Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on The Mentalist, Once, Smash, Criminal Minds, Scandal and More

Do we see sex in The Mentalist‘s future? Will Criminal Minds replace Prentiss/Paget Brewster? Is Smash‘s Ivy en route to an OD? Who faces off in Scandals juicy finale? Read on for answers to those questions plus other teases from TV’s hottest shows.

The Mentalist | Tonight is that night that Patrick Jane goes off the deep end, shoots one of the CBI’s own and then disappears to Sin City, where he catches the eye of Entourage’s Sloane – meaning, a cocktail waitress played by brunette beauty Emmanuelle Chriqui. Bonding at first over the topic of magic, “They have a nice little connection and hit it off right away,” Chriqui previews. Alas Jane, when he meets the lovely Lorelei, “is not in the best place…. He’s at a seemingly low point in his life,” says Chriqui. “But that doesn’t intimidate her too much.” Hmm, just how well do the two relative strangers get along? Do they fall into bed post-haste? Chriqui giggles a bit, but only reveals, “They have ‘an encounter.'”

Criminal Minds | Now that the season finale has set up Prentiss’ sayonara to the BAU to (perhaps) take that job in London, the burning question is whether the CBS drama will attempt to fill the void with a new face. Show boss Erica Messer says there have been “talks” about giving it the old college try, though she full well acknowledges, “Changing out characters can be a really difficult thing to do.” As Messer notes, “We have a good history of it working as well [with the additions of Paget Brewster herself and Joe Mantegna],” but “the most recent history is that it didn’t, and that’s what everybody’s thinking about.” But whereas Rachel Nichols’ short-lived Seaver was “so young,” Messer says, “If we … introduce a new female, it will be someone who is worthy of being on the BAU.”

Scandal | Not that you would miss tonight’s Season 1 finale for anything, know that you have this to look forward to: a very illuminating “meeting of the minds” between Olivia and Fitz’s wife, Mellie. “By the end of the season the First Lady becomes much less of a mystery,” series star Kerry Washington teases. “There are so many questions that people have about, ‘How much does she know? And how does she feel about it?’ And [in the finale] she will show you the secrets that she’s been hiding.”

VIDEO | Scandal POTUS Tony Goldwyn Previews Finale: ‘All Hell Breaks Loose!’

Revenge | At the ABC upfront party this week, I not only spoke with series lead Emily VanCamp and arch villainess Madeleine Stowe, but also Josh Bowman, who had this to share about next Wednesday’s season finale. “There’s a huge fight… There are a couple of relationship troubles going on… and there might actually be two deaths. Twists and turns galore!” But what about that which Tyler told Daniel on the beach before dying? Is that big red flag about Emily still tucked away in the back of her fiancé’s mind? “I hope so,” said Bowman. “[Daniel] has got to grow a pair of balls and catch onto what’s going on. But it’s good that he’s turning into a much more grounded character and exploring his darker side.” And as for the show’s central triangle, which veered wildly in a new direction last night when an emotional Em locked lips passionately with her childhood pal, Bowman showed perhaps a bit of bias by opining with a wink, “I wouldn’t root for Jack and Emily, if I were the audience.”

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Smash | So did she or didn’t she? Did Ivy pop that handful of pills and mimic Marilyn to an extreme degree, or did she have second thoughts? Interestingly, Megan Hilty reveals, that the sad sequence “was shot several different ways…. We did it where I actually took them, we did it where I did all these different kind of looks in the mirror…. But no collapsing, you never saw that.” Of the moment’s larger message, Hilty says, “It was Ivy taking her power back, as in, ‘This is the one thing I have control over, ‘in a sad way.”

Damages | The fifth and final season of the acclaimed drama premieres July 11 on DirecTV, and Jenna Elfman (best known for her sitcom turns, including the new NBC comedy 1600 Penn) plays a pivotal — and not very funny – role. “Yeah, I get murdered!” she told me, hoping that she wasn’t letting slip with too big a spoiler. After all, she notes. “You’ll see the ad everywhere, where I’m naked in a bathtub with blood everywhere.” The way it sounds, Elfman’s on-screen death will figure into this season’s flashbacky, unraveling mystery. “It’s a real whodunit,” she says —  one that features Ryan Phillippe as a Julian Assange type whom Elfman’s corporate whistleblower seeks out. “Ryan is incredible,” the actress raves. “It was some of the most fun I’ve had acting with anybody.”

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Once Upon a Time | Now that magic has come to Storybrooke, will the Evil Queen be in need of her magic mirror? Because he might be a little busy given that Giancarlo Esposito (who also played Sidney Glass) is now a cast member on NBC’s Revolution. But in a pinch, “I think I can [pop up on Once],” the onetime Breaking Bad guy tells me. “And I would love to be able to do that. I am so happy about their pickup, because it’s a show my kids can watch! So you know I’m going to be trying to go back and forth.”

If there’s a show you’d like the Inside Line on, email mattmtvguy@gmail.com, and maybe it’ll get some love the next time around!  (With reporting by Vlada Gelman)

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  1. veronic says:

    Giancarlo¡¡ Glad if he comes back to OUAT.
    And I’m still crying with Snow & Charming scene in the last episode <3

    • I am with you… loved that scene. I am glad that they will not be forgetting who they are – at least I hope not!

      • veronic says:

        I hope they will be more angsty between Snow and Charming (as every epic love story) but different, not as Mary & David. And I wanna see more Charming family scenes :)

      • Eli says:

        I hope the queen uses her regained magic to restore the original curse. It is too early for the story to head this way…

        • Jo says:

          I dunno, I don’t really want the show to go back to factory settings. I’d find it insanely frustrating to spend a season working to break it only for it to go back to the beginning. It would make me consider walking away. :/

    • ben says:

      This is the best news in a very long time. Becuase I would like him to pop up for at least a couple of episodes, including one as the genie since the writers have suggested they want to get Aladdin in there…

    • Bmoney says:

      I know they did not want to take away from Snow and Charming connecting again. But I think the very least they could have done was to acknowledge that Emmy was their daughter before they cut back to them and the magic was engulfing them. I feel like they could have kissed and then pulled away and looked at each other and both of them say Emmy at the same time.

  2. Teléfila says:

    I’d tell Erica Messer now Prentiss is gone not to sign any other actress to replace her. In some episodes some actors don’t have more than three lines. Besides Paget has left her mark on the series and it’ll be difficult to get used to a replacement.

    • dee says:

      This. It’s so incredibly frustrating to watch half that cast get underused week after week after week. Some weeks I wonder if Spencer Reid is even still on the show. Why doesn’t he ever go out in the field when it’s time to take down the unsub any more? Making the ensemble smaller will work to everyone’s benefit.

      • Magically Suspicious says:

        I’m in favor of any scenario that puts more Spencer Reid on my screen.

      • Teléfila says:

        That’s right, and sometimes it is because they develop the story of the unsubs a lot.

      • Pam says:

        They’ve announced who will be replacing Paget Brewster. I hope that since they chose to fill her spot that they use the person wisely but not overkill with it so that the already established character’s. Especially that of Spencer Reid and Garcia. Both had little more to do that a few lines per show and in some, it was as if Spencer was a side note character only to be used at the top of the show and then if lucky while giving profile. At least let the man finish one of his rambles!!!!!!!!

    • suzi says:

      I agree, there is no need to replace her–just expand the other cast members’ roles.

    • Margaret says:

      i’ve never thought he had much of a personality, but maybe have josh stewart (will) around in a few more episodes? he has a good repor with everyone.

  3. nikki says:

    I will never root for Jack and Emily. Oh, Josh Bowman. How I love you. I think white-haired man and Lydia are dying.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    “But what about that which Tyler told Nolan on the beach before dying?”

    Don’t you mean what Tyler told Daniel on the beach?

  5. Saint Alicia says:

    The last 10 minutes of Criminal Minds were heart-wrenching. Hotch and Prentiss slow dancing killed me; the song (beautiful selection, btw), their expressions, the way they held each others’ hands… If Prentiss ever returns, Messer better make good on her talk and put H/P together.
    As for The Mentalist, ready to disappointed and/or underwhelmed.

    • God, NO! Hotch and Prentiss, ew! That’s like having my brother and sister hooking up. And they’re not each other’s siblings. I like Hotch with Beth. The BEST thing about Criminal Minds is that they don’t focus on romance within the team — even with Garcia and Kevin it was tertiary to the plot. That’s one of their major strengths. No drama taking focuses from the cases. Just characters and cases. That’s what makes it one of the best tv shows. They wouldn’t screw that up.

      • Evyn says:

        This! I prefer my BAU team romance free thank you very much

      • Renee says:

        I agree with you no romances within the team. Ever.

      • francisca says:

        Ó SUA FILHA DE UM CARALHO QUE TE FODA, o Hotch e a Prentiss JÁ NÃO FAZEM PARTE DA MESMA EQUIPA, por isso, os argumentistas, SE QUISEREM, PODEM pô-los juntos sem estragarem a relação de trabalho e de profissionalismo que há na equipa. JÁ NÃO HÁ ENTRAVES PROFISSIONAIS.

        • Maria says:

          True, but there would have to be a weird long distance thing, like dating over Skype or something. If she took the job in London, that is.

        • Se toca, minha filha! Vai xingar a mãe de outra! Se você não gosta, não gosta. A Prentiss foi EMBORA, ela não vai ficar com o Hotch, supera, fãzinha desesperada!

      • justjack says:

        I was confused last night re: Garcia and Kevin. Did they break up at some point and I missed it??

        • Jackson says:

          Kevin asked her to marry him and Garcia said she didn’t want to get married. Neither of them came out and said point blank “We are done.” but the expression on Kevin’s face when she said no kind of said it. Hard to keep going in a relationship when you’ve crossed that line and someone says no.

      • Dalia says:

        I don’t think it would work a Hotch/Prentiss. They are very much alike! They would crash immediately! She’s perfect for Morgan!!!!

        • Jenny says:

          Statistically, much alike have the highest chance for a lifetime fulfilling marriage. You like it or not. After this dance I say yes to Hotch and Emily!

      • Meg says:

        One of my favorite things about this show is that i never saw any romance or triangles between any of the characters. it’s on so many shows and i think would really distract from the stories they are telling on Criminal Minds. I remember reading that there were ‘shippers to this show, and i was like “What?! For who?!” I don’t see romance for anyone on the team together… they are a group of close friends and partners, that’s all and that is how it should stay

    • Me too RE The Mentalist!!! I am tempted not to even watch it. Can’t they find an ending for the season other that Patrick shooting someone. If fact, I have not enjoyed The Mentalist as much this season as in the past.

      • Chloe says:

        I agree! It used to be a much better show. Whatever he does tonight will be wiped clean in the first episode, like it was when he shot “Red John” in last year’s finale.

        • Natalie says:

          I don’t think it’ll just be wiped clean that fast but I’m not really excited about the finale this year. It just seems like it’s going to be so dark and depressing and then next season they have to deal with the fallout. I’m also not really excited about Lorelei either. Nothing against EC; she seems sweet. I love good drama, but I haven’t heard anything but negative spoilers coming about the events in the finale. And at first I was excited about it but now I’m just sort of feeling a sense of dread. I just want it to get back to the great show I love with humor underneath and the team, and Lisbon and Jane all being their awesome selves that made me love the show in the first place. I don’t like the MENTALIST “family” all split apart like this. (Same thing with the NCIS team, but Gary Glasberg gave a great interview on EW that made me happy and excited about what’s to come next season). That being said, I love the show and will watch the finale anyway, of course. ;) Next season I’m thinking of taking a little break though if PJ is separated from the team still for the first five episodes with Lorelei. Then coming back after that all refreshed. I’ll probably watch the premiere though. Hope it does well in ratings tonight. I expect it to. Thanks for the spoilers, Matt. You’re a good guy. :)

    • jules says:

      Oh god no. Totally disagree. IF i had to pick a pairing on CM, it would be Morgan and Prentiss all the way. The way THEY held each other at the end was heartbreaking to me, not the H/P stuff. I’m fully okay with the way the show dynamics are now but it’s not out of the question that people hook up with other people they work with. If CM was ever going to go in that direction, M/P would have been my choice. But alas that will not happen. Unless M/P carry on a little long-distance relationship with her in London. One can hope. :-)

      • Kvivik says:

        Forget Hotch and Prentiss, did you see how happy Aaron was dancing with Beth?? I want CM to keep moving Hotch in a more positive and happy way. He is not going to get that with Prentiss.

    • colleen says:

      I agree with you Saint Alicia. Hotch and Prentiss looked incredible together. If/when Emily returns, she’ll be Hotch’s peer, not his subordinate. I hope Erica Messer makes good on her promise to put these two together. Emily could work for Strauss or another agency; and she and Hotch can finally be together. I don’t want to see Beth in Season 8, she spoiled season 7; her time on CM will hopefully be short-lived.

      • sofia says:


      • Jenny says:

        Um….when exactly did Messer promise to put them together? I’ve never seen or heard any such thing.

        • sofia says:

          A while ago she said they had thought about it but it wasn’t the right time for them yet. Maybe next season we’ll have hints about Hotch and Emily being in a romantic relationship off-screen. Emily and Hotch always had a very strong connection (and these are the writers’ words, not mine) and her last words to Hotch were “It’s a date”, so maybe he and Beth don’t work and break-up and things between Hotch and Prentiss develop into a romance.

          • Polly says:

            Sounds great to me! And if Emily and Hotch would start seeing each other it would be the perfect excuse to have Paget on the show from time to time. No need to construct a case that needs Emilys involvement. Just a scene here or there or just a phone call. Hotch and Emily could stay in contact and slowly turn from friends to lovers. If Emily becomes a boss of her own, it could bring them even closer, because they could talk about what it’s like to be the one in charge. I could see Emily asking Hotch for advise sometimes. Flash forward to the series finale Emily moves back to D.C. and she and Hotch decide to give it a try.

    • Missing says:

      Totally agreed!

  6. They shouldn’t replace Prentiss. I mean… Honestly, I don’t know. Joe Mantegna was the BEST thing to happen to the show. Gideon was SO boring, and Rossi is EVERYTHING, so, that obviously worked. CSI:NY replaced Stella in a way I couldn’t even imagined it would work. So, I guess, it could work. What I mean it, they don’t HAVE to. They have JJ and Garcia. JJ is a profiler now. So, they’re covered. The problem with Seaver was that they tried her to be a JJ look-alike with no personality. Maybe if they got a WOMAN, different from Prentiss — not trying to replace her, but someone of their own, with a strong personality, maybe someone funny, that could work.

    • jules says:

      Agreed. Gideon was painful to me. I didn’t start watching teh show until recently and watched all 6 seasons back to back. And I’m a much bigger Rossi fan than Gideon. And a much bigger Emily fan than Elle.

    • Michael says:

      Really because of till these season he was basic a ripoff and a copycat of Gideon who is like Reid father in fact we want Gideon back but as far as replacing Emily you know it has to happen or else people like Reid will take over the whole show and trust me after season 5 we dont want that

      • Amy says:

        Rossi is in no way a copycat of Gideon. In fact, the two characters couldn’t be more different. I don’t want Gideon back and I think the show is better off without him.

      • Debra says:

        Reid has been sidelined long enough and his fans are getting pretty peeved off about it.I will not sit thru another season of “The Unsub show featuring Derek Morgan, with special guest stars the Bau team, and cameo appearances by Dr Spencer Reid.”

        Morgan is a great character,but MESSer needs to realize not everyone is as enamored with him as she is.And as a Reid fan I don’t want Reid to take over the show.I just want him to get his fair share of screen time.

        I’m perfectly aware of all the focus Reid got in the earlier seasons.However Morgan’s character still got good screen time.Morgan played a crucial roll in just about every one of the Reid centric episodes.And I had no problem with that,I loved the way Morgan use to look after Reid.

        Now that the focus is on Morgan,the same does not hold true for Reid’s character.He is not getting the good screen time that Morgan use to get,when Reid was the focus.
        Instead Reid’s screen time has been greatly diminished.

        btw I happen to think that the show was a lot more interesting when Reid was the focus.
        And I know I’m not the only one that feels this way.

        The fact that you’re so worried that Reid might take over if they don’t get a replacement for Emily,tells me you are absolutely clueless regarding how Erica MESSer feels about the Reid character vs how she feels about the Morgan character.

        With MESSer as the show runner,Reid fans are lucky he even gets one episode dedicated to him.
        This pathetic woman will even go so far as to outright lie in order to avoid giving Reid a story line.
        We were suppose to get a storyline involving Reid and his mother,but they couldn’t do it.And what was MESSer’s excuse Jane Lynch wasn’t available,except that was a lie.Jane said she’d have gladly done CM again,but no one bothered to ask her.

        MESSer will also come up with any excuse to justify putting Morgan in a scene,again even if it’s an outright lie.She says it was fitting for Morgan to have the last dance with Emily bc he was the last to know she was alive.Bull crap he found out the same time Garcia and Reid did.

        I was pissed off that Morgan was the only team member who had any really meaningful moments with Emily for her last episode.Still I wasn’t the least bit surprised about it.

        • Pam says:

          I love the Morgan character, but I agree that per season he gets the most focus. He’s been shot in the arm, hand bit, knocked through a window and knocked out, was knocked out by a taser, knock out and kicked around by the Prince of Darkness, accused of killing kids and arrested along with the back story of his past, his “taking care and seeing to the care” of Spicer’s daughter on several shows, and of course the constant knocking in the doors in, as well as flirting with Garcia every show, and don’t even start trying to count the times he tries to tell them all how to run the show even with him not being team leader.

          And lets see, we have a 2 part story with 2nd half dealing with being held and tortured by a unsub with MPS, and a what 5 shows with small sideline story of him dealing with the addiction caused by that case which the hospital should have noted he had in his system in the first place and let his superiors know about, one 2 part story with Elle being shot and the “youngest holds the key” which means between the 2 parts we discover Reid’s mother is in a care facility, and he manages to break the code. Oh he gets blown up but somehow between top of stairs and bottom of stairs the pants that were on fire have no noticable damage and he is fine and no burns and forgotten. He got anthrax where again we mainly saw the others and just quick shots as he again solves the dilema and we see them start preparing him for transport to the hospital, a brief moment in the ambulance and as he wakes up. And then yes, season 5 they had to figure out a way to deal with his real life leg injury that was actually a dangerous situation for him, yet the show was not happy about it and he had trouble with getting them to believe the injury was real let alone the length of time required to heal. But due to that, they HAD to write in his being shot, on crutches and eventually a cane. We got a show with him having headaches that again just seemed to end with that story and not really giving a full reason behind or dealing with future continued headaches and doctor visits. So all in all, every show had Derek Morgan somehow a big part of the story and if we are lucky 2 or 3 shows a season with Spencer Reid standing out just a bit outside of the Season 5 which really didn’t delve much into his recovery either. It’s time for Spencer Reid to get a good storyline and let Derek Morgan be on the sideline !!!!!!!!

  7. Kristen says:

    I personally hope they don’t try to replace Prentiss, but I doubt that’ll happen. That being said, I hope they bring in someone a bit older. Around Rossi’s age, who’s been around the block and knows her stuff.

    • Jess says:

      I think it would be neat if they went the opposite way in replacing her, instead of someone older…bring in a female, younger than Reed, but like Reed. Though she could be more mainstream than Reed…like she is just as super brainy, but her life was more grounded. I just think it would be neat to see.

      • I’m starting to think I’d like to see Strauss on the team… and WHAT was that… Strauss with Rossi? My jaw was literally hanging open, LOL, like Reid and Garcia!

        • Kristen says:

          I LOVE Strauss! It’s always nice seeing her pop up. Definitely wasn’t a fan of hers in the beginning, but I adore her now. Strauss and Rossi sneaking around is. the. best.

  8. I really hate the way they write Ivy. A lot. Probably because Megan Hilty is so amazing I want to love her character. She blows Katherine McPhee out of the water with her performance. I hope they aren’t writing Ivy out of the show because I will stop watching.

    • Jen says:

      I couldn’t agree more! LOVE LOVE LOVE Megan Hilty! Every week I watch in the hopes they’ll finally realize how awesome she is and do something good with her character. Maybe next season!

    • marta says:

      I really hate the way they write Karen. A lot. Probably because Katharine McPhee is so amazing I want to love her character. She blows Megan Hilty out of the water with her performance.

      • Cookie for you, dude. Is there a reason you cattily copied everything in my post? I never said anything about not liking Katherine McPhee. Only that Megan Hilty is better. Katherine has good vocals, particularly for a pop star but Megan is pure bigger than life Broadway star. I agree that the way they write Saint Karen is both unrealistic and annoying but since she gets everything she wants by stomping her feet and saying “but I’m a STAR!” and “but it’s not FAIR”. I would think her fans would be pleased. If nice girls really finished first in the entertainment industry the world would be a better place. Unfortunately, that is not the world we live in. Fortunately, in the real world, high strung basket cases that rip off their costumes and go and hide in closets because they didn’t make sure they knew the part (even if they weren’t technically “rehearsed’) don’t keep their jobs. Good thing for the quality of shows on Broadway.

        • Samantha says:

          I don’t ever really seem to remember Karen stomping her and feeling entitled to do anything on the show. That seems more like Ivy’s MO.

          • Cookie says:


          • Oh please, she acted like a petulant child for most of the first 5 episodes. She flat out told the other ensemble members that they were big meany heads becuase “you should be welcoming me and helping me” Why, why you selfish egotist? Why on earth should people welcome and help a doe eyed hick who is coming in and being noticed over all of them. Broadway is not a hug fest it’s viciously competitive. Typically speaking you don’t help your competition to beat you. They should have left her attention hogging butt to get fired for constantly upstaging Ivy during rehearsals. That would have been realistic. That being said, Ivy does have a tendency to behave petulantly as well but she’s a better performer.

  9. Ana says:

    But is Megan Hilty coming back for season 2 of Smash? She was the best thing in the show. And I do like Katharine Mcphee a lot, but Hilty is just amazing.

    • marta says:

      I hope they replace Megan Hilty with Savannah Wise. Her character’s name is Jessica on Smash. Katharine McPhee and Savannah have GREAT Chemistry! And Savannah dances, Hilty doesn’t!

  10. The reason Rachel Nichols didn’t work on Criminal Minds had very little to do with her or the character. The fan base was enraged over the handling of Brewster and Cook and how they were needlessly making changes to a cast that didn’t need changing. Nichols/Seaver had no shot back then because all people wanted was the other girls back no matter who the replacement was. There were three girls who got screwed over in that deal and Nichols was one of them. I 100% think they should bring her back.

    • Aimee says:

      I agree about the fan outrage but I have to disagree that it was the only reason Seaver didn’t work. Her character was completely and totally unbelievable as a profiler and did not fit at all with the show. Look at Messer’s comment about bringing in someone who is “worthy of the BAU.” Thousands of fans spoke and she heard the message. She should not and will not come back.

    • Matt says:

      Sorry Jason but I have to disagree. The character of Sever was crap. She was written very poorly and the reason they came up with for bringing her on the team was just rediculous. It was clear from the beginning that the writers were desperately trying to find a way to force her on the team and I never believed it for a second.

    • I completely disagree. The problem with Rachel Nichols was Nichols and Seaver. She was a JJ look-alike with no personality, nothing to set her apart. There was nothing about her that made her stand out. She wasn’t funny, she wasn’t particularly smart, she wasn’t witty, she wasn’t quircky, she wasn’t… anything. She was just there to try and fill a void. THAT is why it didn’t work. Add that to the lack of storylines to her… it just wasn’t meant to be. Which is a great thing, because that ended up with JJ BEING BACK <3

  11. MichaelS says:

    An idea for Criminal Minds: Bring in Mary Steenburgen as a BAU agent and have her work with Joe Mantegna again…a great reunion there. Plus, it’s a wife leading into the husband’s show, CSI. ALSO: Will Mary Steenburgen show up on 30 Rock again next season? Please give me some scoop…Thanks.

  12. Adam says:

    I’d say if they bring in another woman it should be Jeanine Garafalo from the Criminal Minds spin-off show from last season.

  13. Lisa says:

    I won’t ever root for Daniel and Emily. Sorry….I’m not rooting for him just because of his pretty face.

  14. Lisa says:

    I’ll be watching The Mentalist tonight in hope that Red John is finally revealed. If not I doubt I’ll bother watching next season.

  15. Jax says:

    I personally hope they don’t replace Emily and don’t think they need to. However, if they do try I think it might work this time for two reasons:
    1. The situation is different and there is no fan outrage to fuel hatred of anyone new
    2. The producers seemed to have learned their lesson from last time. The BAU is not a babysitting service. Anyone coming in must be (in the words of Messer) “Worthy of the BAU”. They should earn their spot and prove they belong just like Ellie and Emily had to do.

  16. jules says:

    Someone just work some magic and sweet talk Paget Brewster back. Please???

    • KAJ says:

      ^This. 100x. (Although, I wish Paget the best and want her to be happy in whatever she decides to do.)

      • jules says:

        Ah yes…I agree and wish her the best too. But I wish the “whatever makes her happy” part would be coming back to CM. But since that’s unlikely, I hope to see her land in something great soon.

  17. Julie says:

    Matt, will you be creating a calender featuring all the premiere dates of television shows for this summer?

  18. Pepper says:

    I may be a bad person but I think the problem with Seaver was Rachel Nichols.

    I only saw her on CM and on The Inside – which I only checked out because of Adam Baldwin (what’s the skinny on him, btw?) – but she has a constant painful look on her face like she’s about to break down and cry at any moment. It was, at times, a tad cringe-worthy.

  19. Ashley says:

    I really hope they don’t replace Prentiss with anyone. JJ has grown into a strong enough character that she hold her own as the “main woman” on the team. I hope they keep the cast as-is (unless Paget Brewster decides to come back) and just give each of the remaining characters a little more screen time each episode.

  20. Sid says:

    Hey you guys you really need to get your ratings in order. You beat TVBYthe Numers. in all the hot news and schedules this year, so how are you missing how they do their number magic. Seriously not that hard…………………..

  21. Jen says:

    For Criminal Minds forget replacing her and bring on more Josh Stewart! He was great last night.

  22. ragincajun says:

    There is only one actress that I’d like to see join the BAU on Criminal Minds – Elizabeth Mitchell (Lost & V). Otherwise, just expand the roles of the existing cast, and don’t bring another actor/actress onto the show unless another cast member decides to leave.

  23. Emme says:

    Prentiss can’t be replaced! She had been around since S2, not like S6 or 7!!! Don’t ever have a Prentiss-clone or wannabe either!!!!! If there’s ever going to be a new agent, please don’t reduce everyone else’s screen time – just reduce Beth’s and unsub’s.

    • Michael says:

      Beth has only been on the show 4 times

      • Sara says:

        no 5 times this season (7×10,7×14,7×16,7×23,7×24) with big screen time. Kevin & Will 4 times w/much less screen time only in the final Will had maybe a bit more.

  24. Sadie says:

    I will never root for Jack and Emily – I don’t buy the whole “soulmates” thing with them, when they only spent like one summer together as KIDS

  25. Maryam says:

    I will ALWAYS root for Jack and Emily. Do not see anything worth rooting for in Daniel and Emily.

  26. tanner15 says:

    I cant tell if Josh Bowman’s wink is a good thing or a bad thing. I tend to think winks are a “hey I am saying one thing but really mean the other.” So I hope I am wrong because I really really really want Daniel and Emily to work!!!

    Matt can you tell me if this wink is a good thing or a bad thing for my Danily shipping?

    Ps. I hope Daniel has a secret motive against his father!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Michael says:

    You know they should get rid of Rossi and bring Ellie and Gideon back so we can have the A team again

    • Sara says:

      Gideon was great and the reason I started watching. I may get bashed for what I say… I would like to see him back for one or two ep. but never as a replacement for Rossi. Got used to Rossi and would like to see a military back-story w/him. Love Emily so much more then Elle, beside she left dishonored – killing that guy (though he was a bad one) no self-justice and Elle never had taken responsibility for her act. Or I should say – the writers made up this story for her because they can give any character any story just how they like it. Creative liberty of writing

  28. Lucia says:

    I’m hoping they don’t replace emily, just give the rest of the cast more time. But if they do, for me the only logic way is that jj replace emily as a full profiler and bring someone in jj old job, dealing with the press, that way you have a new face, and it dosen’t have to be in every episode at first and dosen’t feel like so forced…

  29. curasarion says:

    Do you folks fully understand what and why Mr. Gold did what he did? The entire Curse was an attempt by him to find his son. While breaking the Curse restored all the memories of the story book characters I hope you realized it DID NOT send them home! When Mr. Gold unleashed Magic, he didn’t just release it in Storybrook. He has changed the rules and has unleashed Magic on the entire world. It was the only way Mr. Gold could leave Storybrook to find his son. Now think about this for a moment: The entire world is changing as magic floods the world! WOW!

  30. Dora says:

    Great Criminal Minds season finale! Loved how JJ fought for Henry. AJ Cooks son is such a sweety. I’m another fan, who is hoping that one day there will be a Hotch / Prentiss romance, very low key of course. That dance was so sweet and made me wish for more. Maybe one day they will have that date.
    My ideas for who could replace Emily: 1.Monica Raymund, 2.Ali Marsh , 3.Tangie Ambrose 4.Linda Park ,5.Gabrielle Union.

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