Castle Boss: Yes, a Zombie Attack Just Might Bring Rick and Kate Together

Admit it. When you first heard that the next-to-last episode of Castle Season 4 would involve a zombie cult, you wondered-slash-screamed: “What the flesh?! They’re bringing in the undead just when the Caskett romance is about to flatline?”

But series creator Andrew W. Marlowe is here to reveal how this run-in with walkers will push Rick and Kate to step lively in solving their recent relationship woes.

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“The zombie episode is an enormous amount of fun – it’s going to please the fans of [such] episodes — but we also are dealing with Castle and Beckett being in a really tough place,” the show boss tells TVLine.

For weeks now, Rick has known that Kate lied about not remembering her shooting and any proclamations of love shared immediately thereafter. And as such, “He’s kind of been lashing out at her but not telling her why,” Marlowe says. But as part of tonight’s encounter with the undead, “Castle has to confront his own behavior… and decide whether he can go on like this, if that’s the person he wants to be.”

VIDEO | Exclusive First Look: Castle Meets The Walking Dead as Zombies Attack

First and foremost, the out-there installment is a “really fun, rompy episode,” Marlowe says — and therein lies the catalyst for the showing of cards (and possible revealing of anything else!) that takes place in next Monday’s season finale.

“It pushes Beckett and Castle to this place where, despite themselves and despite how they’re feeling about each other, they recapture a lot of fun of their relationship — and  they have to deal with being confronted with that,” says the scribe. “It gets them each to a point where they start to recognize where they are in each other’s universe.”

And then…? “And then when we get to the finale, we turn things on their head — a couple of times — to get to where we ultimately end up.”

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  1. Peter Venkman says:

    SWEET! Cannot wait for tonight’s episode!

  2. Karen says:


  3. Vannesa says:

    WOO HOO…can’t wait to watch it. ;) :D

  4. May says:

    I can’t wait! However, the last episode was a total filler and I hope this one is not.

    • Alan says:

      the last episode was not filler, castle was confronted with the fact that beckett will always be there for him and its made him rethink his behaviour towards her, there was a lot of development for his character so if thats what you call filler you need to rethink your opinions

  5. iheartcastle says:

    He says in the finale “we turn things on their head a couple of times…” let’s hope we are still going forward at that point!

  6. Sue says:

    Now I am even more excited for this episode. If that was at all possible. Love me some Castle.

  7. Joanne says:

    Sounds dull to me. I’m tired of this TBH. I bet nothing will happen.

  8. Kath says:

    The special episodes are still fun (like with Adam Baldwin and the Blue Butterfly) and i will tune in for the zombies but in terms of the Castle/Beckett relationship, this show is working my last nerve. Both of them have become so stupid around each other, I can barely stand to see them together.
    Marlowe has two more chances, this episode and the next, and then I’m done with the show.

  9. Kristina says:

    I love the show and look forward to fun episodes like this, but as for Castle and Beckett, either put ’em together or have them move on. Sooooo tired of all the melodramatic non-relationship angst writers seem to be unable to write a show without.

  10. Becca says:

    Ah my hopes are so high for these last 2 eps, can’t wait! Also, I laughed aloud when I saw their facial expressions in this pic =D

  11. Beckstle says:

    I’m looking forward to tonight! Tonight’s writer, Kit Moxie, has always done a great job with the Castle & Beckett relationship, so I’m expecting some really nice moments between them. As for Caskett… Marlowe has been building this arc that seems like they are FINALLY going to get together and end the will they, won’t they storyline that has been bordering on incredulous. IF the finale pays off, the whole thing will be pretty amazing. If not…the show will have moved past that border into the territory of other shows that have dragged the romance out too long and made their show and characters unbelievable.

  12. Laura says:

    I’ll believe it until I see it. 2 episodes left and it’s make it or break it for me. So far I’m not impressed.

  13. JAA says:

    I think I need a Marlowe decoder. I didn’t understand a word he said. All I hope it’s that tonight’s episode better be good because I’m in a depressed mood and I need some Castle and Beckett love

    • Dannielle says:

      How did you not understand anything he said lol it’s in plain English saying that this episode will remind caskett of how much fun they have together and make them realize where they lie in each others worlds and that it will be the catalyst that leads us to what happens with them in the season finale I can’t wait!!

  14. luzmelain says:

    “Start”??? We’re at ep 22 and he thinks maybe now they can “start” to realise they inhabit the same *universe*? I don’t want them maybe possibly getting ready to get ready to acknowledge they inhabit the same vast infinitude. I want them to realise they’re gravitationally stuck in each other’s orbit, and then PROVE it. JEBUS, can he drag things out any longer? How much do you want to bet we’ve just sat through weeks of Castle being a dickwad who can’t ask a simple question and Beckett being a moron who doesn’t know what she feels from one ep to the next just so they can get to *exactly where they were* before this bullsh&t pseudo-arc started? IOW, standing still, nailed to the ground, boring us all to death for ten eps straight while the UST dies from starvation right before our eyes. “Zombie” is the perfect metaphor for what these two have become – the grey, shambling, mindlessly lobotomised versions of what used to be two of the cleverest people on television.

    Just give me those two people back. Consistent characterisation is not a crime. Emotional continuity is not a crime. Light, fun, banter is not a crime. This waste of brilliant chemistry? This uselessly roadblocked season of sekrits, following the uselessly roadblocked season of Ghost-SOs? THIS should be a criminal offence.

    • Kath says:

      For someone who critized Hart Hanson for waiting too long to put Booth and Bones together, Mr. Marlowe is building his own glass house.

      It’s getting harder and harder to find the light, fun show this was in the first two seasons amidst the tiresome Castle and Beckett angst.

  15. MC says:

    Yawn….. This show has really gotten boring. In all honesty if the finale doesn’t push the story forward in an actual satisfying way I’m done watching the show regularly. I’ll just tune in when something good happens which all the bloggers will certainly fill us in when the time comes. The best thing this show could do is go from 22-24 eps down to 13 so there isn’t all of these filler EPA that don’t advance the story.

  16. Sue says:

    Come on, guys. This is only Castle’s 4th season and some of you are going to quit if they don’t get Beckett and Castle together? Bones and Booth just got together and it’s Season 7. Ziva and Dinozzo are still not together and it’s what season of NCIS? Some people think it’s to soon for Beckett and Castle, not me, just some people. I just don’t think you should give up on a show just because the leads are not getting it on. I will stick with all shows mentioned above until the end even if the leads stay together, get together or just flirt. I love them all. Maybe I am just not picky. I like most shows because of the ensemble cast, not just the leads.

    • @Sue says:

      Ugh. This is so true about Tony and Ziva. People seem so impatient. I think we will get real progress that is unmitigated later. If we do, then I will be happy. As for Tony and Ziva, I’m starting to feel like it’ll be a and endless, cryptic, unsatisfying tease till the end. It’s the opposite with this show. I’m pretty satisfied so far, just as long as real progress and fun continue.

    • taran63 says:

      The difference is the Tony/Ziva relationship has never been the focus of NCIS. Whereas for the past 2 seasons, Castle (the show) has made the Castle/Beckett relationship one of the main, if not the main, focus of the show. I don’t think Castle has yet crossed the line, but I think they’re right up against that line, and I think this season finale is going to be the make or break moment for it.

      As far as the Booth/Brennan comparison, many people, myself included, think that show waiting way to long to pull the trigger on that relationship. In fact, I wonder if the actress hadn’t gotten pregnant if they ever would have, because it seemed tacked on right at the end. So I wouldn’t use that as a model.

      • @taran63 says:

        There is a time limit in any show where a relationship just seems anti-climactic, if the showrunner waits too long. Waiting is a tricky thing. On the other hand, being patient is important and some people aren’t patient and force the issue too soon. You want to have fun on the road there, but you also want realistic pacing and real progression. Otherwise, it gets tedious and it loses all the fun out of it. With B & B in “Bones”, a fandom I’m not really a shipper in, but can and do enjoy the two, they seem to have waited a bit too long. I’ve heard many a fan say they left the show or are not as into it because it took too long. And this isn’t the first show I’ve heard a fandom complain about this in their TV shows. If you do it too soon, the couple loses something. I’ve seen that happen too. There’s a balance that must be achieved.
        With Tony and Ziva, it’s not the focus of the show, which is why that show could do it easier than most shows and lose nothing but actually gain something fun and interesting. But yet, it seems as if they always want to stick a toe in the water here and there but then they just drop it and continue on the treadmill. So it’s not really fun anymore – it’s become a tedious sort of tease. So many showrunners seem so afraid of actually progressing a relationship or afraid of mystic “curses” (Moonlighting) and whatnot – it’s interesting. But this is the worst part: it stagnates and lessens pieces of their overall story they’re trying to tell. At the end of a series we want he whole thing to be good. Not just this piece or that piece-and that includes realistic, interesting character development.
        Andrew Marlowe seems to get it. He gets that this is entertainment, that at the end of the day, people don’t go to them to watch a big downer. Life is tough enough. You want good drama but good fun and ups too to balance it. It’s nice for me as a fan to finally find a showrunner who is fun, knows what his fans enjoy (and if he gets a little off track with that fun, recognizes it, and says he will get back to it) and gives it to his fans and has the actual courage to put his leads together. Finding a good showrunner, who actually listens to his fans and cares about what we like and is nice enough to find a way to do it, is a rarity. I know from years of TV watching experience. I’m really grateful for good people like him.

  17. Tom says:

    We’ll see. I hope it’s a good show, but after this lame season I’m skeptical. There’s a fine line between “fun” and just plain silly. From the clips I’ve seen this one could go either way. Mr. Marlowe is down to his last two chances to change my mind about this show. Right now I’m not sure I’ll be a regular viewer next season.

    • Tom says:

      ..And just for the record, my disappointment isn’t restricted to the Caskett issue. The endless teases about putting Castle and Beckett together have taken a toll on this show. But the quality of writing has also deteriorated. It’s just not as good as the first three seasons. I honestly don’t care if Castle and Beckett become a “couple.” Just resolve the issue one way or the other and move on. Right now it’s pretty much the same show every week (same script, different murder) and it’s gotten boring.

      • Danielle H says:

        ALL of these 2 posts! You basically said how I feel as well. I just can’t believe how the show has gone down hill. It used to be real fun.. now it’s just sad.

      • Katherine215 says:

        Wow. I feel like we’re watching completely different shows. I have zero issues iwth the quality of writing, and in fact think it’s one of the better written shows on TV.

        I don’t see how some folks can’t see character development this season. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every minute of all 4 seasons and I think this might be the best yet.

        I’m genuinely sorry for people who haven’t gotten the same out of the show.

        • Sue says:

          Castle is definately one of the best written shows on TV. I don’t think the episodes have been fillers. They have been part of the overall love story of these two people and have been consistent with the characters as they’ve been developed. Beckett needed time to heal and there have been lots of subtle nuances that have been relevant to the relationship. However now it is time for some more overt flow. I think the writers realise they can’t mess us around much more. Have a look at the lead article on the ‘Richard Castle’ website. I don’t think they will take us around the merry-go-round again. However, I’d be disappointed if they didn’t throw in some nice juicy ongoing conflict. That’s the essence of good story telling!

  18. Mikayla says:

    Its a comment thread, guys. You leave your opinion, not lash out at someone else’s.
    I’m in the fence here; I enjoy the fillers as much as any other episode but I’ll admit the ones with Casketty goodness make my heart jolt a little in a good way. On the same note , the ones where they *say* it will be good in regard to their relationship and then it’s not really disappoint me.
    So, Andrew, don’t disappoint me this time! I just may not be around for the next if this becomes another Bones (which I eventually stopped watching, and, TBH, I’m a little dissatisfied with even though they are together.)

  19. loretta says:

    I dig Caskett like the California Gold Rush. All this awful tension and fear and misunderstanding is leading up to an emotional payoff par excellance, just have some patience. Castle, like any TV show, would be a total bore if it was all smooth sailing. And the concept of a “filler episode” irks me. Character development doesn’t happen only two or three eps a season. If the Johanna Beckett arc and the Caskett r’ship were dealt with substantially in every ep, the show could have ended after that ten ep first season. I for one really look forward to Monday nights at 9pm, so these pretty people can keep showing up on my TV for as long as they please.

  20. Natalie says:

    Andrew Marlowe is such a good show boss. Thinking of his fans and what we like because he’s just cool like that. Love the show; respect and admire the show boss. I’m happy I found “Castle”. :)

  21. Mari says:

    So nothing major to happen in the caskett department then? only in the finale? okay. I’ll wait. OMG this show will be the death of me.

  22. Jen says:


  23. sam says:

    The funniest CASTLE EVER and so heart tugging at the end — it couldn’t be anymore perfect!

  24. Kate says:

    First- holy crap @ that promo for next week! Wow!!!!!!! Second- what an amazing episode tonight. It was everything Castle is when at it’s best. I loved it!

  25. Julie (@CDNspnFAN) says:

    Perfect Castle episode! Nathan needs to have funny stuff to play around with and having him scare the living cr@p out of his daughter was pure gold! Love that we are getting close to what we have been waiting all season! I cant WAIT until next week!!!

  26. tvdiva says:

    This episode had some laugh out loud moments. The doublespeak between Castle and Beckett was cute.