Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on the NCIS: LA/Five-0 Crossover, House, Fringe, Modern Family & More

Will NCIS: LA agent Kensi Blye get flirty in Hawaii? How will the House bromance blossom as we near the end? Which unfortunate events are coming up on Modern Family and Parks and Rec? Read on for those scoops plus other teases from TV’s hottest shows.

NCIS: Los Angeles | In the two-night crossover event kicking off this Monday on Hawaii Five-0 and concluding Tuesday on NCIS: LA, Callen and Sam will collaborate on a case with Five-0 task force members Danny and Chin Ho (played by Scott Caan and Daniel Dae Kim) – but don’t be surprised if Kensi also gets in on the action. And then some. “There’s definitely a lot of banter between everyone, and a little flirtation here and there — maybe even creating a little jealousy on behalf of Deeks,” NCIS: LA‘s Daniela Ruah tells me. Since Chin Ho is newly re-wed, shall we assume that it’s Danny who takes a shine to Ms. Blye’s considerable assets?

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House | As one might surmise, tonight’s episode, directed by Hugh Laurie, marks the beginning of the very end for House, as the titular doc and his BFF Wilson take an impromptu vacation together in the wake of the latter’s cancer diagnosis. “The very end of [last week’s episode], through the one I [directed] and really up until the finale, is sort of one journey… and I hope, if we’ve done it right, a fairly tense one,” says Laurie. Both Laurie and scene partner Robert Sean Leonard agree that it’s fitting that their alter egos peel away in this episode, as the series nears its end. “[They] are the only two characters on the show who decide to be together,” Leonard points out. “House works for Cuddy, and the team works for House…. They all have no choice; they have to be together. But House and Wilson actually voluntarily spend time with one another, which is unique to their relationship in this group of people.”

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Fringe | Now that we are for sure getting a fifth (albeit final) season, here’s one face you might see pop up in the show’s forever twisty universe: Robin Williams. TV’s erstwhile Mork, who after a long string of big screen outings has in recent years guested on Law & Order: SVU, Louie and, coming up, Wilfred, says Fox’s sci-fi series is at the top of his list to visit next. “My god, Fringe would be amazing,” he told me at the Comedy Awards, where he was honored as a Stand-Up Icon. (Williams also is high on Homeland, though frankly we can only see his bearded self playing Mandy Patinkin’s twin brother.) In fact, the funny man is game to join a TV series on a full-time basis. “F—in’ A, yeah, I’d do it — if it was fun,” he said.

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Modern Family | May sweeps will feature a sour moment for Mitchell, when Phil is forced to drop some bad news on his brother-in-law. As Ty Burrell previewed for us at the Comedy Awards (where he took home the prize for Best Performance by a TV Actor), “Mitchell does some legal work for my real estate firm and for whatever reason the partners don’t like him, so I have to fire him.” Yet despite the downer of a reason, Burrell was all smiles about sharing a storyline with Jesse Tyler Ferguson. “Jesse and I don’t get to work together very much,” he noted, “so it was a very fun day.”

Scandal | If you’ve been picking up on a spark of sorts between Abby (played by Darby Stanchfield) and the newly engaged Stephen (Henry Ian Cusick), know that it is by design. “It’s a really interesting relationship that they share,” Cusick notes. “She’s very critical of him and she seems to judge him — and not only him but pretty much everyone.” As for the friendly friction ‘tween the coworkers, Cusick says even more of it was left on the cutting room floor. “Darby would say these lines like, ‘Grow some balls’ — and then she’d smile at me, and I couldn’t help but smile, but that wasn’t in it,” he shares. “It’s all very tricky. Are [our characters] hooking up? What’s happening here? I think [series creator] Shonda [Rhimes] is planting stuff all over the place.”

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Parks and Recreation | As previously scooped by TVLine, Leslie’s run for office will hit a bump in the season finale, and you can pin the blame on — you guessed it — resident punching bag Jerry. Asked to elaborate on the “mishap,” Jim O’Heir says, “Something that Jerry was supposed to do didn’t happen, and because of it there’s the potential for disaster. He doesn’t do something that was one, obvious, and two, just should have been done.” Meanwhile, in this Thursday’s penultimate episode, you’ll see O’Heir take what was one of about 12 pies to the face, as Andy tries to recreate a “crime” perpetrated at a campaign event. “We had a blast shooting that one,” raves O’Heir. “[Chris] Pratt’s crazy, I’m crazy…. We love doing stuff like that.”

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