Revenge Boss Answers Finale's Burning Qs (Someone Did Die!) and Spills Season 2 Secrets

ABC’s Revenge capped its addictive freshman run Wednesday night with more questions than answers and more twisty turns than resolution — and we wouldn’t have had it any other way!

But with so many mysteries left floating around the Revenge-verse — for example: is Emily’s mom actually still alive? Did Victoria go down with that plane? And will Declan continue to rock that Boston-tinged accent? (Kidding!) — we couldn’t just venture into hiatusville without grilling showrunner Mike Kelley for some scoop.

Here, the EP does his best to answer all of our burning Qs, and previews what’s ahead in Season 2 (debuting this fall in its plum new Sunday night timeslot).

TVLINE | Congrats on an awesome finale! Were you feeling the pressure to make it extra-good given the quality of the season as a whole?
I was feeling really good about it. I felt like we delivered an episode that honored what we had been doing all season — which felt like a speeding train and we just needed to answer a lot of questions and set up some more to give ourselves some story engines for next year. It was very emotional and action-packed — and we delivered on our promise.

TVLINE | There had been talk from you and some of the cast about a couple of deaths at the end of the season, and yet no one seemed to die in the finale. Who were you all referring to?
I’ll tell you that there was a death, for sure. There are at least three people in jeopardy, and one that you didn’t know about. There is definitely a major death that occurred last night. You’ll know in the first episode [of Season 2] who is gone and why.

TVLINE | Is it someone we know well and will miss?
Yes, it’s an important death. At least one of the characters will have died, and it’s going to be difficult for fans to [accept].

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TVLINE | Given the manner in which this finale ended — and this death you speak of — is it safe to assume you’re going to pick up in the premiere right where you left off?
You can rest assured that we will answer all of the questions that we posed to your satisfaction. We’ll be back in the Hamptons in the summer very quickly, because that’s a fun place to be. We’re going to open up next season with another flash forward to a big summer event, like the Fire & Ice Ball [in Season 1] — and also some pretty dark twists and turns — so that we can build toward that like we did last season and give our audience another roller coaster.

TVLINE | Are you still planning on the “big event” being Emily’s wedding?
I can tell you that there will definitely be a wedding next year, and there will definitely be another death. I won’t say exactly who’s getting married to whom, but that’s going to be some of the fun.

TVLINE | So, the layout of Season 2 will be similar to Season 1, in that you’ll begin with a flash forward in the premiere, and then solve the wedding mystery in Episode 13, and then begin another new arc?
Yep. It seemed to really work. I feel like the signature of the show is how quickly we run through story, and I really don’t want to tell our audience, ‘Hang on and eventually we’ll get to it.’ It’s important to deliver on what’s been working for the show and what’s been working.

TVLINE | Getting back to the finale… At PaleyFest this year, you were asked if Emily’s mom might possibly be alive still. You skirted the answer pretty well, but were you quietly panicking that you’d show your hand and ruin the surprise? Or was that twist not even in the works yet?
We did have a plan… I like it when the audience is ahead of us, or at least participating as they’re watching. You can throw a lot of guesses about what’s happening in a show and there are only so many things that a show can do, but what’s fun about Revenge is the surprising way that we get there. So, it didn’t panic me, it actually made me feel like somebody was paying attention and watching very closely. For me, it was satisfying, rather than frightening.

TVLINE | Do you have anyone in mind yet for who might play the Clarke matriarch?
Well, I know the specific qualities that they’re going to need. I like an actor that can be very surprising. This [character] is going to have some deep psychological issues, so we’re going to need somebody that can play volatile and dangerous; all of the scariest parts of Emily’s personality are going to be present and apparent and a little bit out of control in her mother. But at the same time, what works so great for Emily is that sweet façade, so this woman needs to feel like she’s got potential for kindness. You look at her and you don’t know that she’s as damaged as she is inside. But you’ll quickly learn that this is a very dangerous person. So, those are the qualities that I need. We’ll go out to Meryl Streep and work our way down from there. [Laughs]

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TVLINE | Sounds like a lot of thought has gone into the character… Is it safe to assume she’ll have a large presence next season? Or will it take awhile to really integrate her into the story?
It’s yet to be broken, because we don’t go back to the writer’s room until next week. But I have an idea about how we’re going to find her and I know the story about how she left her daughter, why, who was involved in that and the big event that predicated the separation. I also know the history and the endgame with the mom, but as far as how we get there, I kind of liken it to a little trip across country: we know where the destination is, and we’re going to take a lot of scenic routes to get there.

TVLINE | Are you at all concerned that the bigger you make the conspiracy surrounding David Clarke’s death that the show is going to veer too much into overly convoluted Alias territory? Or are you confident in where this it headed?
It’s the latter. There is concern [because] what works so great for this show are all of the mind games and emotional stakes… But we’re going to make sure that those things remain. But we have to expand the world otherwise you just repeat yourself. Emily has a really specific set of skills and she’s been using them for her own selfish ends for now. So, for her to start using them for a broader good is something we’ve always had in mind. There are a whole lot of people that we haven’t introduced yet, and not just in the conspiracy, but from Emily’s time in foster care and her time in “Revenge School” with Takeda; there are people that need some straightening out. So, yeah, we wanted to make the conspiracy something bigger — and maybe bigger than she’s capable of fixing — but we need story engines, so this is going to be a fun one. But [the show] will always be grounded emotionally, and that’s where we get out satisfying stories.

TVLINE | Talk a little about “Dark Daniel” and his budding relationship with Ashley.
Daniel is definitely going to stay dark and get even darker next season. Things are not going well right now. He’s reverting back to the person he was before Emily came into the picture, and also feeling his DNA, which is Grayson through and through. So, definitely there’s going to be a battle for his soul ahead of us, and Ashley will be a big part of it. She’s stepping into some pretty dangerous territory if she puts herself at odds with Emily, so Emily’s going to have to decide how she’s going to handle her and whether or not Ashley becomes a target.

TVLINE | Now, about Amanda and that massive baby belly… It seemed way too big for the amount of time she’s been away! That said, is it safe to assume Fauxmanda is back in action for the time being?
The timeframe is actually exactly right… She left September 1st, on Labor Day weekend, and now we’re in the late winter/early spring. So, that’s been a good six months. Fans can definitely look forward to seeing Fauxmanda and Emily in an epic battle for Jack’s affections, and it’s going to be a tough one. When we reveal where Amanda’s been and what exactly has happened in the interim and what her reason is for coming back, it’s going to be another big Revenge surprise.

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TVLINE | It seems likely that Takeda is somehow connected to her return as well.
You can expect some more surprises where the Takeda story is going. Emily’s going to learn that there’s been a lot more at play with Takeda and that he has a larger plan of his own. He’s definitely been involved in shaping what happened with Amanda in these last six months, and for a very specific purpose.

TVLINE | What kept Emily from outing herself and Amanda to Jack right then and there?
I wanted to be consistent with Emily. She’s a measured person; she’s not somebody who’s going to make a rash decision or blurt something out. It took this long for her to want to come clean to Jack — which seemed like an emotional no-brainer for a very long time — and she needs more information… Plus, it just goes against Emily’s nature to do something spontaneous like that. Not to mention the fact that she was wrapped up emotionally and in a vulnerable position like we’ve never seen her… So, I don’t think her reaction was inappropriate for how she was feeling.

TVLINE | Let’s end with Nolan. What’s next for our stalwart prepster?
We’ve opened up the world to a larger conspiracy and to the search for family, which is something that Nolan has been on his whole life, really. He’s got a family of his own, whether its sisters or brothers — and I reserve the right to explore that. [Laughs] We also would love to get an appropriate romantic interest for him; I’m just not certain what shape that’s going to take yet. But I do want to expand Nolan’s world. We wanted Season 1 to be really focused on Emily and her quest for justice for her father, and now we’re broadening things out. It’s really important for us to start digging deeper into each character and giving them their own storylines.

Relive Revenge‘s explosive season ender below in these just-released finale photos.

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  1. Dieu says:

    Yay, a mom cliffhanger! After the finales of Grimm, Hawaii Five-0 and Suburgatory there was a REAL surprise.

    • nikki says:

      So very true. But it’s better than sleep inducing David Clarke being alive.

      • Leo says:

        Lame finale. The showdown with white-haired man is kinda weak, and Faux-Manda with baby is too soap-opera-ish and I can’t believe Revenge went “my mother’s alive” route as a cliffhanger. Someone’s dying, please please let it not be Charlotte. She’s one of the only two people I can tolerate from the show.
        And why’s the show trying so hard to make us hate Daniel and root for Emily-Jack? I don’t know, I feel like I’ve been hit around, Emily-Daniel seems so sweet at the first half of season and now, they force Emily-Jack?
        Man, lame finale. Thank god for Victoria airplane crash. At least that’s one of acceptable cliffy.

        • karla says:

          Are you crazy?! That finale was so great! Never saw amanda becoming pregers! Right when i thought Em and Jack would be happy together, that crazy pregnant stripper came in the way. REVENGE IS A STONE IN YOUR PATH. JUST LIKE AMANDA IS A STONE IN EMILY’S PATH TO JACK.

          • QOS says:

            I don’t know I’ve been hoping that Fauxmanda would go away for a long time shes so stupid and annoying don’t know why they didn’t 86 her already. hes gonna blow Emily’s cover with her emotional whims.

    • mantua says:

      “This [character] is going to have some deep psychological issues, so we’re going to need somebody that can play volatile and dangerous; all of the scariest parts of Emily’s personality are going to be present and apparent and a little bit out of control in her mother. But at the same time, what works so great for Emily is that sweet façade, so this woman needs to feel like she’s got potential for kindness. You look at her and you don’t know that she’s as damaged as she is inside. But you’ll quickly learn that this is a very dangerous person. So, those are the qualities that I need.”

      Hmm…hello ?! Am I the only one who thinks that sounds like the perfect mix of Dr. Kimberly Shaw and Bree Van De Kamp ? CONTACT MARCIA CROSS ASAP!!! She is a classically trained (Juilliard), remarkably talented yet criminally underrated actress, she probably has a good relationship with ABC already AND she would be back to her old DHW-timeslot, too, sometthing that might make Revenge’s transition to Sunday considerably smoother…that psychology master’s degree wouldn’t hurt, either if she indeed had the opportunity to play this character with “deep psychological issues”. She would be absolutely PERFECT for this.

      Michell Pfeiffer, Ashley Judd, Diane Lane, Joely Richardson, Gillian Anderson could nail this part, as well, I’m just not sure whether they are even interested in TV work at the moment.

      • lisa says:

        agreed! Marcia Cross would be perfect!

      • greysfan says:

        Marcia Cross could work really well. I am for that but i am also for Elizabeth Mitchell.

      • Michael says:

        That’s perfect! Someone should really tell Mike Kelly about Marcia Cross playing the mother!

      • You and I must be psychically linked because those were my EXACT thoughts- it would be such a refreshing spin to have a green eyed redhead play Emily’s mother instead of going the obvious route of blonde bombshell. Plus Marcia could really capture the depth, darkness and matriach-like qualities needed to rival Madeline Stow. PLEASE Mike Kelly, cast her.

      • Jaime says:

        Yes, Marcia Cross would be amazing! Irina Dervelko & Tricia Helfer are HORRIBLE choices. Elizabeth Mitchell would be okay but MARCIA CROSS would be perfect!! I don’t see Ashley Judd, Sharon Stone or any of the others as her mom but Michelle Pfeiffer could be an interesting choice (anyone see her in White Oleander) but really, is she even willing to do tv? Mike…’s something to look into…..I may even like her for it better than Marcia Cross….again, White Oleander! :)

      • annieb2 says:

        Some great ideas — my vote would go to ashley judd first, diane lane 2nd, love her, or marcia cross

    • topher says:

      I think Amanda, should start being more concerned about her little sister Charlotte, and definitely tell her the truth about her fathers innocence.. That of course is if she survive for season2. She deserved the truth, it was deeply selfish of Amanda not appreciate that, after the talk she had with Charlotte in her bedroom and she expressed desired to find more about her father, again selfish! she was… After all Amanda was deeply disturbed before Nolan found her and told her the truth that helped her straighten things out.. All in one great season1..

  2. Ashley says:

    Do you know what an appropriate romantic interest for Nolan is? EMILY. Just saying.

    • AJ says:

      For a gay guy?

      • Maddie says:

        He’s not gay, he’s bisexual.

        • AJ says:

          lol, have we seen him hook up with a girl on the show? I forget, but I do remember he was hooking up with at least one guy. And I”m sure the girls are just lining up for a bisexual guy. rofl.

          • Trista says:

            He was hot for Jack’s girl in the rewind episode where Nolan and Jack first met.

      • coolcoolcool says:

        welllll he’s a number 3 on the kinsey scale, so he could go either way.

        though not emily PLEASE. i am digging the friendship vibe they have going and don’t want it to be spoiled

        • Kathy says:

          Kinda probably her Brother anyway. Isn’t that how soap operas work? :)

          • coolcoolcool says:

            one can only hope! and i feel like i have read an interview somewhere with mike kelley in which he says will not leave a stone unturned when it comes to soap-operatic twists (case in point: faux-manda’s pregnancy and victoria’s resurrection (this one is, admittedly, wishful thinking)), so they will probably end up being related somehow. which would make me so happy!

          • Cy says:

            That’s what I said!!

        • ^ Yes, thank you. Their relationship is insanely platonic. Until I’m proven otherwise, Emily and Nolan being cousins or siblings is completely canon in my mind.

    • Andrew says:

      I actually hope that Nolan is Emily’s full or half-brother….

    • NCSouthernBelle says:

      I would LOVE Emily and Nolan together. I suspect we’ll probably find out they’re related down the road, but if she won’t be with Daniel, I’d rather her be with Nolan than Jack.

    • GoT Snow says:

      Nolan and Emily have insane chemistry. Jack is extremely frustrating in that regard. Daniel was also, but it was fun with Emily faking their relationship at least. How can we even root for Jack and Emily when he’s so completely naive? Plus zero chemistry between those actors even though I like the guy that plays Jack. And I love the way Nolan is always looking at her, like half in awe, half smirking/flirting. I don’t necessarily want to see them as a couple because that wouldn’t serve anything, but I’d like to see Nolan’s crush explored and some sort of unrequited drama develop. Tension is always good in a show like this and when it’s between the two most fascinating characters, well, that just makes for good entertainment.

      • ashley says:

        I agree with all this. Jack and Fauxmanda have good chemistry, so I’d like him to stay there. Jack and Emily? Not so much… I’m glad that whole Daniel thing is over too. For two people dating in real life… they were slightly unbearable to watch on the screen. I know most people are huge Daniel supporters, but I was never one of them – I was honestly disappointed when it turned out to be Tyler dead on the beach. But whatever. Daniel going evil is good development in my book, and I can totally see him with Ashley – she’s just as insane as he is. But Nolan’s looks are probably my favourite thing about him, he’s always just looking at Emily. Crazy chemistry! Tension is always good :)

      • smidnite says:

        But I see more sibling chemistry than romantic…

    • AL says:

      Amen! To me, Nolan and Emanda make the most sense. Nolan knows her and gives her unconditional support and the two actors have GREAT chemistry.

      And Nolan is BISEXUAL…the show could have made him flat out gay when the Tyler thing arose, but they chose to make him “3 on the Kinsey scale” to keep him open for various possibilities.

      Female-wise, he tried to pick up Jack’s girlfriend in the flashback episodes and from time to time, he has said things with flirtatious overtones to both Emanda and Ashley.

  3. Kevin sargeant says:

    What an awesome episode and truly great first season. Very excited for the next season. Keep up the good work Mike and co.

  4. nikki says:

    So Charlotte is dead?

  5. archie says:

    Please, Elizabeth Mitchell for Emily’s mom!!! I know that she’s only 16 years older than E. VanKamp but hey, it’s TV :):) She’ll be perfect!

    • V_s says:

      Oh, wow, that would be perfect. She definitely fits the bill for what the writers are looking for, and she doesn’t look too dissimilar from Emily for her to be believably related to her.

    • unicornwasp says:

      yes, oh my god! this has to happen.

    • Nick says:

      Maybe she had Emily at 16…could be a cool twist!

      • Alice says:

        But it would make David Clark a real jerk. He was early 30s when he was arrested. Do we really want Emily’s dad to be a child molester? I vote no on Elizabeth Mitchell.

        • NCSouthernBelle says:

          Gabriel Mann is 40. They wouldn’t have to make David Cook a child molester for Elizabeth Mitchell to work.

        • tripoli says:

          Emily wasn’t a baby when he was arrested. He would perhaps be in his 20’s, so hardly a child molester.

          • Olivia says:

            But they have portrayed him as a stand-up guy. I don’t buy that David Clark in his mid-twenties pursues and impregnates a girl who is still in high school. (Which would still make it illegal and has MAJOR creep factor.) I would buy Conrad doing that, I do not buy David Clark sleeping with a child. Ew.

    • Crimson says:

      I think acting-wise that would be a perfect suggestion, BUT would only work if Elisabeth wore contacts since she has blue eyes, as does James Tupper (David Clarke), and Emily VanCamp are a beautiful deep brown.

    • Shaun says:

      I’m more of a Kelly Rutherford guy(Love me some OC)

    • steph says:

      Yes please!

    • silvo says:

      what about Julianna Margulies???

  6. Amy says:

    I think Takeda and Emily/Amanda’s mom are going to have some past link. I think that is part of his involvement with all of this.

  7. julia says:

    Loved it! Can’t wait for Season2!

  8. Gus says:

    I don’t think Victoria is dead. I think she had the whole thing figured out, boarded another plane and left Lydia to die. She’s the best character on the show, it would be a shame to see her leave (and Madeleine Stowe is a terrific actress!). If the person who died really is someone important, I guess it has to be Charlotte… I don’t love her, but she really didn’t add up anything good for the story. I was hoping they’d expand the character a little more on s2, but I’d rather see her gone than Victoria.

    • Irishgirl says:

      The only problem is Kelley said fans would have a hard time accepting the death. The only person that can apply to is Victoria. Although we don’t know who this mysterious fourth death is….I think it’s four……but anyway, the one we don’t know that is in jeopardy could be the hard death for us to accept, but I can’t think of any character besides Nolan, Jack, or Emily that we’d be upset about.

      • tripoli says:

        It does seem that it would have to be Victoria. No one gives a damn about Lydia and it seems also that not many are fans of Charlotte. Would be pretty awesome if they did in fact kill off Victoria, but would also be risky. She’s such a main part of the story and the incredible back and forth dynamic between Emily and the Graysons.

      • lara says:

        Charlotte – people would have a hard time seeing a teenager/core character die. Also, she is the only real connection still left between Victoria/Conrad, Graysons/Emily, and the only point of Delcan’s existence. Killing her would oddly bring them all together.

    • Kellie says:

      I think it will be Charlotte because Lydia would be too obvious.

  9. Sam says:

    Can we start a campaign to get Marg Helgenberger as Emily’s mom? That would be all kinds of amazing.

  10. Montie says:

    I have wild theories. 1) Emily’s mom is the higher power that set David Clarke up as her own Revenge for him taking young Amanda away from her. 2) Takeda sent Fauxmanda back at just that time on purpose. We know he keeps tabs on Emily and he doesn’t like it when she deviates from her original intentions. I doubt he would have wanted her telling all to Jack.

  11. until now, I thought that Conrad would be the one that dies. I never expected them to do anything to Victoria.

  12. Maddie says:

    I guess this means goodbye Charlotte. It’s too bad. I would have liked to see more of that character. What a sad way to die.

    • it would be interesting if Charlotte died after Amanda learns that they are sisters. it would fan the flames of her hatred for the Graysons and make her want to avenge her as well. that said, killing her now would be premature. were she to die, it should happen later, once she avenges her father or in case people get tired of that storyarc and the show needs to be reenergized.

  13. luli says:

    Marcia Cross for Emily’s mom. She needs to be back on my tv on sundays :)

    • Amruvpal says:

      Who dies? It is so not Victoria because she is smarter than that especially after Conrad tells that if she boards the plane it’s the last thing she will ever do. I don’t think it’s charlotte or lydia either… So that brings me back “who dies?”

      • damonte says:

        its lydia that would be the easiest route.victoria dying hell no,charlottes death would be a good plot but then that makes declan useless.if victoria dies that makes amanda,emily,jack,daniel,most definitely ashley and conrad useless meaning no more revenge

    • m says:

      You are right. Marcia Cross vs. Madeleine Stowe would be epic

  14. Mike says:

    “At least one of the characters will have died, and it’s going to be difficult for fans to [accept].”

    Nobody cares about Charlotte, Lydia or random suit. I’ll go against the grain and I say hope Victoria dies, great character, but it would show me the show is willing to go there. That being said I know she not dead.

  15. M says:

    Michelle Pfeiffer as Emily’s mom!!!

  16. Leslie says:

    In the just released season finale pics, 6 of 14 shows Jack bending over and feeling Amanda’s stomach. I remember that, but the picture following that one, 7 of 14, shows him texting with someone. Did I miss something? I don’t remember the texting part. Who was he texting?

  17. Calla Lilly says:

    So basically that means Victoria is the one who’s dead? She’s the only one whose death would be hard for the audience to accept!

  18. Josh says:

    Fans do like Lydia…and they did say someone would be in danger that we didn’t know about…Maybe that’s the one. Honestly Victoria is the one who would make fans upset but can the show go on without Victoria? No…it can’t…If Madeline Stowe did only want one season then maybe it was best for a one and done deal for the shoe as well…

  19. Jim Labruno says:

    You guys are really not reading this interview well. It is obvious the dead person is Victoria. He stats ” the death will be hard for the audience to take ” What death would be harder for people to take then Victoria? Plus rumor has it she has been writing and getting ready to star in her show.

    • Ryan says:

      Madeleine Stowe wrote her own movie that is currently in pre-production and she’ll be directing it, as well. Last I heard (when she was on “The View” in the past month or so), it’ll begin filming in 2013. I can see them lightening her load for part of the season but I don’t think it’s a reason for her to leave the show completely – especially since she’s so vocal about how much she loves it. Having said that, I think Kelley is just fanning the flames here. I’m sure the death is Lydia but he’s just screwing with us. If it’s Victoria, then they’d be wasting a lot of great opportunities for press with both Stowe and Kelley. And this “fourth death” thing is just to throw us off and I’m not quite sure why he even brought it up since it’s obviously something that will happen in the premier – unless they are jumping to the summer for season 2…

      • mooori says:

        I agree absolutely in regards to Victoria. She is not going to be the person who died. In an interview with Mike Kelley, he always said he saw the ending being both Emily and Victoria with all the dead bodies figuratively stacked up on each side. In the end he envisions them both having nothing and knowing who the other is, the only thing left to do is to either kill one another or forgive. With that information, I highly doubt it’s Victoria.

        I think it will be Charlotte. She’s an important character, but she’s far more impulsive than Victoria. Victoria is a calculated woman and she doesn’t do things willy nilly. She knew the plane would be going down, but there is always an exit strategy for this woman. Charlotte on the other hand is in so much pain. She tried to be like her mother and seek vengeance and only faced more heartache in the end. She feels she has nothing left in her life to live for. I also think it will be the first TRUE loss the Greysons feel.

        • Ryan says:

          And it would make Emily even more furious with Victoria because she was indirectly responsible for her own daughter’s (and Emily’s half-sister’s) suicide. The pain of knowing David was her father (a secret Victoria kept) mixed with believing that her mother died in a plane crash (but really didn’t – another secret Victoria kept) drove her to overdose. I’m with everyone else that it’d be heartbreaking if Charlotte died if only because of the ramifications it has for Emily, Declan, and the Graysons and because of what was left unfinished (Charlotte knowing that Emily is really her half-sister).

          • damonte says:

            i love charlotte and victoria.either way if one of them dies it would make a great plot but we all would definitely be saddened

        • Melissa says:

          There is no way they wouldn’t let the fans have the moment when Victoria learns who Emily really is. Robbing us of that moment by having Victoria die would be sooo cruel. I would imagine Charlotte is the death.

  20. sam says:

    yikes, really, i can’t imagine the show without madeline stowe.

  21. Scott says:

    Only complaint: they went too far with the Daniel Dark twist. Would be better to keep him as the good guy: and make Jack the bad guy, that way Emily would really be conflicted. Or just keep them both good for a satisfying triangle, this is just a bummer for Emily/Daniel fans. I vote Michelle Pfeiffer or Sharon Stone for Emily’s mom :)

    • NCSouthernBelle says:

      Agree. Aside from Emily and Nolan, Daniel is my absolute favorite character! Only way to make his character worse than he already is would be to put him in some sort of relationship with Ashley. *shudder*

      • Irishgirl says:

        Eh…..he deserves to be taken to the cleaners by Ashley……the moment he backed his dad, knowing everything Conrad had done, Daniel sealed his fate. i hope they redeem him, but right now he’s hanging out in douche-land and deserves whatever he gets.

  22. NCSouthernBelle says:

    In the spirit of quickly running through the story, and not telling the audience, ‘Hang on and eventually we’ll get to it’, how about we skip the whole summer hiatus thing jump right into Season 2 next week? ;)

  23. Lindsay says:

    Not Charlotte

    Comment if you agree with me!!!!

  24. NCSouthernBelle says:

    ” There are at least three people in jeopardy, and one that you didn’t know about.”

    Satoshi Takeda, perhaps? Amanda killed him and ran home to Jack?

    • Irishgirl says:

      That was my first thought when I read that, but I can’t imagine Fauxmanda getting the drop on Takeda. I’m wondering if Nolan’s aunt is in jeopardy.

      • cathiecat says:

        I’m wondering if Aunt Carol was on the plane. She is a very appealing character, and her loss would devastate Nolan. I see a flashback with Victoria changing her mind, exiting the plane, and Carol begging her to stay.

  25. Jess says:

    I think it’s gonna be someone we didn’t expect, but someone who plays a large role. Just because this plotline is about a girl seeking revenge but the family doesn’t know it.. why would they let victoria, charlotte or lydia die without knowing that Emily Thorne is really Amanda Clarke. It seems a little off to me. Although, it could be Victoria ONLY because she feels so guilty about it all, plus finding that Conrad ordered his death, maybe she knew she was going to die and she was okay with it because she felt like she would rather die than be apart of it anymore. I think that it’s possible to be Jacks baby. Maybe Takeda found fake Amanda because he knew about the switch and it was part of the plan for her to tell jack that she’s amanda and start a relationship with him so Emily wouldn’t have any ideas of falling in love with him and ruining it all. There’s so many things that can happen! I don’t think I can wait until September…

  26. Trenton says:

    I think Em’s mom would need to have this overwhelming potential to beat anyone in her path. She has to have this presence that can be frightennig…essentially and older version of Emily that is a little more chaotic. I’m thinking Tricia Helfer from BSG. She is young for the role, but they can age her up. And she fits all those previous bills plus my guess is she is available.

    • NCSouthernBelle says:

      Tricia Helfer would be awesome as Emily’s mom! I can’t think of anyone that plays vulnerable and badass as well as she does. I see a lot of people suggesting Elizabeth Mitchell, but to me she just seems to sweet to pull it off.

  27. Irishgirl says:

    I have to say….using Florence + The Machine’s “Seven Devils” for the ending was a spectacular choice!

  28. Will someone please call Elizabeth Mitchell as secure her for next season?

    “Well, I know the specific qualities that they’re going to need. I like an actor that can be very surprising. This [character] is going to have some deep psychological issues, so we’re going to need somebody that can play volatile and dangerous; all of the scariest parts of Emily’s personality are going to be present and apparent and a little bit out of control in her mother. But at the same time, what works so great for Emily is that sweet façade, so this woman needs to feel like she’s got potential for kindness. You look at her and you don’t know that she’s as damaged as she is inside. But you’ll quickly learn that this is a very dangerous person. So, those are the qualities that I need.”

    That is like an description of Mitchell. Hello, Juliet?

    I do hope that Emily’s mom becomes a little like Irina of Alias (played be the fantabulous Lena Olin, who also needs to come back to TV)… weave her in and out of the story, multi-layered and complex.

  29. if victoria dies, i wont stop watching the show but it will leave a big hole in my heart

  30. Debbie says:

    I want to know why WHG didn’t tell Conrad Emily is Amanda. And why Emily didn’t react when he said he was heading to the airport, surely figuring he’d be heading there to cause trouble.

    • Irishgirl says:

      Yeah….that was a big “wait-a-minute” for me. And I thought it was odd that Emily didn’t find both those things suspect….especially after he winked at her.

      • Anonymous says:

        The winking was probably due to the fact the he knows she has cameras watching Conrad. As for why WHG didn’t tell Conrad that Emily is really Amanda, I think the fact that we don’t even know this man’s name nor what his whole story is answers that question fairly enough until we see Season 2.

    • Loni says:

      I’m pretty sure it’s because he told Emily that they had more in common than she thought. He now has more respect for her because she gave him a good old beat-down and thinks they have the same agenda. He may be getting back to getting revenge on Emily, but he had bigger fish to fry with stopping the hearing from happening. All in all a creepy dude!

  31. Mike did say someone who we dont know is in danger,so maybe after all conrad ends up dying we just dont see till season 2,maybe he kills himself after finding charoltte.

  32. Kalee says:

    OMFG. Great season finale! I doubt Victoria or Charlotte will die and I guess that Lydia bit the dust (oh no!) while Victoria never boarded or survived through a TV miracle. Unless… Victoria and Lydia faked the whole thing leaving Charlotte to die for real.

    A lot of props though if Victoria’s death sticks.

    • joyce says:

      Oh, she boarded all right! You can see her ascend the steps as the WHG puts the bomb on the wheel well. I think faux Amanda should have cuffed him and left him for dead instead of letting him go out and continue his madness. What was she thinking!!

  33. Ariel says:

    I have a nagging feeling that Victoria doesn’t die….I don’t know how she could have survived that plane blowing up, but they may come up with something. I wonder who’s going to get married. It looked liked Daniel and Ashley were kind of hooking up there at the end….so idk

  34. Jennifer says:

    All I could think in that final scene was..her mom’s IRINA DEREVKO!

  35. Kara says:

    The Daniel twist was so sudden and too fast… within one ep he suddenly turns Grayson-evil? It’s just too hard to believe, especially when he doesn’t think his Dad was wrong to order a man’s death. I found it really frustrating and unbelievable, especially for a show as good as this one.

    • Anonymous says:

      When Conrad told Daniel the entire truth about what really happened to David Clarke, and the fact that Daniel didn’t tell the truth in his interview a few episodes back sealed the deal. Daniel was on Team Greyson and would do whatever it takes to protect the family name. There was enough build up and things going on with Daniel’s character and his family conflicts that made it believable in my opinion.

  36. kel says:

    The finale saved this show for me. It was really good. My only problem is the complete and abrupt 180 of Daniel. It’s like the writers said “Oh crap, we mad Daniel too likable” so they suddenly made Daniel a jerk so everyone would jump off the Daniel/Emily ship. I get that Jack and Emily are supposed to be soulmates, but it feels so forced to me. I’d rather they just let it happen naturally if they wanted to go in that direction instead of making Jack a saint and everyone else evil.

    Oh and I hope Declan is the one we don’t know about in danger and he dies. He annoys me to no end.

    • tee says:

      Did you read it? the plan was always for Daniel to grow darker. He’s a GRAYSON. it has nothing to do with ships.

      • Anonymous says:

        To add to this, I don’t think the writers even have a favor to who Emily ends up with. If they were on board with Emily/Jack, regardless of Emily’s love for him and their childhood, they wouldn’t have put a pretty big block with Amanda returning and pregnant! The question will remain though if that baby is really Jack’s or not.

    • Mary says:

      Yea, Declan annoys the crap out of me as well. His raspy voice, narly hair & the world centers around me attitude makes me want to puke! He wants to travl in the world of the ultrarich but doesn’t want to pay his dues & earn it. He made an absolute fool of himself when he made that comment about Victoria slaving in a hot kitchen at that one dinner party. What an idiot! Or have Fauxmanda die in childbirth so Jack & Emily, his real love Amanda, can raise the child together.

  37. Ryan says:

    I think the death is Lydia. When she went missing for ten episodes, there was quite a bit of noise from the fandom and most people wanted to her to return. For Kelley, who surely only gets brief glimpses into the fandom, that might translate into passion and love for her character. I like Lydia when she’s facing off with Victoria (like the past two episodes) and I’ll be disappointed if she’s dead since she won’t be around to stir the pot for Victoria. I just cannot believe that they would kill Victoria and not have Madeleine Stowe doing interviews non-stop afterwards. That’s just not how shows work anymore. :P

  38. Dude says:

    Two characters were possibly involved in a plane crash (Victoria/Lydia) and another OD on pills (Charlotte) but it “didn’t seem like anyone died in the finale”????? Did we watch the same finale?

  39. Susy says:

    Great finale! I’m already excited for season 2! I hope Victoria didn’t die though, she is so fun to watch when she is scheming against her two-timing ex!

  40. Dude says:

    I know Nolan’s sexuality has been ambiguous for a reason but can his love interest be a guy cause I just don’t buy him for second with a girl. The Nolan/Ashley flirtation was terrible to watch.

  41. Dude says:

    I’m pretty sure it’s Lydia who’s dead…or it’s her and Conrad’s wedding, either/or.

  42. cjeffery7 says:

    “it’s going to be difficult for fans to [accept].” this better not be a Lexie on Grey’s situation…….

    • Jess says:

      I am so glad you said this. Revenge and Grey’s are my two favorite shows and I about threw my TV when Lexie died. :( So I really hope this show doesn’t bring the same frustration.

  43. Ashley says:

    Lena Olin as the mom, please!

  44. Jan says:

    My guess would be Charlotte as the single death. No one is going to feel badly if anything happens to Lydia’s character. The show would suffer if there is no Victoria. If Charlotte dies…everyone (Victoria, Conrad, Daniel, Emily, Declan) is going to feel guilty for not intervening.

  45. JoshS says:

    I’m pretty sure they boarded different planes. Lydia dies, Victoria lives (at least I’m praying Victoria lives, she’s the best part of the show).

  46. Angel says:

    It would be amazing if Nolan and Emily are siblings. !!!

  47. Mary says:

    Have Victoria die in the crash & bring her back as Amanda’s mother as Victoria’s twin sister.

  48. Maryam says:

    Daniel turning into a Greyson is not out of the blue. He was pretty messed up before Emily got into town so him reverting back to who he was before Emily is not a complete 180. I for one love dark Daniel. It’s better then him being played by Emily and his parents.He is showing who he truly is and I love it. As for Jack and Emily I’m all for them getting there happy ending but I don’t see this happening anytime soon.

  49. JD says:

    Victoria can be dead and can still be in the show. They use flashbacks almost every show and remember, Nolan copied a whole disk of material with Victoria in it. Plenty of footage to keep Victoria around for awhile. The wedding is Jack and Fauxmanda.

  50. rubytu says:

    The only two characters whose deaths would be hard for me to accept are Nolan and Victoria. It looks like Nolan is still alive. (Yes, kill off Emily and I’d still watch, but we need her to get revenge and move the plot along. I mean there just wouldn’t be a show without her). And one of the deaths is one we don’t know about — I can’t imagine who that would be.