Vampire Diaries Finale Recap: A Night of Shocks!

Vampire Diaries Nina DobrevWARNING: If you have yet to watch Thursday’s season finale of The Vampire Diaries, avert your eyes now. Everyone else, you may proceed….

After an eventful year full of hybrids, Originals, witches and lots of longing looks, The Vampire Diaries closed out its third season with some defining moments. Among the big reveals: Elena chose Stefan over Damon, Alaric was killed (for reals this time) and Elena might’ve been turned! So let’s discuss the episode’s “Holy crap, did they just do that?!” moments!

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MATT AND JEREMY TRICK ELENA | While not as big of a shocker as some of the other things that went down, Matt and Jeremy’s scheme to get Elena out of Dodge was pretty surprising for two reasons: 1) How come no one attempted it before? With no parents or guardians left to talk some sense into her, it was nice to see Elena’s only remaining human forces try to take a stance against the craziness that has become her life. And 2), it required Matt to poison Elena’s drink in order to get her on the road! “Sorry, I over-honeyed to cover up the taste of poison. I suck at tea,” he said.

KLAUS DIES…AND TAKES OVER TYLER! | While Matt tried to take away Elena, Jeremy fed Alaric the whereabouts to Klaus’ hiding place. Despite running into Damon and Rebekah, the vampire vampire slayer was able to put his magical stake in Klaus and supposedly finish him off. Everyone immediately began to freak out that they were going to die, but Stefan and Damon weren’t experiencing any symptoms. Was Klaus a big, fat liar when he said he turned their bloodline? Tyler, however, appeared to be turning inside out with pain as he ordered Caroline to leave. But – twist alert! – he didn’t die because Klaus had taken temporary residence inside Tyler’s body, thanks to Bonnie’s magic mojo! While the spell and Klaus’ “resurrection” possibly saved all of Elena’s friends from dying, it also means Klaus isn’t truly done messing with them. And better yet, he’s now got what he wanted: Caroline, who is none the wiser that her boyfriend is being inhabited by the Original!

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ELENA MAKES HER CHOICE | And it… is… Stefan! After learning that both brothers might die and that they were in different places, Elena was forced to make the difficult decision. “I can keep driving to [Damon] or I can turn around and go back to Stefan,” Matt told her. So she called up the elder Salvatore to confess her feelings. Perhaps it was the nostalgia that came with the flashbacks of yesteryear, but Elena couldn’t say goodbye to her love for Stefan. “No matter what I feel for you, I never un-fell for him,” she told Damon. “I can’t think about forever. I can only think about right now, which is why I have to let you go. Maybe if you and I had met first….” Well, it turns out – Big Twist Alert No. 2! – they had! Before the car accident ever happened, Damon and Elena had a brief, loaded moment in the middle of the street, talking of love and what she wants from her life. “I want you to get everything you’re looking for,” he told her as he erased her memories.

ELENA’S DEATH AND REBIRTH | The once-mighty slayer Alaric crumbled right in his old pal Damon’s arms, which meant one thing: In order to kill Alaric, Rebekah had planted herself in the road and forced Matt and Elena’s car to dive off the bridge. As old Alaric’s ghost visited Jeremy, it dawned on him that Elena was dead. That wasn’t a bump on the head as she had gotten earlier; she had experienced a cerebral hemorrhage. But when Meredith had treated her, she helped her healing process along with some vampire blood, which means – Big Twist Alert No. 3 – Elena might be a vampire now! And with that, we were left with the final image of the season: Elena gasping back to life. Besides the obvious day-to-day implications of her being turned, the change also means big things for Damon and Elena. Now, all his compulsion on her will wear off and she’ll remember everything, including meeting him first and his “I love you” in Season 2. Plus, we’re guessing vampire Elena’s heightened emotions might lead to some Damon cravings.

Vampire Diaries fans, what did you think of the show’s bold twist? Are you excited for vampy Elena? Are you sad to see Alaric go? And should we be worried about Caroline and Tyler’s relationship?

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