Revenge: Madeleine Stowe Teases a 'Literally Explosive' Finale and Stunning Twist for Victoria

That “Emily Thorne” has any Revenge to exact every Wednesday night on ABC is due in large part to Victoria Grayson being complicit in framing David Clarke, her one true love and Amanda’s father, for a horrific crime all those years ago.

“It’s a real character flaw,” admits Madeleine Stowe, who plays the oft-icy society queen. And one the actress hopes to one day delve into.

“[Series creator] Mike Kelly and I have discussed a long backstory for Victoria that would eventually make you understand her damage,” she tells TVLine. Provided, that is, Victoria even makes it out of this week’s season finale alive.

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“There is a lot to tease,” Stowe says of the season-ender airing Wednesday at 10/9c. For one, “Emily is realizing there’s a larger conspiracy [behind David’s framing] that the Graysons have a been a part of.” Along those lines — and circling back to Victoria’s role in the cover-up — “One of the big things that happens is Victoria is hell-bent on redeeming her actions and herself. She can’t stand the lies anymore.”

But while that is a noble endeavor, Victoria’s bid to clear her conscience “leads to a game of cat-and-mouse and ends in a very explosive event – literally explosive – that has terrible ramifications for the family,” Stowe reveals.

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Stowe confirms that the finale uncorks not one death “but actually several,” though we’d have to imagine a scene-stealer such as herself is a keeper for Season 2.

“I can’t say too much,” Stowe hedges, “but the season finale is a bit of a stunner in terms of Victoria’s fate.”

Revenge fans, what are you thinking will happen in the Season 1 finale?

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