Revenge Season Finale Recap: Long Live the Queen [UPDATED]

Revenge Season FinaleIf you have yet to watch last night’s Revenge season finale, avert your eyes now. Everyone else, please proceed…

This season’s Revenge finale should’ve had one of those warnings before it, you know, the kind they put on rollercoasters and Jacuzzis? Those with heart conditions should probably stay away? Because with so many huge developments coming so quickly in the last 15 minutes, even those of us with healthy tickers got a little sweaty and antsy. So let’s take a deep breath, pull ourselves together, and dissect the big deals that took place in “Reckoning.”

Emily and Daniel are done | After Em hid the packet of Grayson-damning information from Daniel’s briefcase, she led her fiancé (and by proxy, Conrad) to believe that the White Haired Man stole it. That caused a giant Grayson freakout, including a security sweep of Grayson Manor that unearthed Emily’s bugs in the study. Needing help with some encrypted data, Em turned to Nolan and soon learned WHM had him chained to a wall of a torture chamber… which she soon found herself chained to, as well. “Good morning, sunshine. If you came here to rescue me, you might want a do-over,” snarked her bowl-cut-sporting pal. But our girl had a plan (doesn’t she always?). She bought them time by sending WHM to find the info in a locker at the Port Authority Bus Terminal (pick me up a Cinnabon! And try to avoid the crazy guy who hangs out by the public phones!), then freed them by using a lock-pick she’d somehow secreted away in her sleeve. As Nolan hurried off to give the actual evidence, which she’d hidden in his desk, to the feds, Emily stuck around to beat the snot out of the returning (and seriously cheesed-off) WHM. Their fight — which included one of the episode’s several references to Emily’s mom — ended with her thisclose to snuffing out the snowy henchman, but a memory of her father telling her she was full of love made her draw back at the last moment. “I thought you came here to honor your father,” he sneered. “I just did,” she said. The blonde’s night got worse when she returned home to find Daniel raring for a fight, thanks to Ashley’s whispers about what she’d seen from Amanda’s porch the night before. Nursing a split lip and looking like all she wanted was a pint of Ben & Jerry’s and a warm bath, Emily resignedly admitted that she and Jack had kissed, then handed Daniel back his ring as she said they weren’t right for each other anymore. Later, we watched a very cagey Ashley offer Daniel faux sympathy about the breakup as they shared a drink.

Amanda is pregnant! | Free of Daniel and waiting for official news of Grayson Global’s demise, Emily and Nolan celebrated at his place. (Side note: “Champagne is always appropriate” is my new motto.) In a lovely, sweet scene, the friends dished about Emily’s plan to tell Jack everything. After she made plans to visit the barkeep that night, Em and Noles clinked glasses in tribute to David’s memory. It was touching and cute and gorgeously lit and all the more terrible because you just knew something horrendous was about to happen. And when Em arrived at The Stowaway, she and Jack barely had time to gaze longingly at each other before that something horrendous waddled out from back room. “Jack and I are going to have a baby,” Amanda announced, patting her protruding belly. I call shenanigans on that one right now. Even in a show that likes to play fast and loose with timelines, that belly is not a four-month belly. That belly is at least a seven-month belly. That belly can practically register for its first day of preschool. It’s totally possible that Amanda was pregnant before she first arrived in the Hamptons. But enough with the pulling fast ones on Emily, people. A little reduction in hubris every once in a while is healthy, but there’s only so much a girl can take!

The Initiative are some mean suckers | As Conrad and the WHM powwowed at Grayson Global, the latter futzed around the office, paying special attention to a clock (what is with this guy and timepieces?) and the picture containing Emily’s video link to the office. If there were any doubt that he knew someone was keeping tabs on Conrad via that frame, it was obliterated when he winked directly into the camera. Is it possible that WHM and Emily are working toward the same end? Back at her place, Little Miss Spies-a-Lot looked properly gobsmacked. As much as I love Emily, I do like it when someone gets the jump on her. It freshens things up a bit. And her nemesis, Victoria, had her share of surprises throughout the episode, as well. When SEC Agent McGowen informed Vicky that Conrad had ordered David Clarke’s death, it was clearly news to her. And when Daniel came out staunchly on Team Conrad, even in light of his part in David’s murder, it earned him a stinging slap from his mom. “I have done some heinous things in my life, but now I have a chance to right a terrible wrong,” she vowed. Then she rallied Lydia to testify against Conrad in exchange for immunity, despite the fact that she’d just agreed to marry the silver fox hours before! It might’ve had something to do with Victoria’s terrifying speech, in which she asserted, “When I’m done with him, it’ll make your taxicab bounce look like a trip to St. Tropez!” Yowza. And also, awesome. Queen Vic had one more heated exchange with Conrad — he said David’s death had been ordered by people far above him and added, “If you board that plane, it’ll be the last thing you do!” — before she and Lydia met Agent McGowen at the airport. A close re-watching shows that we saw Lydia on the stairs, but not actually on the plane. We saw Victoria enter the plane all the way, and then we saw WHM, dressed as airport staff, out near one of the jet’s rear wheels. And the next thing we knew, Charlotte — with severe blabber’s remorse after making her classmates aware of Jaime’s underage affair with a former history teacher — was watching a newscaster report on the explosion that took down her mother’s plane. Despondent, and smarting at Declan’s rebuff, Charlie downed a bunch of pills and passed out on her bed, where Conrad later found her.

Emily’s mom is still around | Leave it to Nolan to save the day. Though Emily thought everyone and everything that could exonerate her father was on the plane, her buddy had made a backup of the disk he handed over to the SEC. Yay! Warning her that Americon Initiative, which handled the original cover-up, was far bigger than they’d imagined, he screened some surveillance footage of Victoria talking about a deep David Clarke secret. “What she’s saying is that your mother’s alive,” Nolan told her, pausing the reel. Beside the tears in her eyes, Emily’s face was unreadable as she said, “Let it play.”

What do you think? Which surprise hit you the hardest? Which did you see coming from a mile away? Do you think Queen Victoria (not to mention Lydia) is really gone? And let’s get the casting buzz started early: Who should play Emily’s mother? Hit the comments and let us know!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Meghan says:

    Oh. My. Finale. Great. Amazing. Wonderful. Literally gave me the chills!

    • mantua says:

      Chills here, too, excellent finale, probably the best one this season. Saw some great suggestions on imdb : Elizabeth Mitchell OR Marcia Cross OR Michelle Pfeiffer as Emily’s mother ? Michelle Pfeiffer would be perfect AND a great match for Stowe’s Victoria.

      • mantua says:


      • Jesse says:

        Ummm Elizabeth Mitchell is NOT that old.

        • Rolfe says:

          Elizabeth Mitchell is only four years younger than James Tupper. She’d be awesome!

          • Alice says:

            Yeah…but James Tupper is playing Amanda’s dad as he was in 1992!. The actor would be too young if he was playing Amanda’s dad 20 years later in a present day timeline! I love Elizabeth Mitchell, but she’s 42. Amanda is what, 28? Are we going to add another crime to David Clark’s rap sheet?

        • smidnite says:

          Emily’s between 28 and 30 right? That says to me 50 at the youngest.

          • Bea says:

            according to the timeline.. Amanda Clarke was born in July 1984, there’s an interview tape where her dad says it’s Amanda’s 10th bday, and its reccorded on 1994.. so.. I think she’s 28 “right now”..


      • mantua says:

        Emily’s Mother

        Michelle Pfeiffer (she would be perfect)
        Sharon Stone (great match for Stowe)
        Diane Lane (she recently had a critically acclaimed TV movie, she might consider it)
        Joan Allen (ditto)
        Ashley Judd (ABC might want to keep her. and a recurring role/5-episode arc could be it)

        TV STARS
        Marcia Cross (brilliant, criminally underrated actress)
        Elizabeth Mitchell (definitely fits the part)
        Joely Richardson (could do wonders to the role)
        Gillian Anderson (ditto)
        Patricia Wettig (Brothers & Sisters REUNION!)
        Calista Flockhart (ditto)
        Nicolette Sheridan (could be great, but I doubt ABC will ever employ her again…their loss)
        Heather Locklear (Television’s Fave Queen Bitch could be back ?)
        Helen Hunt (She is a TV legend…AND an Oscar winner…perfect stunt casting ?)
        Kim Cattrall (hmm…just close your eyes and imagine her in the role)
        Kelly Rowan (she has the Emily-look)

        • David says:

          Fantastic list ;) I would absolutely LOVE to see Michelle Pfeiffer go up against Victoria…Sharon, Diane would also be such great matches to the Evil Queen V.

          Kellly Rowan though now that’s niceness personified if they wanted the mother’s character to go that route…Can’t flippin’ wait for next season!!! Fantastic Finale!!!

          • Lambsilencer says:

            You obviously haven’t seen Kelly Rowan’s guest spot on “Criminal Minds” this season… ;) “Nice” is definitely not the word that comes to mind for that one… :D

          • David says:

            Thanks for the info ;) I will definitely check out Kelly’s roll on Criminal Minds. :-)

        • luli says:

          amazing list!! i would love to see Marcia Cross back on my tv every sunday :)

        • Elizabeth Mitchell is too young, but since when is this show about realism? YES YES YES!

        • just saying says:

          Remember WHG said that her mother was a fighter too, so nice bland types, please. Pfeiffer, Stone, Cattral, Judd, Locklear, and Sheridan (although Lydia looked too much like her, I think) are your best bets on this list. How nice for TPTB to have such a plethora of talent to choose from! The beautiful thing about TV is that there is a place for meaty roles for women over the age of 30! More American shows and American movies would do well to notice that.

        • Scout says:

          Oh….ooooo….Helen Hunt….is a genius idea.

        • noa says:

          THAT is a great list.

        • Michelle Pfeiffer (she would be perfect)

        • Diane Lane is a great choice! Joan Allen is too but she may be too old but she would be great too.

          • Alice says:

            Oooh, yes to both of those! And Joan Allen is about the same age as Madeline Stowe, so she’s perfect. Both of them have that delicate bone struct. I liked her in the Bourne sequels as well. Nice mix of tough and occasionally vulnerable, just like our Emily…

        • Zack B says:

          Seeing as how her hair is naturally brown, and her father’s hair was dark brown, why are all of your actress choices blonde?

          • Zack B says:

            With acceptions for Marcia Cross and Gillian Anderson who are red-heads.

          • mantua says:

            As a child, she is a natural blonde in the flashbacks, so I thought that considering the father has brown hair, her mom is probably a blonde.

          • fishies says:

            GA is a natural blonde–had to contstantly dye it red for TXF

        • Joe G says:

          SELA WARD (CSI NY)

        • MaryAnn says:

          Michelle Pfeiffer would be absolutely PERFECT!

        • Boiler says:

          ooh I like Kelly Rowan too. Marcia Cross plays evil well too

      • Nancy says:


    • CJ says:

      They had to give us a pretty big info dump either in this or the next episode, since they show is going on for at least one more season. Without that, the story would be fairly close to over.

    • luli says:

      fauxamanda being pregnant was the most shocking thing for me!!! that scene killed me :(

    • greysfan says:

      Wow. I didn’t see that coming at all. What a brilliant finale. It gave me chills and at the same time had the shock of a great season finale. I really can’t wait till season 2 now. They set it up brilliantly. All i can say is wowsers.

  2. Kat says:

    I feel like Victoria did not actually get on the plane.

    • Nicole says:

      I agree, I think she’s gonna hide out and then be like haha fools

    • Karyssa says:

      I am thinking the exact same thing!!!!

    • Suz says:

      Show runners said 2 die. If not those two then 1 should be that drug addict daughter …

      • Irishgirl says:

        Well Lydia is dead…..and if Charlotte’s dead, then there are your two……although, the SEC agent is dead… there’s your two as well……

        • Suz says:

          2 Season regulars…

          • Irishgirl says:

            Ah….hmmm, I wonder if that means they stay dead. Charlotte could be revived…..and it could be discovered that Victoria isn’t dead, and never got on the plane. Then again….Madeline Stowe does have that script of hers….Unbound Captives… development. It may be that she only agreed to do one season because of that.

      • jerrired says:

        Lydia and Charlotte is my guess. No way it’s Victoria.

        • Agreed. No way does Victoria die.

          As for casting, I would love one of the ladies from Knot’s Landing: Joan Van Ark or Donna Mills. Even Michelle Phillips might work.

          • just saying says:

            Ooh. More good choices though I haven’t seen what any of these ladies look like lately…

          • zoot says:

            Love all those actresses but they are too old. Emily/Amanda’s mom should be late 40’s early 50’s. She has to be around the same age as Victoria..Madeileine Stowe is 53 and boy she looks good! How about Michelle PFEIFFER?

      • Rolfe says:

        For some reason I feel like they would keep Charlotte alive. Her being Emily’s sister is too good of a plot point.

        • Fizzy says:

          Or, Emily’s sister dying in response to things she put in motion may be another reason for Emily to prolong her revengenda

          • smidnite says:

            But if Victoria was faking her death; would she consider herself responsible for Charlotte’s fate?

    • Russ says:

      Of course she didn’t get on the plane. Madeleine Stowe is to ah-mazing to be killed off in the first season.

      • Gcotyiswa says:

        Wow….. Revenge is my favourite series after brothers&sisters Mike you are really good, all the series you wrote are the best……

    • Jules says:

      She’s definitely not dead…I’ll give you that. But she got on the plane. I rewound and watched. So since we never actually saw the plane explode, she obviously gets off at some point. But Lydia’s definitely a goner. My prediction? Emily’s mother is alive and behind the whole thing.

    • gatto54 says:

      Maybe the plane didn’t really blow up – maybe they are reporting it did to fool the bad guys.

      • That was a thought of mine too. One of the rules of television shows, unless they show you what happened, anything that happens off camera isn’t necessarily true.

      • susela says:

        I thought the white-haired guy was under the wing of a plane right *next* to the plane they were boarding….in other words, an empty plane could have been blown up after the witnesses got away safely.

      • smidnite says:

        Usually families are notified BEFORE a passenger list is made public…

    • KevyB says:

      Oh, please, like the most famous actress and second most important character on this show is going to die. As anyone who has ever seen a television soap knows, if we don’t see that character actually get put into the ground, that character AIN’T dead.

    • Joann says:

      I don’t think Victoria made it on the plane. We saw Lydia go on board, then the SEC guy, then we saw Victoria on the steps, but I don’t think she got all the way up before we saw the WHM messing around the plane.

    • Zack B says:

      So… if you believe she is dead (or that the plane really went down) I have a bridge to sell you. For a news story about a downed plane in North America between NYC and DC (mostly settled land) there was a decisive lack of wreckage being shown. Sounds like a classic TV bait and switch: say we are going by plane, actually go by car and fake a plane crash to get the heat off.

      Second, technically no one died in the episode. No corpse, no death. Even Charlotte is only in mortal peril. Way to hedge your bets showrunners.

    • Katherine says:

      I hope Queen V is still alive….I want to see the priceless look on her face when Em tells her who she really is. Surely we get that moment, right?

  3. John says:

    I don’t know what’s more believable – a headlining Madeleine Stowe doing an awesome one-year arc and leaving in a blaze of glory, or an emergency bailing-out of the plane?

    The good news is they both seem plausible, so count me as shocked! Damn do I love this show!

    • lorna says:

      I say Victoria is somehow alive. I bet the baby is NOT Jack’s, I’d bet anything. ARGH. I wish they got rid of Ashley. She is annoying. Felt bad for Daniel when Emily handed the ring back.

      • just saying says:

        I don’t feel bad for daniel. He’s now an accessory to murder after the fact. He didn’t even blink when his mom told him his dad had ordered a hit. who wants to be married to a sociopath like that. he is turning into his father.

      • Margaret says:

        Emily telling Daniel he was becoming a Grayson was the first honest thing she’d said to him in a while. and she totally called him on it, he spent a good chunk of the season saying he wanted to be nothing like his parents, but he began to show his colors near the end of the season.

      • W says:

        wow, someone feel sympathetic to the bratty spoiled ass. you do realize Daniel is becoming the new Big Bad of the series for Em to take down, right?

      • Giovanni says:

        I’m actually excited for what’s to come for Ashley. She has always been a mediocre character with great potential and I hope she becomes a bad bitch.

  4. Jon says:

    AAAHHHHH so good! Can’t even describe how good this show is! I am curious to see it all play out! September come faster!

  5. Martha says:

    Wow! That was fantastic. Didn’t see most of it coming…absolute perfection.

  6. Presley says:

    What a way to set up season 2… Wasn’t sure how they were gonna do that. Holy cow!!

  7. anthonynewhall says:

    The. Best. Finale. Ever.

  8. stacy says:

    Argg.. I hate Jack’s brother so so much.

  9. Taylor says:


  10. TheRiffRaff says:

    Boom. What an AMAZING finale. Cant wait til next season. Just dropped bomb after bomb in a span of 20mins. I was blown away. Guesses for next season: Vicky got off the plane, Lydia died, We’ll learn more of the bigger cover up and the company running it, we’ll meet mama clarke, and SOMEONE will know Amanda’s identity.

    • tommy302 says:

      The WHM knows who Emily really is. It will definitely get out at some point next season.

      • the girl says:

        He knows who she is BUT he didn’t destroy her camera in Conrad’s office. Which means… he is not completely against her revengenda. I would like to see them work together next season on something – anything. There has been a lot of theory around the web that the revenge plot is bigger than just Emily. Their relationship could propel us into that territory.

        Also, please do not allow Fauxmanda to be pregnant by Jack. I don’t believe it for an instant.

        • Fizzy says:

          WHM killed Emily’s father, and yet he knows who Emily is and states that she is on the same side as he is. Is it possible that Emily’s fathers death was staged by WHM? Or did WHM change sides sometime in the past 15 years.

        • Irishgirl says:

          Hmmm….interesting thought, but I figured he didn’t destroy the camera because he used it to tell Emily that he was keeping an eye on her and was about to destroy her plans to expose the cover-up. WHM looked right at Emily’s camera and said to Conrad “Believe what you want to believe, if I wanted to keep and eye on you, there are plenty of ways to do it undetected”……which I felt was meant for Emily as well…..and made me wonder if he’s known all along that she’s Amanda having followed her growth ever since her dad was convicted. Then WHM winked at the camera…..then said he was going to the airport. Emily really should have known he was going to blow that plane.

  11. Emily says:

    I totally thought they’d show Daniel and Ashley doing it in the last few minutes . . .glad we missed that cliche but OMG I was floored with Emily/Fauxmanda being preggers and Victoria “dying” and all WOW Bring it season 2

  12. HohmSweetHohm says:

    Has Revenge been renewed for the fall? Please tell me it has!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!

  13. DramaMomma says:

    Loved the last words “Let it play”

    • Amy says:

      Me too! That and “tick tock” were two of my favorite lines and Emily VanCamp does a great job with the delivery of these one-liners.

    • Cece says:

      Thank you! I’ve been trolling the web desperately trying to figure out what the hell she said at the very end! No matter how many times I rewound it I just couldn’t figure it out! And now I love the end even more…..

      • Martha R. Mills says:

        Ditto ! I’m so glad someone else didn’t understand her final words … even after rewinding many times. And, Wow! …. I do love this show!!

  14. Such a great, wonderful, insane finale! Way to leave our minds churning about next season!

  15. Josh says:

    Could they really kill Victoria off? Wouldn’t losing her be a death blow to the show? I could see Madeline Stowe only wanting to do one season…

  16. jess says:


  17. JO! says:

    She can’t be dead. Has there been any news on Madeleine not coming back? She’s like 50% of the reason I watch this show. LOL Plus, the last minute they made it seem like the white haired guy had her back after all, (To a point) And we could see a dramatic “OOH GURL, WHERE U BEEN HIDIN” scene/episode in Season 2. The finale was a bit too calm in my honest opinion. Still can’t wait for the 2nd season and RIGHT ON! AFTER ONCE UPON A TIME! My goodness, that night is gonna just… I’m gonna just… dang.

  18. anthonynewhall says:

    Florence + The Machine during the ending gave me chills. This was magnificent. This was legendary. Victoria is SO still alive, but once she started up the steps, I got goosebumps. She’s an incredible actress and the whole season will be kept in television history as probably the best drama ever.

  19. Josh says:

    I really hope Victoria doesn’t die… she’s a great character and would be missed next season.

  20. allison says:

    omg that was so good. best finale of the season . i found myself yelling at the tv when amanda came back preggo. can’t wait for next season.

  21. ChrisGa says:

    I would be completely shocked if season 2 doesn’t open with the reveal that Victoria somehow disembarked the plane before it hit the air. Still, if she did indeed get blown to bits then the show has major stones for killing off one of the show’s two leads(and I’d be sad because NOBODY on TV does bitch better than Madeleine Stowe). Either way, great finale to this season’s best new series.

  22. Serena says:

    SO AMAZING! i’m still in shock. She’s definitely not dead, but I seriously can’t wait til next season!!!!

  23. GS says:

    The only thing I saw coming was Charlotte ID’ing. The rest was like a 90 mile an hour ride down a twisty mountain road! Loved it! Can’t wait for season 2!

  24. Rachel says:

    Good finale but really who didn’t see that ending coming? We know Victoria will survive, Ashley/Daniel will hook up, Daniel/Emily will get back together, Charlotte will live. Kinda predictable…

    • Marie says:

      Oh good! I thought I was the only one who thought it was kinda predictable. Also didn’t white hair security guy have footage of Emily coming to his little jail area thing? Why didn’t he just show that to Conrad?

      • He probably works for Emily’s mother, thus his loyalties lie there.

        • Marie says:

          even if, Emily is still in his way because isn’t white hair guy trying to hide the whole david clarke is innocent thing regardless of who he works for. but you have to admit that it was rather uncharacteristic of emily to show up without disguise after telling the guy she’s amanda clarke.

        • Tia says:

          oh he definitely works for Emily’s mother! can’t you just see, she’s the head of the company he works for. interesting theory huh? remember he said to Ems when they were fighting, “You fight just like your mother”. so I’m guessing that she’s a part of the whole thing and why he didn’t kill her.

  25. henry says:

    BEST… FINALE… This season… I’ve hated almost every finale so far, hated Desperate’s, Supernatural’s, Grey’s, 2 broke girls’, House’s, I could just go on and on (although I really like HIMYM’s, Once’s and TVD’s)… But this Revenge episode just one word: WOW! Loved every single minute and it just blew me away how well everything went and how every single once of effort Emily put into her revenge just blew up in her face… And Victoria! I’m still recovering! Don’t think she’s dead, though… That character it’s just too delicious to be kept away from my screen… LOVED IT!

    • lara says:

      Um, henry? Get out of my head. DH’s SERIES finale blowed (so much has changed since S1), but Revenge totally got that whole soap-y, over the top, dramatic perfection. Loved, loved, loved it.

    • luli says:

      I was so angry at the finale of Grey’s i cant even think of watchin’ next season now (***SPOILER*** that lexie is dead…) but revenge had a good finale

    • Lilys87 says:

      I’m with you, this season A LOT of season finales really sucked, especially grey’s but TVD, Desperate, Bones, the list goes on and on…
      Revenge delivered, it was awesome, but my fav remains Castle :)

  26. Brooke says:

    I really don’t think Victoria is dead; she’s just as much apart of what makes that show.

    I thought it was a fantastic season finale. So much action and drama. And I’m so sick of seeing fake Amanda. And I really don’t think that baby is Jack’s either. I couldn’t believe she was “Since I couldn’t be here for my dog I’m glad you were.” Ugh.

    I was so grateful that Nolan was alive.

    • mirleival says:

      I agree. I don’t think it’s Jack’s baby. Or at least I’m hoping it’s not. I don’t think they’d kill the love triangle that easily. But I knew Fauxmanda would be back, to ruin things between Emily and Jack. They couldn’t tie things off that soon.
      Elsewhere, I think Ashley will try and get into Daniel’s pants, and hopefully he’ll see how much of a manipulative bitch she’s been.
      Also, they need to redeem Daniel. I was torn between Emily being with him or Jack (leaning towards Jack) at the beginning of the season. Then they ruined his cute, naive character by making him agree with his dad. So now I’m all Emily and Jack, and absolutely despise Daniel.
      And, I really doubt they’ll kill Charlotte. I mean, she’s Emily’s half-sister and they’ve barely explored that. Although I’m not a big fan of the character, since she became a drug addict.
      I don’t think they’ll kill Victoria. Plus, I don’t want them too.

      • grannygeek says:

        Daniel’s fulfilled the Sensei’s description of him as weak. To that I’d add pussy-faced, preppy JFKjr clone.

  27. Great Finale, so many twist. I knew fake Amanda would be back but not expecting her to be expecting. Just when Emily was going to confess the whole truth to jack, things just had to go south.

    I loved Daniel getting slapped,he deserve much worst at this point and so it seems ms.ashley wants to become a grayson,she want daniel just to get into the family.

    I guess the big death was about Charlotte but they said a fan favorite,I doubt anyone likes her.

    I was very upset Emily did not kill the white haired men,come on she supports to be a badazz chick but yet couldnt murder this man.

    Victoria isnt dead,come she freaking victoria.

    and I already knew Emily mom is really alive

    • Groovy says:

      Wow! the finale was amazing. I also wish Emily would have killed Morrison the white haired men. You know I love Victoria but on this show I could never tell when she was being sincere or when
      she was telling the truth. Not sure I want her back.Charlotte needs to leave do not care for her charter at all.
      I was looking forward to see Emily tell Jack everything. Why did you all bring Fauxmanda back?
      and I am sure the baby is NOT NOT Jacks. You know I really believe last night Jack would have rather been with Emily. I know he has feelings for her he just feels responsible for the other Amanda. She needs to go and please this next season bring Emily and Jack together. I love Nolen he has such a big heart.I am glad it is being moved to Sundays. Yeah: This
      network better not ever cancel this show. and Ashley please get rid of her. Can not hardly wait for next season.

      • smidnite says:

        Emily not killing WHM reminded me that

        On NCIS Kate couldn’t bring herself to kill Ari; who eventually killed her. Later it was revealed that Jenny could not bring herself to kill a Russian spy who eventually had a hand in her death…

  28. Amanda says:

    Here’s my thoughts. 1.) Obviously, Victoria got off the plane, and will probably be revealed as still alive during November sweeps sometime. 2.) Charlotte will have her stomach pumped just in time and will be just fine. 3.) FauxManda is either going to lose the baby, is faking the pregnancy or it is not Jack’s baby. I mean, she looked awefully pregnant already and hadn’t been gone but a few short months. Plus, she and Jack having a baby together kind of write the whole Jack/RealManda storyline into a corner, and we all know it’s bound to happen between them eventually.

    • Ryan says:

      My theory? Takeda knew she was pregnant and that’s part of the reason why he took her in the first place. If Emily knew Amanda was pregnant earlier on, she would’ve been completely blindsided and never would’ve been able to follow through with her revenge plan. It would’ve been yet another distraction. And it makes sense if she’s pregnant. She has to be in her second trimester and they jumped at least three months between the fire and ice party and Daniel’s trial. Amanda was hooking up with Jack for at least a month before that. That puts Amanda at maybe 4 months?

      • Irishgirl says:

        But she looks further along than 4 months. Still….this is a tv pregnancy.

        • mirleival says:

          She looks about six or seven months at least. But I think the timeline is somewhere around February or March. Because it did jump ahead to December three months, a month before that she would’ve gotten pregnant, and I’m pretty sure it’s a couple months passed the initial trial date. So that’s about six or seven months along, which fits.
          I desperately hope it’s not Jack’s. Again, she was a stripper before she came to help Emily. She was probably sleeping around. I’m betting it’s not his. That would just create a great big whirlwind.
          Also, how is it Jack can’t see through her? How can he not see she’s not Amanda? Hell, the dog NEVER liked her, not like he did with Emily/the-real-Amanda. I was screaming and hoping that he would clue in. But no, he’s oh-so naive.

          • Ryan says:

            ^^This. I forgot that we don’t have a definitive timeline for the episodes that have happened since the trial. 1.20 ended at the New Years party, right? So it should be January, bordering on February. I don’t think the baby is Jack’s. I’m just saying that it’s certainly possible. And every pregnancy is different. Maybe Amanda is having an accelerated one or maybe she’s having an alien.

          • Shaun says:

            Could be twins :p

      • luli says:

        i think she was pregnant before she arrived to the hamptons.. maybe she is 6 or 7 months?

  29. Josh says:

    HEY stacey Charlotte deserved being told off By Declan she shouldn’t have done what she did to that girl because shes jealous and its not Declan’s fault she turns to drugs i know her parents are horrible but drugs are not the answer

  30. K says:

    Who else thinks the baby isn’t Jack’s?

    • Robin says:

      I hope it isn’t… How do we know it is anyway…I have no reason to trust her word…she flipping killed someone when we first met her…when she was as stripper!

    • Suz says:

      Agreed. But I thought the Asain guy had her in lockdown?

    • Red says:

      I sure hope its not …. in fact, maybe she’s wearing one of those pad-things to look like she is!!

    • Its totally not Jack’s. And eventually Emily, and probably Nolan, will get clued into that. But then it becomes a situation where you have to find a way to get her out of Jack’s life without causing him more heartbreak. That’s the amazing tragedy to the whole situation. Emily should’ve never sat back and let Fauxmanda get close to Jack in the first place, and now when she’s ready to come clean to him, and acknowledges she loves him, her mistake comes back to blow up in her face. And Jack is, once again, at risk of being collateral damage.

      I usually grow bored with the whole “star crossed lovers” thing, but I have to admit, Revenge has written it very, very well. I’m invested!

    • Katherine says:

      Who else doesn’t think Jack’s the Papa???…….me…..fauxamanda has slut written all over her….remember her behavior in the bar right in front if Jack before she was “disappeared”? And where has she been?…….with the revenge trainer?….oh, I love a good story like this one…tee hee hee

  31. pixelated says:

    I kind of have to admit that I was waiting for the whole “your mom is still alive thing” and we never really did see the terrorists that the Grayson’s were laundering money for, but all in all a good finale…..although i wouldn’t be disappointed if Charlotte didn’t come back; spoiled rich girl angst is sooooo done!

  32. Sarah says:

    LOVED the finale… but called Emily’s mom reveal 20 episodes ago. I mean… Irena Derevko anyone??

    • allison says:

      can you explain your comment? i feel dumb for not getting it. lol. i goggled and its a character from alias?

      • Suz says:

        On Chuck his mom, who he thought was dead, was alive and was undercover as a Russian spy.

        • jenner says:

          True about Chuck’s mom, but not the same character. Irena Derevko was the Russian spy on Alias who turned out to be Sydney Bristow’s mother.

        • smidnite says:

          let’s not forget that McGarrett’s mom on Hawaii Five-0 just turned out to be Shelburne.

      • John says:

        That’s a reference to a similar twist being unveiled at the end of season 1 of Alias.

      • ChrisGa says:

        She was Sydney Bristow’s(Jennifer Garner’s character) mother who everyone thought was dead…except she wasn’t :).

      • Irishgirl says:

        Irina Derevko was Sydney’s mom (Jennifer Garner) on Alias. Sydney….who was part of a covert spy organization…..thought her mom was dead….having died in a car accident when she was six, but then discovered at the end of season 1 that not only was her mom alive, but also she was a Russian spy put in place to spy on her dad. When she discovered that her mother was alive, she also found out that her mom was the leader of this criminal organization she had been investigating.

    • Ryan says:

      It seems very different, though, since we have no reason to believe that Emily’s mother is running the Initiative. Irina Derevko was “The Man,” the villain behind the entire first season, and the reveal with her wasn’t just about her believing alive after all this time but that she was an evil double-agent working for the KGB. I think the big twist here is just that there was a cover-up over Emily’s mother’s “death” and she knows about the framing of David Clark. But then we have that line from the White Haired Man about how Emily’s a fighter “just like her mother” which implies that WHM knows her mother…hmm…PS: I’m not here for “Revenge” without my imaginary BFF Madeleine Stowe. Though I can guarantee that I’ll be watching no matter what but I can promise you that I will be endlessly bitter if Victoria did die (even if I’m 99% sure that she got off the plane when she realized the ramifications of her actions on her family and when she remember her conversation with Charlotte about when retribution is worth it).

      • mirleival says:

        I think that whole line about being a fighter and must have gotten it from her mother was based on the fact he killed her father and he probably didn’t put up a big fight. But then it could be seen either way.
        I think Victoria got off the plan, but I don’t think it was because she thought what she was doing was wrong. I think she knew something was up.

        • Ryan says:

          But she loves Daniel and she knows Charlotte would be heartbroken if she sent her father (albeit, not biological father) to prison and possibly to death. She could lose both of her children if she got retribution against Conrad and they are the only people in the world that she would do absolutely anything to protect. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was suspicious about Conrad’s threat but I’d be shocked if she wasn’t at least partially motivated by the fear of losing her family. RIP Lydia, though – but, knowing, she’ll probably walk away from the crash without a scratch on her. Chick can survive a 7-story fall; I’m sure she could handle a plane crash. :P

      • If you saw quickly, WHM actually wink’s at the photo in conrad’s office as he knew she was watching and worked out that the camera must be in the frame.
        Got a feeling WHM definately know’s her mother and it wouldn’t surprise me if they are related somehow as well. Uncle, Grandfather?
        Name’s for people to play mother, the above list had some great name’s on it. I like the idea of Ashley Judd play’s into her role from Missing still an agent, so i think she would be awesome addition.

        • grannygeek says:

          The Grammar Nazi in me is going nuts at incorrect use of apostrophe S all over the place. Respectfully, maybe check out correct use of s and apostrophe s: as in pluralization of a noun, past tense of a verb, or contraction of two words.

    • Robin says:

      Loved Alias!

  33. Robin says:

    There was some definite foreshadowing of the reveal that Emily/Amanda’s mother is alive when the WHM made the comment that she fought like her mother or something along those lines…during their fight scene.

    Amanda coming back! – Ahhh go away – stay away…didn’t that one guy take her somewhere…How do we know the baby is Jack’s?! Where the heck has she been?! And why did she have to come back now?!

    I felt bad for Charlotte there at the end…Declan wouldn’t answer…”Dad” is completely absent and when she learns her Mom just blew up in the a plane…

    About that plane…Could it be some kind of set up…? Maybe Victoria & Lydia are now in the witness protection program or something…but then the WHM was there before the plane took off…what does that mean!?!?! I mean I guess we are to assume he planted a bomb or something or did something to the plane before it took off to make it crash…but but what were those winks about to Emily when he picked up the picture of Daniel and Emily in Grayson’s office!?!

    • Irishgirl says:

      I think the WHM knew the picture was bugged and was winking to Emily to tell her he’s got the upper hand now. He could have told Greyson that she is Amanda, and he didn’t. Why that wasn’t a HUGE sign to Emily that he had a plan, I don’t know. But then he also said he was heading to the airport……yet another HUGE sign that she should have seen. So he winked to tell her that she should have killed him and will now regret it.

      • Amy says:

        I think WHM knew the picture was bugged and winked at Emily to let her know that he’s on her side. I think by Emily sparing his life, they worked out some sort of arrangement and that’s why he didn’t rat her out to Conrad. I also think that him being present at the hangar when Victoria is getting on the plane is going to come back around next season. My thoughts are that he helps Victoria escape/survive. The 2 dead characters are probably Lydia and the SEC guy. If the SEC guy wasn’t prominent enough to count in the death toll, then I would go with Lydia and Charlotte.

  34. Amy says:

    – I love Nolan more and more
    – Fauxmanda is obv preggers with takeda or someone other than jacks baby
    – how did Fauxmanda escape takeda unless she works for him now…
    – I want to slap jack. Does the man have no instincts?
    – Daniel and Ashley are having drunk sex right now

  35. Ana says:

    This is how its done people. This is how you write a finale. Have no words right now. The season at times seemed to lose momentum and the writing sometimes teetered on tame but this made up for it all. Wow!!!! Well done ABC. Well done…

  36. Pauly says:

    Ya gotta think victoria listened to conrad wgen he said if she got on the plane it would be the last thing she did so she probably found a way to not board the plane

  37. Anonymous says:


  38. Maryam says:

    EPIC FINALE. 100 percent sure that is not Jack’s baby.

  39. Fabe says:

    I’m so happy that Amanda is back! She’s such an emotionally complex character. It will be interesting to see where this storyline takes her. Obviously it can’t be Jack’s baby, but I guess the even bigger twist would that it would indeed be his!

  40. Irishgirl says:

    I have to say, I saw the “your mom is alive” thing and Charlotte ODing coming from a mile away. The Emily and Jack reunion just seemed too easy, so the re-appearance of Fauxmanda wasn’t a surprise, but her belly was a disappointing surprise. Well….actually, Fauxmanda as the wrench wasn’t a surprise, but her appearance…..because why would Takeda let her go…..and her belly were a surprise. But the “I’m pregnant with your kid” thing is just annoying. Gotta say….Daniel has become such a disappointment. As much as I HATE the character of Ashley……Daniel deserves her scheming ways for being such a complete idiot.

  41. Chris says:

    i wish they had actually shown the plane explode.

    • mirleival says:

      Perhaps they didn’t for a reason.

      • Ryan says:

        The newscaster DID only say that two people died on the plane, didn’t they? They said the witnesses died but said nothing about the SEC guy. Maybe that’s it: Victoria told the SEC agent and they switched planes and made it look like they died and took the investigation with them.

        • tripoli says:

          I think the reporter also said that it was believed there were no survivors from the crash. Just assuming that they have yet to recover all the bodies.

  42. Calla Lilly says:

    WOW! That finale was AMAZING! But uuuugh I hate Fauxmanda! I cried when Emily and Daniel broke up, but I was also really angry to see Fauxmanda, I wanted Emily to get a chance to tell him the truth! And Charlotte, eek, I’m worried about her. AND VICTORIA OMG I HOPE SHE’S NOT DEAD!!! Why couldn’t they just kill Lydia and leave it at that?! No one likes her!

  43. jake says:

    Don’t forget everyone that Revenge moves to 9P on Sundays in the Fall!!!! Followed by fellow Brothers and Sisters alum Dave Annabelle (Emily van camp’s boyfriend on Brothers and sisters) in his new series 666 park avenue with Vanessa Williams and Terry O Quinn at 10p on Sundays!

  44. jake says:

    Seriously what has happened to Daniel? Was he brainwashed or something, ever since he had that closed door meeting with his father, he changed completely — and Emily heard that whole conversation.

  45. Kevin says:

    For all of those bïtching about Fauxmanda’s pregnancy: She disappeared in the summer. July? August? She could’ve been 1 or 2 months pregnant. Tonight’s episode took place in January? February? That’s at least 6 months.

    Do your math people!

    • Ryan says:

      She disappeared around Labor Day – when the engagement party was held – so that means she had to have gotten pregnant before the first Monday in September. If this finale took place in January, she has to be at least five months pregnant but I have a feeling that she’s pushing six months, that she got pregnant in August and that this episode is towards the end of January/beginning of February. Thanks for bringing this up!

  46. Davey says:

    Amanda is pregnant with Takeda’s child. I know Emily couldn’t murder anyone but she had to know not killing him would come back to haunt her. But now she still has the evidence thanks to Nolan?

    • Robyn says:

      Fauxmanda can’t be pregnant with Takeda’s kid because how would she explain Asian features to Jack. I don’t think Jack is the dad. Maybe Tyler? I don’t know. Had a feeling Fauxmanda would be back because there was too much time at the before Em was going to confess everything to Jack. Plus they can’t have her happy and everything be resolved.
      I think Victoria got off the plane. Maybe Conrad’s words spooked her, maybe she saw white haired man out of the window.
      Knew something had to be up with Emily’s mom, but wasn’t quite sure. Could be cool if it turned out to be the Irena Derevko situation from Alias. As for casting, now that her she is canceled, Ashley Judd could be her mom.

    • tripoli says:

      Why the hell would Takeda sleep with Amanda? It makes zero sense and would be a preposterous story line.

  47. Ana says:

    I hope Charlotte survives if only because she’s Emily’s sister and I would like to see them reunited. Have to say that I didn’t see anything that was coming. I was surprised with every turn. Except maybe Ashley trying to weasel her way into Daniel’s bed or life. Sunday’s this fall are going to be epic! I guess I will be bidding adieu to Good Wife. Revenge is a ‘can’t miss” event.

  48. Vicki says:

    Loved Nolan telling Emily not to anything “revenge-y” until he got to her place.

    • Alice says:

      I loved that too! But I’m not sure I’d still be watching if it weren’t for Nolan – not that I don’t enjoy the rest very much, but with all the narrowing of eyes sometimes it gets very telenovela and we’re knee deep in threats, counter threats, pronouncements of doom and wide spread eating of scenery. There is a great need for Nolan’s off beat. non-drama queen presence that cuts the soap suds and adds both humor and heart. And it’s sweet the way he ships Emily and Jack – even though his own heart may belong to Jack a little too.

  49. jessica says:

    what do u think victoria meant when they were watching the tape, she said “i know david’s biggest secret about his wife … if you go back years earlier…”. obviously the mom is still alive but whats the secret ?? and i missed how nolan connected what victoria was saying on that tape about david’s wife to americana being behind the plane crash? i didnt catch that involvement. and the WHM, when they were fighting he said you’re a fighter you must of got it from your mom. what else does he know about her mom?? how does he know her/ and last week, when emily thought she was ringing the WHMs doorbell, nolans aunt was talking about her mother like she knew her. it was a strange time to bring her up ……i also think nolan knows a lot more than he’s leading on, he keeps coming out of nowhere with secrets.

    • Irishgirl says:

      I think the big secret was that her mother is alive but David had told Amanda that her mother had passed away. I can’t imagine it being any bigger secret than that. And I’m thinking that the WHM’s comment about Emily’s mother was perhaps because the organization he works for had tracked her down and tried to kill her? It will be rather lame if she’s part of the organization that framed David Clarke.

      • Jason says:

        Revenge is a clever show that throws unexpected scenarios. We all don’t want Victoria to die (she is amazing) however she agrees that she has done terrible things inher past and would like to make it right. It is ironic she boards a plane knowing that it may blow up given she was involved with a terrorist attack when a plane blew up. She has certainly played a powerful fantastic role and now her character can move on with dignity. Hope not. faux amandas baby may be Jacks, then in season 2?she may die and Jack and Emily raise the baby. Although in traditional tv shows it may be a little predictable, can’t be certain with Revenge. It’s too clever

    • Irishgirl says:

      Been thinking….after reading the EP’s comments about Emily’s mom, I’m wondering if the big secret is that Ems’ mother is mentally unstable. So when she left…..and Emily was told she died…..she was actually sent to a mental institution.