Penultimate Revenge Recap: Sammy and Me

Revenge Season 1 Episode 21Friends, we’ve gathered today to say good-bye to one of Revenge’s most beloved characters. Sadly, Sammy — Jack’s almost-immortal yellow lab — finally has gone to that great dog park in the sky. Some other important developments happened, too, particularly regarding the white-haired man and his role in Emily’s father’s death. But seriously? I had a hard time focusing on anything except Sammy’s sad demise. So grab some Kleenex and please try to keep your wailing and sniffling down as we review the major events of “Grief.”

True colors | After Daniel’s family-loyal, truth-absent interview a few weeks ago, Emily found it difficult to be loving toward her privileged fiancée. It didn’t help when, via hidden camera, she watched him and Conrad plot to offer Jack hush money ($1 million) regarding Tyler’s murder and discuss using Daniel and Em’s wedding to redeem Grayson Global’s public image. But maybe Dan’s not quite as bad as we think — he referenced his dad’s promise of “100 percent transparency from here on out;” perhaps the younger Grayson thinks he’s actually working toward a positive outcome. Exit Daniel, enter the white-haired man, who was deaf to Conrad’s assurances that he had everything under control. WHM threatened the Grayson family as he told Conrad, “I’m afraid your word isn’t going to satisfy The Initiative.” (If anyone approaches you with a violence-inhibiting computer chip, Conrad, run like heck.) With Nolan’s help, Emily made it so Conrad demanded another meeting with WHM — and the techno whiz was such a good friend that he tailed the snowy assailant when Ashley’s wedding pitch session detained the bride-to-be. But Daniel, fed up with Em’s insistence that she didn’t want a huge wedding — and her incessant texting with Nolan — stormed out of the meeting, and Ashley wasn’t much happier. “Please don’t say you’re sorry when you clearly are not,” the event planner told her onetime friend. Ouch, and mrow! I love this cattier Ashley. With those two gone, Emily donned her black hoodie and grabbed some weapons before heading to WHM’s house, but at the address Nolan sent her, she found only Carole Miller, warning her away from letting revenge consume her. Ms. Thorne was ripped that Nolan had tricked her, but she later learned he’d posed as Burt the Cable Guy to wire WHM’s house for surveillance. Regarding this scene: 1) WHEN am I going to learn that this show is the master of scenic sleight of hand? Just when I was sure that Emily was at WHM’s abode, Nolan-as-Burt turned out to be there — a la Daniel when Lee committed suicide in the prison. 2) Nolan awkwardly trying to play a regular guy is pure comedy. 3) All of the wind-up clocks in WHM’s place are creepy. And who was on the other end of the line when he mysteriously said, “They’re onto us?” It’s also important to note that Emily told Carole her mother had been sick for most of her childhood, and then she’d died. Maybe Mrs. Clarke will pull an Irina Derevko and show up as the head of The Initiative?

Really old yeller | Emily’s anger dissipated when she returned home to find Sammy dying on her porch. A call brought Jack running, and the pair sat in front of the fire with the ailing pooch as he shuffled off this mortal coil. Even if you’re not a dog lover, I defy you to watch stone-faced as Jack thanked Sammy for being such a good friend. Nick Wechsler went for it in that scene, guys, and with Emily crying and holding Jack’s hand and stroking Sammy’s muzzle, it was only a matter of time before the mourners were kissing. Too bad Ashley saw the clinch from the porch; I’m sure she’ll keep it to herself, right? After Emily and Jack buried Sammy on the beach, Jack asked his longtime love what they were going to do, and she said she didn’t know. This throws a wrench in the cold-as-steel thing you’ve got going on, doesn’t it, Em?

If you want a job done right | When the Securities and Exchange Commission had trouble finding evidence of Grayson Global’s wrongdoing, Victoria decided to do it herself. At their New York apartment, she barely had time to trade barbs with her nearly ex-husband (Her: “You look good, Conrad.” Him: “And you look like a demonic succubus.”) before Lydia appeared wearing a slinky bathrobe and a smug smile. But a determined Victoria later returned to offer her husband’s lover immunity if she’d help take Conrad down. Even better, after noting that Conrad moved the fake de Kooning painting that had brought them together, Queen Vic sliced the canvas open and found Conrad’s own stash— the pile of incriminating money and other evidence he’d earlier used to threaten the WHM — hidden within the frame. The note she left, “Once a fraud, always a fraud,” incensed Conrad so much he crashed Charlotte’s family therapy session and threatened to end Victoria. At least he did it using “I” statements. The Graysons’ super dysfunctional ways sent Charlie running to Declan’s, where she apologized for yanking his scholarship and asked if she could stay the night. But when she realized that her ex was already entertaining his new study buddy, Jaime from Yonkers, Charlotte turned nasty once more and fled to meet a dealer and buy a ginormous bag of drugs. Meanwhile, back at the Grayson estate, Victoria caved to Daniel’s ultimatum that she leave Conrad alone. As Emily listened via bug, Victoria handed Daniel the bag she took from the de Kooning… and he didn’t even make sure his mom was out of earshot before calling his dad to say Victoria had “folded” and he had the evidence in his briefcase. On the phone at her house, a bemused Emily listened to Nolan brag about his spying prowess at WHM’s house. “You’d have been proud,” he said. “I am proud,” she replied. “You’re a good friend.” Aw. After they hung up, Daniel came home and they made nice, Emily eying his briefcase all the while. And at his place, Nolan watched WHM wind the clocks. Just when he realized that the video had been looped — has he not seen Ocean’s Eleven? — WHM grabbed him from behind and started choking him. Looks like the gig’s up, Burt.

Now, it’s your turn. Did you love the brief moment when Jack and Nolan acknowledged Emily’s hold on them? Did the Grayson family therapy session, complete with Daniel’s not-again! face, make you laugh? And what do you think will happen in next week’s season finale? Hit the comments and let us know!