Parks and Recreation Returns With Election Fun, More Ann/Tom Swagger and a Major Jerry Mishap

How Sweetums it is to have Parks and Recreation back.

Leslie Knope and the rest of Pawnee’s finest return tonight (9:30/8:30c, NBC) with the beginning of the end of Season 4 — and TVLine has scoop straight from showrunner Mike Schur about what to expect in the homestretch (including the big debate and election episodes).

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PARKS IN THE PAST? | Fret not, Knope lovers. Schur says that regardless of how the election pans out — which, win or lose, could put the politico on “a perhaps different, unknown path” — Leslie won’t be leaving her Parks post. “City Council jobs are part time, so there’s no scenario in which she would disappear from the department,” the EP assures.

JERRY STRIKES AGAIN | To steal a term from Community, Jerry may have totally “Britta’d” Leslie’s campaign. Jim O’Heir (who portrays the office doof) tells us, “Jerry is behind a huge mishap — huge! — that could potentially alter the entire election.” Any guesses?

STAR POWER | “We have one scene coming up with Paul Rudd, Amy Poehler, Kathryn Hahn, Rashida Jones and Adam Scott,” Schur gushes. “That is like the cast of a giant feature film that you would kill to make!” Rudd is set to make his return during the big debate episode (which airs April 26 and was written and directed by Poehler), and, teases Schur, “A lot of giant, eventful things happen when he’s around.”

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SWAGGER SWEETIES | Love ’em or hate ’em, Tom and Ann the couple (or whatever they are) are here to stay. “They’re not staring deep into each others’ eyes and mooning over each other,” Schur explains. “But we find them funny together… Ann is constantly wondering what she’s doing and breaking up with Tom, while he is constantly doing stupid things to impress her. So, we’re going to keep them loosely connected for as long as we think it’s funny.” And what about Chris, the hopeless romantic who may still be crushing on Ann? All Schur will say is that, “He’ll soon make a decision about what he wants in his life, and go for it!”

What Parks and Rec scoop has you most excited for its return?

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