Post Mortem: Vampire Diaries Boss on Finale Gamechanger, Elena's Choice and Who's a Goner

Vampire Diaries Nina DobrevWARNING: If you have yet to watch Thursday’s season finale of The Vampire Diaries, avert your eyes now. Everyone else, you may proceed….

Did that just happen?!

That was the reaction heard around the Internet after the shocking season finale of The Vampire Diaries. Now that you’ve had time to absorb it all, read on to find out what executive producer Julie Plec told TVLine about Elena’s new life as a bloodsucker, the love triangle that won’t quit, the death that stuck and the one that didn’t.

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TVLINE | How did the cast react to the finale, especially given how much is changing for their characters?
They were very, very, very positive and supportive of the finale. So many of them found a beauty in what they felt like was returning to all the things they loved most about the show in the early episodes of the series. Stuff that was simple and pure and steeped in character and emotional. And they loved having Sara Canning back in their world.

TVLINE | At PaleyFest, when someone asked if Elena will become a vampire like in the books, you very coyly replied, “We’ll see.” How hard was it to keep this secret?
Oh my God, when that person asked, my heart just fell down from my chest to my toes! All I thought was, “Answer this as though she isn’t. As you would answer it if you hadn’t spend the entire year in the writers room planning for this.” [Laughs]

TVLINE | So she’s definitely becoming a vampire?
They’re going to try to pull out all the stops to try to prevent it when we come back, but I think the writing is on the wall as far as her journey.

TVLINE | In the past, Elena’s been very adamant about not wanting that life. How will this affect her?
It’s going to affect her in a lot of ways. It changes everything for her. It’s not going to be easy. It’s going to be a struggle. It’s going to illuminate a lot of things about who she is, and it’s going to screw with her head and her emotions. It’s going to be tough. But the beauty of Elena is now we’ll get to see her try to rise above it and be a champion in spite of this. We’ll see how hard that is and how long it takes her to become a functioning vampire, if at all.

TVLINE | Given how crazy her life has become and all the supernatural elements in it, was this inevitable for Elena?
Yeah, I think so. Who knows if the books hadn’t turned her into a vampire at the end of book one if we would have gone down this road or if it never would have occurred to us to go down this road? That’s hard to say. But when [executive producer Kevin Williamson and I] signed on to this project, we did know that, at some point, we would be turning her. It really just was a matter of when. It’s definitely the next chapter in her story.

TVLINE | Were you surprised it came this early? Most shows would save this for a series finale.
No, there was actually a moment at the beginning of Season 2 where Kevin and I thought we would get here by the end of Season 2. We didn’t want to, so I’m glad we didn’t. But we were following the path of her character. Heroines are very difficult to write. It’s very difficult to keep them dynamic and fresh and new. We knew that we would reach a breaking point where we didn’t really want to see Elena continue to go through the same thing again and again and again.

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TVLINE | At what point did you come up with the idea that Damon met Elena first and erased her memory of that moment?
The details of that scene happened as we were talking about the end of the season. But the question that we’ve always had since the beginning of the series in the writers room is, “Where was Damon while Stefan was entering school and meeting Elena?” Damon came into the pilot armed with a lot of knowledge, which, in my opinion, implies that he’s been there for a little while. So we’ve always wanted to ask and answer that question. It felt like the right answer there was [that] he was having his own experience with Elena. [Laughs]

Vampire Diaries Ian SomerhalderTVLINE | One of the side effects of becoming a vampire is that she’ll remember all the things Damon compelled her to forget. How will that effect Elena’s choice?
It’s just more information. I don’t think anything is going to make her sit up and say, “Oh my God, I made the wrong decision!” and change her mind in Episode 1 [of next season]. But in the ongoing journey of her point of view about how she feels about each of these brothers, it’s going to impact her feelings for Damon and her understanding of Damon.

TVLINE | Does Damon stand more of a fighting chance with her now?
Both brothers continue to stand a fighting chance because we’re only halfway through the series. So yes. [Laughs]

TVLINE | This does redefine the love triangle in a way.
Yeah. We’ve been in the writers room for four weeks after we wrapped the season, talking about Season 4. The one thing that got us all so excited is that everything we’re talking about feels both familiar in all the right ways, of the early parts of the series, and also fresh. It feels so fresh. And yet, it’s the same people that we know and love. They’re just going through new experiences. There’s a lot we can do here. We’re really excited about it.

TVLINE | Two burning questions about Stefan: Does he know she picked him? And when he was crying over her body, was it because she had died or because he knew she was going to come back as a vampire?
He does not know that she picked him. I like to think that that moment when he’s crying over her body, he’s crying over the loss of her human life and that now she’s going to be the thing that she never wanted. I don’t think Meredith would have been like, “Oh, I’m going to keep that secret from Stefan, but tell Damon.” [Laughs]

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Vampire Diaries Matt DavisTVLINE | Tell me about the decision to kill off Alaric.
Oh… [Long pause] It’s too painful. [Laughs] What was really important to us was that Elena lost everything, as far as adult parenting [and] that she as a human had no support structure in her home. So Alaric as the guardian of Elena and Jeremy had a shelf life at the end of this season because of where we were going with [her]. Alaric’s character, in my opinion, could have been sitting in that bar next to Damon for the next four years, every episode, having a bourbon, and we all would have been perfectly happy. But Matt Davis is better than that and deserves more than that. Now’s his time to shine. [If he has] the opportunity to go out there and shine on another show while still being available to us should we decide to have a few ghostly visits from dear, departed Alaric, then it’s the best of both worlds. That being said, every single scene that I had my hands in from the time he became his alter-ego to the end of this season, I would sit at the computer and weep. Tears would fall onto the keys, knowing that in a lot of ways this was goodbye. It was definitely very emotionally traumatic for me. [Laughs]

TVLINE | What about Joseph Morgan? Have we seen the last of him?
No, we have not. It is as temporary as when he was inside Alaric’s body.

TVLINE | So both of their vessels are OK should Klaus get out of the Tyler’s body?
Yes. Desiccated Klaus is a little crispy right now, but he’s probably salvageable.

TVLINE | It seemed for a little while there that Klaus was being written off. Why did you decide to bring him back in this way?
Rarely do you have a character that comes in [during] the middle of the series and just explodes and an actor that embodies him so well that people love to hate him and hate to love him. Joseph Morgan as Klaus is pretty special. Though we wanted our heroes to have a victory after all this time, we also realized that there’s still so much more of Joseph Morgan as Klaus that we need to see on the show. We tried to make sure we got both the win for our heroes and the win for our show, which is still having Joseph a part of it.

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  1. Liz says:

    Julie is awesome! Thanks for all the insight! Can’t wait for Vampire Elena!!

    • Renina says:

      Julie is hardly that. Julie is a writer with limited ability to epand the scope of her narrative to include a large variety of character developement if it doesn’t suit her personal taste. The plot this season alone has been murky, undefined, convoluted and esoteric. They are making things up as they go along, and playing favorites with characters that hurt the show. Klaus is a joke of a villain that did nothing “big” all year. why not kill him for good and have the “gang” finally accomplish something?

      • AT says:

        Klaus is a different type of villain. More along the lines of Heathcliff. And the gang did accomplish something: They killed Finn destroying a whole line of vampires. Who knows what the consequences of that will bring next season. Also, they metaphorically destroyed Klaus. That plot line has come full circle, it’s now branching out into a new direction.

      • Sally says:

        I agree so much with this comment. Julie Plec was obviously the reason this season was so lackluster.

      • Whit says:

        For Renina:
        A) Harsh criticism for the EPs, the buck does stop w/Plec & Williamson, but they’re not the only writers in the room. Also, if they played favorites they for sure wouldn’t have killed off Matt Davis this season & Sara Canning last season.
        B) How in the hell can you say Klaus is a joke villain?! That’s just absurd, not only did he remain the villain but they fleshed out his character into so much more. It’s much easier to have one big bad/season with absolutely no redeeming qualities but instead the writers gave the viewers a different perspective of Klaus while never backing down from his well, evilness.
        C) If the storyline is so “murky, undefined, convoluted, & esoteric” feel free to quit watching & taking pot shots at the ppl behind the show anytime.

        • hanson says:

          Also he turned Tyler into a hybrid. Not a minor thinng. Alaric is/was my favorite character and I’m super sad, but I also understand….where else can they take Ric as well? I hope he does return for some visits!!

      • leysha says:

        i agree! kill klaus (and rebeka) for good and bring elijah back in more. he’s by far the most interesting original. he’s neither good nor bad and right now probably the only character on the show that has any depth.

      • lilys87 says:

        @Renina : I agree 100 %. I’m not sure I’ll be watching next season…

        • Ashlea Batey says:

          vampire diaries is awesome and to anyone that doesn’t like it… its simple really don’t watch it your spending your time commenting trying to put it down well you must know quite a bit about it, I’d hardly say any of you dislike anything if you keep watching…

          • taylor says:

            i love the vapmpire diaires its the best show ever. i can’t wait till thursday. i wake up on wenesday ans say just one more day and get to see what happens ext on the vampire diaires and my mother and sister ad i we all watch it on thursday nights !!! i am excited to see what seasoning 4 is going to bring

      • CPW says:

        Your Absolutely wrong, and you couldn’t be more wrong…like you could do any better…

      • Christianna says:

        I would never insult someone I don’t know… maybe except for Obama and Kesha… and Nicki Minaj, but I digress… Can you be so sure to blame JP alone?
        I DO agree that it’s not fair and annoying that they are playing favorites cough** cough** Stefan. That’s their prerogative, and what fan fiction is for.
        I also agree with some of the other commentors that yeah, even I -while watching it- was like, wow that “awakening scene” was very much like Bella’s in the Twilight movie.
        I’m really hoping for some character development and more naughty scenes like the first two seasons had.

  2. kavyn says:

    So despite the fact that they said “Elena will finally choose”… They’re STILL going to give her another season of “choosing”? How annoying… Can’t they just let her be alone for a bit and focus on the fact that she just turned into a vampire?

    • OMG says:

      The first few episodes will probably have her getting used to being a vampire… But considering all that happened, they can’t just make her choose and end the show! This dragging out the show is what makes it fun to watch XD But no matter who she chooses, the other will be left without her, so you can’t just let her choose through three season, especially after all the new stuff we found out!

    • A.J. says:

      That would be True Blood, and the CW is not HBO (sadly).

    • Dude says:

      To be fair, Julie said her choice could be to “choose me” so I was pretty confident any decision she made wouldn’t be set in stone.

    • Jona says:

      Her choices are not the focus of the show, in fact they fit into the stories perfectly, and don’t even take much time from each episode’s storyline. And in the same time, they are one of the shows ongoing premises, so why complain?

    • Julie says:

      Couldn’t agree more!! I have to say that I’m getting pretty tired of this love triangle thing. How many seasons are we going to have to watch this?!! If this continues I don’t know how much longer this show will hold my interest. At some point ‘enough is enough!’

    • jan says:

      What is Elena? 17 or 18? Plenty of time to have fun with both of the brothers and stir the pot.

  3. Gus says:

    Thank God we haven’t seen the last of Joseph Morgan. He’s an awesome actor. I wish they’d kill off Tyler though…

    It was an amazing finale. VD is one of the fastest moving shows on TV right now and yet it’s so well-written! It’s not just CW-good, it’s good! Wish people would pay more attention to it.

    • Amanda says:

      Agreed! I love klaus!

    • rod says:

      So glad Joseph Morgan is not a goner, Now i want Claire Holt to be a series regular

      • luli says:

        exactly my thoughts!! claire holt needs to be a series regular, and now that TSC has been cancelled they should have phoebe tonkin on the show :)

        • tarc says:

          Keeping Phoebe Tonkin employed should be a battlefield for casting director everywhere. Sign that girl up NOW – before someone else does.

          • Boo says:

            I agree with you. I think she’ll gonna be a good kickass vampire. They should hurry up.

        • diana says:

          OMG, TSC cancelled? I watched it online because I didn’t like it at first, I should have never done that because I got really into it. I should have stick to my first decision of not watching it.

      • Spoiler Junkie says:

        Yes. This^^. I love Klaus and the way Joseph Morgan has played him is quite phenomenal. Also, I was so relieved that Rebekkah wasn’t leaving. I don’t care if she killed Elena by causing that accident. She is just awesome next only to Caroline. I too hope they pick Claire Holt as a regular

    • Hhh says:

      I’m glad we have not seen the last of JM And of him as klaus . But being in Tyler’s body is gd for the plot. JM klaus is just too powerful , now that Elena’s blood can’t be used to make hybrids , they have nothing he wants and can just kill everyone else . This way damon , Stefan are more or less a match for him while in Tyler’s body . Assuming he is not as powerful as in his original body .

    • hanson says:

      NOOO Tyler is amazing. Keep Claire as recurring, don’t want the cast to end up like current one on GA where everyone gets 30 secs of airtime.

    • Soni says:

      I second that. Tyler is a drag. Klaus rules and Joseph M. has really good chemisty with Candice A. as Caroline.

  4. Ruth says:

    Stefan is a super strong vampire. Why couldn’t he pull both elena and Matt up?

    • Hera says:

      lol I totally agree with that. And he could have done that the first time around too!! lol these writers sometimes.

  5. Ann says:

    So Elena made a decision but she DIDN’T. Not really. Cop-out!!!

    • pria says:

      I think it was handled as realistically as possible.

      • Riley says:

        Realistically she should have chosen neither. Considering what Stefan had done to her just mere months/weeks ago, I find it unrealistic that she would have forgotten so quickly. It’s a rubbish Twilight misogynistic attitude suggesting that Elena chooses Stefan, because he ‘made (her) want to live again.’
        Julie Plec needs to stop watching Twilight. It’s a plague amongst us.

        • Kelly says:

          so I assume you also would say that she shouldn’t forget all the things Damon has done to her too! Correct?
          Elena seems to forgive A LOT of really bad stuff, very quickly. I find that a bit hard to swallow. It’s almost like she has no backbone. Some kills your brother, you don’t forgive him a few days later!

  6. Lambsilencer says:

    To be honest, romantic stories about vampires and humans can only go one way, so it was really inevitable that Elena got turned. These stories only work as romantic and epic if the human stays as beautiful as the vampire. No one wants to hear or read a story where one of the lovebirds withers and dies, and the other stays “young” and gorgeous. So yeah, in order to have romantic vampire stories like this work in the long haul, you can only go with turning the human (Elena in this case) into a vampire.

    • Autumn says:

      I don’t think that is true at all. Sometimes the vampire love story can be more powerful when you play with the immortal versus mortal theme. I don’t think that was the right choice for this show. But a show like Moonlight would have handled it very well where they emphasized these themes. Beth was afraid of getting older but she didn’t want to become a vampire either. The writers confirmed that something about her blood (which was hinted at) would have made it impossible for Beth to ever become a vampire. As Beth says, “You may have forever, but I don’t.” True love stories can survive past the girl being just as beautiful as the young vampire. If you love someone, you love them until the end otherwise the story is shallow. Personally, I have no problems with these kinds of themes. The human does not always need to become a vampire in these kinds of stories.

      • Sierra says:

        I completely agree!! Moonlight was such a good show, I’m glad you mentioned it! I think vampire stories are having trouble right now finding a way to be fresh and original where the love aspect is concerned, so it would be nice to see a show/book/movie take a risk and keep the human(s) involved human for some kind of long term amount of time. I don’t think it was necessary to turn Elena so soon. She could definitely have stayed human on the show since each season coming probably won’t go too far into the future time-wise. Her turning could have been saved for the series finale for sure.

    • A.J. says:

      I get the love stories about vampires and teen humans can only go one way, but why is that it HAS to be the Twillight way? Seriously, I could see that one coming since the end of Breaking Down Part 1. Last year

      • This has absolutely nothing to do with Twilight, c’mon, haven’t you read the interview at all? Elena turned in book one, and on and off, they do follow a little bit of the books. As Julie said, they always knew she would turn, they didn’t know when, because of the books, not because of Twilight. and unlike Bella, Elena didn’t want this.

        • Waziha says:

          but then why it has to end the way Twilight Breaking Dawn end?with the scene Stefan(Edward) waiting and camera is focused on Elena(Bella) from upwards as she opens her eyes?So Twilightish.i read TVD books and it wasnt like this there.
          btw, Bella did want to be a vampire in the 1st 3 books but when she got married, she pretty much wanted to delay it for a while.not trying to imply that Elena and Bella are the same, Hell Noo… just informing.

          btw thank god JoMo is not done yet.I would’ve stopped watching TVD otherwise.Only this news stopped me grieving over Elena’s choice(Stefan).It was hard to absorb the fact that Damon never gets the person he loves or the person he loves has always been killed off.
          Team KlaMon

          • cb says:

            You need to watch/read it again. The only reason she was delaying was to have human sex with edward not because she didn’t want to be a vampire

  7. Marcus says:

    Awesome interview! Can’t wait for Season Four.

  8. Ari says:

    Why is the media hyping Elena’s turning as a shocker? Only people who have no sense of foreshadowing were shocked. Julie Plec practically took out neon billboards all over the screen to tell us what was going to happen. Frankly, I was more shocked that they actually killed Alaric. I thought they were just going to inter (is that the correct word? Not sure) him so they could reanimate him if his new show failed.

  9. Amber says:

    I wasn’t shocked at all that Elena turned, I actually expected it. But I was disappointed. I didn’t want her to turn so soon.

  10. W says:

    i know they love Joseph Morgan and all, but Klaus has to die someday. he’s too much of a villain to keep around forever. this whole Original bloodline plot really isn’t all that interesting at this point, honestly if feels like just an excuse too keep Klaus around. don’t make the same mistake Heroes did with Sylar.

    • Eva says:

      No – actually Klaus doesn’t have to stay the ubervillain. He can evolve kind of like Spike on Buffy only better. He already has so many layers, that it’s easy to keep him around for a long time. He will never be a goody goody character (thank goodness!), but he could become a dark anti-hero. At times he has practically been that already.

    • Sierra says:

      I think Klaus can definitely get away from the villain persona. In my view, it seems all Klaus has lacked through this show is lack of trust in his broken family and he seems to be looking for that sense of community he lost all those years ago. Now that Elena’s doppelganger blood is off the table with her turn, making a brotherhood out of hybrids who also protect him won’t be possible. I think he’ll see that and realize he can either run or he can at least try to rebuild with his family (who all clearly care about each other despite their feuding) and if he wants, I think relationships with Damon/Stefan/Elena/Caroline are all possible too, even if harder to get in the long run.

  11. Russ says:

    Im glad that Rebekah didn’t die and i would love for Elena to gang up with her and go a little evil.

  12. hello says:

    My problem now is that i have no interest in watching a show where Elena is a vampire

    • Pearl says:

      I’ll only be watching the show next season BECAUSE elena turned. She had beocme winny and sad. I was bored. Now, i’m excited. I literally jump of my bed when Meredith told Damon that she gave elena vampire’s blood. I was like “Yes, yeeeeeeeeees. She is a vampire. iuhuuuuuuuuu!!” And the BEST part. All those times when Damon was gentil, and passionate, and the fact that she REALLY met him FIRST, just like she said that would have to be. And how perfect was damon telling Elena what she wanted, and that being EXACTLY what she feels for him. SO DAM GOOD!!! FINALLY, Ellena will pass that “cause Stephan meet me first and saved my life” and she will be able to see Damon as the man she loves too. Cause… The way she describes her love for Stefan is much more “i owe it him” than “I love him”. The way she feels about Damon is EXXACTLY the way a love should be. AMAZING!

      • Sarah says:

        lol, good joke, now calm down.

      • me says:

        Don’t twist it around. She clearly told Matt that loving Stefan has nothing to do with feeling like she owes him. She also only said maybe if she’d met Damon first, it’d be different, but more than that that flashback changes nothing. She still connected with Stefan first. Knowing that technically she met Damon first, doesn’t erase everything that’s happened with her and Stefan. She has EXACTLY what love should be with Stefan and he’s EXACTLY what she wants. Get used to it.

        • Jona says:

          I’d like to see her in a real relationship with Damon at some point, which will probably happen, sooner or later. Although Stelena will most likely be the endgame, I’m rooting for Delena and Steferine. They would both be fun, sexy, intense, passionate and slightly naughty couples. :) If not, then Stelena and Debekah. Damon and Rebekah have amazing chemistry :)

          • Jam says:

            I’d hate for Stelena to be the endgame because L.J. Smith said that Delena was going to be her book endgame but her publishers wouldn’t allow it.

      • Tvd says:

        I also love the fact that shes now a vampire so we can hopefully have less of the “Protect Elena” thing and see a strong girl who can protect herself like Caroline.

        And agree with the other comment, please dont twist things around. The love between her and Stefan is definitely REAL and I dont know how after watching the same episode and reading the same interview answer as everybody else, that’s what you conclude about Elena’s speech. Why cant some people just accept the fact that she genuinely LOVES both? Its just that she has to choose and right now one is more suitable than the other. And just like Julie said in her interview, i dont think knowing that Damon actually met her first would immediately change anything. She didnt love Stefan only because he appeared first but also bcuz of the way he was there for her when she lost her beloved parents and happiness. Damon might have come first but he didnt help her get through that tough time like Stefan did. Of course theres also a sense of gratitude in Stelena love but thats not everything. And pls remember she also said she fell for him instantly right after saying he came first. Regarding damon saying exactly what elena wanted in love. Well it was at that moment only. Maybe matt was a bore and an 18 yo girl need some adventure in love. But note that later she later lost every parent she has and her normal life too, this can change what she wants dramatically. And evidently she chose Stefan. Besides, damon might have also been speaking about the kind of love that he prefers and can offer to his girl. Honestly its not that hard to guess that a girl wants a bit fun in her love after she complains like that about her current bf.

        To those who complain about the fact that she did not make a final choice. I think its strange that pple think she has to make a final choice this season. Its only half way and you’re watching a rather teen tv series. Of course they will drag things out. I just hope theydo it in a good way. And i remember julie plec said before that elena will make a decision this season but not the ultimate choice. (sorry cant remember her exact word)

      • amanda says:

        i know !!!!!!!!! so happy.<3

      • Nocerous says:

        I agree. I also had a theory. What if Stefan was the cause of the accident which killed her parents? Thats why he stuck around. When Damon first arrived he mentioned to Stefan that Stefan was only interested in Elena because she looked like Katherine. What if Stefan isn’t the man Elena thought he was and he caused this change in her life? Just a thought ;o)

        • Manie says:

          JP confirmed that the cause for the accident WAS NOT supernatural, so it wasn’t Stefan.

        • mun says:

          Stefan at that time was trying to be good and stay away from blood and all so it would be weird for him to just stand in the middle of the road to kill some random family.
          And if he intentionally killed them to get close to Elena because she looks like Katherine (which is a very very weird way to get close to someone), there is no reason for him to look so surprised when he saw her in the car underwater.
          And one shouldn’t believe what Damon said about Stefan in early S1 as he was the villain and hated his brother. And he liked to play around with Elena’s mind a lot. I remembered he made Caroline tell Bonnie that he and Katherine were originally a couple and Stef was jealous and stuff, which is not the case at all.

  13. Hera says:

    Thank God Joseph Morgan will be back!!

  14. Autumn says:

    Very happy about the Joseph Morgan news and that the triangle will continue in a new way.

  15. Patricia says:

    Julie sounds really nice I like that Joseph Morgan is coming back but it sounds like Damon will still be all over Elena and that he is not going to move on. I want him to have his on love interest Elena didn’t choose him stop playing with us just let the guy find love with someone else. We don’t need another season of false hope.

  16. Natalie says:

    So glad that Joseph Morgan is coming back, and I’m interested to see how they deal with Elena as a vampire…should be good. Roll on season 4.

  17. A says:

    Ugh. I’m so bored with Klaus. Please go away.

  18. Eva says:

    SO super happy that Joseph Morgan will be back as Klaus. Thank you Julie!!! He really is irreplaceable.

    A bit disappointed that Elena made the choice she did, because everything seemed to point to Stefan being her past and last season was about her moving towards Damon. But oh well. Now that she made the choice, Damon though he still cares for her – he should move on for the most part. Perhaps to Rebekah or Bonnie or Meredith. Heck, anyone.

    • Pearl says:

      Not Meredith. The ONLY thing this girl made right was turn Ellena into Vampire!

      • yinloveyang says:

        And not Rebecca. At least not now. Do you remember that Damon will be very pissed off at her because she was the one who caused Elena and Matt’s accident.

  19. Renina says:

    I needed to hear more about Bonnie, they gave her fans little (nothing) to go by in the finale, and I’m not even sure yet if returning is in my best interests.

  20. suzanne says:

    R.I.P. Alaric.

  21. Dita says:

    Thank god Joseph Morgan will be back!! TVD wouldn’t be TVD without him… i want him back like in the 2nd or 3rd episode you hear?! Hope they don’t make us wait any longer than than.

    As for Elena turning, that would really change and affect the brothers’ relationship.

  22. Yeah says:

    Am i the only one who’s curious about the future of elijah? The awesomest of awesomes? Please bring him back!!

  23. Kel says:

    Yay! Elena’s a vampire! Nowmher character will FINALLY be interesting and exciting instead of dull and whiney. Lord. I’m disappointed that she STILL chose Stefan. Boring boring, boring! I hope Damon moves on. Get Katherine back! They should be together!!

    • Boo says:

      Katherine doesn’t deserve Damon. She treats him like dirt, and she also loves Stefan more than Damon. Perhaps Rebecca would be a more perfect fit. Plus, it will piss Elena more. Let’s see what she do.

  24. Dita says:

    And ok after reading all the interviews after the finale, I’m a lot more confident that writers know what they’re doing.. for a while, i was really scared they had really killed off Klaus (or at least JM as Klaus) and I was thinking wth are they thinking!! good thing they know just how much JM is loved by TVD fans. He really does bring a lot to the show and all the actors shine opposite him too.. like JM brings out the best in the others. Sorry TVD writers for doubting you for a sec!!! I TOTALLY LOVE YOU AGAIN NOW.

    And I’m really excited about what this means for Elena to turn. I want her to be dark and not be the human-elena we know. And then we can see the brothers’ relationship go south .. would really be good material for the show.

  25. Samantha says:

    The only thing that made me happy reading this is that JM (Klaus) is not gone. YAY! I love Klaus the REAL one! So I’ll be happy when the actor returns.

  26. tarc says:

    I was hoping Klaus was gone for good, and the crew was going to discover that they were descended from Elijah. Elijah makes the best Original by a mile. The rest I could do without, though Rebecca isn’t awful when she’s not having a tantrum.

  27. So….did they not watch mythbusters before doing that finale then?
    The underwater stuff was total BS.
    I’m still very tired of Elena and her dodgy smokers croak.
    Compared to last year I thought the finale was really poor.

  28. Kalee says:

    Actually surprised they turned Elena. I know the books seal her fate but still. Although I’m glad Elena wasn’t willing, I sure hope they follow the book’s trajectory of making Elena dying again and again to become an angelic being and than back to being human again (as Wikipedia tells me).

    But I’m more curious about Tyler! So did his spirit die permanently then???

    And yeah, they should’ve just killed Klaus for good at the end of the season. Although Joseph Morgan was brilliant, Big Bads have a habit of over-staying their welcome after their signature season no matter whose body they take over.

  29. Ariadne says:

    Did anyone realised that Tyler is dead?
    He is the one that got staked in Klaus’ body!

    • Ari says:

      I don’t think it works like that. From what we heard from Alaric and Rebekah after they got body switched it’s not so much a switch as a taking over. Kind of like being possessed. I think Tyler is fine and Klaus as well.

  30. eugene says:

    cant wait for vampire elena

  31. Jewlz says:

    Loved the finale. I think turning Elena into a vamp is a great move and will spice things up. I think she may have a little play with letting her hair down and not always being so good and scared all the time.
    I think she may have some fun with both the brothers and maybe take on a little of the “Kathryn” vampire naughty girl. Remember Kathryn was not evil when she was human.

    Shame about Alaric, but really his character was not going anywhere.

    So glad that JM will be coming back as Klaus, think he did a great job.

    They should have got rid of Matt, his character is also a bit boring these days.

    Really can not wait for Elena to remember her first encounter with Damon. I dont think it will change the way she fell for Stephan, but I think it will make her think twice about Damon and how so many times he could have told her things to make her love him and not Stephan and he didnt. Eg How Stephan was the one that made them turn and convinced Damon to turn into a vamp etc etc.

    Can not wait for season 4!!!

  32. If you don’t like the way this show is going feel free to stop watching. Personally I think this season was very good. Lots of “OMG” moments and lots of sadness. Did anyone notice how Julie said they where halfway through the series? Are we looking at only 3 more seasons? The writers won’t have Elena making an official desicion on the brothers until the end of the series. The love triangle between the three of them is the biggest draw for the show. All of that sexual tension is what we love.

  33. Manda says:

    Great news having Joseph Morgan back! Season 4 couldn’t be here sooner. (: I’m so happy Elena is finally a vampire! I wonder when they are gonna start the Bonnie/Damon thing going. We all know Stelena is endgame. ;) I want them to kill off Meredith and give us more Kol. Plus they should do something with Matt who has gone under the radar.

  34. As far as whether she should choose Damon or Stephen…I think it should be Damon. Damon has never pretended to be other then what he is. Stephen on the other hand hid the fact that he occassionally goes ripper and kills a lot of people. So in my opinion she didn’t really fall for the real Stephen. Elena fell for Damon even though she knew some of the bad things he had done. That I think is very important.

    • hello says:

      She only “fell” for him because idiot fans demanded it. He tried to kill Jeremy and that should be unforgiveable

      • Boo says:

        Isn’t trying to kill Elena over the bridge also “unforgivable”? Both brothers had their own bad, we have to admit. As for Elena’s choice in the endgame, leave them to the writers and enjoy the show. Sometimes shippers really ruin the fun, although it made the show stronger as far as its ratings and continuation on-air are concerned. Just my opinion.

        • Fran says:

          I agree that Stefan and the bridge thing was really bad. But other than that, I think the difference is that Damn has done a lot of things to her friends and family while Stefan hasn’t. But let’s be honest, no one on this show actually has high standards and morals, lol. And I REALLY REALLY agree that shippers can really ruin the fun of the show. If things don’t go their way exactly how they think it should, they spout off and just can’t see how it makes sense in moving the story forward. I think Julie’s answers were great and I’m really excited about where the story will go next year. Damon or Stefan- just enjoy them both! **Oh-and enough of the Twilight crap already! So the ending scene was similar. Other than they are completely different. Let it go!**

          • Jam says:

            I agree people bringing up twilight is hilarious. Not only was TVD written about a decade before Twilight so obviously they didn’t steal any ideas, vampire shows can only go so many ways, and Bella wanted to be a Vampire Elena didn’t. While the wake up scene was similar honestly, that was the premise of the process before breaking dawn came out too.

      • Hhh says:

        Elena falling for both brothers is a theme which the show revolves around. And it happens in the books as well .

    • mun says:

      I agree that Elena fell for Stefan at first without knowing the dark side of him. BUT she then slowly realizes that he has blood addiction issue, then she realizes he used to be a ripper, yet she still loves him. I think love can be formed in many ways. You may know a person entirely and then love him, or you can love someone first and then find out more about his personality. I think in real life, the latter one happens a lot. And I believe good Stefan is the real Stefan. Remember when he was human, he was a good person. Turning into a vampire gave him the ability to switch off his humanity. The loss of Katherine and his father turning his back to him (and Damon) made him turn bad. But after all, he still tries to be good again (with the help of Lexi).
      I think now she already knows every good and bad side of both of them, yet she still loves them, so her love for both of them is real. Elena choosing Stefan this time is right even if they may not be endgame at the end of the series. He gives her a sense of security which she really needs right now. A girl who has just lost all parental figures in her life and constantly has to face demons everywhere trying to use her blood or kill her doesnt really need any more danger and challenge. Maybe later, when she becomes a vampire and discovers her dark side and feels stable again, she may choose Damon bcuz he can give her excitement.

  35. Fi says:

    I’m really happy that Joseph Morgan is going to come back!

  36. Mikael says:

    I agree with the person who said that TVD needs to snatch up Phoebe Tonkin IMMEDIATELY! She was basically a female Damon on TSC. Oh, couldn’t you just see them together?? She’d also be a great rival for Rebekah

  37. o says:

    Great season finale!! Glad that Klaus will be back, he’s definitely annoying but an awesome bad guy!
    The only thing I’m getting bored with is Elena’s choice or lack of choice or choice or lack of choice or…. I’m not a shipper and I don’t really care who she ends up with just MAKE a choice Elena and PLEASE stick with it!!!!
    Otherwise looking forward to what’s coming next ;-)

  38. hanna says:

    I love you, Julie! Love that there will be more seasons, that Klaus/Joseph Morgan will continue(!!!!!), that Elena will remember everything and become a vampire. The only thing missing now is DELENA. I love Stefan, but Stelena were together for two seasons. Now its Delena-time.

  39. Liza says:

    I’m so glad Klaus/ Joseph Morgan isn’t gone for good. That was the worst part of the episode for me

  40. Maryam says:

    Sorry Julie Plec but this viewer is tuning out. NO WAY am I sticking around to see the “epic” love between Stefan and Elena while Damon broods in a corner and cries about how he wants to be who Elena wants him to be but can’t. Been there done that!

  41. loving it love joseph morgan can not wait for season 4 seeing caroline and rebecca finding out he is still alive will be great xoxo bring on setemer 2012

  42. Alex says:

    Am sooooo happy to hear that Joseph Morgan/Klaus is staying!! Love the character, but can’t imagine Klaus played by anyone other than Joseph Morgan! Absolute relief. PHEW.

  43. Kenny says:

    This season was the best ever! So all you haterz who keep dissin julie GROW UP! Julie is an excellent writer and still has a lot to offer to the series. And really, I think it was inevitable she chose Stefan. “its always gonna be Stefan”. And really, aren’t u curios to know what will happen to Caroline and Tyler/klaus? How will Bonnie’s descicion affect Her and carolines relationship. Lets not forget the council know everything now so there is bound to be some action. And Jeremy still refuses to take off his ring so another serial killer might be on the loose. Frankly, I cant wait for season 4!!!!





  46. Kelly says:

    I am personally happy that Elijah made it through!!!

  47. Lola says:

    only thing I care about is that Joseph Morgan will be back as KLAUS. him and the rest of the originals really are the best characters on the show. and I feel bad for elena, that last thing she wanted was to be a vampire, she wanted to grow old and have a family, this should be an interesting transition for her.

  48. Taryn says:

    OH BOY!! I cant wait for season four! I am actually hoping for some serious Elena/Caroline bonding, since they are now in the same boat!!!! I actually don’t care who Elena will eventually end up with permanently. Both boys are good looking. And i am glad that Joseph Morgan will be back next season! He is one heck of an actor!!!!!!!

  49. Coralie says:

    God I hate people who just complain about everything when the show does not give them exactly what they want ! Just trust the writers and enjoy the show! If Julie Plec wasn’t good at her job, why would they keep her? And if you’re not happy about the way things are, write your own show… Anyway! I’m so glad Joseph Morgan will come back, I love this actor and I love his character ! I’m also happy that Elena beomes a vampire (why not, after all?) it is definitely going to spice things up so that’s a good thing for the show. As for her “choice”: please, stop bringing back the “she actually saw Damon first” thing! She saw him first, but FELL for Stefan first: Damon and her just talked for 5 minutes while Stefan and her had a real, true love ! Damon spoke with her for 5 minutes, compelles her and does not try to bound with her (the exact opposite of Stefan). I love both Stefan and Damon, so I don’t really care who she ends up with in the end. Right now it’s Stefan, but it can be Damon later on on the show.

  50. Thana says:

    the best thing that ever happened until now is Elena’s death and becoming a vampire and of course the flash back of Damon and Elena first met . I can not keep my self thinking about what will happen in the next season and obviously it is going to be very interesting … Stefan doesn’t deserve Elena’s choice because he did a lot of horrible things to her like in (Our Town ) when he tried to turn her into a vampire just to get revenge from Klaus and more and more . I think Stefan can live without Elena but Damon I don’t think so … I mean seriously Damon deserves some one to tell him ” I LOVE YOU ” and the one should be Elena and she can love him if she give Damon one chance at least .. in the fact I wanted to see him with human Elena not as a vampire but this is not matter .. most of the fans agree with me that stelena is boring because Stefan is sooooo BORING and cold ( Pardon me if you got something wrong in the spelling or writing and this is because I am from the middle east )