Fringe Shockers: David Robert Jones' Boss Is Revealed! And Is [Spoiler] Dead?!

Warning: The following contains major spoilers from this Friday’s episode of Fox’s Fringe. Proceed accordingly.

If Fox had not renewed Fringe last week, the Internet would be on fire right now, torched to the ground, given the jaw-dropping events of Season 4’s penultimate hour.

For starters, very early into the episode it was revealed that the devious, deviant David Robert Jones in fact does answer to someone. And that someone is no less than… William Bell, played by a not-very-retired Leonard Nimoy.

“Don’t confuse a winning move with a winning game,” Belly told his cohort in the wake of the Fringe team snuffing their plan to infect humans with nanobots.

Of course, TVLine just days ago sought to confirm Nimoy’s return, given the wealth of recent hints at Bell’s resurrection. After reminding that the Star Trek alum has a standing invitation to return, EP Joel Wyman said, “Once you kind of realize the extent of everything, it will probably become clear why we’re not [writing ourselves into a corner]” with all the clues.

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During the same conference call, Wyman and fellow exec producer Jeff Pinkner were asked if Jones was perhaps not the biggest bad here. They answered: “The ground will shift and you’ll understand him a little bit deeper.”

Part 1 of the season-ender packed a pair of other punches (no pun intended): Olivia discovered her ability to affect others — to manipulate their molecules or some such thing — when she kept guest star Rebecca Mader from combusting while heating up herself. Liv later put the ability to use by remotely assisting Peter, Hugh Jackman-in-Real Steel-style, during a donnybrook with Jones, a confrontation that ended in the latter’s death.

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Alas, as Peter and Olivia contended with Jones, Walter and Astrid sought to track down Belly himself, at a warehouse. And while Astrid busted a move or two and nearly saved her and Walter from a security team, she took a bullet in the back before they could escape. As the thrilling hour closed, Walter’s longtime assistant slumped down seemingly lifeless, as Bell walked up to and greeted his “old friend.”

What did you think of Fringe‘s flurry of twists and surprises? Do you suspect that William Bell will offer to save Astrid in trade for Walter’s help?

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  1. Dan says:

    But…was it the Bell we all remember or was it… Alternate-Bell? The plot thickens…

    • JohnDoe says:

      If I remember correctly, there is no alternate Bell. He was killed in a car accident when he was young.

      • Dan says:

        But…Nina said that the Bell she knew had cancer and took his own life in a car accident. Pretty suspicious that the car accident idea is being used again. But it would be convenient if indeed alternate-Bell needed to do something to fake his death. Just saying. :)

        • steve says:

          pretty sure the “Cortexophan has regenerative properties” thing will explain Bell’s survival

          • M3rc Nate says:

            Interesting, i was more thinking that open ended mention (obviously it will mean something) was more headed towards how he saves Astrids life, considering it was a moment between him (Walter) and Astrid, it makes sense he would use cortexophan to repair her gun shot wound.

            Wow what a episode…i am SO happy (Spoiler) to finally see another sweet moment between Peter and Olivia. Omg it was adorable and sweet and loveable and everything…they better not F it all up and kill her or anything….no more making Peter fight to get her back! Olivia with Peter both alive and happy and eventually prego for the rest of the series!

            Was so happy to see Bell/Nemoy again. A plot twist i didnt see coming (and not to sound arrogant) i see 98% of up coming plot twists and turns in most shows, though with Fringe its more like 70% if that.

            God i love this show.

    • asd says:

      Remember that this is not the same timeline that we saw in the first seasons, so our Bell is not the same Bell, he is changed because Peter was not present in this timeline. Only Olivia and Peter remember the original timeline.

    • Victorious says:

      Remember Belly never liked to say good bye, and he went to the hospital to say good bye to Walter!

    • Annie says:

      Or not AlternaBell but “AltTimelineBell”? The mind reels. Positively reels.

    • The Bell we know is from the original timeline, we now live in a alternate timeline. A Time line where Bell never took over Olivia’s body and no LSD episode happened

    • MARIA says:

      It’s the re-boot version of the Walter from our original universe.

  2. Josh says:

    Ah!! I really hope Astrid isn’t dead! I mean she is with the two greatest geniuses. I’m guessing Bell won’t let her die, not if he wants Walter’s help.

    • She was alive in 2035, so…

      • Olivia wasn’t and we want THAT to change :P I want everyone alive O.O

        • Since Olivia hasn’t had Henrietta yet, I’m going to guess she’ll be around for a while. So, I’m sure Astro’s gonna make it.

          Also, didn’t Olivia kind of intimate that she was preggers when she asked him to look for places with a nursery? Or was that just her telling him she was open to having kids with him? Kind of a bombshell to just gloss over, if it was her telling him it’s on.

          • LC says:

            In the beginning of the episode, I thought that was her way of saying she was pregnant. However, later in the episode she was drinking alcohol, so I assume that it was her way of telling him she’s ready to start trying to make a baby.

          • guest says:

            no she didn’t. it was about them starting a family/thinking about children. I doubt they would have stayed that calm if she was pregnant.

          • Ken says:

            No, she is not pregnant as yet,this was her way of telling Peter that she want them to have a child.Another thing,i wish everyone would stop the paranoia about Olivia being killed in one season or another.Do you think for one moment that the writers (Whyman and Pinkner)who as created one of,if not the best love story (Peter/Oliver)on TV would run the risk of killing off one of these popular characters and ruining the ending,no way.For those people who like to bring up “Lost” try to remember this is “Fringe” it stands alone,way above any other show.
            We all know that September (Observer) told Oliver that”You have to die”well there are many ways of dieing,for instance if Bell have her in amber somewhere else, then this would fulfilled the observer prophecy and she would be dead.However,have we have seen in 2036,when remove from amber you can be revived,this may be the same fore cryogenics.I personally believe that is why Walter cut off William Bell’s hand in the amber,because he need’s Bell fingerprint to gain access to something Bell have in a secure location,this thing could very well be Olivia.
            The bottom line Fringies,we should stop trying to second the writers,myself included,and just enjoy the ride,its going to be epic.

      • Tarc says:

        Note that no one said anything about Olivia being dead in 2036 – they just remarked how awful Bell was to do that to Olivia. What ‘that’ was, and if Olivia is dead or not was not at all defined.

        • For all we know, in the new timeline Bell kills Olivia instead of being Walternate that does it. The tragedy ends up being that no matter what future Peter does (like building the machine and sending it back to the past) he cannot save Olivia.

          Btw, i just noticed that Henrietta is the femenine of Henry (yes, I was slow getting there). What is the significance that the baby Peter has with Olivia is born female and the baby he has with Bolivia is born male? Are Peter and Olivia supposed to be the patriarchs of the Observer race? If so, how does their child’s gender influence that?

          If they are supposed to become the patriarchs of that race, doesn’t that mean that the most logical way to defeat the Observers is to kill themselves or their children?

      • We don’t know that she’s dead. All Walter said was “…after what he did to Olivia.” That’s not implicitly saying she’s dead.

    • Phamster says:

      I really hope Alex is not dead! I love her! And John Noble was on a roll in this episode – the licking and sniffing of the paper and the started awareness when his Easy Bake oven dinged off. Love it!

  3. Michelle says:

    Wow. I am so confused.

    Do you guys remember when Walter and Olivia crossed over to the other universe and got Bell to help them. And then when they crossed back (at the theater), Bell sacrificed himself. He even put up the “Star Trek” sign and all.

    So…did none of that ever happen since Bell is seemingly alive, well, and…evil now? I mean, he was a good guy then.

    • Ryan says:

      That was in the timeline with Peter. Walter, Olivia, and the Cortexiphan kids only crossed over to bring Peter home. No Peter, no reason to crossover. This was also confirmed last week when two of the three Cortexiphan kids were shown alive. So that never happened in this timeline. What “killed” Bell in this timeline was cancer/a car accident. But clearly Bell found a way to beat the cancer.

      • I’ve gone crosseyed… I do wish we had an explanation for what still happened and what didn’t happen. This is like trying to read DC Comics!

        • Ryan says:

          Agreed. I think this was the last piece of the puzzle that we need to know, though. But I’m still really confused about one thing. We know Fauxlivia replaced Olivia for a period of time in the timeline without Peter but why and how did she do it? I guess we’ll never find out now…

          • There’s a thing things broken with Fringe, as good as it is. For one, if the timeline changed, as seen in Letters of Transit, Peter and Walter no longer created the machine in 2026 as seen in the last episode of season 3 since they encased themselves in amber in 2015.

            This stuff doesn’t work without one more alternate reality added to the equation.

          • Ryan says:

            Michael Sacal – that’s not necessarily true, though. The future can change. Somehow, at some point, someone created the machine and sent it back with or without Peter and Walter. I think we should view “The Day We Died” as a possible future at this point, not THE future. Right now, I think the only future we need to concern ourselves with is the one in “Letters in Transit.” But that is still an interesting point: if Walter, Peter, and Astrid are ambered, does that mean that someone else made the machine or perhaps they just make it later in life, after 2036, and then send it back to keep the timeline consistent. Because without the machine, everything would change, absolutely everything.

          • It’s a cross of the Grandfather Paradox with the Butterfly Effect.

          • ric says:

            I think she replaced Olivia because Walternate still wanted revenge for the death of his son and that meant getting the piece of the machine that he didn’t have. He still needed it and replacing Olivia was part of that.

          • Joey says:


            I think that in season 2,Walter believes that the machine was created and sent back by the observers to merge the two universe when for some reason I’m starting to think that the “Letters” Fringe team actually creates the machine and sends it back in time some how.. I don’t really know though

          • How, Joey? In season 3 they sent it back using the anomaly in the park. That isn’t present here. Also, Peter was motivated to create and send the machine by Olivia’s death. That isn’t relevant in Letters.

          • someone... says:

            Michael Sacal and Ryan, I think I’ve figured it out. They’re ambered in 2015, but by 2026 then probably have already defeated the Observers… but… (lightball above head appears) BROYLES LOST HIS EYE FIGHTING THE OBSERVERS!!!! I’m so smart.

          • Someone… so you’re suggesting that they sent the machine parts back through time before the Observers invaded, then when the invasion began they placed themselves in amber? That would mean that Peter didn’t change anything. I thought that the comic Beyond the Fringe was part of canon, and in that one Peter is shown hoping across time doing something related to the machine. Was Peter’s statement to Walter about them being the First Ones meant to refer to their building the machine or to their traveling back in time with the machine? I thought it was the latter.

          • I’m going with Ric on this one. In the original timeline, Fauxlivia came over tho the Bluverse to retrieve a piece of the machine that Walternate could not locate in the Redverse. In the current timeline this could easily be the same reason she came over, as well. The circumstances of how she traveled to and from the Bluverse may be different. The details certainly are because there was no Peter involved .

          • matt says:

            the machine was still sent back in time by the future walter from the previous timeline. the events that played out in the season 3 finale were one possible future, albeit a future toward which this currently timeline is not headed. but all possible futures come from the same past, so even though the OLD timeline’s future walter is the one who created the machine, he sent it back into a past that is also shared by this NEW timeline, hence why they were able to uncover it.

          • TV Gord says:

            I’m unsubscribing from this thread. All of this over-thinking is taking the fun out of the show.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      That was the other timeline, where Peter hadn’t been erased.

  4. Emma says:

    Fringe was so good! I am so glad that Fringe got renewed for a fifth season.

    • Garnet_and_Gold47 says:

      I think we can all celebrate and breathe a sigh of relief for the 5th season. :) Tonight’s episode has to be the best penultimate of them all!

      • The Spectre says:

        A kind word of advice…check the definition of “penultimate”, for you will find it is not the word you were perhaps trying for.

  5. Ryan says:

    Obviously Astrid’s not dead – given that we know for a fact that she’s alive and kicking when Walter amber’s the team in 2016 – so my money’s on Bell saving her life with whatever saved his own life as a way to earn Walter’s trust. My question is why the hell Bell and Jones were trying to burn Boston down in the first place. Was it just a ploy to get Peter and Olivia out of the lab so Walter would come to Bell or something else?

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      That’s my thinking. Probably some gizmo they had collecting dust in the garage with no real purpose.

      • Ryan says:

        So there Jones was REALLY wrong about “the bishop:” the first thinking it was Peter, then that it was himself, but it was really Walter? That’s what I’m guessing. This looks like Bell did everything just to get Walter find him – including the nanites or whatever they’re called because he knew Walter would find them, place them, and then find Bell himself. Huh. On another note: not enough Rebecca Mader. Never enough Mader.

  6. laurie Carasso says:

    I am gobsmacked.
    Perhaps I am in denial,but I feel that lemon-pig brain cake or some such thing will provide some regeneration of whatever organs Astrid needs healed. Is there a Vampire in da house??

  7. Nancy Bailey says:

    I think Bell has to be Alt-Bell as the one from this side died before….then again that was in the blue -verse, now we are in the yellow-verse and the other corhexiphan kids returned last week….he wouldn’t have saved Olivia and Peter in this timeline.
    Therefore it could be the real Bell in the yellow-verse!
    Did you follow that?
    Oh and I’m sure Walter will save Astrid in this timeline too.

    • Andrew says:

      It’s possible. It all depends on what The Observers changed when the timelines were rewritten.

      In the original timeline, our William Bell said that his alternate died in a car accident in the other universe when he was young. Then, he (our William Bell) sacrificed himself to allow Walter and Peter to cross back over to our side (when Bolivia came back with them and infiltrated our team to gather intel for her universe).

      If it wasn’t alt-Bell, the next best guess is that the car accident that occurred in the original timeline happened, but Bell faked his death in this instance, fooled Nina, then visited Walter at St. Claire’s like he said. If you go with this theory, it’s possible that Bell’s alternate still died in a car accident when he was young, meaning that they may have kept the fact that Bell didn’t have an alternate in the original timeline intact.

      Or, there’s this: When the timelines were rewritten, our William Bell died in the car accident (while stricken with cancer) as Nina suggested while his alternate in the other universe lived. This would mean that it was alt-Bell who visited Walter at St. Claire’s and not the “original” William Bell. So, the event of his death was reversed in the rewritten timeline (ie: our version of Bell died while his alternate lived instead of the other way around).

      Bell was shown to be encased in amber in 2036. This would not be possible without an adjusted timeline (alt-Bell or not).

      • Maris says:

        Oh the possibilities! I’m going to go with the Bell from the present world and timeline. it’ll just make sense to my mind and avoid some random combustion.

      • Nic says:

        I agree: In this NEW timeline, *over there* William Bell never died & was BAD; *over here* William Bell died in a car accident/was GOOD. His destiny in each universe SWITCHED in the reboot.

        *Over There* William Bell has been Season 4’s “big bad” since the premiere.

        Good Lord, I love FRINGE.

        “Peace-out.” – Walter Bishop

  8. tvislife says:

    I’m worried for Astrid, because as soon as she started being badass I began to wonder if 2036 Astrid was actually Aspbergerstrid. And then she got shot.

  9. ric says:

    Did you notice that half of Jone’s face dissolved when he died. The same half that was cut off in season one when the portal was stopped. It seemed like a way to show that this is becoming the original timeline….Just a thought

    • Maris says:

      Wow I did notice that! I just didn’t think of it like that ”becoming the original timeline” hmmmm. In all reality though, the idea if going to the original is impossible…but then again this is Fringe we’re talking about. I just doubt that it’s even reachable by Fringe standards.

      • Jonah says:

        I think it’s more of a “course-correction” than “becoming the original timeline”. Either way you slice it (pun intended), I’m glad DRJ is gone. “Peace-out”, as the O.G. Mad Scientists say.

  10. Amanda says:

    I think that our William Bell in both timelines always had a God complex but in the previous timeline he ended up staying in the alt-world had seeing the destruction Walter unintentionally caused. Seeing that cured him of any thoughts of superiority. In this timeline though he obviously did not have the same experiences and so he clearly thinks way to much of himself and his intelligence.

  11. Stacy says:

    I am not going to cry If Astrid is dead. Jasika Nicole was really rude to her fans about Twitter.

  12. Kira says:

    Is it just me or did the preview for the season finale make it seem like Walter shoots Olivia?

  13. My husband just said, “Astrid isn’t dead because of the lemon cake.” I don’t know if she ate it or what (yuck! if she did), but why else would they make it a point to explain that whole scene if the regenerating lemon cake didn’t come into play later?

    • Nic says:

      All that *fringe* baking over the last 4-years between Walter and Astrid (in ALL timelines) will ironically be the element in the show that saves her life. The writers are quite cheeky.

  14. Caty says:

    For the record, the glyphs spelled “powers.” Combine that with Olivia’s newfound control and Peter’s anguished yell at the end of next week’s trailer, my guess is we’ll find out what Bell did to Olivia referenced in Letters of Transit. The only thing that doesn’t mesh with that is that next ep would have to cover 4 years, so that Etta could be born. This is assuming that the LoT future is still on track. And heaven knows we won’t really know anything til Seas 5!
    So just wondering, how’s Lincoln’s apartment hunting with Liv going on the other side? :) And why can’t the two sides stay in touch with the magic typewriter??

    • I’m thinking that Olivia, at the beginning of the episode, told Peter she was pregnant when she asked him to look for places with nurseries. He was all “really?” and she was all “yeah,” but then that moment (with the smiling and the kissing) was interrupted with the call about the combusting people. What if Olivia ends up comatose or incapacitated in some way, and ends up having Etta while in this state? Peter could presumably take Etta to see her mother wherever she is, so Etta knows her mother as a child. Or she sees videos, I dunno.

  15. Maris says:

    OH MY GAWD! I just had a mega brain fart! which Bell is this? What does he really want? Is Astrid going to be ”regenerated?” Btw I was super excited to finally see her in action!!

    I’m so thankful for the fifth season or else I would have had a panic attack right now! oh the suspense is going to be killing me though.

  16. Matt H. says:

    D.R. Jones is dead. Belly is alive. Olivia now has superpowers. All of these are connected.

    The whole mad scientist plot of collapsing the universes so that D.R. Jones could remake the world with himself as a god was just the cover for Belly’s plot. D.R. Jones was simply a willing stalking horse for Belly’s plan.

    What plan, you may ask? Why the plan to activate Olivia’s true cortexiphan potential and, again, be a soldier in a coming war. Each step was taken to more intensely stress Olivia, to force her to use her powers. But each time before now, a life and death situation was avoided by Walter’s team saving the day.

    This time, however, a life was at stake. First, the Rebecca Mader character (with a daughter foreshadowing Etta). But this merely served to crack the shell that prevented Olivia from using her true powers. Then Peter’s life was directly at risk and he could not be saved except by Olivia exercising her powers in a deliberate and fully controlled manner. This situation completely crushed the shell and Olivia is now open to develop her powers completely.

    Olivia is still a soldier there to fight a war. This war, however, is not a war between the two universes, it is a war to stop a future from enslaving our present. Belly needs Olivia at full strength to be the warrior to save our present from the future of the Observers. Belly may be Mr. X, but he does not shoot Olivia. Instead he sends her to the future to fight the Observers on their home court.

    But we have seen that she has not succeeded. We have seen the 2036 where the Observers have taken over. And we have seen the new heroine who must take on the Observers where her Mother failed. Etta has cortexiphan powers as well. she took a full course at age four in 2016. She will also be called upon to go to the future of the Observers.

    In that future she will join Olivia who is already there. Together they will defeat the Observers and stop their invasion of 2015.

  17. 4theloveoffilm says:

    All I know for certain are two things: 1) I love this show. 2) I’m royally freaking out.

  18. JMS says:

    Ahhh! Fringe is so hard to like sometimes… Don’t get me wrong, I really like the show, but I find myself having a meltdown everytime I try to remember which timeline we’re in, what year I’m watching and which universe which character is from.

    But, it’s great to see Fringe got its fifth season renewal! I’d really like to see the final season set entirely in 2036.

  19. John DeMayo says:

    Really have to give props to the Fringe producers for keeping Nimoy’s appearance a COMPLETE secret. As of yesterday, we all thought they were still desperately courting Nimoy for SEASON 5. The way they shot the big “reveal’ was absolutely genius. They’ve “teased” us before with Bell sort of returning via Olivia, the animated episode, and the shot of him stuck in amber… so when David Robert Jones entered the room, and Bell was in the dark with his back turned, I thought it was just another “implied” appearance. Then he started laughing… and I thought “Okay, they just re-used an old track of Nimoy chuckling”… but then he actually started talking and turned around… and my head exploded.

    Very well played.

  20. TV Gord says:

    I am so excited Leonard Nimoy is back, and I’m even MORE excited that they were able to keep it such a well-guarded secret until now! I think we have to give some sideways thanks to The Big Bang Theory for reinforcing the myth that Nimoy would not be seen on TV again! I’m anxious to dig into next week’s finale! And then…13 more to go! :-)

  21. xweaponx says:

    Hahaha! Olivia as an X-Man, Astrid suddenly sprouts Bruce Lee Moves! Belly sprouts Horns! And Walter using full sentences, and trying to Drive! What next! It’s hard to remember, that my butt is only 1/2 Kicked – Fringe is always the best at convoluted twists and turns and reversals, in the last 2 eps of the Season. I was sort of expecting the old Blue format for the title credits. What’s Agent Lee and Fauxlivia up to, will we see them again before best Season, if at all? Is the Bridge down for good, and will Observers Attack- And why would Belly be WITH them when they do? It’s as if they are handing us the Letters of Transit future as a Given- And if so, Belly is doing what he is doing for a good reason.

  22. Singingal says:

    Did anyone else geek out and have the lemon cake remind them of the Through the Looking Glass where Alice has to slice the plum cake for the lion and the unicorn and it just goes back to being whole? Just me?

    Amazing, mind exploding episode! I was wondering if they were insinuating that Liv was already pregnant, or if that ‘nursery’ requirement was a planning ahead notion. If so, she probably shouldn’t have been drinking all that wine!

  23. David says:

    I am so relieved that we have a 5th season. OMFG Belly!!! (Thanks Leonard!!!) Now SAVE ASTRID!!! <3

  24. JJ says:

    I am amazed they kept Nimoy’s return a secret. I mean the guy did a voice over for Big Bang Theory and it got more coverage than some wars. I wonder if he’s on board for the final 13 and if that played into the renewal?

  25. forrest says:

    The last 3 episodes seem so random. The season finale better be extra awesome full of explanation or I’m really going to be disappointed. I really didn’t like the tone of ‘Letters of Transit’. Far too dark for me to be entertaining. Such a massive change from the first 4 seasons. IMHO. I can only hope that season 5 is the efforts to AVOID “Letters of Transit”. And I’ve been a fan since the beginning, but the last 3 episodes seem to be spinning out of control – random. I trust the writers, but they’re really putting me to the test with these latest revelations. Here’s hoping for the best.

  26. tvdiva says:

    Episode 4.19 showed William Bell encased in amber. Walter had cut off his hand, and he told Astrid after what Bell did to Olivia he could not understand anyone, even Astrid having sympathy for Bell. I thought it was a red herring, but obviously, it was a foreshadowing of things to come in the two part finale. Wow. Did not see that coming.

  27. 1xaipe says:

    I’m glad someone (don’t remember who at present) recalled that Bell was encased in amber in 2036. Of course, you also would notice that no one bothered to free him from the Amber in 2036, which is what I would have expected. Still, there are a crapload of questions to be answered, & as this may be the penultimate season of the show :-( I would figure the writers would have to wrap the loose ends by the time season 5 ends. Otherwise, the whole thing will have been one gigantic waste of time, talent, & brain-jellification! I mean, seriously, people! Make a show where things actually turn out right for once. I mean, I’m the end, it’s really Peter who can play god with the machine. A simple thought & he has the ability to create a multiverse that has the people we’ve all grown to know & love, as has he. I see something like this coming into play down the road. They’re going to need the alt-verse back at some point so that they can combine forces for the kick a$$ move of all time, even if Peter isn’t able to make everything rosy in the end. He’ll be able to make some version of it simply by using the machine to restore himself to the original timeline, thereby reversing a whole host of ills. At the same time, he can certainly recreate the bridge so that the whole lot can get back together to enjoy the uber-victory! It’s just a thought. I did warn you that the show created a whole lot of mind-jellification, namely my own, but I absolutely love it & am glad FOX saw the potential of a fifth season, even though they have the episodes to go for syndication if that’s the direction they choose. In fact, they could go for syndication for next year & use the funds to clear the budget for next season & beyond if they want to. I guess it would depend on the kind of syndication deal they could get out of it, which frankly excites me because, like LOST, I could watch this whole thing aging & again just to go back & out together the pieces I missed the first time around! What a tantalizing thought, especially since my wife, not being a Fringe fan but being a LOST fan instead, will never buy the Blu-Ray set of Fringe for me. Although, I suspect I could possibly get it as a Christmas present if I were a really good boy this year! :-)

  28. 1xaipe says:

    By the by, as the Ebglish might say, more of the FABULOUS Ginge, Rebecca Mader, maybe as a recurring part or even as a more permanent part next season, wouldn’t be a bad idea. I’m sure there’s some creative way to work her into the show, afterall, she’s not a stranger to the “Fringe” element any longer. Every show needs a good Ginge, & by that I’m not referring to Anna Torv’s reprise of her alt-self, Bolivia, as a red head with great bangs!

  29. 1xaipe says:

    AAARGH! I can’t believe my auto-correct didn’t catch that I didn’t actually spell “English” as intended! I’m a writer, for Joshua Jackson’s sake! How does that make me look, especially to Ms. Mader?

  30. Naya says:

    Has anyone consider that all future events we have seen 2026,2036 are possible futures? Because nothing is set in stone, and if I remember right, Etta said she hasn’t seen her parents since she was four, since the team ambered itself in 2015 (or 2016 not sure) that would set Etta’s birth in 2011/2012 which without a timejump is no longer possible unless Olivia is already preggers.
    Also anyone notice that Etta’s full name is Henrietta, the female version of Henri the baby Peter accidently had with Bolivia? Maybe 2036 would have been the future we would have gotten had Peter/Olivia had Henrietta instead of Peter/Bolivia Henri. I think the hint given in Letters was that Belly did something to Olivia. Also Etta had a bullet as a necklase (the bullet Olivia was killed with, like in 2026?) And now I confused myself…

    • Did anyone notice, when Peter entered September’s mind, that he said that Henry was never meant to be? I think the entire course of the show was driven by the Observer’s need to prevent Henry (as in the child of Peter and Fauxlivia) from being born.

      September was there in Walternate’s lab to distract Walternate from seeing the cure. September’s error was in letting Walter see the cure and give him motive to cross over, try to save Peter and destroy the universes. The first three seasons was about the Observers trying to fix that error so that the universes would not be destroyed and their future would still come about.

      But then Peter and Fauxlivia ended up having a child anyway. Henry was still a threat. And the Observers had to erase Peter to prevent Henry from being born once again.

      Did anyone also remember Season 2 ep 3, “Fracture”? In this episode Raymond Gordon was convinced the Observers where here to do us harm. What if, in this timeline without Peter, Raymond Gordon and William Bell got together? And William Bell was convinced of the Observers’ malevolence? And Bell has been working since then to fight the invasion of the Observers by getting Olivia to be able to use her Cortexiphan induced powers so she can fight them?

      But it is Etta that the Observer’s need to fear. She must have gotten the full course of cortexiphan treatments when she was four (in 2016) which gave her powers as well — including the power to fool the Observers. When Olivia and her adult daughter, Etta, get together, the Observers will consider Henry to have been only a mild threat.

      • Stephanie says:

        I thought that September said that his mistake was distracting Walter from seeing the cure to begin with, meaning that the original Peter was never to die? That was how I took his comment. He suggested something about how he was just so excited to be there he made the mistake?

        • The Observers also said that Peter ‘never existed.’ Observers lie and Fringe writers misdirect.

          It never really made any sense that Peter, born in the Redverse, would meet his destiny in the Blueverse when September’s error was in distracting Walternate. If September’s error was really in distracting Walternate from seeing the cure, correcting the error would put Peter back in the Redverse, growing up with Walternate as his father and Fauxlivia as his wife and the mother of his children.

        • JoshJacksononOnceuponatimefan says:

          agreed. I think the child meant to exist was one created from parents of both worlds, and one that would inherit our olivia’s abilities, thus the bishop and dunham genes saving the human race.

          • We now know that the Observers have an agenda. And we know what that agenda is; the takeover of the world by the Observers. Any person who is important, is important because what they will do or not affects the success or failure of that takeover and its aftermath.

            Peter was important only while he was needed to prevent the destruction of the world by using the machine to create the bridge. Once the bridge was created, he served his purpose and he was erased. When Peter started to bleed through at the start of this season, it was only September’s failure to obey orders that allowed him to return.

            So when September says Henry was ‘not meant to be,’ I have my doubts that it is the result of some sort of romantic vision of Olivia and Peter’s child being the right one to save humanity and Peter and Fauxlivia’s child being the wrong one. It was because preventing Henry’s existence was important.

            Because of Etta’s ability to hide her thoughts and purpose from the Observers, it seems to me that they (including September) would not be able to see her as a threat to the takeover. The Observers see her as unimportant — which is one of the reasons she will be instrumental in saving the world.

            Nor do I think Etta inherited Olivia’s abilities. I think it is no coincidence that Etta last saw her parents when she was four – the same age that Olivia was when she received he cortexiphan treatments. I think Etta’s parents deliberately treated her with cortexiphan (or an improved variant) so that she could fight the invaders. What Etta did inherit was the quality of being the perfect subject for cortexiphan and the potential of having cortexiphan induced powers .

        • Ken says:

          You’re completely correct,the observer (September) in his excitement to witness the moment, he inadvertently distracted AltWalter from seeing the cure to save Peter’s life,who had to live. All this was stated by September when Peter entered his mind.
          It is beyond me to understand why people on this post,some of them idiots, goes off on these stupid tangents, or write these long epistles, not only trying to second guess but think they know more than the writers, because they are so smart, ya right.
          These writers are the best,as they have stated, we are now having answers to questions from season one.Nothing is random,everything as a tie in somewhere, that’s how good these writers are.
          Have i have said before pertaining to some of these people on this post, stop trying to second guess the writers and just enjoy the ride of a brilliantly written show with tremendous actors.

          • Ad hominem attacks are generally frowned upon on most forums. Different people can enjoy FRINGE for different reasons. If you don’t like second guessing the writers, feel free to ignore post that second guess.

          • Ken says:

            Anyone who would defend second guessing the writers or second guessing anything is person who can predict the future or an ediot,it is quite obvious which catorgy you fall into.

          • TV Gord says:

            Ha ha ha, Ken, the karma-gods got you, and made you misspell idiot. I love it when that happens! What are you going to do next? Sarcastically call someone a “genious”??? Bahahahahahahahaa!

          • Ken says:

            My apology TV GORD, I was of the impression that i was dealing with a mature adult instead of a petulant child whose only recourse is to pay homage to the “Karma- Gods” because of a typographical error, instead of discussing the subject at hand. Again my apology, and have no fear, i would never use the word “genius” in your presence, not even in a sarcastic way. Oh by the way the word “genius” is spelled the way i have it,not the way you have it “genious”but do you see me calling down the “Karma-Gods” for you? of course not.

          • Ken since you love second guessing the writers so little, Try this one on for size:

            The Observers are from an alternate timeline where the Axis/Germany won WWII.

            Circumstantial evidence:
            1. All Observers are not simply white, they make pale white guys look spray tanned. This may be indicative of a program in the Observer’s past to ensure racial purity by eliminating anyone with dark skin.

            2. the uniforms worn by the native police and military in “Letters of Transit” are reminiscent of those used by Germany in WWII. The 2036 Observers’ attitudes towards the natives echo that of the WWII Germans’ propaganda of Aryan supremacy,

            3. If the Observers came from the show’s timeline’s future, invading their direct past would be like killing your grandfather before he could sire your father. It would create a paradox.

            4. The show has already played around with WWII, using Walter’s father, Robert Bischoff who was a German scientist during the war (ostensibly as a spy). His research did have implications in the creation of a device that would kill people based on genetic markers – as noted in s2 e14 “the Bishop Revival”. And would be useful is eliminating the non-Aryans in the breeding population.

            P.S. Over-thinking Fringe is what makes it fun.

          • Ken says:

            I do not believe you are over-thinking Fringe by some of the things you have stated which are script fact.For instance,Robert Bischoff (Walter’s farther) was one of the German scientist that created the formula to kill people by genetic markers.The other things are logical diductions. In watching “Letters in Transit ” Natzi Germany and the SS jump right at you.
            I would never consider logical diductions as over-thinking.

  31. I love Fringe. Love it. But I find all this alt-universe jumping, time-jumping, etc, just a way to not finish up plot points. Unless they change back to the original time-line, then that is a lost story. I have trouble explaining myself, it just seems like they change universes, etc, just to cover their tracks. Lost did, by jumping times, flashforwarding, and using the purgatory in the final season as a cop out. Nothing was truely explained, and although I loved that series, there was far to much left unexplained. I get that feeling with Fringe. They have painted themselves in such a corner, that they now just resort in using gimmicky plot devices to move their story forward, while sweeping previous plot points uner the rug. Still love it, but I don’t hold out hope for a finale that makes much sense.

    • Ken says:

      David Eagles Jr.- I’m a die hard Fringe fan from season one,but i too was not crazy about all the alt-universe jumping,in my opinion they should have closed the bridge long before now and reverted back to the original time line.However these are great writers,hopefully they will stay with one universe (our universe)until the end of season five.

  32. Saluki Dawg says:

    Maybe Bell isn’t really a bad guy and is trying to prevent the observers invasion. Remember: The needs of the many outweighs the needs of the few.

    • Bob LoBlaw says:

      After I saw “Letters” I assumed DRJ was the good guy as well as belly…. I put all the pieces together but they were way outta left field.. I am thinking the September and his “Scientific Observers” were sent to observe and were not aware of the entire plot or something like that but I cant wait till season 5

  33. Vasso K says:

    Has anybody considered that Olivia will be able to heal herself because of all the cortexiphan she has in her?? why else would they show her to cut her finger and the lemon cake?so it can show us in a later time that she doesnt have a scratch there.So when/if Walter shoots her is because he knows she can heal herself. makes sense?
    Plus in what scene is Olivia drinking?Just because Peter mentions it,she is not holding any glass

    • I think you are right. Olivia gets shot by Mr X, but will be able to heal herself. In fact, Mr. X may shoot her in order force her to develop this particular talent and/or show the team her can.

    • JoshJacksononOnceuponatimefan says:

      I was thinking that too when the cake healed itself and walter said the drug can heal or regenerate.

  34. sladewilson says:

    Astrid better not be dead. And Leonard Nimoy is the man.

  35. Lina says:

    Olivia cannot control her “powers” willingly, she must be in deep fear of something. Also in my opinion, Rebecca is totally Nina & Belly’s daughter.
    Even thought future not set in stone, Peter said Jones didn’t have it to create the chaos being done even thought he was a genius. in future Fringe with the amber castaways, knew would see Belly in present. And they weren’t shooting Olivia up with cortexiphan for nothing, she is vital part in Belly’s plan. Also just because she wasn’t preggo when cut her finger could have happened later that night. She would need to be preggo soon. And with super special parents in Olivia & Peter imagine Etta’s potential. Also don’t remember anyone in 2035 saying Olivia was “dead” & even if they did we now see “dead” ain’t always dead in the Fringe..

  36. Van says:

    Fringe is the best show on television… I’ll take a fifth season, but a sixth and seventh would be nice. Stupid Nielson Ratings can we find a new way to tally up the ratings, it is 2012 last time I checked!

  37. Robin says:

    Belly….I totally always heard “Billy” like you know the nickname for William….Is that really just me?

    Reading the comments made my head spin more than the episode. Please don’t die Astrid! I love Astrid and Walter’s dynamic…

    I don’t want anyone else to die either.

    • Tarc says:

      I always heard ‘Billy”. This is the first time I’ve ever seen someone suggest that it’s ‘Belly’, the dimunitive of Bell, rather than ‘Billy’, the dimunitive of William.

    • Too Late Kev says:

      Walter has generally referred to Bell as “Belly.” I expect you heard “Billy” because “Belly” is an odd thing for one grown man to call another.

    • Ken says:

      Robin–You are so right,i keep seeing this “Belly,Belly” this is totally wrong, it is Billy.

  38. Sam says:

    Great to see Leonard Nimoy still acting, even if it was only two brief scenes. He adds so much to this series, still gasping for life. It seems to raise the level of the episodes when he is included. I guess we get one more glance of him next week before he disappears again. Still, good to see him albiet briefly. Too bad that Astrid may be going away in the original universe – liked her character a lot. At least she went down fighting.

  39. JoshJacksononOnceuponatimefan says:

    Awesome hour. I loved the Peter and Olivia bedroom moment planning for a house and family together and the little Astrid and Walter bonding moments. Olivia using her abilities is so awesome and long waited for. I just hope next season has Walter,Peter,Olivia alive and fighting the future together along with Astrid too. She can’t peace out on walter.

    • Ken says:

      Josh/Jack, when i saw Peter/Oliver in bed planning for a house and family, i said, finally, this is what i want to see. So i am in total agreement with you, i want to see the core team together (Peter,Olivia,Walter) along with Astrid fighting the future. It really was a beautiful scene with Peter and Olivia in bed planning their lives together.

  40. tvdiva says:

    Is it just me and my bifocals, or did Leonard Nimoy look younger and healthier in this episode as opposed to when he first appeared in Fringe? And is this original William Bell or alt-Bell? I thought Mr. Jones had a more spectacular death in Season 1. I think Mr. Jones should have been devoured by the mutated monsters he created.

  41. bytes says:

    I think we havent seen the last of altverse yet, remember in 2036, peter, astrid, and dr. bishops were ambered? amber is in the altverse, right?

    • Ken says:

      Bytes–Not really,i believe it can be created in any universe if you have the raw material and the knowledge on how to make it.Remember Walter did make it on our side at “Massive Dynamics” When he thought our universe was braking apart in season 3, at the apartment building where that lady thought she was seeing her dead husband,when in realty she was seeing her husband double in the other universe, but the team solve the problem without using the amber.

  42. Mikael says:

    I want to know what the mutant animal things are for. Are they for fighting the Observers? I know we were made to think Jones created them as his own species for his new universe that he was creating, but that turned out not to be the endgame, or so it seems.

  43. Ken says:

    Matt Hickman– There is no doubt that the first thing that came to my mind while watching “Letters of Transit ” was Natzi Germany with Hitler reign.

  44. sonlightpicturesblog says:

    I thought the episode was rushed, sloppy and not very satisfying. Walter had many un-Walter lines that sounded odd, the plot hopped around, Jones deserved a much better death scene, and Olivia’s abilities made no sense helping Peter. It should have hindered Jones.

    The Bell reveal was anti-climatic, considering the episode that took place in the future where Walter hated the amber frozen Bell.

    Felt like they took four episodes and pushed it into two. Bad direction, awkward dialogue and unfulfilling. Very disappointing.

  45. Sam says:

    Yes but what if Bell is not bad at all? What is those things he do are against the Observers for the future? And yet – we don’t know if he really killed Olivia. Maybe he sacrifise her for the cause. Maybe she was alive but just stuck somewhere, who knowes?

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