I am so excited for next season! I haven’t been this excited and hopeful for the show since season 5 (which left me so let down at the end). I really hope new show runner Carver gives us at least a few eps there. So much potential! And I’d love some more bonding between Dean and his bestie Castiel, whom I hope is a regular again! Love those two together!

  25. Kim R says:

    3. It was the sweetest good-bye for Kristen. I cried. :)
    5. So stupid! Almost as stupid as Richmond recovering IN 4 DAYS from a paralyzing gunshot wound enough to be back at his job!
    9. House was superb!
    12. LOVE Chopped!
    15. Disagree.
    17. Nay on the bangs…Yea on William Shatner’s performance.

    • smidnite says:

      12. Love Chopped; and would recommend Sweet Genius.
      16 Why don’t they just use her to replace J-Lo?

  26. nitemar says:

    Yes to The Killing..it is so ridiculous how they try to mess every time..the sholud have been cancelled by now..and bring Hell of Wheels now!

  27. Vivien says:

    no, snl has never had such a sweet send-off but Kristen Wiig deserved it, it was so beautiful and emotional. I cried so hard

  28. “And are we expected to believe that despite all of the news coverage that Rosie’s birth father had no clue she was dead?” I know… srsly?

  29. Kay says:

    1. I LOVED it! I haven’t been this excited and interested in Supernatural for years, ever since sometime in Season 5. I hope we are getting the old Carver back, the one who wrote some of the best episodes when Supernatural was at its peak. This show needed fresh blood desperately. I’m also happy that Castiel is back – he just makes the good even better! :)

  30. MJ says:

    1. Dean stuck in Purgatory was a really good finale for a so-so season. I hope we do get to see some episodes in purgatory next season, there’s a lot of potential there.

    7. Love the Brienne and Jamie scene and it’s just gonna get better next season. Their relationship is one of my favorites.

    9. I was glad to see Cutthroat Bitch but I was even more surprise to see Stacy, I love that she was back. Actually all of House’s hallucinations, Kutner, Amber, Stacy, Cameron, were perfect.

    • Em says:

      9) I was also surprised to see Stacy; I had almost completely forgotten about her character. I liked the Dead Poet’s Society reference, would have been funnier if RSL was in the scene. I enjoyed the finale, and am very sad now there will be no more.

  31. smidnite says:

    One good thing about Chopped is the diverse rotating panel of judges who for the most part know what they’re talking about, and give honest, constructive criticism.

    There should be more judging panels like that.

  32. Brett says:

    Shoutout to the Degrassi and L.A Complex shoutouts. L.A Complex has only had 5 episodes and it’s drawn me in like crazy, all of the characters bring something different and amazing to the table.

  33. Deanisawesome says:

    The season finale of supernatural was awesome I absoulutely loved it. I think if Anna was there she would help dean out. Since they been together and really am looking forward to s8 also I think Madison would help too I think that’s her name the werewolf and Bobbys friend that Crowley and cas took blood from so I would say there are some that won’t try to kill dean. Also the good vampire played by the actress on Buffy who played Tara. So there are good monsters that won’t try to kill dean I at least hope they won’t kill him. There is also Balthazar that cas killed that could help them too. If he forgives cas.

    • Heather says:

      It will be interesting to see if they decide to have angels go to purgatory since they don’t have souls. If they do Anna’s a toss up since she was trying to keep Sam and Dean from being born when she was killed. I’d forgotten about Madison and Lenore, I wonder if the writer’s will use that or just keep it Dean and Cas running and hiding Hunger Games style.

  34. Amy says:

    Re: The Killing. I’m trying to hang on but it’s getting more ridiculous every episode. I agree with all your comments re: Rosie’s dad NOT know she’s dead or him not calling Mitch. This whole corruption with the Indian Reservation is old and unbelievable and unless something magical happens, I might drop it from my DVR. I love Holder and Linden, but it’s getting absurd.
    Also, I will continue to watch Supernatural no matter but the ending was predictable…seems like this has happened in some fashion with every season. I’m curious if they are in Purgatory and where Cas went.

  35. ROB R says:

    Brian Stokes Mitchell and Jeff Goldblum (Rachel’s dad) are not going to make non-speaking cameo appearances on “Glee.” There was not room in the episode to give them a meaningful part because the episode needed to focus on Rachel and Finn.

  36. lola says:

    It’s been years since we’ve had anything interesting to talk about where Dean is concerned. And it’s been just as long since we’ve seen this much excitement in the online fan chatter. I hope Jeremy Carver takes note and follows through with a compelling story for Dean and his angel in purgatory.

  37. Lyndsey says:

    Supernatural finale = complete awesomeness

    I had the same issue with Emily’s “battle wounds” on Revenge but that’s normal for TV shows. Trust me, glass will tear your skin to shreds and leave some nasty scars (the majority of mine from my car accident came from the windshield & driver’s side window exploding on me…it turned my skin into hamburger meat)!

  38. Sara says:

    YES! to No.1!-The last ten minutes of the finale were nine kinds of awesome. Dean getting a bada** kill AND the promise of a terrific, supernaturally-connected storyline for DEAN in S8!!!!! FINALLY!!! Love the idea of him and Cas in Purgatory reforging the profound, brothers-in-arms bond while battling the monsters there. Please let this happen, Mr.Carver. It feels so good to be excited about this show again.

  39. Britta Unfiltered says:

    4. I think you know the answer to that.
    7. I was more shocked Lady Stark just let him go. I could tell it was coming from the episode before, but shocked nonetheless. She can’t really be that dumb to think it will be helpful.
    9. Just totally confused as to how House could be hallucinating all these important people from his life, and not even see Cuddy. I think with his unresolved issues with her it would have to be a given she’d be floating around in his subconscious. Also, he called Sela Ward his ex-girlfriend, but for some reason I thought they were divorced?
    14. If you’re saying because of naughty content, I think it’s fine. I’ve seen much worse on network TV. But if you’re saying it should be there so it can be raunchier in a It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia kind of way, I think that could work.
    15. It was fine, I found it funny.

  40. DeanFTW says:

    1. Awesome ending to a crap season. Hope Carver can live up to the expectations. Dean and Cas fans have been burned a lot so they are not going to be very tolerant purgatory this turns out to be yet another bait and switch that some how ends up being all about Sammy Snowflake.

    7. Me! Me! Me!

    11. You mean people are still watching Glee? Huh!

    14. I think they are doing just fine. Who knew JVB could steal a show so easily? He certainly never managed on the show where he was the lead. The man has grown into his awesome!

    20. Nooooo! Summer just started. Don’t wish it away yet.

  41. anna says:

    3. Yes it was the sweetest but Gilda’s was the saddest.
    4. Nobody misses Megan. She gets way too much screen time.
    9. Loved seeing Cut Throat even though the episode was a let down.
    11. Does Glee ever make sense?

  42. Martin says:

    11. The far more interesting question is: why did they change Kurts storyline (who was supposed to be going to New York City, wasn’t he?) and didn’t even bother to give him a scene or two reacting to the development. I for one found it rather unbelieavable to see him at the train station waving off Rachel all smiles.

  43. Kriszta says:

    9;Stacy was surprise but pity and shame LE wasn’t in the finale!
    House hallucinated CUDDY being his saviour at the end of S5 not Stacy or others!!!And now he hallucinated everyone else except Cuddy! Really unlikely!
    And Cuddy not going to funeral of House stupidity!

    • Linda says:

      How should they include Cuddy if the actress wasn`t available? It is true House saw Cuddy as his saviour but it was just a fantasy and Cuddy proved him later that he was wrong.

      • Amy says:

        Linda don’t waste your time with this Huddy people they don’t understand reasons even if you and the producers show them on their faces, they see what they want it to see,They are well known for been Blind and stubborn bunch amount other things.

        • Cuddy's lawyer says:

          Yes here in Huddyland everybody is blind,deaf and silly! Because Cuddy was the least important character in the House! Everybody were much important than she,Kutner,Amber,Masters,13,Cameron,Stacy so everybody, yet the rat Steve Mcqueen is was much important!
          With words of House: SHUT UP,YOU IDIOT!!!!!

          • Linda says:

            Calm down,sweetie! Nobody said that Cuddy was unimportant, she was like the Others a integral part of Houses life. The reasons for her non-experience in the finale is unfortunate & you have to ask LE about the whys because DS clearly wanted her back too.

  44. Pam says:

    1. Yes! Dean in Purgatory was the creepiest and best thing I’ve seen on this show in three years or more. Plus, this is also the first time in three years it looks like Dean might finally have a storyline of some kind. I hope Carver will take the opportunity to spend several episodes split between Purgatory and Earth.

    4. Don’t necessarily miss Megan around the office, but she’s a much better match for Don than Betty ever was.

    5. No one on “The Killing” does anything that makes sense. And, yet, I keep watching. ;-)

    7. I’m just glad Kat didn’t cut out Jaime’s pretty tongue, which is what I thought she was going to do.

    13. Just please tell me Victoria isn’t really dead!!!!

    15. I disagree, I thought the telenovela on “Modern Family” was pitch perfect.

    19. *sob* RIP “Awake”.

  45. Linda says:

    9.) Loved to see all the people back in the House-finale. It was a lovely surprise. Kind of ironic even if House is dying he needs his team to solve this very last puzzle, himself ;) It was Great to see Cameron back as the very last Hallucination, like a “Death Angel”.
    The finale was fantastic and OW is of course still sexy. :)

  46. chris says:

    10: Watch LA Complex its so good! Im following it even if it isn’t renewed im in love with Cal and Tariq

  47. Lisa says:

    About Degrassi – seriously! Holly J could have had so much to do. She could have helped Marisol feel less overwhelmed/like less of a failure (since she’s a successful former student council president). More interestingly, she could have talked to Fiona about the fact that exactly one year ago she was in the same position of being the best friend she crushed on and why that might not be the healthiest for a friendship, or for Fiona, rather than just politely encouraging everything she did!

  48. Alon says:

    1. NO to the brothers apart for too long. And I hope it’s Sam to save Dean this time. SOON.

    • Heather says:

      Thinking selfishly for Jared, I hope they do get split up for at least 5 or so episodes because it would cut the amount of filming he would have to do down and would let him stay home with his newborn son longer. Plus, we know Sam has forgiven Cas and would welcome him back to Team Free Will, but Dean hasn’t really, so some brothers-in-arms combat in Purgatory would give him the chance. Then all 3 of them can go back to kicking ass and taking names for the rest of Season 8 together.

  49. Spencer says:

    YES!!! Revenge’s final montage was amazing, then adding ‘Seven Devils’ to it…. gave me chills!!!!!!

  50. Hector says:

    RIP bobby!! :(. Cas left why didn’t he take dean with him.
    Sam is going to do big things and it’s going to be great next season!