Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on NCIS, Hawaii Five-0, Falling Skies, Rizzoli, True Blood and More!

Will NCIS climb back up any family trees? What sort of “welcome” does a Falling Skies hero get? How will Five-0‘s McGarrett juggle business with pleasure? Read on for answers to those questions plus other teases from fall and summer shows.

NCIS | As I was hopping on the horn with showrunner Gary Glasberg, one of y’all tweeted me to ask about the “Abby’s brother” storyline touched on early in Season 9. “I can tell you that we are far from done with Abby’s brother,” Glasberg assured. “That’s something we will definitely be touching on in Season 10.” And though the show boss was a tad less committal to the matter of McGee’s never-seen, estranged father, he did allow that that storyline “may very well be something we revisit, too.”

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Falling Skies | Season 2 of the Spielberg-produced alien-invasion drama is now less than a month away (bowing June 17), and if you saw the three-minute clip we shared a few weeks back, you know that Tom Mason – last seen boarding the ETs’ craft – returns a few months later, seemingly no worse for the wear. That said, you have to imagine that his fellow survivors cast a wary eye on him. “It’s, ‘Glad to have you back! Hope you’re not a security risk!'” Noah Wyle says of Tom’s not-entirely-warm welcome home. “I then go about trying to reintegrate myself into the group, earn their trust and hopefully find out what the Hell they did to me on that ship.” And while viewers are made privy to at least some of what Tom endured up in the sky, will he necessarily recall it all? “There’ll be a bit of that,” Wyle shares, “but it sort of plays itself out over the course of the whole season.”

Hawaii Five-0 | As reported earlier this spring, Combat Hospital vet Michelle Borth, after recurring for two seasons as Five-0′s Lt. Catherine Rollins, has been promoted to series regular regular status for Season 3. But how will that work exactly? How will McGarrett’s No. 1 lady enter the mix? “It’s very organic,” starting with the Season 3 opener, says showrunner Peter Lenkov. The only “trick” is Rollins and McGarrett juggling the personal with the professional. “When she originally joins, they are still dating,” says Lenkov. “And it’s going to be very difficult, like any relationship is.”

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Rizzoli & Isles | Hey, remember how Season 2 ended, with Jane shooting Maura’s dad? That’s gotta leave a mark – on their she-lationship, right? Things will be a little complicated when Season 3 picks up on June 5? “I would say a lot complicated!” Angie Harmon tells me with a chuckle. She then adds: “If you’ve ever had a fight with someone you love or care about, this is the show for you. It’s very high stakes these two are fighting over.” Harmon then echoes that which her leading lady Sasha Alexander shared with me, that this rift ‘tween the crime-solvers won’t be smoothed over overnight. “I personally like that they didn’t bring it together full-circle in one episode,” Harmon says. “It takes a little bit.”

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Casting Calls | Will White Collar faithful be saying, “Neal who?” The USA hit is looking for a “name” to fill the guest star role of a successful Wall Street trader who possesses “the demeanor of Alec Baldwin in Glengarry Glen Ross and the build of young Sylvester Stallone.” Suggestions?…. Any runners-up to the aforementioned gig might want to hustle over to True Blood, where they’re hot to guest-cast Gondry, a muscle-bound Vampire Security Guard who has amused contempt for his assignment…. What fine mess has Suits‘ Harvey gotten himself into? I ask because that USA drama is casting a lady legal eagle, age 50, to defend Harvey in a suit filed against him. Thing is, as she delves into his case, she grows unsure of Mr. Specter’s innocence. (Get in line, honey.)

If there’s a show you’d like the Inside Line on, email mattmtvguy@gmail.com, and maybe it’ll get some love the next time around!  (With reporting by Vlada Gelman)

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  1. Linderella says:

    Can’t wait for Falling Skies. It seems like it’s been forever since we saw Tom Mason get on the alien ship!

    • Jon says:

      Its been so long I don’t even remember him getting on the ship.

    • Temis says:

      Having Tom’s experience on the ship dragged out over the whole season is a risk. Could be gimmicky. Why not just have him remember it all? Luckily, it will be a short cable season.

  2. Oh, that’s good to hear Glasberg plans to follow up on the Abby’s brother storyline. And I do hope they will also explore McGee’s father as he & Palmer are the only ones whose fathers we haven’t ‘met’ yet. Really looking forward to Season 10 of NCIS.

    Thanks, Matt & Vlada, for reporting on this. I may have some questions to send via email about NCIS. :-)

    • I believe that Palmer’s father is dead. IIRC on earlier episodes it was just him and his mother, maybe a sister too.

    • Andy D says:

      I have a feeling that because he said what he said McGee is not going to make it and Abby will visit her brother as a result of the loss of McGee.

      • BTM says:

        My thought is that Abby’s brother is one of the superhero vigilantes. There was one she said she wanted to meet, and his picture looked like the actor who had played her brother in that pet store/shelter.

        Sean Murray’s in the Belisario family. I’m not worried about him.

        • smidnite says:

          Now, now nepotism doesn’t exist in TV; at least that’s what I was told the last time I mentioned it. ;-)

      • smidnite says:

        How ARE those contract talks going?

      • Emmy T says:

        Looking at the episode and seeing the shockwave that rocked the bullpen *and* McGee, it might not be impossible that McGee is severely injured if not dead. Just because he’s related to Don Belasario doesn’t mean that Sean Murray didn’t want or need to either take a break or leave NCIS. We’ve all noticed not only his dramatic weight loss (yeah yeah, he’s eating healthier) but the way his voice has changed. I’m not suggesting something dire but maybe he needs to heal or recover. Maybe they put McGee into a coma and rehab and buy Sean Murray some time to get his voice back. I’d hate to see McGee killed off because it would really devastate everyone and not just for a couple of episodes like Kate’s death. The humor in the episodes has been spotty the last few seasons; this could potentially McKill it.

        • DJT says:

          DO IT RIGHT, knock off Gibbs!! C’mon in both reel and real life Gibbs/Harmon is circling retirement age— and a 60+ NCIS agent pucnching out the 20/30 year old terrorists and other assorted bad asses is a tad twee. As well as the difused lenses and tons gauze to soft focus the aged hero the show is now akin to watching through a sandstorm. Blurred and perennially out of focus.
          THUS, the new season begins as we pan in to a smouldering, blazing NCIS HQ nearly leveled by an Oklahoma City type blast. Cut to the devastated ground floor lab:

          Gibbs saves ABBY— shields her from the explosion right out the window and gallantly gives his life. Sacrifice. Semper Fi. Hero’s funeral at Arlington. Present and former cast present— and as Marine Honor Guard fire Volley in salute we see Gibbs standing off suddenly enveloped by his late wife and daughter. They take him by the hands and together they walk off into the soft focused sunlit uplands of Heaven and reunion. INDEED, the first episode is titled “REUNION”.

          Ducky deader than a roast Mallard with plum sauce. Massive coronary.

          Vance alive but relieved of command by Sec NAV due to incompetence. Lack of command . Blown responsibility. Blamed for the FUBAR as a terrorist not only breached the U.S. NAVY Yard in D.C. — a few miles from the U.S. Capitol Building, itself, but killed and injured many naval and civvy personnel on his watch. Suffers mental breakdown from the guilt— walks out on to his back yard deck— puts .45 to his temple and blows his brains out in grief!

          DiNozzo and Davide share intimate moments whilst trapped in the elevator— as the oxygen is depleted, smoke choking their words Tony and Ziva finally declare their love. They embrace and kiss like two mad minks. Tears stream down their faces as they hear explosions rock what is left of the Bullpen offices and fear the end is nigh. Suddenly great blast jolts open the doors of the stalled elevator— Tony sweeps up Ziva whose legs have been crushed by the fallen debris and carries her, himself, through the flaming ruins to safety! Close-up of their entwined hands as they are separated as Ziva is ambulanced to D.C. General for emergency surgery.

          McGee deader than a Mackerel in the moonlight at low tide— found crushed at his station, the computer gizmo with the info to break the case gripped tightly in his rigored hand.

          Sec NAV promotes DiNozzo to Gibbs position— new, younger, racially diverse castmembers added to fill the roles of the fallen:

          30 something, HOT, Asian-American woman replaces old WASP Ducky as M.E.. (Inscrutable, not unscrewable, Tony!)
          20 something , Chiseled Black-American “full-back type replaces WASP Mcgee.
          Ziva returns but her legs are paralized and she is now wheelchair bound thus adding a “handicapped” employee to the roster of fed employees working this deparment.
          Abby endlessly haunted by Gibb’s ghost — Harmon makes occasional appearances nudging Abby in the right direction on cases, thus still collecting $$$ and “Producer” dividends.

          NEW set— more gizmos and glitz as the NEW, yet familiar— YOUNGER, yet reassuring— NCIS begins yet another exercise in tedium and predictability AND mucho bucks de syndication!!!
          While your at it— real opening theme music, PLEASE.

          • Lois Kowal says:

            Do not like the post about NCIS. Leave them alone. After all it is
            just a tv show=not reality

          • Killing off Gibbs is signing the death of NCIS!!! and replacing anyone else would hurt the show.
            I know many fans will stop watching NCIS…..leave the show alone.. NCIS will no longer be
            number 1…..Mark Harmon is the main attraction and no one can fill his shoes…..

  3. Anne says:

    Peeps were really invested in Steve and Catherine on H50?

    • Michelle says:

      That’s exactly what I was thinking. I don’t have a problem with her or her potentially joining the team. But I was never invested in the relationship (such as it is) between her and Steve.

      • TheDude says:

        That’s the point of making her a regular, though. To get people more invested in them, instead of just seeing them together twice a season. Not that I feel they need to become more relationshippy on H50, just that seems to be their reasoning behind making her a regular. She’s beautiful, so I won’t hate on their decision.

    • luli says:

      i always wanted steve and lori together… but i guess that is never happening.

    • forrest says:

      So does this imply that Kono is a goner?

    • smidnite says:

      None that I know of.

    • Megan says:

      Lots of people are. There’s a bunch if fan sites dedicated to them. I like her, so I’m interested to see how this goes.

  4. Joan says:

    Tom Welling for White Collar!

  5. DP42 says:

    Yay for the Abby/family stuff. NCIS needs more Abby.

    I realize this is crazytalk, but I’m still worried because of the finale. Her brother’s return could = funeral (DontYouDareTPTB).

    • Andy D says:

      Abby, Ducky, Gibbs and Dinozzo are going to make it to the end. They have all been in every episode. I want to be wrong but McGee staying when he should have gone will be his down fall. The info he retreived will be used to catch the bad guy and Abby will be upset and see her brother when she finds out. What it will start with is the other end of the phone call with Ducky where someone tells Ducky that McGee is dead causes the heart attack.

  6. Ai says:

    Why do the producer want to invest on Steve love life so much? It’s was good when Cath was a guest star now a regular..why and on the team? Am I watching romance/drama on H50…I thought this show was a cop show. Im not thrill of her coming on the team cuz she will be the next Lori. Why cant the writers and producers stick to the fab 4? Why fix the team when it not broken?!!

  7. sarah says:

    Well I am not sure if I want Michelle Borth’s, Katherine to join the Five 0 team but it sounds like that is not good news for Grace Park. However that always leaves my fantasy open for me to become Steve’s love interest as it says Steve and Katherine’s relationship will be difficult!

    • mandy says:

      My thought too about Grace Park. After watching the finale I rememberd that they upd Catherine to series regular and I thought that it is possible Kono doesnt make it.

      • Ann says:

        Im afraid Grace will be left out in the cold, she will have less scenes and I not okay with it…I surely don’t want Grace has lesser part and Michelle has bigger role on the team.

        • TheDude says:

          Kono ain’t dying. If they were going to kill her off, they would have done it outright. The whole point of that type of cliffhanger is to build suspense over the Summer of “How’s our hero going to get out of this one?”. Now, Malia…not being a regular and all is far less likely to make it, In my opinion at least.

  8. Tia says:

    I agree Tom Welling on White Collar please

  9. Boston Kathy says:

    I love Michelle Borth and her portrayal of the character of Catherine. I love her and Steve together..they have a lot of personal chemistry. The writing on the show is terrible in general…in particular..the producers/writers are the worst at woman characters. They end up making them bad, stupid, psycho or MIA and then they kill them. I shudder for Catherine. They don’t do organic. Alex and the cast are great…it’s the writers/producers that are at fault. This show has gone from must watch to record and watch with FF. It is too bad that CBS won’t mandate changes.

    • Maggie Mae says:

      OMG serious, a very contradicting statement. Any true fan of H5O knows that the fans basically killed off every female character they brought in to this show. Fans tarred and feathered Lauren Graham from the start, not the writers. IMOO this season had some of the best episodes, and I think Michelle Broth will be a great addition to this show. That is until the lunatic AOL fans start a new campaign.

      • luli says:

        i liked lauren grahams character, and i think was angry when she left the show.

      • lucy says:

        As a FAN of AOL i hope they put him and Catherine together.I didnt like lauren german because he was already with catherine and i liked her :) So hope powers that be don’t break them up.Just my oponion.

      • Boston Kathy says:

        The writers didn’t know what to do with LG. They set-up a Lori vs Kono dynamic that made the fanbase take sides and many/most came down on the Kono side. Lori was suppose to be a spy for the governor (dropped after the 1st episode until her last), female McGarrett (least believable physicality of any actress on action-adventure show…yet the writers continued to have her say things like she was a shot put expert or Muy Thai expert), profiler (writers apparently never watched Criminal Minds) and possible love interest for Steve (zero chemistry). In the end none of them worked. If she had stayed as a spy for the governor it might have worked but after her first episode she was just another member of the team. The writers could only write for one female character…so it was always either Lori or Kono.

        Most fans liked Governor (first), Mary, Rachel (before they wrote her as a psycho), Laura Hills, Jenna and Catherine. The fans didn’t kill off the Governor, Laura Hills or Jenna. The writers/producers are at fault not the fans.

        • Karen says:

          WTH are you talking about Boston Kathy, if you were a true fan of this show and not some hater fan causing trouble, you would know. Both Lauren Grahams and Jenna’s character were trashed with fans of this show, and Peter L (producer) threatened to get rid of the female characters. Seriously you don’t have a freaking clue what this series goes through, the brain dead Moonlight fans, the hateful CSI Miami fans, and let’s not forget the Castle fans. So seriously, you know nothing, like most fans, so stop.

          • Christine says:

            If anyones a lunatic, it’s you Karen. You’ve commented about 5 times on here and each one is crazier than the last.

    • Bee says:

      If the writers and producers are showing them on the screen too much then this show will be canceled. Look what happen to his other show on CBS it has been cancel. This show is a cop show not a soap opera. Cath will rudely the dynamic of the core 4.

      • Melissa says:

        I love the show, and do believe that the fans had a dislike to Lori’s character which was a shame.. the writers maybe could of lessoned the whole poss love interest a little. I love Catherine and think because she has kind of been in the show since day one then it is more likely that she will be accepted. I do worry that Kono’s part will be lessoned though, I wish that they would delve into the other characters more also – like Steve and Danny. Personally a few seasons down the line I wouldn’t mind Kono and Steve getting together. Ideally I would like to see more character eps than procedural, but i realize it their bread and butter. I’m still fuming we didn’t get Kono closure at the end of the A.I. episode, would of liked to of seen her a little upset with Steve thinking she was dirty! IMHO!

  10. ninamags says:

    Why do network people always insist on gumming up the work dynamic with romance on any procedural tv show?

    If we wanted to watch romance we would tune in to whatever romance show was on tv at the time.

  11. Becca says:

    For the White Collar casting call–has to be Tom Welling! Would be perfect!

  12. Elle says:

    Tom Welling would be perfect for White Collar!

  13. Christine says:

    Tom Welling would be perfect for White Collar

  14. Laura says:

    Yes please, Tom Welling would be perfect for the White Collar casting call.

  15. Grace says:

    Welling is such a stud muffin. Could you imagine Bomer and Welling on the same show…ohmygod my screen would light on fire.

  16. Shelby_H says:

    Tom Welling on White Collar as “a successful Wall Street trader who possesses ‘the demeanor of Alec Baldwin in Glengarry Glen Ross and the build of young Sylvester Stallone’? I´m sold!!! :D


  18. Sarah says:

    Tom Welling and White Coller……..yes please!!!!!

  19. Laura moss says:

    I miss Tom Welling. I want tom on my television !

  20. M3rc Nate says:

    Tom Welling to play Neal’s brother…not some one episode role as a beefy wall street guy. Reaccuring is the key. I am very happy Michelle is on H50, i like her as his girlfriend and i really like her as a actress. So far they have protrayed her quite well as his away GF. Yes i like the core group…but do i want to see 150 more episodes of them solving crimes/crisises that every other cop show do as well? No. By adding other characters, both short and long term, we get to see more about who the core group is by how they react/deal with those new characters. Maybe back in 2001 when the cases were new and fresh and exciting…but now in 2012? the terrorist cell or nuke threat or small crime isnt going to keep my attention for 8 seasons. Example is NCIS has been feeling pretty dang stale for the past few seasons cause its just the core group…no movement on Tiva (if they dont end up together..at least get them moving on dating someone that they will be with long term/aka marriage).

  21. TheDude says:

    Tom Welling seems to be retired, People.

  22. Michael says:

    my biggest issue with abby storyline is it sound a lot like Vances

  23. Didn’t like Lori at first but she grew on me. My two cents about Tom Welling on White Collar……yes!

  24. Karen says:

    Seriously I am done with this crap, any fan of H5O knows that Peter L shares every episode with his fans. He listens to every fan and their complaints, and takes it to heart. IMOO I don’t know of any producer of a series that listens to their fans more than this man. Fans that have a bitch , blame your fellow fans, and not the writers of H5O.

  25. MGL says:

    I didn’t think there was much chemistry between Steve and the Lt. It was nice but nothing that you looked forward to. They are going to need to create something. Remember “Moonlight”, that was chemistry!

  26. JC says:

    I’m very disappointed to hear that they’re putting Catherine on the team. I didn’t think they’d do that, since she and Steve are in a relationship. I knew she was coming on as a regular, but I thought she’d be more like Max – someone we don’t see all the time. I like Catherine, and I enjoy the Steve/Cath dynamics that we’ve had so far, but I think putting her on the team will ruin what I enjoyed about it. I don’t want any romances on the team. I preferred it that they each had love interests outside the team, and the team was the family. I wish they would keep it that way. :(

    And yeah, I’m now starting to wonder if Grace Park is leaving the show too. I hope not. :(

  27. Natasha says:

    I am afraid too about Kono. WHy they make Catherine a regular? She was ok beign the way it was but now on the team will be difficult for Steve I guess we will have to see what happens. I mean it be odd to see Cathe and Steve filrting like school high school kids most of the time, this is not what H50 is. I mean the filriting is ok if it is done randomly Peter ays the relationship will be difficult as they will have to jigge work and relationshp at the same time. I hope it be more diificult than easy for them. I dont want the bromance to be out or the carguements. Im sure the writers and Peter will know what they are doing and know that the dynamics of the main 4 has to remain intact even if more new members come along. I hope Catherine will be a independent woman and she wont take any time from Konos work (if Kono returns)

    • Op says:

      It stink that I barely see Kono in s2 and now with Catherine going to be on the team, Kono will have less screen time and scenes. Peter have a bigger role for Catherine and it not fair that Im going to see Grace Park less on air. Why hurt the team when the whole audiences just want the fab 4 only.

  28. rubytu says:

    I’m so looking forward to Rizzoli and Isles, True Blood, and White Collar. I hate the dry spells between seasons.

  29. Elle says:

    I like Steve and Catherine together, just as long as she doesn’t ‘interfere’ with the relationship with him and Danny and take away screentime from Kono (and Chin Ho).

  30. katy says:

    Tom Welling would be fantastic in the role villain.Tom took a break to get away from Smallville,but will return soon. Yes Tom and white coller!

  31. M says:

    More Suits on my TV.

    Gabriel Macht, making me soon since 2000.

  32. Megan says:

    People should probably see how Catherine will do on H50 before they decide they hate it. Michelle is a great actress so I’m willing to see how this goes.

  33. Karen says:

    I am sick and tired of the haters of H5O, and they are many. To name a few, CSI Miami fans, old time fans of the original, Castle and Smash fans, and the fans of Moonlight that are still living in the past. Still this show claimed the #1 show at 10:00. I think Catherine will be a great addition to this show, until the crazies start the nuts factor. Again, fans of this show killed the female characters. My wish for this show is for the producers and writers to tell the fans to just shut up.

    In real life, people do have relationships, and I love that the characters of this show are bringing this to the surface. I freaking love that Kono is falling for a bad ass, and who the hell said she is being left out. Here is my thought, if any main character leaves this show, it is their choice, not the writers.

  34. Mary says:

    I’m not happy about Catherine’s addition as a series regular. I barely tolerated her when she was a recurrent character, honestly. I’m afraid it’ll we be a new Lori, that her presence will mess with the dynamics of the show I love, the relationship between Steve and Danny and the team as Ohana (team of 4, Max, Kamekona, Grace… these characters are highly appreciated by me). Plus I really don’t see any chemistry between her and Steve. I really hope she will be less present than that “full time member” makes me think, i surely don’t watch Hawaii Five-0 to see Steve and Catherine together. I really, really love this show, but I think tthe writers should focus always on the Steve/Danny relationship, explore Kono storyline (I like her with Adam Noshimuri), Chin storyline (please don’t kill Malia, they’re adorable together), Danny&Grace relationship, plus adorable Uncle Steve, Max and Kamekona for the comedy.

  35. jess says:

    I really think that the hinting of McGee’s father and Abby’s brother coming on the show means he’s still alive. I doubt, by the way it was described, that Kyle would be brought back to help Abby grieve, also I doubt he even knows she is his sister. I really hope I’m right, as I’m not only a McAbby shipper, but a huge fan of Sean Murray, as wellm