Revenge: Emily VanCamp Previews a 'Highly Anticipated' Moment and Big Finale Showdown

Revenge Emily VanCampAfter last week’s sojourn into the past, ABC’s Revenge is getting back to business tonight at 10/9c, and we’ve got one all-important question: What or whom is Emily burying on the beach?!

Though Emily VanCamp isn’t spilling – we’ve got our theory — she does reveal that it will lead to a scene that will make a certain ‘shipper group very happy.

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In the episode titled “Grief,” “One of the most beautiful moments of the season happens between Jack and Emily, and it’s a moment that’s been highly anticipated,” she tells TVLine. The (let’s call them “estranged”) childhood pals, while dealing with a painful loss, come together “out of despair and sadness, and it has to do a little bit with the big grave that I’m digging,” says the actress.

So by the end of next week’s season finale, will Emily finally choose between her former love and her current fiancé, Daniel? Well, there wouldn’t be much of a love triangle if she did, but she will open up her heart – to viewers. “There’s a lot more clarity as to who she feels for, and what her intentions are,” previews VanCamp.

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Revenge Nick Wechsler Emily VanCampBesides, Emily will have more important things on her mind in the season-ender than matters of the heart. Like, that little revenge scheme of hers.

“[The finale is] very focused on the white-haired man played by James Morrison (24), who is amazing,” she raves. “He’s the nicest guy to work with, and he plays a great villain. We really duke it out in the finale, in a big way.”

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The mystery man, first spied in one of David Clarke’s prison photos, is crucial as he has “some key information and is responsible for some very key elements of the story,” VanCamp teases. He will also set the stage for next season’s elevated level of vengefulness.

“What his character does is broaden the whole spectrum of revenge. Suddenly it’s not just me trying to get revenge on the Graysons; it’s this massive community of people who are responsible for [bringing David Clarke down], [Emily] realizes at the very end. It’s going to be a very, very good Season 2.” (With reporting by Matt Mitovich)

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