Revenge: Madeleine Stowe Teases a 'Literally Explosive' Finale and Stunning Twist for Victoria

That “Emily Thorne” has any Revenge to exact every Wednesday night on ABC is due in large part to Victoria Grayson being complicit in framing David Clarke, her one true love and Amanda’s father, for a horrific crime all those years ago.

“It’s a real character flaw,” admits Madeleine Stowe, who plays the oft-icy society queen. And one the actress hopes to one day delve into.

“[Series creator] Mike Kelly and I have discussed a long backstory for Victoria that would eventually make you understand her damage,” she tells TVLine. Provided, that is, Victoria even makes it out of this week’s season finale alive.

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“There is a lot to tease,” Stowe says of the season-ender airing Wednesday at 10/9c. For one, “Emily is realizing there’s a larger conspiracy [behind David’s framing] that the Graysons have a been a part of.” Along those lines — and circling back to Victoria’s role in the cover-up — “One of the big things that happens is Victoria is hell-bent on redeeming her actions and herself. She can’t stand the lies anymore.”

But while that is a noble endeavor, Victoria’s bid to clear her conscience “leads to a game of cat-and-mouse and ends in a very explosive event – literally explosive – that has terrible ramifications for the family,” Stowe reveals.

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Stowe confirms that the finale uncorks not one death “but actually several,” though we’d have to imagine a scene-stealer such as herself is a keeper for Season 2.

“I can’t say too much,” Stowe hedges, “but the season finale is a bit of a stunner in terms of Victoria’s fate.”

Revenge fans, what are you thinking will happen in the Season 1 finale?

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  1. smidnite says:

    nolancan’tdienolancantdie NOLAN CAN’T DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. DL says:

    Cliffhanger: everybody dies… maybe?

    I think Ashley, Lydia, and Declan are cannon fodder and no one would really care if they die, so they’ll probably survive. Jack and Daniel will live to continue the love triangle drama. Emily will obviously live, and I think Victoria will too. Charlotte will live because she needs to find out the truth.

    That leaves Conrad and Nolan for major characters. I think it might shake up the dynamic too much if Nolan dies, and he’s such a fan favorite. Therefore, my prediction is that Conrad Grayson is toast, killed by The Initiative in an attempt to permanently silence the family because of what they know. It’s unfortunate because I LOVE Henry Czerny as Conrad, but his death makes the most sense.

  3. ChrisGa says:

    I think it’s safe to assume that Emily and Victoria are safe, and I’d say Nolan and Jack are the next most integral as far as characters go so I doubt they’re toast. I’ve actually been thinking Conrad wouldn’t make it out of this season alive so that wouldn’t surprise me, though if they wanted to do viewers any favors they’d eliminate Declan(and his wonkey Boston/New England/whatever-the-hell-it-is accent), Ashley, and Charlotte in one fell swoop and be done with the lot of them.

    • smidnite says:

      Lydia story kind of reminds me of The Good Wife’s Alicia in the fact that their husbands openly cheat while crushing any man who dares go near the wives…

  4. martina says:

    Hopefully Declan, Charlotte and Ashley are all gone for
    good! That’ll be amazing, since they are nothing but annoying.

  5. Lisa says:

    Bets are: Charlotte almost over-doses (and her fate is left unanswered in the finale), Conrad is killed because the cover up goes way higher than the Graysons (and he’s not as important), Daniel is now in charge of the company, Victoria is booted out of the house by Daniel, Emily is forced to choose Daniel to keep up her charade- breaking Jack’s heart, Nolan slips up and tells Jack the truth about Am-Ems-therefore giving them a chance and another co-hort fot Am-Ems, Emily kills white haired man (and his dying words are her mother is still alive or something along these lines), Declan is mistaken for Jack and is killed by someone hired by now evil Daniel trying to take out the competition-

    And just for kicks and giggles FauxAmanda either turns up: killed by Takeda, re-conditioned by Takeda to be an asset to Ems. Whichever- just need that loose end taken care of.

    • Jared says:

      With the possible exception of Declan being killed, I agree with essentially all of your predictions for the finale. Not that I would mind Declan being written out, but if Charlotte is going to OD in the finale (as I think she will), I can’t imagine them not wanting to wring all the angst they can out of that story next season (for better or worse).

      Conrad and the white-haired man will be the big deaths, but if someone else dies, it will probably be one of Emily’s minor revenge targets (Lydia, Mason Treadwell, etc.) Daniel essentially assuming his father’s place in the conspiracy is probably the best way to keep Emily close to the Graysons (while simultaneously giving her a new target in the Initiative). It would also force her to keep Jack reluctantly at arm’s length, since we know that the writers aren’t going to let them get their happy ending this soon. As for Jack finding out the truth about Emily/Amanda, I’d love to see it happen, but I’m a little skeptical it will be in the finale. He’ll get close, but I don’t think he’ll fully uncover the truth until next season.

      • Lisa says:

        I let my inner speculation go on that one. But I think they could string the Jack finding out thing for longer. But I think Declan is sweet but something is going to happen as a ramification if Jack doesn’t take that hush money. Maybe Dec will get beaten to send a message- he does take a good beating. Something that will edit well with Charlotte OD-ing.

  6. Keenan says:

    I think Lydia is a goner. If fake Amanda comes back she’ll be gone too. Charlotte is her sister so she’s safe. Who knows maybe we will get our wish & Declan will die. He can go back to GG for the final season i always thought GG was Eric anyway.

  7. TRICIA says:

    Am I the only fan that likes Declan? If you guys get your way then that’s another blow to Jack. I can’t watch his heart break again, I just can’t. Poor Porter brothers.

    • Kim says:

      You’re not the only one, I don’t get the Declan backlash at all. Yes his accent is annoying, but I can’t think of anything the character has done to warrant all the hate.

    • Sarah says:

      No! In a sea of characters who are constantly doing awful things to each other, it’s nice to have a couple characters who are just trying to be good people as best they know how. He’s one of those for me.

  8. Summer says:

    Do we know if we’re seeing Fauxmanda again? Or – I forgot his name – Emily’s mentor, that Asian guy?

  9. Mark says:

    Based on what someone said earlier, if Daniel is prime to take over the company after his Dad dies and Emily stays with him in order to stay close to the Graysons and avenge her father’s death, wouldnt it be interesting to see Emily slowly turn into her greatest enemy, Victoria? Stuck in a loveless marriage, conspiring, lying and scheming, while possibly carrying on an affair with the man she really loves?

  10. Fabe says:

    Amanda better not die. What would be the point of having her missing for so long, and then bringing her back for the finale just to kill her. The only satisfying storyline would be for Takeda to have made her Emily 2.0!

  11. Ryan says:

    I say: White Haired Man dies at the hands of Emily; Lydia dies…possibly at the hands of the Initiative, in an attempt to clean up the mess that Conrad’s made; and Conrad dies in an explosion that was detonated by Victoria or the Initiative (and I can’t decide if it’s Grayson Manor that explodes or if it’ll be a car bomb). I doubt Nolan will die and Declan’s death wouldn’t mean much at this point. So those are my guesses: White Haired Man, Lydia, and Conrad. I have a feeling that Victoria’s arc in season 2 would be in seeking vengeance against the Initiative, which could loop her into Emily’s storyline.

    • luli says:

      who is the initiative???!?!

      • Isaac says:

        I secret government/military operations harvesting monsters for study and battle applications, located under UC Sunnydale. HAHAHA. I jest. The unseen forces the White-Haired Man works for.

        • just saying says:

          This! As soon as they mentioned the initiative i wondered if that really meant that emily (amanda) is really a Slayer?!?

  12. Ella says:

    I can’t stand Charlotte, I’m tired of her poor little rich girl act. Kill her off. As for Victoria wanting to redeem herself, I don’t really know how that’s possible, given what a bitch she is. She’s a cold, heartless woman who sold the man she loved out, lied to her children, cried rape, had a child institutionalized by the authorities and continues to blame everyone else rather than take responsibility for her actions. If she was truly sorry, she would do her time, not ask for ammunity.

    • Shaun says:

      they won’t do that….she’s Emily’s sister.Maybe the writers will fix her character for next season.

  13. Ally says:

    I think a death that would most further the storyline is the death of…Jack. Yes, it would be the most shocking but I think ultimitely it would further the storyline most. Imagine what that would do to Emily. It would break her a bit but make her stronger in the end. I would hate it if he died but I think it would open up possibilities, especially if he dies saving someone else. No way do I think Nolan will die cause the character adds so much to the show. The Emily-Nolan team is by far the best part of the show. And the death of Jack could turn Nolan darker–more vengeful perhaps. I also think Conrad is toast–there are more than a few people I can see killing him. And of course, Fauxamanda will likely pop up sometime or her dead body. Im sure we shall be left shellshocked by the very capable writers on Revenge.

  14. nikki says:

    If Conrad, Daniel or Nolan dies, I am out. Victoria will never, ever redeem herself. She is the person that should die. WHM and Lydia are dead. Hopefully Ashley and Declan too.

  15. Maryam says:

    I swear if Jack or Nolan die in the finale I’m out. But my money is on Conrad and Lydia….

  16. Alex says:

    No one assumes that VIctoria could die? That would be an awsome twist.

  17. Maddie says:

    I don’t want Nolan to die. If he does, I’m not sure I would be back for S2. He’s one of the only character to humanize Emily.

  18. N says:

    Fake-Amanda will die. She was my fave! She was supposed to be on “Luck” on HBO.

  19. Isak says:

    I hope Nolan won’t die, but I doubt it, he’s too important a character, not to mention that storywise it’s handy to have one character that interacts with Emily in an honest way.
    About Victoria: NO WAY IN HELL she’ll die. It’s more probable for me to spontanously turn into a vase of flowers.

  20. justine says:

    It’s gonna be Charlotte or Nolan in the coffin I hope it’s Declan cause he’s way 2 boring and Charlotte would be an OK character if she had someone way more interesting to play off.

  21. I’m going with Lydia, white-haired man and Ashley. A lot of people guess Conrad will die but I hope not. I rather enjoy watching Victoria’s bitchiness toward him.

  22. Jenn says:

    Nolan works for the initiative. Think about it all the info she gets is from Nolan. It’s too convenient how he always has the answer or covered her tracks. The initiative is using her to take down the Grayson’s. Takeda is part of the initiative as well and he’s trained Emily to tidy his loose ends with the Grayson’s.

    • Bonnie says:

      David Clarke really could have worked for the iniative. He an Nolan became Pals.( How did David get money in prison to back Nolans company ? Davids love for Emily and her situation could have made him a “rat” threat. David could have been the head guy and Conrad wanted him both away from his wife and have the money for himself. Conrad said to WHM, we have another DC problem before killing guy who confessed to murder. Charlotte will be the dead one, Victoria escaped. Why not Victoria and Emily would join revenge forces. WHM winked at picture Emily planted bug in office. Conrad will die as he is no longer needed. Fake amanda will be discovered to be carrying the Chinese guys baby. Emily in the end will either ride off with Jack, or learn her love for her Dad made her an easy pawn to exact revenge. In the end I see Emily and Mom reuniting and her mom saying when Emily finished it all discovers her Dad was bad,her mom saying “amanda was it all worth it or Emily realizing dad bad and having Jack. Deaths Conrad by Victoria. Charlotte by drugs Declan by Daniel as mistaken I’d. Fake amanda in child birth british chick:conrad as suspected spy on family and business.WHM emily.

  23. Tim says:

    I’m guessing the only ones that will be dead next season will be Lydia and the agent working with Victoria. I don’t think they Killed off Charolette just yet & and we know Victoria escaped somehow, I dont think the show would survive without her.

  24. ari says:

    I will not see S2 without Victoria or Nolan, just cant get enough of them both!