Castle Finale: Will Rick 'Blow Up' His Relationship With Kate to Save Her?

This Monday at 10/9c, in the Season 4 finale of ABC’s Castle, the murder of an Army veteran puts Kate (played by Stana Katic) on the trail of the man who shot her – meaning she’s perilously close to revisiting the murder of her mother. But Rick (Nathan Fillion) has privately vowed to steer his partner away from that conspiracy-laden powder keg, lest he lose her — forever.

Will Castle be forced to reveal the secret agenda by which he has been operating – and thus be punished by Beckett for a perceived betrayal? Could this finale serve up the biggest blow to the “Caskett” relationship… or, somehow, bring them closer than ever?

VIDEO | Castle Season Finale First Look: Is It Happening?!

Circling back to the unsolved case of Johanna Beckett’s murder for the Season 4 finale is by design, says series creator Andrew W. Marlowe, since that story point always goes hand-in-hand with significant movement – sometimes for better, other times for worse — on the Rick/Kate front.

“Beckett is at her most raw when she’s dealing with her mother’s murder,” Marlowe tells TVLine. “That’s when she’s most emotionally vulnerable, even from the first time we touched this ground in Episode 10 of our first season, where Castle starts looking into [Johanna’s] murder and causes their first rift. And at the end of Episode 213, ‘Sucker Punch,’ we have a very nice scene where Beckett accepts Castle’s presence – like, ‘I kind of want you around. I like you pulling my pigtails.’ Their emotional trajectory has always been intertwined [with the Johanna Beckett case].”

The big difference this time around, however, is that to temper Kate’s dog-with-a-bone nature when it comes to this case, Rick may have to reveal what he knows – that she will get herself good and dead – if she doesn’t back off. And to let loose with that secret could be devastating.

“In a lot of ways, it is Rick’s greatest fear,” Marlowe says of Kate’s pursuit of the sniper who shot her. “Not only for her safety, but because it might press him to reveal something that could blow up their relationship. He’s been keeping this pretty big secret from her and he knows what the stakes are. But he also knows it’s the only way to save her life.

“So that’s what we wrestle with in the finale,” the show boss continues. “Whether a relationship or even trying to have a relationship with somebody [who keeps secrets] is going to be worthwhile, and how Beckett, once she learns of that betrayal, is going to process it.”

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One thing is for certain: This season finale stands to be a formative one for the ABC drama, so I asked Marlowe what sort of reaction he got from his series leads upon laying out the story before them.

“Late in the season, I sat down with both Nathan and Stana to talk to them about the trajectory of the end, starting with ’47 Seconds’ and Kate’s secret coming out, so they had context for all those scripts, what the basic moves would look like and how we were going to resolve this season,” he recounted. “And when the [finale] script came out, I checked in with both of them to get any and all reactions, because at that time in the season we want the performances dialed in. If there are any questions ahead of time, we want to make sure we address everybody’s comfort levels and concerns, all that sort of stuff.”

All told, Marlowe shares, “There was a lot of discussion about what we were choosing to do, and everybody felt really good about it – that the way were handling it was the right way to handle it for our show.”

Castle fans…. Are you ready for the finale?

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  1. I hope that means they are finally getting them together. This is one TV couple that was meant for each other. Once together, they have a lot of places the show can go with that aspect along with case driven episodes.

    • mdb says:

      I so agree. The dynamic will change but there are still so many stories left to tell in Castle. Getting Kate & Rick together is just one piece of a much larger & finely crafted puzzle. Marlow & company have such a layered show.

      • TJCrinc says:

        plus there is the whole angle of him controlling his urges when around bimbo’s, now that hes in a commited relationship. i just hope they do a valentines episode. those are always fun when the leads are in a relationship, remember the chuck valentines episodes? those were always funny!

        • Loni says:

          Yes, I loved the Chuck Valentines episodes! Basically every episode of Chuck I loved, but the V-day ones were always special.

    • Michael says:

      you do know the show will end then

      • AJH532 says:

        Yes, that’s my concern. When Castle and Beckett get together, the tension between them will be lost, and the show will likely lose a lot of it’s appeal.

        What I hope is that the two of them will become even closer than they are, and will continue to explore what they know about each other, learning more and building on the love they have so far.

      • Kath says:

        Look at Burn Notice and The Closer. Both those shows put the couple together in the first season and it made for a better show because there wasn’t any of the nonsense and contrivances that couples who spend years on the ‘will they/won’t they’ go through.

        Castle and Beckett have both become so stupid over the last two seasons that if Marlowe doesn’t put them together now, he will have lost all the wonderful Castle/Beckett chemistry of the first two seasons.

      • Not necessarily. If the writers work it right, we can have a season or two of them dating, moving in together and then, maybe, getting married. The idea is to write good case driven episodes with moments of the relationship. If the writers can do that, then we can have a few more years.

  2. Linda says:

    Agreed – look at Bones. I rather like that they’ve skipped the whole drama of them getting together and just did it before getting back to telling stories.

    • Beckstle says:

      Dear GOD, do NOT let Castle turn into the train wreck they did to Bones! Just NO! Completely wrecked the characters, the storylines, the history and shoved them together WAY too late. TALK ABOUT A NIGHTMARE.

      Luckily, Castle’s writing always adds up, so I doubt we’ll be getting anything like that season 5.5 and 6 fiasco.

      • BonesFringeFan says:

        Why do Castle fans just have to bring Bones into everything?? Just because you don’t enjoy the show now, doesn’t mean the millions of people who tune in every week don’t. Castle is still a young-ish show… Call me when Castle is in its 7th going on 8th season and going better than ever.

        • Jillian says:

          I agree!! Stop bashing Bones and enjoy enjoy your own show.

        • CAM says:

          I love both shows – 2 of my favorites. I don’t get the Bones bashing at all.

          • Min says:

            I love both shows too. And I actually think Hart Hanson did a better job managing all the characters’ relationships in Bones better than Andrew Marlowe has done for Castle.

        • swaprat says:

          Yes, please stop bashing Bones. I still have not become a Castle fan although am trying. However, my husband loves Bones as do I.

      • I actually like Bones MORE now than I did, say, last season. I think it was organic to the story and the characters that they should be together. Delaying that was annoying and not true to the characters. I’m glad they finally did it, and I love seeing Booth and Bones together and have a family. Now it feels like it is time for Castle as well. It becomes contrived when the writers have to start throwing in more and more obstacles just to delay something that so obviously should be addressed. I’m not saying Rick and Kate should settle down and have babies, but they should either commit or move on.

        • I agree, it is time for Castle and Beckett to declare themselves. Then we can start on the actual relationship which can be both funny, aggravating, sad and happy. They can do the awkward first date and grow from there. Plus they need to do a lot of case related episodes.

      • Shaun says:

        I wonder if you’ve ever watched JAG?Took 10 seasons I think,lol.

      • Nicholas says:

        Bones >>> Castle. The writing, everything.

        • Lilly says:

          Agreed! I like Bones and I like Castle. So I’ll watch it without whining but what pisses me off is that I remember reading an interview with a producer from the show, and if I am not awfully mistaken it was with Ausiello. The person made a big statement that they wouldn’t do the Bones dance of “Will they/Won’t they”
          Well here we are at the end of the 4th season and they are dancing. Let me tell you this, the only drama doesn’t happen before or until you officially start being together. I wish the writers would get out of that one horse stall already!

      • Katie says:


    • Always is always says:

      Really? Skip the whole drama?? If you care about these characters, wouldnt you want to see their first date, first movie, or first fight as a couple and first anything together?? Drama usually develops the characters and can either destroy the couple or make them even stronger.

      • I love these 2 together and I would like to see them progress and grow in season 5 , but I hope they dont rush into the bedroom scenes just yet. They have alot to deal with and secrets they need to share with each other. By the season finale tomorrow night,I would like to see them kiss and grow from there. There is still alot of story telling to do with this show, but in my opinion, its too early for the bedroom scenes. We will see what happens tomorrow during the finale.

      • madbengalsfan85 says:

        Because you can make the case that Castle and Beckett have been “dating” for awhile now…they just weren’t having sex. They’ve been to each others homes, they eaten many dinners together, and they’ve had all these intimate moments. If the hookup happens, the only thing that really changes is that they kiss afterwards

      • Lilly says:

        4 Years to be officially getting together? I like the struggles characters have to go through. it makes them more real, it is exciting and fun but 4 years of just to see them do the same circle? NO! I am not against drama, but don’t feed me the same over and over again. That is what I am saying.

    • maryploppins says:

      Oh my god, no. I don’t watch Bones but when I heard what they did with that relationship, I wanted to throw my t.v. out the window just thinking about it. Sounded like the biggest letdown ever. I would be livid if they did that with Castle/Beckett.

      • Jillian says:

        I’m a Bones fan…and it’s wasn’t a letdown. They are happy and in love…and have a baby. But I agree, something needs to happen with Castle and Beckett. I don’t want them to make babies just yet…but I just want to see some movement in their relationship…or they should move on.

        • maryploppins says:

          To wait season after season after season to finally see them get together and then to have them completely SKIP the getting together part and move straight to “oops I’m pregnant” sounds like the worst thing in the universe to me. I didn’t see it so maybe there’s something I’m missing in the story there, but based on what I do know, I was just extremely happy I wasn’t a Bones fan at that moment, because I would feel completely cheated if I was. Maybe it played better than what I picture in my head, I dunno, but what I do know is that if it happened with Castle/Beckett it would be enough for me to consider canceling my season pass. And I’m not a fickle fan either – I still haven’t canceled my Dexter season pass and that show has been terrible for two full seasons now. :-P

          • Jillian says:

            Personally, I don’t care about seeing a sex scene or watching all their firsts-first kiss, first date etc. In previous seasons, B&B would always go out after cases and they would have moments where they almost kiss and you scream “Just get together already”…so I and many other Bones fans already feel like we have seen the first stage of their relationship play out and it would be kind of pointless and boring to their first date, first kiss ect. I just wanted to see them happy and in love in a serious relationship and I’m so happy with this season.

          • madbengalsfan85 says:

            I figure the sex scene never happened because of Emily’s pregnancy…imagine it would be hard to hide a baby bump without clothes (She was showing a bit during “The Hole in the Heart”) . And since you couldn’t show the act, might as well go for Plan B…shock and awe. With circumstances being what they were, I think things were handled well

          • maryploppins says:

            @madbengalsfan85 – Agree about them not really having many options in that sitch. I guess I just have to hope that Stana doesn’t go and get pregnant at some point before Beckett and Castle finally get together haha. ;-) And hopefully I won’t have to worry about that because hopefully they will be finally getting together tonight!!

      • Nicholas says:

        You are so dumb. You are judging a show and saying how horrible it is and you have not even watched in marypioppins.

        • maryploppins says:

          Yes Nicholas I am a terrible idiot. I freely admitted that I haven’t seen it so take my statements with a grain of salt, but yet no one has told me that I have my facts wrong. Jillian says she liked the storyline but that’s clearly because she was looking for different things in the Bones/Booth story than I am looking for with Castle/Beckett.

          So tell me then, dear genius, do I have my facts wrong?? I never said BONES was a terrible show either, I simply said that that particular STORYLINE seemed like something I would hate. I am now angry at myself for even wasting the couple minutes it took to respond to you.

          • Mary says:

            Yes, you have your facts wrong… because you can’t judge something or say that it’s the biggest letdown only because you heard about it… it’s called common sense. You don’t know what’s been going on with Booth and Brennan, so you can’t know if this path is right for them, they are not Castle and Beckett.

          • Cassidy says:

            Although I am replying to you, this is meant for all these comments that are comparing/contrasting both shows and bashing Bones based on *something* they’ve heard. I was a Castle fan until those kinds of comments came to my attention and they have diminished my love for the show – to the point that disappointment both with the show and the fanbase has made me stop watching. You could say that Castle was picked up because of Bones’ success on Fox and because procedurals are cheap and easy shows to follow – even more if there is a factor such as UST between the characters. That Nathan Fillion was the lead didn’t hurt either. But coming back to your comments. (And if you bring DB to this, know that Bones did not have that problem. Thanks to really good reviews by the critics, they were pulling off fantastic ratings by Christmas.)

            Hart Hanson’s way of treating the situation has been more than satisfying. If you consider what Bones has been through schedule-wise (they had moved timeslots more times than one can count and not always with the best lead-ins IF THEY HAD ANYTHING) and that their third season had to shortened and its storylines modified to adapt to it (the season finale was not planned to be that and neither was to solve the Gormogon situation like that). Yes, they had had their ups and downs telling their story but every show at one point or another has.
            Castle, as far as I know, has been always at the same hour every season and its numbers are not spectacular with or without DWTS. Moreover, Marlowe has taught people like you well – bash a show (and hence the people involved in it one way or another) you haven’t watched but you know went through a similar situation with their leads. However, Hanson hasn’t mentioned it and was classy about the whole situation.
            AND who are you (or any other fan who hasn’t watched the show) to diss how they resolved the situation? Things may sound horrible when read but may be the proper way when seen and the way Hart solved it was really consistent with the privacyand the characterization of these two people. I haven’t heard many Bones fans complain about the things went down because we did get our love scene back in season 4 – and the discussion of whether it was a dream or not still continues – and we have been promised more in the yearS to come. I do know of Marlowe’s premise of the show and what he based it on, and it is about time that he brought his leads together. I don’t want to wish bad to any show so I hope that if they get together tonight, you enjoy it so much that you fans don’t feel the need to bash other show because the impression you give is that to enjoy your show completely you need to bash something you haven’t watched and hasn’t offended you personally in any way.

            SO PLEASE, try to keep your show in the air and when you get to eight seasons and are the true unsung hero of your network schedule after all the situations your network has put you through (as Fox executives such as Mr. Beckman – or as you may have recognize him, maskedscheduler, like to say), we will talk. Your show is pulling some “decent” ratings and its competition is not as strong as Bones’ right now (and they are pulling the same demos, which is what matters after all). This discussion is about Castle’s finale, not how Bones resolved a storyline LAST YEAR (and has been praised by critics about how fresh the show is now), so keep it this way and maybe former fans will come back to you, congratulating everyone in a job well done after this finale.

          • Katherine215 says:

            You don’t have your facts wrong, and as a long-time fan of Bones, it was a horrible let down. I don’t even think we saw a kiss, iirc. It wasn’t even 100% clear they had sex until she said she was pregnant and he was the father. Marlowe’s handled the Caskett relationship far better than Hanson has.

          • maryploppins says:

            @Mary – What I know for 100% sure is that I’d be livid if it happened with Castle and Beckett, which is what I said in my original comment. That is my bottom line.

            @Katherine215 – Thank you for giving me some proof that I’m not entirely insane haha, I do remember there being a pretty big internet outcry at the time it happened, so I don’t think my statement is totally out there/cuckoo. ;-) I do not know Bones as a show, but what I DO know is my own tastes when it comes to the “ship” aspect of any t.v. show I watch. Based on my personality type I suspect that I would be extremely frustrated with that storyline no matter what the situation was.

          • Jillian says:

            It’s only disappointing if you want to see two characters have sex…but if you want to see two characters in love and in a relationship, then it’s awesome.

          • Nicholas says:

            Cassidy is 100% correct. Marlowe is a Tool. Bones did it way better than Castle is doing it. Then again, you castle slurpies would think a pile of crap is better than Bones and that just shows everybody how immature the castle fanbase is.

          • maryploppins says:

            Well now that I’ve watched the episode, all that matters to me is that we can say with great certainty that they did NOT PULL A BONES!!!! Praise Jeebus, praise Jeebus.

          • Jillian says:

            @maryploppins If you just want to see two people have sex, then go perv out and watch Castle…but if you actually want to watch a show with two people that are in love and have a relationship, then come watch Bones. You are just judging a show, when you have no idea what even happens.

          • maryploppins says:

            Oh puh-lease, if you think this is just meaningless sex then I don’t know what show you’re watching. And I’m pretty sure I saw you admit in a different comment on this article that you’ve never seen seasons 1 through 3 of Castle, so I don’t know that you’re necessarily in any position to judge me for commenting on the Bones storyline without having watched it. I guess that means we are BOTH a-holes then.

            All I know is that I am one HAPPY A-HOLE right about now. WHEEEE!!

        • Nicholas says:

          Also, I doubt Katherine215 doesnt even watch bones and you poppins created that account as an alias.

    • TJCrinc says:

      i like bones now, but im quite mad they didnt even show a little sex before cutting the scene. However i think that bones is still on track, its still a crime procedural and that still takes precedence, and hart hanson mixes in some PDA during the case, overall HH is handling that relationship well.

  3. Shae says:

    I don’t think the show’s premise can sustain itself any longer without them getting together.

  4. JAA says:

    So at the Paley Fest, they all had an idea where this season finale was heading to. I hope Stana got her strawberry milk shake :D

  5. leigh says:

    It sounds great. Really can’t wait for this episode tomorrow. The only bad thing I can gather from all the spoilers I keep seeing is that we have to wait until September for a new episode.

  6. sofia says:

    If I’m dead next Tuesday, Castle is the why. I CANNOT WAIT ANYMORE TO WATCH THIS EPISODE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Mary says:

    Castle and Kate hooking up at the end of season four and starting a relationship? Oh please. Who actually believes that? You guys will get a kiss. That’s it. You want the show to go beyond a 5th year, fans better pray they don’t hook up this early.

    • Tamara says:

      AMEN! I feel for the shippers. They aren’t going to get what they want. When Castle comes back in the Fall. Rick and Kate will decide they can’t be in a relationship or if they do, it will last like 5 eps. Then they will be back to “will they or won’t they?” for X amount of seasons, introducing love interests, more bumps in the road, till it gets cancelled. Enjoy your pipe dreams shippers.

      • Melanie says:

        Andrew Marlowe has said that he doesn’t believe in the “Moonlighting curse”, and that he doesn’t want to drag out this relationship like every other show does these days. There is going to be plenty of more story-telling once these two DO get together. So, yeah, I’m gonna sit over here and enjoy my so called ‘pipe dreams’, in the meantime, Castle and Beckett will be getting together.

        • Lydia says:

          What Marlowe’s said in interviews and what’s been showing up on screen are, IMO, two different things. I hope he’s going to finally stop dragging this out, but I’ll believe it when and if I see it.

      • Alessandra Ferreira says:

        But they already done that whole “drama” with other love interests. Demming? Gina? Josh?
        And I’ll agree that for their story telling, they’re not in a place in which you need soap opera storylines to get the show going. If they keep adding that, they’ll just push away viewers.

        • Always is always says:

          You do realize that in real life, couple encounters drama and obstacles all the time, right? You don’t get to live happily ever after when you get married or hook up.

          What these dramas are is up to Marlowe and Co….hopefully he plans them well to sustain interests.

    • Audrey says:

      Sounds to me Marlowe has plans, so I’m not worried yet. If you’re not a believer that chemistry can sustain itself when the couple hook up, you should give the Nikki Heat novels a read. Heat and Rook mirror Beckett and Castle very, very well that you can actually picture it on your tv screen. They kept the heat, chemistry, banters, and especially the fun going. And why are these books good indicators? Because I believe the real writer behind the books is actually Marlowe. Seriously, there are hints within the books that tells you Marlowe is the ghost writers.

      Well, at least this is what I’m hoping Marlowe would be going for in season 5, since he’s said in an interview that the show will be more fun next season. Whatever happens, I am sticking with this show.

    • Kate says:

      I hope you’re being sarcastic. Many, many people are threatening to stop watching if they DON’T get together. For the series’ sake, something had better happen tomorrow or there won’t be a season 6. A lot of fans are sick of being jerked around.

      • Jen says:

        I won’t quit watching just because they don’t get together but if they don’t come to some kind of a decision. Its gone on long enough.

      • Lydia says:

        Seriously. The day that showrunners realize that there’s such a thing as waiting TOO long will be a happy day.

    • Alan says:

      have you not seen chuck. sarah and chuck were together from the middle of season 3 through to the end of season 5, they never split up, got married and were even talking about quiting the spy life and having a family at the end of the show. just because the two characters tension was a big part of the early season of the show doesnt mean it will kill the show when they got together, in fact i think chuck had some of its best episodes post chuck/sarah hook up

      • Steph says:

        Agreed! Some of the best episodes were when Chuck and Sarah were together. If there is good/smart writing and sustained chemistry between the leads, there is no such thing as the Moonlighting curse. Of course that is just my opinion.

        • Wendy says:

          No offense, but that is not exactly a good example since NBC cancelled the series.

          • Steph says:

            Well all series come to an end and five seasons is a pretty good run on NBC lately. Plus the show did not end because the leads got together, which is the topic that is currently being discussed in the comments.

      • Georgina says:

        YES! I love Chuck and Sarah even more after they got together, they had some brilliant development as a couple and I thought the timing they got together(in season 3) was right as well.

      • TJCrinc says:

        plus how she used her amazing CIA seduction training to get chuck to spill all his secrets. Love will give the show strength if they write it correctly. Get a netflix subscription and watch moonlighting, because the writing of that relationship was horrible. and it wasnt the relationship that killed the show it was the sheer crappiness of the story afterwards, and people blame the hookup as the “jump the shark” moment.

      • shel says:

        I was thinking the exact same thing! :) The unresolved sexual tension is good for a while, but I really don’t believe putting the characters in a relationship will screw up the show, ESPECIALLY since it’s always been heading there. Chuck did a brilliant job with that, and Chuck and Sarah actually being together in a real relationship just added so much more wonderfulness to the show!

    • Lydia says:

      How did people willingly become conditioned to believe that people entering a romantic relationship after knowing each other for 4 years (well, 3.5) is “early”?

  8. Jennifer strimple says:

    I know having to wait tell September is so mean cant wait tell tomorrow east coast no fair you get to watch it 3 hours before me I live on the north coast

  9. Krithika says:

    Oh God get them together already!!! Goodness gracious it’s been 4 frickin years and if nothing happens this season millions of fans are gonna be pissed off.

  10. Krithika says:

    Amen!! I want Captain Mal back!!!

  11. Mia says:

    Well, I prefer a talented Nathan with a few extra pounds, than other actors people call “hot eye candy” and that end on drug rehab….And considering he won the People’s Choice Award for best TV actor, I will say most viewers agree with me.
    He is a talented man and always very sweet with his fans, from his old shows and from Castle.
    You go Nathan. And Good luck in the new Percy movie you r filming in Canada in the Castle summer hiatus,
    And the Finale looks awesome. I can’t wait !!!!

  12. Stever man says:

    I certainly hope they get to the we’ve seen in the preview of holding each other’s hands. The two characters are the only ones who aren’t aware of how great they’d be for each other.

  13. Ray internet explore says:

    I hope this is not the end of the Castle its one of the best shows on tv. thank you..

  14. sladewilson says:

    If Rick and Kate aren’t an official couple by the end of this episode, welcome to Moonlighting 2.0. That’s what they will be – point blank…

    • madbengalsfan85 says:

      Call it the “Moonlighting curse” curse…keeping your leads apart to avoid the Moonlighting Curse, thus killing the show

  15. Jay says:

    The show will endure even if Castle and Beckett don’t get together. Sorry to say this, but same thing happened with Bones. They didn’t get together for a while, but the show endured. It still is! Castle is gonna prove that also, only thing is, I doubt they will wait as long as Bones did, but eventually they will get together.

    To the haters.. quit trolling guys, y’all are always saying the same things, doesn’t That get tiring???

  16. CastleBeckettAlways says:

    Castle and Beckett’s relationship works solely on sexual chemistry alone. Unlike Bones and Booth, you don’t see Castle and Beckett going out at the end of each case and pouring their heart out to each other. They are not exactly soulmates like in the case of B&B and their relationship cannot be sustained for 6 seasons on sexual chemistry alone, unlike Bones, where it is still interesting to watch because you see them still progressing as soulmates and you have other characters’ relationship to concentrate on. To drag their “will they, won’t they” relationship moving forward, not even as friends, is really going to kill the story. And it is made worse by having weak side characters with practically zero character development for them. I see huge potential between Esposito and Lanie and it was killed off pre-maturely. Ryan and Jenny’s story practically ended with them getting married so all we get is Castle and Beckett who ain’t moving forward. In fact, the drag in their relationship is really taking it’s toll on me in Season 4. Has stopped watching Castle mid-season and channel my energy on Bones. At least I know where B&B is heading and they ain’t wishy washy about their relationship.

    So I really hope the Season finale let the characters grow instead of suppressing them and forcing them into sexual tension for the next 2 seasons *groan* when we already have 4 seasons of that and it is really getting nowhere.

    • Always is always says:

      Your “name” amuses me. /sarcasm How can you use “CastleBeckettAlways” when you stopped watching the show? Gah.

    • I have to disagree. I believe Castle and Beckett are soulmates. I like that they haven’t gone out after a case and chummed around. I think that opens up the dating aspect of the relationship. I can’t wait to see the official first date. I think we could have some serious comical moments.

    • madbengalsfan85 says:

      The Caskett relationship needs its watershed moment, a point where feelings are outed and there is no turning back. You can argue to a certain extent that the s3 was that moment. However, I don’t think it was enough. When Booth gave his “I’m the gambler” speech (Parts in the Sum of the Whole), there was no turning back. Caskett needs a similar moment

      • Fayth says:

        Ya I do agree they actually have an opportunity to do that in S3 and beginning of S4. But Castle has a habit of just leaving what was said in the previous episode as that and move on. Like in S3 Season Finale when Casle angrily stomps over to Beckett and told her “We kissed, but never talked about it.” Then Beckett got shot and pretend to forget everything and they left things as that. There are so many obstacles placed in front of them to stop them from developing and I think Season 4 finale really should address that. Well, we will find out in 24 hours. To be honest, watching Castle has been a very irritating experience lately, because they are getting very wishy washy about their awkward relationship.

    • Lydia says:

      “Unlike Bones and Booth, you don’t see Castle and Beckett going out at the end of each case and pouring their heart out to each other.”

      That’s partly because the writers made the decision that they had to keep the characters from talking honestly with each other in order to stretch out the time before they got together. But they are close friends, IMO. Their friendship has just been strained this past year.

    • Nan says:

      DID WE WATCH THE SAME SHOW?!!! Castle and Beckett Not soul mates, not going out? So at the end of the episode when they both gave up on their dates and went to Remy’s or went to see ‘forbidden planet’, went for a drink after Castle bought Old Haunt or after Serena left Castle and Beckett invited him for a hamburger? It is just not shown like in Bones but they are spending a lot time together and in Bones you have a lot less Bones-Parker interaction then Beckett-Alexis in Castle. Marlowe just choose different approach the HH. Beside you have the same amount of lingering and love sicken looks in both Castle and Bones, in Castle is just more subtle as it is season 4 not 7

    • cmunney says:

      Holy crap, you could not be more wrong. Bones comes to a screeching halt whenever the show focuses on the supporting characters. Bones used to be my go to show. I couldn’t wait for new episodes to come on. When I was bored I would watch the DVDs. But, now it sits on my DVR until I have watched everything else that is on it. It wasn’t even the fact that Hason kept Bones and Boothe apart for so long. It was the hackneyed way in which he finally go them together. I don’t need to see a sex scene but, some plot developement would have been nice. It was essentially the plot of Knocked Up. One night stand leads to baby so, let’s see if we can make it work as a couple. And now every story is about that damn kid. The show is borderline unwatchable. I don’t want to get into a fight about “true” fans but, I really don’t get how people can watch the first 3-4 seasons of Bones and say that what we have today is in the same league as that.

  17. Jillian says:

    I’m going to be very surprised if they do actually show a sex scene. I just started watching Castle this season…and Marlowe never shows any moments between them (except for some hand rubs and smiles) or they get interrupted as soon as are about to have a moment. I think they will probably just kiss and the screen goes to black…and fans have to wait until September to see what happens. I hope I’m wrong.

    • Amy says:

      I am pretty sure you are right that Beckett is going to kiss Castle at the very end and then it will be over for the summer. Hopefully the rest of the episode will be good context as to whether the kiss is going to lead to a relationship or not. Oh and if you like spoilers go to and see Castle’s Sneak Peak. It is so good. I can’t believe they put that scene as the sneak peak.

    • maryploppins says:

      Oh my god I am going to go on a rampage if that happens.

    • tahina says:

      You may be right. But the episode has S for SEX in the crossed. :)

    • I don’t. I don’t want sex scenes right off. I think if their relationship is going to last, they have to hold off on sex and start with dating. I love the idea of these two trying to go out on dates – the dreaded first official date could be quite interesting.

      • maryploppins says:

        I don’t mind them jumping straight to sex in this case because in a way they’ve already been dating for 4 years now. ;-) If they just met each other and then had sex immediately then that would be bad. But in this case they’re practically already boyfriend and girlfriend, the only thing that needs to be added in now is the sex. ;-)

        • TJCrinc says:

          i agree with you. they have been dating for 4 years. they always come back to each other telling their problems to the other. there have been several key moments when they were going to do something, but didnt because it would require betraying the person they were dating. Castle realized he was ment for beckett at beginning of season 3, when he dumped gina by phone, while beckett was behind him and showed a smile. Castle has waited since then, and although beckett hurt him by keeping the secret of her remembering her shooting from him, castle realized why she kept it, and will forgive her for it. He will know that she kept it because she was afraid, that she could trust someone not to hurt her when she is vulnerable. she realized that this season, through therapy, which will help her to tell castle how she feels.

        • Jillian says:

          Wow. I don’t see Castle and Beckett practically dating. I just started watching it this season…but I haven’t seen any moments (except for some hand rubbing and smiles) or scenes with them going out to have dinner or over to each other’s apartments. And when you think they are about to have a moment, they always get interrupted. I have been a Bones fan for years…and B&B would always go out to have drinks or dinner and then, we would get moments where they would almost kiss or confess their feelings that make you scream “Just get together already!!” I haven’t seen anything like that with Castle and Beckett.

          I think with Bones, they focus on B&B’s relationship more where you have no doubt that will end up together and that they are soul mates, where with Castle, they don’t focus on Castle and Beckett’s relationship that much, where they is more “will they/won’t they.” I’m going to watch the whole series from season 1 this summer…but I just haven’t seen anything between Castle and Beckett yet.

          • maryploppins says:

            “… and B&B would always go out to have drinks or dinner and then, we would get moments where they would almost kiss or confess their feelings that make you scream ‘Just get together already!!’ I haven’t seen anything like that with Castle and Beckett.”

            Then clearly you haven’t watched seasons 1 through 3. Season 4 has been extremely different chemistry-wise between Castle and Beckett than seasons 1 through 3 were. That is why a lot of people have been frustrated with the show lately. Beckett has been in a confused state about everything ever since the shooting, which is the main reason why they have been relatively distant with each other this season. I also started watching Castle this season, but it was only after I went back and watched seasons 1 through 3 that I “got it”. Ever since then I’ve been dying for these two to get together.

    • jonstewart4president says:

      As my below comment indicates, I disagree and think they characters will have sex. I think that they’ll lead up to that, with some kisses, and such, and taking off of clothes, maybe some rolling around in bed. But I think they’ll probably be more fade-to-black than a lot of the audience will like. But I do think the show will have some hot kisses and intimations of foreplay on the screen before that.

      But I also agree as to how sexless Beckett and Castle have been this season. Not just with the lack of actual contact, but even showing that they had lust for each other. I think they were told to keep it low key this year, to draw out the UST, but they did it by suppressing all ST. So for me that means that yeah, the show really hasn’t established them as people who are hot for each other. This season at least. I used to feel it was there in previous seasons. So for them to go from that to teh sex? is a bit jarring. And feels more like Marlowe realized he needed to put this characters together physically because that’s what the next part was, but hadn’t done the work with his storytelling, to establish that beforehand.

  18. Mari says:

    Oh God I’m so ready for them to get togehter!

  19. Sue says:

    That sneak peek on gave me goosebumps. Can’t wait to see the whole episode.

  20. jonstewart4president says:

    I think Castle and Beckett are going to have teh sex in the finale, and it won’t just be a bunch of kissing. Now how much of teh sex they’ll show, remains a question mark. And yeah, I do think that part of that will be how much they want to show NF. Whom I still love, but he’s certainly not Captain Tight Pants anymore. I think it’s shallow, but TV is a shallow medium.

    But that won’t really matter, as it’s great the characters will finally be getting together. Yay! I just hope that AM doesn’t feel compelled to break them up too quickly next season. And instead lets them have a relationship on-screen. Inbetween being cute during their cases. Which I want better written cases next year. I don’t need or expect terribly real cases, I would watch Law & Order if I wanted more realism. But the logic holes have been too much even for this show, and the cases have been kind of boring for the most part this season. Pandora and Linchpin were especially horrible. So hope this changes the next season.

    But yay for Caskett getting together. I’m stoked for the fans.

    • Jillian says:

      Maybe your right…but I don’t think Marlowe will leave everything neat and pretty with them as a officially committed couple this season. There’s gotta be something that keeps fans holding for more. Like maybe they have sex, but then she finds out that he’s been secretly working on her mother’s case and they get into a huge fight (…but I think that she finds out about his secret before the kissing scene) There’s gotta to be something.

      • jonstewart4president says:

        Maybe the cliffhanger will be more external to them, than internally as a couple. Like she’s going to get in trouble for her part in covering up for Montgomery, maybe even facing charges about that. So that will be the cliffhanger, and of course that means they can’t work together anymore. At least until that’s resolved, so that can put a new strain and twist on their previous relationship for the next season.

        Or maybe after sex, and Castle thinking she was choosing to give up pursuing her mother’s case, she goes out, and that’s where the cliffhanger comes in. She’s in danger as a result of that.

        • Jillian says:

          I still get the feeling that it will be something that has directly to do with their romantic relationship. I just don’t think that they will be in a totally committed relationship and ready to get married and make babies. They have to leave something open. Either that or I feel a break up happening next season. If they want 7 seasons, then they can’t have everything be all happy and rosy in their relationship.

          • TJCrinc says:

            i think it will be more awkward for them next season, they had sex, so they cant treat each other as friends anymore. they crossed the line of no return, but, as some of the cases this year have made them clearly realize, like cops & robbers, embarassment of bitches, 47 seconds, and recently undead again. Next year a case will make them realize that they need to find a groove, and stick there, where they balance both halves of their relationship. marlowe has a hard road ahead, but i think he will figure out a way to do what i mentioned above.

        • Always is always says:

          I can totally see an external force ripping Castle and Beckett apart — like, something that have to do with Beckett’s profession. Just like in Chuck, when Chuck was about to propose on the balcony, the CIA came in and charged Sarah for treason, which started their long separation as Sarah works undercover to get Chuck’s mom out.

  21. tvdiva says:

    I really enjoy this show and the way they get dead serious during the last few episodes each season. I also think it is time to but Kate’s mother’s murder to rest and move on to something new. As far as the Castle/Beckett romance, they have grown as friends, they know they love each other – it is time to step up and move into a real relationship.

  22. M3rc Nate says:

    Though every time something regarding her mom has come up she has been mega angry with castle and basically made him leave…i think this time it will be the “pulls them closer together” option. It would be like the third or fourth time in a row they have ended a season with them “never getting back together!” if they did it again. I mean the season he left for summer house and never came back, the season she said they are through, the season …etc. I think they will end this season the opposite, pull them closer together than ever.

    The real question is, when they sleep together in the season will they start it with them trying to date and be in love…OR will they go the …that was awkward, where do we go from here? route.

  23. James says:

    Can’t Wait. i think I know how its going to go thier going to sleep together and the morning after Kate discovers Castles secret and cut to black. we know from Marlowe that thier will be a cliffhanger and it won’t involve a life threatening event, so it would make sense to do it that way. I don’t see them macking and then the episode ends thats not really a cliffhanger. but I totally agree with most of you that the time is right to get them together, and thier is so much story left to be told, I for one would love to see how alexis will react being protective of her father, and the up and down relationship she has with Beckett. them being to gether is the tip of the iceberg. I love this show one of the best on TV, and am never dissapointed when it comes to finale time so i fully expect this to be fricking amazing.

    on a seprete note i just think its funny that a good portion of these comments are about bones when bones was no where in the article. but, I’ll join in anyway. I love both shows, i think Nathan and Stana have far better chemistry, but both shows are top notch, and while it is obvious they were caught off guard by Emily Deschnel baby, and I would of liked to see them get together officially i think they’ve handled it well.

  24. sofia says:

    cant wait for tom!!! I think they are totally going to do it, if only because if the blind item it has to be them! Although the episode looks so full i am not sure if there will be any time! Let’s see if they end it in a cliffhanger!

  25. Anon says:

    I really wish people would stop comparing Castle and Bones. They are different shows with different characters and each of them has their own story. There was a reason Booth and Brennan didn’t get together until season 6 and there’s a reason that Castle and Beckett will most likely get together tomorrow. Their situations are different. So please, STOP COMPARING THE TWO SHOWS!

    Also, if you’ve never watched the shows or aren’t up to date on them, maybe you shouldn’t be so quick to make comments on the characters’ relationships. It just makes you look uninformed.

    • Wendy says:

      I get your point, but when you have *Andrew Marlowe* comparing his own show to Hart Hanson’s formula on Bones and decrying it, the comparisons are inevitable. Add in the framework is similar, even if it *is* different when one digs deeper. “Popular novelist helps law enforcement officer solve crimes”. Applies to both.Sure, Brennan is a scientist first and novelist secondarily, but it still fits. I’m not saying the comparing doesn’t get circular, but I *am* saying the shows both have enough similarities – with their respective creators feeding it – that it is not as ludicrous as some think.

  26. Symce says:

    I have some faith in Marlowe about the season finale. So far he hasnt disappointed. Sure season 4 felt a bit off at times, but that’s because the leads weren’t on the same page because of the secrets kept. I like how Marlowe adressed that issues, shows he listens to the audience.

    I’m a shipper too, but I really prefer a back-to-fun approach of earlier seasons, and I believe he can pull it off while also keeping the ‘relationship’ from becoming stale.

  27. MarnieLooHoo says:

    Remind me please… what’s the secret Castle is keeping from Kate? It’s been a long season.

    • Symce says:

      He’s basically brokered a deal with the devil kinda thing, promising to steer Kate away from her mother’s case, or else the ‘bad guys’ would go back after her. It doesn’t seem like a huge thing, but when you factor in how important her mother’s case is for her, it’s kind of a bombshell.

  28. Sofie says:

    I think Beckett and Castle are perfect for eachother! And I wan’t them to get together because they BELONG together. I’m just so afraid that the show will lose somthing if they do. I’m afraid it’s going to be to sugar sweet….

  29. Astrid says:

    Omg i can’t wait!!!

  30. Vannesa says:

    OMG OMG OMG…I can’t wait. :D ;) :D

  31. I, too, am scared to see what will happen if they do manage to hook up. I don’t wanna compare them to Bones since I don’t watch that show, but these two deserve to be together. And Nathan deserves more funnyness like last week’s episode with the zombie makeup (the guy’s a freaking kid! Let him be one!) xD Can’t wait for tonight’s episode and not just because of that little thing we know will happen ;)

  32. MarnieLooHoo says:

    I don’t know… just watched that episode trailer and it looks like Rick’s pulling back from Kate when she reaches for him at the end. My prediction: I think, maybe, he’s going to confess his love and beg her not to go after her mom’s killer, she’s gonna do it anyway, it will all work out in the end, and then Rick will reject her because she didn’t care enough to pick him and leave it be.

    • In the Canada promo it shows Kate kissing someone while rain-soaked. And that person looks pretty Fillion-ey. From all of the different hints around the internet, it looks like a sure thing that at least they are gonna kiss. And since it’s rating includes an S, it is highly likely that there will be a hook-up.
      The promo is only a tiny piece of the episode though, so I am really excited to see how it all rolls out.
      My hope is that AM takes some hints from shows of the past and keeps the banter going afterward. The biggest problem I have had with this season is the lack of banter. It is completely possible to keep the same “teasing” effect used in S1 and S2 while they are in a relationship. Just instead of the teasing leading to nothing, it leads to a glimpse into their relationship. I have confidence that AM will be able to support the writing to make it as fun to watch while they are together as it was when they weren’t.

  33. My only question is: Will we finally get to see Kate’s navel ring and tattoo if there is a hook-up?

  34. JBS says:

    Although Marlowe & Co. chose not to show the actual sex, they do it.
    And the actual episode is worthy of such a moment (I won’t spoil it here)

    • JBS says:

      P.S: I am Canadian & I live on the east coast, so I’ve already seen the entire episode.

    • says:

      Is it in the very end of the episode, do we see anything?

      • JBS says:

        Why yes; yes it is. In fact, since THE scene happens at the end, here’s how it goes (note: I can’t include all the details cause it would give away too much IMHO)
        – Kate shows up at Rick’s door, soaked in rain.
        – He asks her what she wants
        – She kisses him, apologizng to him (can’t say why; sorry)
        – They very, VERY passionately kiss in what appears to be Castle’s bedroom
        – Rick un-buttons Kate’s shirt and us viewers get a good view of the bullet that went through her in the season 3 finale (symbolic)
        – The scene (not the finale; again, can’t say why) ends with Rick and Kate holding hands and most likely making some passionate love during the summer hiatus.
        And that is the scene, and it is NOT a dream.

        • Symce says:

          the hot makeout session is actually against the door (they slam it shut at some point) its not until after that, they hold hands and head to bedroom (prolly)

          I loved the action, and tho it was very fast paced and could’ve been smeared over more episodes, it was still a rush to watch. Marlowe really delivered. And I can’t wait till season 5, also to see the whole plot move forward, lots of loose ends (and bad guys on the loose)

  35. Holly says:

    Having now watched the episode, all I can say is that it was pretty fantastic, and immensely satisfying (despite leaving some major questions for next season like any good season finale does).

  36. lariet50 says:

    I actually feel kind of disappointed – not by any of the action with our leading characters – everything was set up nicely for some interesting stuff next season. But must they continue to drag on with Beckett’s mom’s case? Give it up! It’s tired.