Fall TV Preview

CW Boss on the Demise of Ringer, a Supernatural End Date, Gossip Girl Episode Count and More!

Ringer CancelledAfter showing off his network’s fancy new fall line-up to advertisers Thursday morning, CW president Mark Pedowitz met with reporters and was (lightly) grilled about the failure of Ringer, the possibility of Supernatural ending next season, the length of Gossip Girl‘s final season and more.

Is eight enough for Supernatural? | Pedowitz is not looking at Season 8 “as the final year in any way, shape or form.”

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Nikita‘s new foe — Fridays at 9/8c | Pushing Nikita back an hour gives it an incongruous and soft lead-in in Top Model and pits it against genre-TV rivals Fringe and Grimm, yes, but Pedowitz says it provided affiliates with a stronger 10 pm news lead-in.

Status of Selection pilot | Based on a series of young adult novels and likened, in tone/themes, to The Hunger Games, “The Selection is going to go back into redevelopment; we’re very high on it.”

Gossip Girl final season episode count | “We haven’t announced anything [regarding final season episode count]. It may be 10, it may be 11, it may be 13…. Our goal is to run it in the fall and end it in the fall. Obviously, it’s going to end before Christmas.”

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What went wrong with Ringer? | “I don’t think anything went wrong with Ringer. I was happy it’s there…. The show was well-crafted, well-produced, well-written, but it was a complicated serialized show” — thus making it especially vulnerable to an extended holiday break. “After it finished a run in the fall and came back in January, the audience went somewhere else. And it just could not find the 18-34 demo that we hoped.”

First Cut title change | The title of the Mamie Gummer-fronted medical drama First Cut was changed to Emily Owens, M.D because, for one, First Cut didn’t quite capture the essence of the show. Plus, “Since Mamie is so talented and so great in the show, we decided to go with her character’s name.”

Holding premieres until early October | Launching the season against everyone else’s new offerings affords The CW “no traction” out of the gate, so Pedowitz’s hope is that after a couple weeks of sampling ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC shows, people will discover what The CW has to offer. But more importantly, with the late start, “We can run straight through October and November without any repeats.”

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  1. bad kevin says:

    Love to see Supernatural come to an end after eight seasons since the show is now moving to Wednesdays going up against the likes of Criminal Minds, Law and Order: SVU and Modern Family.

    • Freyja says:

      That’s not big competition to me, considering SPN went against tougher competition on Thursday’s many moons ago. If you don’t like SPN don’t watch it. It’s not the last season if Mark has anything to do with it. ;)

      • Katie says:

        Since the exit of Eric Kripke as showrunner the show has gone severely downhill. The CW should have let it end with grace when it was still a quality show, now I’m embarrassed for Jensen and Jared the show has gotten so bad.

        • The show has changed, most definitely, since it started, but I don’t think it is nearly as bad as some fans seem to think. The monster a week format obviously couldn’t have continued forever, and I personally enjoyed the exploration of the heaven/hell story. Now I think it is just a matter of finding where they want the story to go next. It’s evolving. I’ve yet to be completely disappointed.

          • Patrick Maloney says:

            But that is the point, it has evolved into something Leviathan-like. . . Alright that might have been a hyperbole.
            But the thing I liked about Supernatural was that it wasn’t Buffy, in that it was very interpersonal between these two brothers. And now, it has just become about the Brothers and Castiel, or the Brothers and Bobby, even though I love both of those characters and many additions. The other problem is that it has become Whedonesque, as in that it has become very world domination centered with its Big Bads. I mean, yes the fifth season was all about the Apocalypse, but it was all connected to Dean and Sam, and how they reacted to it.
            My complaint of the show, even though I still love it, is that it has lost what it was all about in the beginning, about these two brothers.

          • wncmtns says:

            So I’m new to posting comments, but I thought this was a good place to start. I am a big fan of Supernatural and have enjoyed it from the first episode. I agree it is great enertainment and I love all the twists and turns of every season. You don’t know what you will get-it’s not predictable like some shows. Even with the change of writers or creators or whatever happened it has always been good. I could go on! Hoping season 8 won’t be the end- would be sad to see it over. Does anyone know for sure if it will continue? Haven’t found anything recent that says either way…

        • Ryan Smith says:

          With Sera stepping down a Jeremy Carver and Robert Singer taking over showrunner duties we may get back a bit of what we have lost since Kripke left, Plus take into account the fact that Kripke has returned (Although to a much lesser extent) as a creative consultant to the show.

          I have high hopes for this next season and feel that towards the end of the season the show really started to refocus back towards the style that it held before in a storytelling aspect.

          • LizA180 says:

            I have to agree with you. I have a lot of confidence in Jeremy Carver since he wrote some of the earlier eps in S1-3. I liked him on Buffy and Angel, too. I will always love this show no matter where it goes. Its still great but I HATE sera for killing off Bobby and taking away Castiel (he is now unbearable to watch). At least the Impala is back.

        • Freyja says:

          Oh please Eric was no saint either, that sloppy season 5 and he was involved with season 6 even though some people don’t want to admit it.

          Again if you don’t like SPN don’t watch it, Jared and Jensen love their work and the show so don’t be embarrassed they have a job. I happen to like season 7 much more than season 6 that is for sure, season 6 was more like throw anything against the wall and see what sticks.

          And speak for yourself, I’ve watched from the beginning and see no difference in the quality, I see some hicups but not much difference, then when Eric was involved. Oh wait I don’t nick pick the show apart either, I watch it to be entertained..

          So please take your negativity train elsewhere.

          • Melissa says:

            Agree, Agree, Agree.

            I’m so sick of people blaming the “show’s demise” on the fact that Eric left. If I recall correctly, Eric didn’t turn out the greatest episodes ever, either. Love Kripke, Love everyone involved in the show. Don’t get me wrong. … It’s just frustrating to see people frustrated for the wrong reasons.

            Eric’s the Executive consultant. He’s credited. He’s consulting. Read the credits.

            The people that like the show are going to watch it. People that don’t, won’t. End of story.

            I personally love this show. This season. I’m impressed with it.

            Yeah, there are problems. But there’s also development. The day the show stops developing is the day I’ll quietly shut the TV off.

            Which I don’t see happening any time soon.

          • Patrick Maloney says:

            Really? What season five were you watching because that was one of the greatest seasons of a television show I have ever watched. I agree with you that season 7 has been way better than season 6, though I think it was a cop out to not make Castiel a villain. And you really haven’t seen any difference on the show now, compared to Eric Kripke’s run. Because I didn’t know there was brain washing hamburgers that turn people into zombies in season 3.

          • Jude says:

            God bless you, Freyja! I am so tired of all the belly-achers……. Crap!! You people can criticize all you want about the writers…..but I find it hilarious that NONE of you are having the networks chasing YOU around and buying YOUR scripts!! And why is that I wonder ?!? Possibly because none of you can write anything other than ungrateful, bitchy whines !! As Freyja so succinctly put it….if you don’t like SPN don’t watch it. Me??? I’ve watched every episode since day ONE …. Why the heck can’t you all just take it for what it really is ??!!??

            Great ENTERTAINMENT !!! And escapism !! With gracious talented actors and solid scripts!

          • LawrenceKS says:

            Totally agree with you. I hate when people put all this trash out there about a show. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all… I thought everyone learned that in like, first grade. I gotta say, I’ve watched Supernatural since the beginning and it has been my favorite show since day one; I don’t care how long it goes, i’ll watch til its last day. It has become about more than just the show now. Between twitter and the conventions, I feel like I know these people and they are literally changing the world one Random Act of kindness at a time.

          • I watch it to be entertained too. I just think that Castiel’s state of mind is different. With the lack of Angels with so many supposedly killed off, it is still possible that Castiel could become out of the status of the “fallen Angel.” With Bobby gone, and it looks that way, they cannot take both of them away, one needs to stay. They need somebody with them. Face it, Cas has definitely added some laughs to the last few episodes of last season. That scene of “pull my finger” was funny. Dean was not sure what to think of that one. Sam is going to have to call someone and it’s pretty apparent that the only person he can call is Garth. I don’t think the show has faded out. It is just different than the other shows and that is why is has so many fans.

        • deansfangirl says:

          clearly you only watched the first half of season 7. every episode since it returned in January has been top-notch.

          • Melissa says:


          • Debi says:

            agree,agree,agree. Use your remote and turn the channel if it bothers you all so much! Let the rest of us watch TEAM DEAN and TEAM SAM and just be entertained!!!!

          • Patrick Maloney says:

            I wouldn’t say top notch but they have definitely improved

          • rowan77 says:

            They are mostly an improvement over the last fall, but there has been some awkward writing all season with the boys not sounding like themselves in the dialogue. Even the actors have commented on it and went to Robert Singer on set to try change it.

        • Alexis says:

          As a seasoned fan of the show, actors, writers and crew I feel embarressed for you, if you don’t like the show anymore no one is forcing you to watch it, Jay and Jen are extremly passionate about their work, all the effort they put into it for the fans and you say they should be embarressed? The show is a one of a kind and despite a tiny lull in S6 it has always been a stand out show and deserves as many seasons as the quality writing and acting can give it. If it no longer does it for you then don’t watch it but please don’t express these negative views to the rest of the loyal fanbase.

        • Mickey says:

          Katie, don’t confuse your personal opinion with absolute truth. Plenty of us still think the show is awesome, as evidenced by its continued good ratings.

        • Stephanie says:

          It would be even worse if the characters didn’t develop and take a more serious tone. I don’t see how it has gotten worse since Kripke left. Darker, yes, but it still has the same qualities which made Supernatural a great show in the beginning.

        • AB says:

          Can we give up on this old Supernatural argument? It’s so old news.

        • Long live supernatural!! says:

          Well I can see that you’re not a fan, Katie, real fans would stay til the show ends. So why don’t you leave the show and suck Kripke’s d*ck?

      • I agree with Freyja, those other shows are not competition at least for my viewing attention because i don’t like crime shows or family shows. I like shows like SPN. Nothing against the other shows mentioned by bad kevin. I just don’t care to watch them.

      • Kelly says:

        I agree

      • yanina says:


    • I agree with the others who said that if SPN disappoints you so much, stop watching, and leave it to those of us who still love the show. Yes, there have been hiccups, and season 6 definitely had its issues, but the series as a whole is a heck of a lot better than so many others on air.

    • AnnClau says:

      I don’t watch Supernatural, but it doesn’t seem to me like a show that would have the same kind of audience as Criminal Minds and Law and Order : SVU.They shouldn’t be affected by that move as much as the crime shows that are really going against each other because they’re the same type of show.

    • Jessie says:

      Oh please… here’s an idea. Make it end for you by not watching anymore.The rest of us can enjoy

    • Mickey says:

      The show held up against much stiffer competition, and there won’t be much overlap with those shows. There was definitely more overlap with Fringe and Grimm.

    • Tom says:

      hey bad kevin, or whatever your name is, do you know how to read? apparently you don’t, season 8 won’t be the end. Before watching a spectacular show, GO TO SCHOOL AND LEARN HOW TO READ!!

    • Carol says:

      Id watch or tape supernatural over any of those shows. I love the show an the cw network an have been watching since the very beginning an will continue to watch an recommend the show to everyone. If yr done with it then there’s plenty of other shows u can watch. But let us enjoy this show. Its a fantastic escape from everyday life for an hour that I look forward to every week. Keep up the good work SUPERNATURAL!!! along with vampire diaries an 90210!

    • SAM says:

      Lol…those shows suck…im shocked that you or anyone would say that…idgit

  2. darkdefender85 says:

    If they would bring the Angels and the Demons back to the forefront on Supernatural, the show could last another couple of seasons.

    • Drew says:

      Going backwards isn’t the answer. The apocalypse is over and if they rehash it over again, it will be a pale immitation of a great story.

      As we’ve seen with the Leviathan story, another apocalypse isn’t called for either. I would like to see a smaller story than the mess we have now, and something that is more personal to the Winchesters. But going back to angels and demons would be a huge mistake.

      • TJ says:

        You don’t need to go backwards to weave in angels and demons from time to time. They add a lot to the canvas.

        • Drew says:

          When the show started, angels and demons were so rare on the show, nobody even believed in angels. A demon encounter was huge. They became major elements of the story for a few seasons, but for very specific reasons. Those reasons are gone now. Angels should pretty much never be seen again and demons should be rare. Otherwise, you’re sacrificing the established reality of that world for the sake of easy go-to stories.

          I liked the angels and demons as much as anyone, but you can’t just keep them around because you want to. As a writer, you set rules and you stick to them. If you don’t, the whole series collapses. The mission is over. They need to go back to the way they were.

    • There is another whole story line they could pursue that would tie in with the angels storyline. And that would be to use the older prechristian mythology as a back story. It’s a story that has never been fully told although it has been hinted at in previous SPN episodes.

    • rowan77 says:

      First off – they HAVE brought back angels and demons (have you not seen the return of Cas, we met Hester and um… the other guy who likes Cas, plus a couple of other angels who were supposed to watch Kevin. And what about Meg and Crowley and the plethora of demons we’ve seen here and there in the pst five episodes.

      Secondly – it will last at least a couple more seasons because The CW has no desire to end the show next year (see Mark Pedowitz’s comment in the article above?) so unless Jensen and Jared decide to pack it in, I think we’re probably in for 9 seasons of the show before they call it a day.

    • Luis Velez says:

      they wont need to do this now that dean went to pergatory they will probably bring new monsters from there

  3. Mandy says:

    Mark is clueless. Glad the question was asked about Ringer although his answer is crap considering they renewed shows that had a lesser rating. Curious what he has to say about The Secret Circle as well.

    • AnnClau says:

      The thing is other shows could get new viewers next season with the timeslot changes. But Ringer would be less likely to attract new people as it would be harder to get into the show without having seen the previous season. Or everybody will feel like they would need to watch the first season before going to the second one.

    • Chris says:

      And what shows that got renewed did crappier than Ringer? Answer: NONE.

    • Mikael says:

      Yeah, they couldn’t blame the cancellation of Secret Circle on ratings, because wasn’t it 3rd out of CW shows? Yeah it didn’t retain Vampire Diaries’ audience, but they couldn’t have just moved it to another night???

    • Nadine says:

      It’s true how the long hiatus broke Ringer’s momentum. Some of its aspects were convulated, and I just couldn’t get back into it once it returned even though I was initially hooked.

      • lorna says:

        BS, they couldve brought it back. He might as well have said it required thinking, and the CW doesn’t like shows like that. rip ringer.

  4. Julia says:

    and what about few words related to The Secret Circle? There is one amazing song with the words “Silence is not the way …We need to talk about it “

  5. I still like “First Cut” much better as a title. Emily Owens MD just reminds me of Trapper John MD (a reference I’m probably too young to know about anyway), but her name just does nothing for me. It’d be like calling Grey’s Anatomy just “Meredith Grey.”

  6. Wes says:

    They say anything about The Secret Circle? I have nieces who were furious when I told them it wouldn’t be back. I’m going to miss it too.

  7. Robin says:

    But but I’m in the 18-34 demo and I watched Ringer! Perhaps if you hadn’t made their be an extended holiday break you wouldn’t have lost some viewers… :(

  8. Nicole says:

    So finally Mark is admitting the long hiatus is what killed Ringer.

    • ha! we could’ve told him that was a bad idea it should’ve just run straight through and ended in January that would’ve worked better or started in January I bet it would still be alive if it had. Also starting in October is a terrible idea. if they are worried about the September competition they should start earlier not later SMH

      • Dizzle says:

        They normally have done but starting earlier has two problems – 1) More repeats, and CW shows generally do not repeat well (as they are more serialised); 2) Once the competition debuts people go off and sample them anyway – and may not return to CW shows once they’ve missed a couple of weeks.

  9. Rolfe says:

    A few CW shows have caught my eye. Arrow looks promising. I just need to make time for it against Survivor and The X Factor. My DVR is going to be very busy!

  10. trev says:

    I’m just really happy Nikita was renewed. Hopefully it’ll stack up well against Fringe and Grimm.

  11. Manie says:

    Something didn’t go wrong with Ringer?! PLEASE, when every single show was back in January, Ringer was held back to promote H8ter (or whatever the name of that show was) which was a HUGE mistake… And half the people didn’t know the show was back before it was already back for two weeks… Ringer was, obviously, not a show for CW and would have probably done better somewhere else. Sad thing…

  12. Alan says:

    well that timeslot is the death of nikita anyway, no way it can do the ratings it needs with those two as competition, put it on at 8 it will get better ratings. damn cw never get things right

  13. ABC123 says:

    Nothing regarding “The Secret Circle”?

    • Kristen says:

      I find it very odd that there wasn’t one mention of The Secret Circle… maybe they are rethinking canceling it? I wish… that’s just weird though. Why in the world wouldn’t there be ONE mention on why The Secret Circle was canceled? It got higher ratings than Ringer AND Nikita… there should be at least some slight confusion on why they cut it, rather than moved it to a different time slot. Just odd…

  14. stevie says:

    supernatural, well.. bring back the roadmovie-ish, 2-boys on a monsterhunting journey-episodes. drop the angels, leviathans etc for some good ol’ urban myths and tall tales. – and get jared to cut his hair.

    • Evyn says:

      They already dropped the angels this season it didn´t work out so well

    • mac says:

      I take you haven’t seen season 7 yet ? They cut Cas, Bobby, Angels, Demons etc. and let the boys go back on their “hunting trip” didn’t go as good as expected, I guess that’s why they revived those storylines in the last few episodes.
      They failed to bring back the quality they once had and should’ve stuck with their s5 standarts but didn’t, not the smartest move
      and yeah…Jared needs a new haircut ^^

      • Patrick maloney says:

        I wouldn’t exactly call Dean and Sam fighting against Leviathans as much of a “Road Trip” as the first five seasons

  15. sarah says:

    Personally I think Supernatural should end. If they want to keep running Supernatural then why could they have not done the same for OTH.
    I do not think Ringer was to confusing, I was able to follow along!
    Interesting that there was not mention of Secret Circle.
    I do not watch GG but it sounds like he is only bringing it back to end the storylines but also sounds like he wants if off the air ASAP.
    I think Emily Owens, MD will fail.
    Since they are starting the shows in October we should get 7 straight before the Nov-Jan break and then when the shows return in Jan we should get 15 episodes of all the shows (for the full season ones) with one 1 or 2 weeks off.

    • MikeyM says:

      They’re milking this franchise dry just like Smallville.
      Should have ended this year since they don’t have any supporting characters anymore.

      • Katie says:

        They should have ended Supernatural two years ago. You’re right, they’re playing it exactly like they played Smallville. Which also turned into a massive embarrassment. At this point I wish Jensen and Jared would make the decision to no longer come back because that would be the only thing that would force CW to finally put the show out of its misery.

        • TJ says:

          SPN still has gas–if you don’t like it don’t watch and don’t suggest it be finished when others love it.

        • Melissa says:

          The show’s in misery? Really?

          Jensen and Jared love their jobs. They support the show. They’re proud of it, and their work.

          They’ve stated this TIME and TIME again. Stop being negative. Watch the show, or don’t, I don’t really care… but stop with the “this show is horrible,” “this show needs to be put out of its misery” crap. There are still people here that enjoy it. There are still people here that will watch it. It’s been renewed for a reason.

    • Ash_Ackles says:

      Supernatural is like a Doctor show, it can go forever, there will always be something to hunt, whereas OTH was just a drama, I loved OTH :) but it was time to end!

      • LizA180 says:

        I agree with this! I still see a long future for SPN. Did you hear the foreshadow in the season finale when Deansaid to the Vampire “see you next season?” I thought that was great. So I guess he will be the big bad. However, I”m so sad they killed Bobby off. He was so important to the show. Gah. I’m glad Sera is gone. Having Jeremy will go well, I think. I don’t know what a world would be like without my beloved Supernatural.

      • Luis Velez says:

        from pics ive seen there are monsters we havent seen yet

    • codystowers says:

      OTH ended moreso because the cast wanted it to, not because CW wanted it to. James wanted it to end and only came back on a part-time basis the last season, Sophia had/has Partners where she will become more successful and Bethany wanted to spend time with her daughter. Mark (creator) signed a deal to work on other things. The cast and showrunner didn’t want to continue it.

  16. Allie says:

    I’d love 13 episodes of GG. Perfect amount of time for them to tie up storylines. Plus, 1×13 and 2×13 were amazing!

  17. Lindsay says:

    I hope Supernatural goes for a lot more seasons!!!! I couldn’t live without it!

    • eric miller says:

      I completly agree.supernatural is as great as it has always been.I’ve watched it since the the begining.and if u don’t like it keep your mouth shut because no one gives a damn!

  18. MikeyM says:

    He’s in denial about Ringer. The writing was mediocre and the show was nowhere the fun Revenge turned out to be.
    We gave up about ten episodes in.
    Very dull

    • Deion says:

      He is correct about it losing it’s audience after the winter break. The show improved dramatically but it was just not strong enough to be gone so long.

      • Ryan says:

        Every show on every network has to have a winter break. That’s a fact. Otherwise, seasons would end in February or March and the summer break would be 5 months long. “Ringer” floundered creatively in the beginning and was often pretty awful and so viewers started tuning out. Eventually, the show’s quality began to improve but it was too little, too late. With a complex story like “Ringer,” a show can’t drag things out for as long as they tried to do and a show can’t go back and forth, week to week, in quality – especially a freshman series. “The Secret Circle” suffered for similar reasons since the quality rapidly declined after the first six episodes or so and didn’t start turning around until it came back from winter break. Both shows didn’t find their feet until the viewers had started tuning out. So I think both shows’ fates were the result of creative difficulties that led to plummeting ratings. It wasn’t just the break. Every show has breaks.

        • Shaun says:

          It returned later than every other CW show I think….

          • Ryan says:

            By one week. “Ringer” was on hiatus 9 weeks. “Vampire Diaries” and “Secret Circle” were on hiatus for 8 weeks. But “Ringer” came back and aired the rest of the season with zero interruptions – unlike every other show – and still couldn’t maintain or improve its audience.

          • Ryan says:

            I mean, yes, it returned from hiatus later than every other show but it went on hiatus later than every show, as well. “Ringer” went off the air at the end of November, came back the end of January. Every other CW show went off the air in the beginning of November and came back in the beginning of January. “Ringer” had a hiatus that lasted 9 weeks total; other shows’ lasted 8 weeks total.

    • Ryan says:

      Oh, “Revenge” is a fantastic example of the correct way to do a complicated soap opera. They had a ridiculous hiatus between episodes and would be on the air, then off the air, on the air, then off for 7 weeks. “Ringer” went off the air for a while but it came back and aired straight through. And, honestly, they didn’t even come back that late. They ended in the last week of November and came back at the end of January. That’s not unusual. “Revenge” had a much more chaotic airing schedule and yet they never shed viewers like “Ringer” did. Quality matters when it comes to freshmen series. I think Pedowitz is just dancing around saying that the creative side was its downfall because he brought the show in, he took a chance on it, and it failed but he doesn’t want to come out and bash the show. We’re viewers, though, so we’re allowed to.

  19. what about The Secret Circle? it’s random… he didn’t say a word about it?

  20. Maybe if they had a TV season that lasted from Oct to early May without repeats or sweeps weeks shows would stay on longer and people not lose interest

    • Boiler says:

      I agree wholeheartedly. This is a MAJOR problem for alot of borderline shows. You would think they would have figured this out by now

  21. Brian says:

    Does he know when Secret Circle is coming back yet?

  22. Nichole says:

    So, he basically admits they killed Ringer with their extended break. Hate you CW.

  23. I DON’T WANT SUPERNATURAL TO END AFTER 8 SEASONS! I want at least 2 years with this show since I got in at the very END of season 6 and still trying to get a very CLEAR picture on the characters and i just REALLY don’t know what i’d do without it!!!!!!!! KEEP GOING PLEASE!!!

    • Katie says:

      Your post is illuminating, I now know who is watching Supernatural, people who JUST discovered the show. Those of us who have watched from the beginning are frustrated because it’s nowhere near the quality it used to be.

      • Melissa says:

        Wrong. I’ve been a fan since season one. Not frustrated. Not annoyed. Enjoying the show.

      • pmaat85 says:

        I’ve been watching it sense the beginning and have no problem with the way it is now. Sera Gamble irritated me a little I think it’s going to get better with Carver. I really don’t like it when people make generalized assumptions based off their own feelings and that of a few people they know. Several people I know, who have also watched from the beginning, think it is still going strong as well.

      • mac says:

        I beg to differ, I’m a fan since season 1 and the only season that REALLY dissapointed me is season 7, they wanted to bring back the old flair and killed off Bobby and Cas to bring it back but look at what we’ve got…a mess. I’m positive about Carvers takeover especially since the latest episodes were pretty decent.

      • Alexis says:

        I’m sorry, you seem like a rude person, being horrible, trampling over other peoples lovely posts. I myself have been a fan of Supernatural from S1 and I adore every single thing about it, I even have the tattoo the boys have myself, if I didn’t love the show and hadn’t been watching it from the start would I have got it? I think you need to leave this topic alone, you are cearly upsetting people with your negative attitude. Leave us Supernatural fans alone to enjoy the prospect of a new season.

      • I’ve been watching since the beginning, and I’ll be with it til the end. I DON’T want it to end at 8 seasons. I want it to keep going as long as Jared and Jensen want to continue, and as long as the stories continue to hold up. I’m in for the long haul.

        All you nay-sayers and haters should just go away. If you’re so disappointed, then leave. Stop watching.

      • Jeff says:

        You know what would be nice? Speaking for yourself. The show is still great. Is it as good as seasons 4 + 5? No. Not much is. But season 7 has been overall very good a huge step up over season 6, which still had plenty of good episodes.

      • Kate says:

        I’ve been watching since the pilot and I still love the show. Granted Season 7 has had it’s problems but there has also been some great episodes even if the season long arc was uneven. Even at it’s weakest, Supernatural is still better than a lot of crap on TV. If you don’t like it it’s very simple to just stop watching.

      • Lisa London says:

        I’m also a VERY recent fan (caught up on all the episodes in a month from January this year) and I can see why some might think that the show has lost a little steam. What I also see is that it’s still one of the best shows (if not the best) of its genre and I can’t wait to see which direction they will take in season 8.

      • Luis Velez says:

        ive watched all the episodes there were only a few of them i didnt like mainly the ones with ghost facers, the show is still going very strong. if you dont like it dont watch it there will still be plenty that do and i know ill watch till the end!

  24. Elizabeth says:

    So my Friday nights at nine are going to consist of “Nikita,” “Fringe” and “Haven” against each other. Note to self: buy another television.

    And God help me (mostly because I’m old enough to remember the Linda Hamilton/Ron Perlman version) but “Beauty and the Beast” looks intriguing.

  25. MikeyM says:

    Yeah. I would like to hear about Secret Circle

  26. Drew says:

    I am eager to see what they do with Supernatural next year. The stand alone episodes have been good this year and I have liked the character arcs, but the Leviathan story is a hot mess that is dragging down the show. I like what Jeremy Carver has done with Being Human, so I am psyched for next season. I certainly won’t be ditching the show because of one weak season after six great seasons.

    Arrow could be promising, assuming they don’t turn it into Gossip Girl with tights. make it a guy show, to go with Supernatural, and it could be good.

    Beauty and the Beast neat (which sounds more like the Hulk) doesn’t sound too promising. Allowing Vincent to look like an Abercrombie model most of the time misses the point of the original.

    I wish they were premiering Cult in the fall.

  27. Nick says:

    Ringer wasn’t that complicated, I came in at episode 11 & I understood it!!! I wish it was renewed because it really started to find its stride towards the end

  28. amiee says:

    So people were too stupid to “get” Ringer and the long/stupid hiatus ruined it. Gotcha. Ugh. The show wasn’t even complicated.

  29. Tara says:

    Why no mention of Secret Circle?? That’s the one I feel is getting the most flak for being canceled.

  30. Ric says:

    I really wanted to see Bridget and Andrew reconcile on Ringer. Could a better conclusion find it’s way to another network or DVD?

  31. Ti says:

    What about The Secret Circle? It had good ratings (better than Heart of Dixie or Gossip Girl) and ended in such a note that left fans (and I am one of those) wanting to know more. I’m still pissed about how that one went and I’m refusing myself to watch any new CW shows. I’ll keep on watching TVD and Nikita but that’s it. I’m done.

  32. Phil says:

    It’s funny. Last season, nobody cared or talked about TSC. Now that The CW canceled it, to make room for “real dramas”, fans are showing up out of nowhere. Just get over it! I used to watch the show, but I didn’t suffer when it got canned. The show wasn’t that good anyway.

    • Phil says:

      Same goes with Ringer. It finished with a cliffhanger, but I didn’t care about it. I watched both shows, and both were trashy. I’m not a fan, neither a hater, but Dixie and Nikita are way more interesting shows, and that’s why they were renewed over TSC and Ringer…

      • Ryan says:

        And what’s even worse is that the cliffhanger at the end of “Ringer” wasn’t even anything new! It was what we knew was coming from the very beginning. It was predictable. At least “The Secret Circle” ended in a place that was completely different from where it started. The show grew. It had its weak episodes in the middle but it grew in the last third. “Ringer” was stagnant and either talked down to its viewers with ten minutes of exposition per episode or waste our time with storylines and characters that meant absolutely nothing in the end (Gemma, Malcom).

  33. tvaddict says:

    This man must be questioned regarding the insane cancellation of my beloved Secret Circle!

    • Anonymous says:

      I second this! Plus is there any word about TSC being picked up by ABC Family or MTV?

      The Secret Circle seriously deserved and earned itself a 2nd season, but nope, CW cancelled it. :\ And Mark doesn’t even say a word about it here!

  34. guest says:

    yes, surprise. if you send a series on a longer break, people will wander off. I liked Ringer and was hoping for a second season but I am not attached to my TV. I do have a life. Maybe one day, TV stations get back to providing good TV with less breaks instead of cheaping out on us. supply and demand.

  35. Missy says:

    there was already a show called beauty and the beast with the same character names with the same plot why reboot the show with a new version of it they should of kept secret circle that was a stupid move on the CW’s part

  36. Andrew Weckwerth says:

    I prefer SPN on fridays. Cause I work on Wednesdays & don’t have DVR! So SPN & the CW will loser a viewer! The CW is just trying 2 recreate the magic SPN had with Smallville! Which is disappointing! So I guess I’ll just wait 4 SPN season 8 on Dvd or Blu Ray!

    • Melissa says:

      You can get it on iTunes. You can watch it on the CW website. The CW pays close attention to those as well.

  37. Alice says:

    Happy that Supernatural will keep going! I want to grow old with Sam & Dean :)

    • kelli petersen says:

      I want a good season i still love the show season 7 could have been better but i stood by it season eight hoep there not repeating season four with dean being gone for a year and come back with a secret

  38. Claus says:

    We want LA Complex!

  39. Tausif Khan says:

    Are Craft and Fain still involved with The Selection development?

  40. AEBW says:

    As a religious viewer of the show, I am very disappointed that a great show like Ringer was cancelled because the network screwed up by having an extended hiatus to promote a garbage show that didnt even make 5 episodes It kills me that ridiculous shows like America’s Next Top Model & 90210 are still on the air & a quality show like Ringer pays the price for bad management. As far as The Secret Circle, it was a good show & I think it paired well with Vampire Diaries on Thurs. I just wish TSC would have killed off the Adam character though. I couldnt take him seriously with his “whisper talk” acting.
    A member of the 18-34 Demographic

    • Ryan says:

      “Ringer” was off the air for 9 weeks in the winter. “Vampire Diaries” and “The Secret Circle” were off the air for 8 weeks. That’s literally a one week difference. One week. That’s not an “extended hiatus.” That would be when a show goes off the air in November and doesn’t come back until March. “Ringer” was on hiatus for one week longer than the CW’s blockbuster and fellow, floundering freshman series but then it ran straight through its final 12 episodes while other shows took weeks off throughout the rest of the season. “Ringer” had an infinitely better deal in terms of air-time.

      • Nichole says:

        The Vampire Diaries is an established show that can stand the break. Not so much for Ringer. Secret Circle at least had a strong lead in, but even that wasn’t enough. Plus, during Ringer’s break, instead of repeats they aired horrendous crap they couldn’t fit into the schedule, so of course a lot of viewers found something else to watch at that time. CW killed Ringer’s momentum and potential. I hate them for it. This is the kind of thing I expect from Fox. They are famous for doing what they can to kill a new shows ratings and them blaming the ratings when they cancel their shows. CW, don’t try to be like Fox. They have alienated a lot of viewers doing this, and you have a lot less viewers. You can’t afford to alienate them.

        • Ryan says:

          Do you realize how much time and money and energy the CW put into promoting “Ringer” before the show started and in the beginning of the season? Not to mention the fact that you were 10 times more likely to see an ad for upcoming “Ringer” episode than you were for any other show on the CW. Trust me, I watch almost every show on the CW. If “Ringer” was as good as article commentators say it was, then it would’ve retained its audience whether it was off the air for a week longer than other shows or not. My point wasn’t about “The Vampire Diaries,” though. It was about “The Secret Circle” – another freshman series that the CW put a lot of time/money/energy into. The shows floundered creative and didn’t turn themselves around until it was too late. By then, of course people dropped the show and didn’t bother checking back in. If a freshman series can’t hold an audiences’ attention by the midseason finale, why should the audience come back? So, no, the CW was never trying to kill “Ringer.” The only thing that could’ve SAVED “Ringer” was replacing the entire writing staff – including the showrunners – and then promoting how the show is being reinvented over the summer. And, keep in mind, winter hiatuses have been happening for forever and yet “Ringer” – a show that had the best airing scheduled out of all the shows on the network – still couldn’t keep up with how TV is structured. And, FYI, “90210” might be the worst show on the network (or one of the worst, alongside “Gossip Girl”) but it’s a 4th or 5th year show and it pulls okay ratings – ones that are way better than “Ringer.”

          • Nichole says:

            Do you work for the CW or something? You are trying way to hard to justify their mishandling of this show. It seems personal.

          • Ryan says:

            I’m trying to point out that “Ringer” didn’t stand a chance at renewal. Go on Google, crack a book, learn how networks actually work before you make it personal. This is not about how you or the 1 million other “Ringer” fans feel. If you were so passionate, you should’ve tried to get the word out about how the show turned around in the last ten episodes, how it improved dramatically on it’s campy and predictable first twelve episodes. The network never gave up on “Ringer” until it was clear that it was a lost cause. And, honestly, if I worked for the CW, “The Secret Circle” would be on Fridays with “Nikita” right now. You are more than entitled to be upset about the loss of a show you enjoyed but you’re blinded by your emotions right now and aren’t looking at this practically, like a network would.

        • Chris says:

          I loved Ringer, but frankly, it flopped. It got tons of promotion, aired reruns on Wednesdays for a while, and was advertised frequently during other CW shows, but few viewers were interested. You claim the hiatus killed it. I disagree. The show was stinking up the Nielsens before it went on hiatus. Yes, things got worse afterward, but most of the CW lineup declined in the spring (and so did most shows on the other major networks, BTW). Ringer debuted in September with a 1.2 in the demo. By October 5, it was already down to a putrid .6, losing half of the audience very quickly. That right there says a lot. Just face the facts. Viewers bailed on Ringer because they didn’t like the show.

          • Ryan says:

            THANK YOU! Thank you so much! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! This is exactly what I’m trying to say but you did it so much better because you have the actual numbers handy (I was too lazy to google them after looking up when the hiatus took place). This is what I’m saying. The CW never gave up on the show. In fact, they probably put way too much time and energy and money into it and continued to do so until the finale aired. The CW never gave up on “Ringer;” VIEWERS gave up on “Ringer” because they weren’t interested in it for creative reasons. The show failed itself.

    • Ryan says:

      Though AMEN in regards to Thomas Dekker. Adam was always my least favorite character, even in the books. Not enough Diana and Melissa, honestly.

  41. @HausOfSPN says:

    I have watched Supernatural from season one and, although I do, rarely, see minor slips in the storyline, I have noticed no significant loss is the quality of the show. Like said above, you watch the show if you like it, and you don’t watch it if you do not like it; a lack of uderstanding in regards to the storyline, as a whole, seems to be the problem with many of the so-called “fans”.

  42. ChrisGa says:

    TSC would’ve probably been renewed if it hadn’t aired behind TVD. When you’re on after the network’s most successful show and you shed over half it’s viewership then I’d say you’re pretty much failing. And this is coming from someone who was a fan of the show; it got infinitely better during the second part of the season(as did Ringer) and toward the end I thought it was even better than TVD. The only thing that annoys me about the whole thing is not the slate of new shows but the fact that garbage like GG and 90210 are still hanging around and better shows (i.e. TSC and Ringer) aren’t.

  43. James says:

    I’m really surprised with The CW this year. I thought they were gonna cancel 90210 and Hart of Dixie and pick The Selection for a complete season. However, I think they made a big mistake canceling Ringer (the show was getting better) and The Secret Circle (I was not a fan but I knew many people who liked the show). Besides, based on ratings, 90210 should be a goner.
    Supernatural, for example, is another series that has to end NOW. It has become the Desperate Housewives of the CW and with each season it’s worse. And I’m saying that as a fan of the first 4 seasons, but now it’s just repetitive and predictable.
    I’m thankful GG is going to end, better do it on a high note (but still is not as good as its first season).

  44. Walter says:

    I didn’t watch much of Supernatural this year, but I LOVED the stand-alone episodes. Very much Season One-ish. I do agree that the season-long Leviathan storyline is tiresome, but on this show, when the season-long Big Bad storyline is done right, it makes the show so much better.

  45. kernel thai says:

    I have no problem with Nikita at 9 pm on Friday. I also like the Arrow SPN combo on Wed. I think TVD helps Beauty more than it would help Arrow.

  46. Emily says:

    The only valid reason to name a show after the lead character is if the character is interesting. Characters like Sherlock, House, and Dexter are interesting. A character that is a mashup between You Again and Grey’s Anatomy does not qualify.

  47. Angie says:

    Really excited for more Blair and Chuck in season 6 of Gossip Girl. Hope there are 13 episodes with lots of sexytimes.

  48. tabularasalocke says:

    Sorry, but telling people who don’t like Supernatural to not watch, is not the answer. This season’s ratings have been the worst of the series. A change needs to come (and probably will with Carver) and it needs to bring in more viewers or it won’t be profitable for the show to continue.

    But personally, I think it should’ve ended at season 5.

    • Jude says:

      Still think the whole CW might benefit from some money put into advertising. They more or less bring this whole lack of viewers thing down on their own heads!

  49. Shelli says:

    I really hope they cancels Supernatural after s8. Probably it’ll be like x-men,Humans Vs. Monsters in S8 because Dick’s revealed he’s a monster at the end of s7. Dean & Sam will ends up helping & working w/ the monsters instead killing them. I really hope they induces God,I would luv to see him!!!!

  50. Jody says:

    The seventh season is great and I am dying to see the end of this season, the sixth had his good times overall and I am a fan who started watching in the first season and still see supernatural with two more seasons beyond the next. Is series is strong as the Winchester brothers. :D