Hawaii Five-0 Finale Post Mortem: Is [Spoiler] Really Shelburne?! Is [Spoiler] a Goner?

The Season 2 finale of CBS’ Hawaii Five-0 packed quite a Hawaiian punch on Monday night, killing off one recurring character, putting a bullet in another, leaving the lives of two women in jeopardy and bringing McGarrett face-to-face with the mysterious Shelburne – who is someone he knows, but surely never expected to see again.

Here is what executive producers Peter Lenkov and Elwood Reid shared about the shock and awe and aftermath, during a recent press gathering.

MAMMA, MIA! WAS THAT SHELBURNE? | Just to be clear, connect the dots and put to rest any worries about semantics, Joe did in fact lead McGarrett to the mysterious Shelburne – whom a shocked Steve greeted with a “Mom?” “The identity of Shelburne will be revealed [in the final five seconds],” Lenkov confirmed. And make no mistake, we’ll get to witness all of the most unexpected reunion. “[Next season] really picks up a second later,” says Lenkov.

WHO WILL CHIN HO LOSE? | Delano made Chin Ho choose between rushing to rescue wife Malia, who was being held at gunpoint at home, or cousin Kono, bound and about to be pitched over the side of a boat. Chin Ho ran to his missus, who nonetheless seemed very much worse for the wear, while Kono was last seen flailing and falling deeper and deeper into the Pacific. Without revealing either woman’s fate, Lenkov said that in Season 3, “We’re going to break [Chin Ho] and have him get rebuilt up again. When we found him he was already broken, but you never got to see him when he was a strong cop and got everything taken away from him. Now we want to see things taken away from him and see how he deals with it. We’re very deliberately altering his character.” And Daniel Dae Kim’s take on the sad Sophie’s Choice? “He loved the challenge, emotionally,” Lenvok shared, “with what he was going to do with his character.”

WHAT’S NEXT FOR DANNO? | Detective Williams got off easy compared to everyone else in the finale, save for some domestic strife between him and ex-wife Rachel, who is threatening to move Grace to Las Vegas. Nonetheless, “There’s a lot of wood on the fire in the finale [that’s] going to give us a lot of stuff to play” in Season 3, said Reid. “There’s some stuff that played during the middle of the season, particularly with Danny, that’s going to come back next season too.”

HAVE WE – AND MCGARRETT – SEEN THE LAST OF JOE WHITE? | Though Joe vanished into thin air before taking McGarrett to Shelburne, and despite Terry O’Quinn’s 666 Park Avenue pilot landing on ABC’s fall schedule, the Five-0 bosses are hoping for the occasional encore. “[Terry] is open to it, which we were all very surprised and excited about,” said Lenkov. “We love him, and hopefully he’ll come back.” After all, as Reid noted, “Joe is integral to the McGarrett mythology.” (With reporting by Vlada Gelman)

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