Robert Sean Leonard on Cuddy Returning for House Finale: 'I Don't Think It's Necessary'

Robert Sean Leonard has a strong opinion on the topic of Dr. Lisa Cuddy returning for the House series finale, airing May 21 — and it may not be what you think.

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During a visit to the long-running Fox drama’s set, TVLine presented Hugh Laurie and Leonard, together, with the question of whether the absence of House’s longtime but former love interest — played by fellow original cast member Lisa Edelstein, who will not be involved in the finale — will make the swan song feel incomplete.

Laurie responded, “Yes, that would be incomplete” — a stance which Leonard quickly countered.

“I disagree…. I don’t like neatness,” Wilson’s portrayer shared. “I don’t think it’s necessary to tie up every character’s story.”

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Citing one example of a show that didn’t dot all the I’s on its way out the door, Leonard hailed the M*A*S*H finale and its handling of the question: How are B.J. and Hawkeye going to say goodbye? “Of course the genius was… they don’t,” he recalled. “I like shows that end without tying things up.”

Besides, Leonard noted, there is no organic reason for Cuddy to suddenly resurface after abruptly leaving House’s orbit when he drove his car into her home in the Season 7 finale.

“House’s relationship with Cuddy deteriorated. She fled the scene, and that’s it. That is the end of the story,” the actor stated. “Why the hell should she come back? To say, ‘House! You forgot this waffle iron’?”

“She’s gone,” Leonard reiterated. “We made the point that she left because she wanted to leave – the character, I don’t mean Lisa. So the story goes on.” (With reporting by Vlada Gelman)

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Do you agree with Robert Sean Leonard, or Hugh Laurie? Will the House finale be “incomplete” sans Cuddy?

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  1. tahina says:

    Yep, life moves on, happy Cuddy and Lisa decided too. But Robert, you sound rather sarcastic..but maybe its just me..

    • HouseObssessedAgain says:

      I love RSL. I think LE is doing what makes her happy and that’s always a good thing to be true to yourself.

    • Dale's RV says:

      I don’t think Cuddy is needed for the finale because I think House will finally die of a drug overdose, but that’s just me.

  2. John says:

    I strongly disagree with Leonard. A show is about something, and this show – in part – was about the House / Cuddy relationship. The show is really missing that element this season. Letting her go was a huge loss to the show and not having her return for a RUN of episodes towards the end of the series means that a core part of the show – what made it so great – goes unfinished and empty. That is not ok. If it were ok, people would feel content getting up in the middle of a movie and leaving without knowing how it ends. People would watch 7 seasons of house and let it go without wondering what happened in the seasons they do not see. I have been a huge House fan for the entire length of the show – and I am incredibly disappointed that Cuddy will not return.

    I mean, it just feels like they stopped a sentence in the

    • Bravo says:


    • A says:

      I have been disappointed since the beginning of this season that Cuddy was gone and I do miss her. However, as much as I would love to see her come back for the last few episodes, I do agree with him that there isn’t really a purpose right now so close to the end for her to be back. I mean having her just pop up in the finale doesn’t make sense because its not organic and it would just be as a casting stunt to boost ratings. I don’t think she’d fit in with the current dynamic that they aimed for this season.
      The same thing I think would go for the idea of Cameron returning. If they were to be brought back it should be done in an organic way. At least Olivia Wilde is returning for more than one episode before the season ends.

      • KevyB says:

        It all depends on what they do. If they kill off House, then Cuddy returning would make perfect sense. If they needed witnesses at House’s parole hearing, it would make perfect sense. If they sent him to a mental hospital and she was the one running it, that would be hilarious! There are plenty of ways she could be incorporated into a finale so I guess things could’ve been worse than they were in the Huddy years… Robert Sean Leonard could’ve been writing the show!

      • Candace says:

        If they wanted a reason it wouldn’t be hard. Wilson is dying. Its not like House was the only person at the hospital that Cuddy cared about. Wilson and Cuddy were actually pretty close, so I think him dying would warrant her getting over what House did enough to see her friend in his last months.

    • HouseObssessedAgain says:

      It was a huge loss to you. We had almost three seasons of the Huddy crapfest. Why because the story was about House and his life. It was not about Huddy. Huddy was just part of his journey.

    • Pepper says:

      This show was never about – shudder – Huddy.
      It was about House commenting on Cuddy’s ass/boobs and her walking away, sticking out her ass/boobs. This is not a relationship. This is high school.

    • Coraline says:

      Very well said! I completely agree!

    • Katie Dickieson says:


    • Agree. Cop-out based on the abuse of a talented, intrinsic actor.

    • Sherry Fryer says:

      Oh thank you so much for expressing that all so well. I have been with house from the beginning and they all became like a family for me. It was always a great break in my nucular life to go off for an hour and visit them. Cuddy was a central part of it all and her relationship with House rich and colorful. I came to like her a lot and was upset to find her missing in the end. It wasn’t just that she didn’t appear in any of the scenes…….she wasn’t even mentionrd. Like she never existed and I kept looking for her. I guess I sort of wanted to say goodbye to her as well. I also suppose that she wasn’t getting any recognition for her contribution. All thoes years and then Nothing! I did not feel right about it. House without Cuddy somewhere near? Someone should have said goodbye to her somewhere in that two hour show. Thank you Sherry 5/24/2012

    • Laura and Madelyn says:


      Okay, seriously? Me and super madz agree with John. House and Cuddy shoulda’ had a happy ending. Or at least an ending. Phoo.

    • Scott R says:


      • Scott R says:


    • D says:

      The show was Not about House and Cuddy relationship
      It was much more
      The only relstionship that was ever central and the most important in the life of House was the House/Wilson relationship
      That was obvious and confirmed by DS HL

    • Cynthia Gregg says:

      I completely agree with you there!

  3. Jake says:

    Glad she left, cuddy and the forced relationship with house was blight on the show.

    • HouseObssessedAgain says:

      Totally agree. Some of these people posting here are so jealous and difficulty accepting reality. LE’s character is gone and not coming back.

  4. R says:

    This sounds like Robert had some animosity toward Lisa? Not sure. But this sounds a little angrier than maybe even he intended.

    • norea says:

      I don’t think so. He’s clearly stating creative reasons. And he took care to stress that he was talking about the character of Cuddy, not the actress.

    • Maybe he is irritated that people keep asking about Cuddy again and again and again? It’s in every interview, everybody has the same question “What about Cuddy?” and no matter what they say, it pops up again like a bad penny? Maybe Vlada Gelman’s question was the straw that broke the camel’s back? The show is wrapping up after so many seasons, a show they are proud of, but everybody keeps asking “What about Cuddy?” and dissing them as if nothing else but her guest spot was important. Honestly? I would be kinda irritated too. She got an abrupt but definite ending. People might not like it but her thread is not loose.

      • HouseObssessedAgain says:

        Only the childish Huddy haters are here constantly spewing their hate for the show and other characters who are still on the show. They cannot accept LE’s character is gone, never to return. Here’s the truth. These actors on these shows are employees just like any other employee. Given the kind of vitriol LE’s departure has inspired in her most rabid fans indicates that she must have been a pain in the a$$ on the set, e.g. the workplace. I wonder how many power brokers are interested in hiring her. I don’t see them knocking down her door. Maybe you need to tweet LE instead of spewing your hate and trying to destroy everybody else’s enjoyment of the show. RSL is my favorite character. He’s the most popular character just as HL predicted. He doesn’t give a flying flip about your incessant complaining about the departure of LE’s character. He’s a professional and knows it’s a job, not his life. They even have Huddy haters defined in the urban dictionary. You should check it out. All you are doing is increasing animosity toward LE. You should tweet her and find out what she’s working on now and put your energy into supporting her, instead of harassing House TV show fans.

        • Ohcheckyourfacts says:

          1. The Kings snapped her up for an arc on The Good Wife straight after her departure, for a character they specifically wrote with her in mind. There are more projects to be announced in the next month or two.

          2. Yeah the woman was obviously terrible to work with. Especially when she made a point of coming out to support and march with the writers during the strike and make a stand against them being under appreciated financially by the studio. It’s a shame they couldn’t return the same courtesy like other showrunners who stand up to the networks for the sake of their product AND their cast members.

    • Jack says:

      Don’t read more into it. He clearly stated he was talking about the character and not the actress.

      • F says:

        Yes, the comments about the character of Cuddy and attitude to domestic abuse are offensive enough without referencing his “accidental” over sharing.

    • HouseObssessedAgain says:

      RSL is a very wealthy man, ahppily married with a family, great friends, and a great job. I think he likes the actor LE but was just pointing out the character she played does not need to return.

  5. David F. says:

    There really isn’t a reason for Cuddy to return in the finale anyway. At least Thirteen actually has a reason to be there.

    • someone says:

      Umm, what exactly is Thirteen’s reason? Her character said her goodbye. Story-wise neither character has a reason to come back. It’s like, when ER ended, all those former characters didn’t need to make an appearance – but it was nice nonetheless.

      • Erin says:

        House wanted 13 to go off and find find some happiness, but promised he would help her die when the time came Maybe this is what he helps her do.

      • Jacki says:

        Agree! Let’s not forget the overall relationship between House and Cuddy, the push and pull, not just the failed coupling. LE’s character helped explain, humanize, and provide at least some accountability for House, just AS much as Wilson. She deserves to be there for the finale as much as RSL, more than Thirteen, and even though I like Amber Tamblyn, more than her as well.

    • HouseFemaleOriginalCastFF says:

      There is every reason for Cuddy to com back, there was no closure. She got no exit. On the other hand why 13 is coming back for her 3rd goodbye arc boggles the mind.

  6. Kriszta says:

    I agree with Hugh Lisa should be in the finale,so suck RSL!

    • HouseObssessedAgain says:

      HL didn’t say LE’s character should retunr for the finale. He acknowledged the way her character departed seemed incomplete. Of course there are many of us were just happy she would not be back.

  7. norea says:

    You go, RSL. Excellent perspective. I have to admit that I kind of love that Hugh Laurie still tries to be nice about the whole thing. See, Lisa Edelstein? That’s what class looks like.

  8. lola says:

    RSL I disagree with you

  9. Petra says:

    Tell it like it is, RSL.

  10. D says:

    No Robert, of course domestic abusers shouldn’t be made to face the person they’ve abused and even make an attempt to apologise, and damn Cuddy for ‘leaving the scene of the crime’. You’re all being tainted by the BS you’re pimping and it’s serves you all right. I hope the $$$ that you’ve admitted you’re only there for can salve what remains of your conscience. This ‘victim blaming’ is gross and transcends anything that went on contractually with LE.

    Pretty much confirmation that Lisa was pushed out too. Lovely!

  11. Lonely says:

    Even I could agree with RSL at some point, I think Cuddy must be in the finale! Why not? I mean…ok? “she fled” but…C´mon! Why she couldn´t come back and fix things?…I totally agree with Hugh on that! The finale will be incomplete!

    And, btw, Is RSL talking serious? I mean, it sounds a bit sarcastic…IMO

    Cuddy was a very big part in the series and also in House´s life! If she isn´t in the finale, the finale will be incomplete!

    Then, How RSL could explain that 13 return again? She just had 2 farewells in the series…

    • HouseObssessedAgain says:

      Do you realize how many people hated Huddy? which means LE didn’t have a lot of bargaining power. I like both OW and AT. They were great characters even when they annoyed sometime. But Huddy was so bad many of us stopped watching until we heard the good news her character Cuddy would not be back for season 8. I an loving S8.

      • D says:

        And yet in the season she’s not a part of the ratings dropped to catastrophic lows, both in terms of numbers watching and the demo, and it was cancelled. Even DVR figures have gotten continually worse. The ship was actually papering over some rather awful writing, and to a degree holding things together. They were already burnt out by the end of Season 5.

        • Katie says:

          The ratings were way down before the Huddy ship sank. That’s WHY they ended the relationship. People weren’t watching, and didn’t care. They found “Cutesy, daddy, perfect-partner” House to be boring, and the same as any other character on tv. House lost his spark with Cuddy, and anyone who wants them together, in my opinion, cares infinitely more about LE and the character of Cuddy, than the title and main character.
          The reason the ratings are low is because the show sucks now. I HATED Huddy, and my sister hated Cuddy. And yet neither of us watch, even now that all that mess is over with, because, quite frankly, it’s not that funny anymore. The House/Wilson pranks seem forced, and the sparkling wit of, say, No More Mr. Nice Guy (one of my faves – Kutner: If we accept the exsistence of extreme jerkiness ::eyeshift to House:: Which I suspect that we do…) just doesn’t exist anymore. David Shore did the best that he could do, as far as making the show feel like Season One again – because this season really does feel like Season One – but they’ve used all their jokes, and they’ve done the reactions before.
          It’s time to put the show to bed, regardless of the reason.

      • Lonely says:

        I think you are wrong. I am not a huddy. I only said Cuddy was a big part in the series and also in House’s life. She was not a simple character, she was a big one. I really think the way she left was so abrupt and after knowing the character for more than seven years it is really a pity not to have here her again for a better closure with the main character. It is not about the huddy couple, it is about the series and one of the principal characters! Even Cameron had a second chance to say goodbye…and also 13, and Amber, Kutner or Masters…all who left had or will have a properly goodbye…all, less Cuddy. And even if you do not like Lisa Edelstein, the character of Cuddy was there for so many years being part of PPTH as DoM and in House’s life, personal as friend and love interest and professional because she gave him lots of chances to be there and always fought for him!!

        It is a point of a faithfull follower of the series, not of a huddy one. I don’t understand why one person can’t think Cuddy needs to return and still watches the series. That’s my case! I watched all the episodes and still love House, and still think Cuddy needs a properly closure. And I like Hugh Laurie but Lisa Edelstein too.

    • Emily says:

      If you think having Cuddy come back and make up with House fits into the context of House, you and I have clearly not been watching the same show. Sure, there will be something missing without a finale appearance by Cuddy. But having her come back and repair things would be such a sellout, it would be worse than her not showing up at all.

      • Lonely says:

        Who is saying I think Cuddy have to return for making up with House? Please read well…

        • Emily says:

          Uh, you said, “Why she couldn´t come back and fix things?” And I said, because it wouldn’t make sense for the show. House is not about happy endings. Closure, maybe, but closure can just as easily be done badly as it can be done well. She could come back another way, if it works, but I don’t know what that is, and I haven’t seen you come up with an alternative. And if you’re trying to frame me as stupid because I didn’t take into account that long response you added up there after I left my comment, well, I don’t play with cheaters.

  12. Me says:

    Lol too easy to talk like that when you got NO paycut, RSL…but Lisa did

    So just STFU

  13. Roxi says:

    Robert, are you jealous?

  14. Nessie says:

    I wouldn’t be against her doing a run of episodes at the end, but to just bring her back for the series finale would be awkward, he’s completely right that there is no organic way for her to appear in just the last episode.

  15. Amber says:

    Once again it takes throwing Lisa Edelstein and Cuddy to the wolves in order to get lots of interest for anything related to the last handful of House episodes. This is another example of the misogynist principles House has always operated by (I realize they are present all around Hollywood but this show has it in spades more than your usual one). If you’re not the HOTTIE Olivia Wilde, you’re not needed back for the finale and you don’t need closure! RSL knows he has a huge part for the finale, so sure why not be his usual arrogant, obnoxious self. Before he signed on the dotted line for season 8 he threw his little hissy fit in an interview and said he’d only sign back on with the show for the almighty dollar. Money can’t buy cla$$ it seems.

    • Katie says:

      “If you’re not the HOTTIE Olivia Wilde, you’re not needed back for the finale”

      And yet they’re bringing back Martha Masters AND Kutner. You were saying?

  16. She was a large part of House for a long time, so show wise, I would agree with Laurie. However, I do agree with Leonard on it character wise. If that makes sense.

  17. Manda P. says:

    why is he acting so jealous? yeah we know she’s not needed back. no Cuddy, Cameron, Stacey or hell, even Lydia. as long as 13 is back all is right because she’s the sex kitten.

  18. Dani says:

    I’m really sorry Robert, but I do think Cuddy was necessary in the finale. What House did to her completely tainted his character for me to the point that I’m not sure I care what happens to him in the end. Him apologising and at least attempting some reparation might have changed that a little. It didn’t have to be a rainbows and unicorns resolution between them, but something sincere. I’m sorry guys, but you dropped the ball majorly.

  19. Anon says:

    Why are some of you acting like 12yr holds? “Angry” “Jealous” blah blah blah RSL is known to tell it like it is or at least give his honest opinion. Did you want him to lie, beg her to come back? He is talking about CUDDY. A fictional character. NOT Lisa the actress. Grow up.

    • Dani says:

      And they dealt with a very real and very serious subject matter extremely poorly. Honestly his language about Cuddy fleeing the scene as if she’s the guilty party is pretty offensive. Generally I like the guy, but his words here were incredibly poorly chosen.

    • 12yeargoingtoeighty says:

      Because their minds stopped evolving when 12 years old!

  20. Sal says:

    What? He sounds really bitter here. Well RSL in this case, Wilson should have been out at the end of season 4 when Amber died thanks to House. But it seems you were totally ok with him being back in season 5 and forgiving House in a moment. I guess you liked to keep your paycheck.

    And there are ways Cuddy could be back for the finale without forgiving House at all. But of course it would take away from your House/Wilson crap fest.

    BTW the lowest rated episode of the whole series (a sad 1.9) was Gut Check -a very hilson episode-. Just saying.

  21. angy says:

    hugh laurie

  22. HouseFemaleOriginalCastFF says:

    Let’s hear it for Mr “I’m only in for the money” RSL. An incredibly tacky comment that also references something that is totally not his business. What a douche.

    Very, very poor form. Anyone want to take any bets on whether those at House can make it through to the finale without taking another swipe at LE/Cuddy?

    • Sal says:

      He never cared about the storyline as long as he was getting the money and now this? This greedy man sounds so bitter and jealous here.

      • Tania says:

        What a moronic comment Sal. Talk about immature.

      • Itsallaboutthe monet says:

        So much word @Sal

      • Jack says:

        Greedy? RSL negotiated a deal with NBCU that both sides could live with. LE was greedy one. She couldn’t come to an agreement. As to “bitter” and “jealous,” what fanfiction stories have you been reading?

        • Thisisdepressing says:

          Nope RSL thanked his lucky stars that the S7 finale didn’t make it easy for his character to be written out as it did for LE’s. The whole article where he spat the dummy during contract negotiations saying he was only in it for the money was really telling and got him what he wanted $$$ wise. Had his contract been up at the end of Season 4 he might have been lowballed too. Makes me nostalgic for the old days when the Friends cast stuck together during negotiations. I guess it was every man/woman for himself on the House set.

          • Hyperbole Hater says:

            Right you are. Especially since Hugh Laurie scored a $300K-per-episode raise for Season 8, and everyone else was being asked to take pay cuts. The only good news to come out of that is that the revered Mr. Laurie is seriously considering NOT moving back to London, which means he might actually spend some of the $40 million American bucks he made from the show, right here in the States. Gotta love the man for doing his part to jack up our flagging economy!

      • @ Sal says:

        No Sal it is you the jeaulous and bitter one, Also learn the difference between fictional character and Real Life People, he’s talking about the character not the actress.
        If he’s “greedy” like you said then what LE is? huh………….
        He’s jealous of what? he still had the job, we can’t said the same thing about your goodness do we?
        You can cry all you want, but she’s not coming back.

    • Anon says:

      Stop acting like RSL is the only actor on the planet that hasn’t “done it for the money”. It’s his business if he’s asked about it repeatedly. You all need to grow up and accept others opinions.

      • HouseFemaleOriginalCastFF says:

        It is my opinion that RSLs comments here are arsetastic. Are you going to grow up and accept that?

        • HG says:

          LOL!! THIS!

        • Anon says:

          Who are you talking to? I already said some of you need to grow up and accept others opinions. If it’s YOUR opinion, then that’s fine. I never knew so many House fans act SO childish. Ugh.

          • HouseFemaleOriginalCastFF says:

            Why I was talking to you of course. Glad to see you are happy to live in world where not everybody agrees with everything RSL says or does :-)

      • Emily says:

        This. People only get up in arms about actors’ motivations because its in the public eye. Like the whole world doesn’t do things just for the money. One could argue both RSL and LE did it for the money. One got it to happen, the other didn’t. You can get mad over Hugh Laurie’s salary all you want, but you either pay House or you cancel the show. That’s how it works.

        • Guest says:

          Agreed. It’s ridiculous how mad people get and think that it makes RSL less of a person because he said he does the show for the money. I’m so sure the people making those comments would be doing their job if they weren’t getting paid. *eyeroll*

  23. silvina says:

    Fu.. Off Robert !! You didn’t understand anything about the show !!!!!!!!!!

  24. Finally someone who’s thinking straight. Sometimes, relationships end *really* badly. And, if a guy crashed his car in my dining room, I’d never want to see him again, either. It makes perfect sense that Cuddy wouldn’t be back. Sometimes people walk off each other’s lives because they’re hurt, they’re angry and they never come back.

    Huddy fans are like grown Beliebers, lol. Too funny.

    • Speakforyourself says:

      If a guy did that to me I’d like my day in court to have seen him sent down, or at the very least look him in the eye and make him realise what the consequences of his actions were. Cuddy didn’t get that because he was the one ‘who fled the scene of the crime’, not her. There was a great scene in Mad Men a couple of weeks ago where Joan finally stood up to her rapist husband. If only Shore etc had the b*lls to write something like that. Sadly they’re more obsessed with hookers.

      • Shepherd says:

        Though it’s not a matter of balls, it’s a matter of twisted mentally, which evidently RSL shares. The downplaying/glossing over of House’s violent attack is sick–yet in these people’s minds OBVIOUSLY Cuddy left of her own volition, not because her (and her family’s) life was threatened and her house destroyed. It was her choice, duh. Silly woman…

        • D says:

          Yup it’s actually more disturbing to think that a show set in the 60’s could get it more right than one set today. Boy does it leave a bad taste in the mouth!

          • tripoli says:

            I’m not sure that getting it right involves going ahead with marrying and continuing a life with your rapist.

      • Katie says:

        How do you know that she DIDN’T face him? He went to jail, didn’t he?
        Be honest here. You feel like he slighted YOU because you’re a Huddy, and that because your ship died a painful death, that the PTB owe you something. The fact is that NOBODY CARES. Not Lisa, who was invited back and declined, not RSL (obviously). She’s been gone for almost a year, and everyone has moved on except the Huddies.

        • Myopicmuch? says:

          It was expressly stated that he didn’t face her and that he turned himself in after living it up for a while abroad, hence him not knowing she’d left PPTH. Did you miss that?

          For me personally, how something as triggering as domestic violence is portrayed on TV is way more important than a ship. I’m not that petty and I actually care a lot about the issue. What they did and how it was dealt with was beyond gross, especially as there are documented cases where exes have driven into their partners homes and actually killed them. “He was aiming for her house.” Really David? I’m sure there were major LULZ and lots of backslapping when they came up with the idea in the writersroom, but they ought to be ashamed of themselves and their continuing trivialisation of it. I hope for their sakes they and their family members don’t ever have to go through something as traumatic as that.

          • Katie says:

            It was expressly stated that he didn’t face her and that he turned himself in after living it up for a while abroad, hence him not knowing she’d left PPTH. Did you miss that?”
            No, dear, I didn’t ‘miss that.’ But just because he didn’t know she left town doesn’t mean that she didn’t “face him.” Didn’t he get a trial? Couldn’t she have faced him then? If she was so scarred for life over this, she could have gone to the trial and looked him in his cold and heartless eyes. *rolls eyes*
            For me personally, how something as triggering as domestic violence is portrayed on TV is way more important than a ship. I’m not that petty and I actually care a lot about the issue.
            If you actually DID only care about the issue, you would have accepted the fact that every one on the show said he wasn’t trying to hurt her, that it wasn’t an instance of domestic abuse. The only people with the right or ability to say what went on in House’s head and in that dining room are TPTB. No one else gets a say. You don’t get to decide it was domestic violence because that’s what it looked like to you. They said he wasn’t trying to hurt her and that he knew she wasn’t in there. And I can’t help but notice that the peopole still crying over this event from last year are Huddies. I mean, there are probably people here and there that don’t ship them that are still upset about it. But it’s mostly the Huddy and LE fandom. You’re proving my point by being a Huddy.

          • @Katie says:

            @Katie He deliberately ran his car into the House of his ex-grilfriend at speed, effectively attempting to murder 5 people who he knew for sure were inside. On what planet is that not domestic violence?

          • Kiri says:

            You’re right. It’s a deadly serious issue for many women, and the way the House ptb treated it was shameful.

            What I don’t understand is why anyone thinks that was RSL’s fault. He is just an actor. He does what they tell him to do. He didn’t come out and protest the finale…but neither did LE or anyone else. I can’t help but think that various different issues are getting conflated in all the shipping conflicts.

          • @kiri says:

            @kiri The issue with RSL is the dumb ass victim blaming comment he made above.

          • Kiri says:

            Saying Cuddy chose to leave is not blaming the victim. In fact I think it demeans the character to say that she was forced to go, because it removes her agency. Cuddy made a choice. No one held a gun to her head and forced her to pack up and leave Princeton. I think the choice she made was a very smart one, and I admire her for it. She could have stayed. She could have kept the restraining order in force and not allowed House anywhere near her home or work, or Rachel. She could even have forgiven him and hired him back (and we both know that that’s where the show would have gone if LE had returned in S8). She absolutely had options, and she chose to shut the door on House for good. IMO she did the right thing.

          • @kiri says:

            Yes Kiri that all makes sense but that is not what RSL is saying. That is your fan wank which is fair enough there’s a lot of that going round in all camps.

            RSL makes 2 statements about Cuddy leaving in the article above and both of them blame Cuddy for leaving.

          • Katie says:

            effectively attempting to murder 5 people who he knew for sure were inside.
            This is why people hate Huddies/LE stans and why we can never have conversations. Did House say he wanted to kill anyone inside? Didn’t he see all the people leave the dining area? The creators, writers, producers, HL himself, ALL OF THEM say he was never murderous. But the LE stans and Huddies, it’s like you have such tunnel vision where the actress is concerned, that you just throw out these ludicrious theories that have absolutely no basis (you thinking that House should have been charged for attempted murder after everyone that knows House’s true intentions have said he wasn’t trying to hurt anyone).

  25. Tania says:

    I agree with RSL. Not everything ends in a neat little package. Life doesn’t work that way. A series should reflect this more often.

    silvina, you are obviously immature. Clearly you didn’t understand the comment let alone the article. One thing that I always detest are fans who just blindly support ANYTHING. Totally clouds their judgment. Grow Up!

  26. nitemar says:

    Its my guts feeling that this is Robert’s reverse psychology, and that Lisa Cuddy will be in “some way” on the series finale.

    • Cori says:

      I got the feeling after read this interview that Robert is being sarcastic, so yes, I think probably Cuddy will be there in some way, as you say. Maybe not the actrees but who knows if we finally see those lost images on the beach. Hugh does not say “will be” he says “woukd be”. So maybe yes we will be able to see her…again.
      I was sad the first time I heard Lisa Edelstein/Cuddy left the series. But I didn’t see the series for her so I still watch it, though I really miss that character and her interactions with House or with Wilson. For me the three of them were a team, you know, they are as one group and then there were the others…It woukd be perfect if Lisa never left the series and I couldn’t agree with Robert here, if he is talking serious…Cuddy and House need better closure than “I was in jail because I crashed my car into your house”…

  27. SAZ says:

    The episode that Cuddy and House broke up was the last episode I watched of my once favorite TV show. I watched every single episode up until that point (even bought Seasons 1-6). I will only tune in to see if we get closer to their relationship. Why start it if your just going to end it? That was not a wise move.

    • Evan says:

      You and many other millions.

      • erin says:

        Well with the ratings HOUSE has been getting this season WHO CARES who is showing up for the finale NO ONE will be watching. You know I love Cuddy but, the way she was written out the only way for her to come back to send HOUSE to HELL and take back her job as Dean Of Mediciene and kick Foreman,Wilson,Park,Chase,Adams and Thirteen’s Sorry ASSES to the curb

  28. FIZ says:

    Well RSL I could not disagee with you more. I for one would have loved to have seen Cuddy return for the final episodes and I am sure any half intelligent writer that is paid to be creative could have come up with an organic way to introduce her to the story – but perhaps that is where my logic falls down as creativity seems to be beyond DS and his writing team in S8. I am honestly sad that we will never get to see the dynamic that was House and Cuddy on screen as Lisa and Hugh rocked every scene that ever shot together and were a job to watch on my TV.

    By the way RSL the show never made the point that “she (Cuddy) left because she wanted to leave” how could that point be made when the character was barely acknowledged or mentioned and imply that Cuddy “fled the scene” implying that she was as fault after she was subjected to the violence of her and her childs home being destroyed is just plain wrong and offensive. (Oh and by the way RSL – BJ does say goodbye in mash, he writes it in stones on the ground so Hawkeye can see it from the air from the helicopter he leaves in).

    I suppose I can give one point to Hugh for mentioning “yes that would be incomplete” – not exactlty a florid statement but thanks for a least expressing something for a change with your usual ecomony of words.

    The ending of House without Cuddy will indeed be complete. Perhaps you should have listenedd to the fans and critics that have been saying that for months DS/HL and done something about it. Cuddy you are missed!!!

  29. VisitingCard says:

    So much word to this. The fact that everyone on the show fails to address the domestic abuse issue appropriately, even after heavy criticism, is very telling and also disturbing. The disrespect shown to former actresses and characters also seems to be endemic. No wonder neither JMo or LE made it to the series wrap party.

    • maya says:

      Jennifer Morrison was actually busy with getting an award. Who knows what Ms. Edelstein was doing. Not getting any awards, that’s for sure.

      • Clarissa says:

        Yes a crappy Prism award for a crappy lifetime movie she made. Not sure if she will write that in her resume.

        • Sally says:

          You obviously didn’t see the movie, because it was amazing. (BTW why don’t you ask LE how she likes Lifetime movie? Isn’t that the only project she got ever since she decided not to return? Well, I wonder if she puts that in her resume LOL)

  30. Shepherd says:

    lol, way to bury this story on a Friday night, TVLine. ;)
    Well I’m sure the finale will have all it needs with RSL’s eye-rolling, hands-on-hips stance and emphatic pointing.

  31. Jack says:

    Sheesh! Can the butthurt, Cuddy/LE lovers. Take a deep breath and try to be objective for once. RSL said: “I disagree…. I don’t like neatness,” …I don’t think it’s necessary to tie up every character’s story.”

    It’s another way of saying, no endgame, no last minute negotiations, no surprise appearance. Now quit your whining.

    • Shepherd says:

      Yeah, who needs neatness? Yet Shore is compelled to drag back every two bit character to ever fill the screen (Kutner, 13, Masters) while omitting the glaringly obvious (Cuddy, Cameron).
      Not like his everything AND the kitchen sink approach reeks of last minute desperation…

      • Jack says:

        Jennifer Morrison had a good reason for not doing the finale. She has a hit show. As to the returning cast members, the list keeps growing. LE looks like the only one who is being unreasonable.

      • Katie says:

        JMo cannot come back because she is now employed by Once Upon a Time and ABC. Period.
        How many different ways and how many different people is it going to take for haters to realize this???

    • Katie says:


    • D says:

      How about the butthurt individuals who don’t think domestic violence is a subject matter that you should leap into if you can’t be bothered to approach it realistically or sensitively, eh?

      Aside from anything else his example from MASH is cr*p. As somebody else pointed out there was one hell of a goodbye there. I’m all for ambiguous endings, but you don’t leave a hugely important relationship like the one between House and Cuddy hanging in mid-air like that. Well unless you’re David Shore.

      • Jack says:

        Point fingers and dance around the subject all you like. Cuddy/LE ain’t coming back.

      • Hyperbole Hater says:

        You’re missing the point. There is no House/Cuddy relationship anymore; it doesn’t exist. There is no package on which to tie a neat, pretty bow. And there shouldn’t be. House should not be let off the hook for what he did; he does not deserve to be “forgiven.” Let him spend the rest of his life feeling guilt and shame when he looks back on that time in his life.

        • D says:

          Who wanted a neat package? There were ways and means to have Cuddy back and still leave things open-ended.

          • Hyperbole Hater says:

            Name three.

          • D says:

            Illness of a family member/ Wilson being ill/ chance meeting because they happen to still work in the same profession/ Chance meeting because her family still live in the area/ The Board deciding they want her back/ Her seeking him out because she wants to confront him about what he did and maybe even get an explanation/ Him seeking her out to apologise because he realises that after her being such a huge part of his life for 20+ years, she deserved better than to be presented with a hairbrush after he’d parked his car in her dining room.

            Some are more contrived than others, but any one of those could have been made to work if they were developed properly.

          • Maro says:

            Lame & commonplace.
            Face it:
            Cuddy moved on away and well she did. Why stay or return to face what is for her a dangerous madman?
            Both HL and RSL are right and saying the same thing.
            The show feels incomplete without Cuddy after 7 years.
            But it would be too neat to have ‘closure’ and [H] is anything but neat.

          • Gillian says:

            “Lame & commonplace.”
            please, I agree getting Cuddy back wouldn’t be easy but many of the storylines this show has actually done are lamer than the ones D listed.

      • He went to prison, she got a restraining order, moved away and built a new life for herself. What else do you want? Tearful apologies? It’s House! House has never been a good person, he never hid a heart of gold under his rough exterior. He has always been a self-centered, arrogant bastard. The execs said it time and time again. And they actually had more planned – but LE decided to leave. Luckily, no loose threads were left dangling. You might not like the ending, but it was definite.

  32. V says:

    As a fan of the Cuddy of prior seasons, I’m glad she’s not returning. She did the right thing, cutting things off, packing up and leaving after House CRASHED HIS CAR INTO HER HOUSE. She did what she had to to keep herself, and Rachel, safe. To have her return would be an insult to the character.

    • @V says:

      Actually no it wouldn’t have been an insult to her character at all. Cuddy was never one to back down and IMO she would have most definetely faced him down at some point. Her reaction after the crash where she told the cop that she didn’t want House to come near her and her hospital backed that up, but after LE’s negotiations fell through they completely forgot that and decided she ‘fled’ the very next day without coming up with a decent enough reason as to why she changed her mind in the space of a few hours. An in-character response would have been for Cuddy to dig her heels in, unless something else encouraged her to leave.

  33. djesus says:

    But Masters and 13, is it also really necessary? WTF? Masters??

  34. VisitingCard says:

    I think the character of Wilson is not necessary and shouldn’t be included in the finale. I don’t like neatness, I don’t think its necessary to tie up every characters story.

    How do you like them apples RSL?

    • vicky says:


    • Travis says:

      Well you don’t write the show, so….but I’m sure your comment will keep his rich behind up at night. :)

    • You do actually realize that House is based on Sherlock Holmes, right? That the two very main characters are House (Holmes) and Wilson (Watson), right? That everybody else is supporting, right?

      Cuddy got a definite ending. You might not like it but there’s absolutely no reason to bring back a character who got a restraining order against the main character. House was never a nice or good man, he never had a good heart, as the author of this series said in the past. People who thought he had were delusional.

      • VisitingCard says:

        I think you’ll find that Wilson is also a supporting character. Sure there are Holmes references in the show but the it has long since drifted in other directions. Cuddy is an integral part of Houses’s life, I believe more so than Wilson but YMMV. Obviously my comment minimizing Wilson struck a nerve with you. Perhaps you can understand why a tactless comment from RSL about Cuddy doesn’t sit well with some of her fans.

        • Kiri says:

          “Perhaps you can understand why a tactless comment from RSL about Cuddy doesn’t sit well with some of her fans.”

          Yes, but what you aren’t taking into account is that the outpouring of self-absorbtion, anger and vitriol from some huddy fans has used up all the understanding and sympathy some of the rest of us have to offer.

          • @kiri says:

            “Yes, but what you aren’t taking into account is that the outpouring of self-absorbtion, anger and vitriol from some huddy fans has used up all the understanding and sympathy some of the rest of us have to offer.”

            Pot meet kettle!

          • Kiri says:

            “Pot meet kettle!”

            Oh, well now that you’ve insulted me, I’m totally convinced that you’re right.

      • Kriszta says:

        Cuddy got a definite ending? When and where?? That was totally incomplete!13 got two closed(season 7 and season 8 too) despite this,she back for the finale!

    • Evan says:

      This. Why would Wilson stay around? He is just a House/Dominika cheerleader. If Dominika leaves there is no reason for Wilson to be part of the show.

    • Guest says:

      Wilson not necessary? Yeah, definitely not. It’s not like he’s been House’s only friend and confidant for the entirety of the show… oh wait. lol have fun with your delusions

  35. Seriously? says:

    I love reading comments written by bitchy little girls—wah, wah, wah. RSL is a big old meanie to poor little LE. Grow up. House used to be a great show until the great Cuddy disaster struck. RSL was right, why in God’s name would they bring her back now? Before anyone starts lighting a candle for LE and putting her up for sainthood remember she was offered a salary cut to continue on the show. She said no. She left. The end. I rather not see that again. RSL you rock!

    • @Seriously says:

      You also rock!
      saved me the effort!

    • Clarissa says:

      He is mean and rude. His character has been a joke for the past three seasons. He isn´t necessary either. There have been some episodes without Wilson and the show did still well.
      On the other hand, the show without Cuddy couldn´t make it. The ship was a BIG part of the show, you can like it or not.

  36. louie says:

    oh fück this show i really miss what is used to be
    now it’s just a pile of.. crap

  37. Poliom says:

    Yes Robert because the show worked so well without Cuddy. Your big Hilson episode this season was the lower rated in 8 years and now the show is pulling just 5 mill viewers

    • alise says:

      Good said! They are just morons! So glad that this show is canselled now! I’m not Lisa’s fangirl but I reallly respect her and her character on show. Now ratings are speaking volumes. It’s epic fail and they deserved it. They make House to be jerk without remorse, just a man who abused a woman. RSL makes his point and now I understand how they don’t care about viewers. Sad and insulting.

  38. ChicagoDan says:

    I understand what RSL is saying, but it comes across as mean-spirited. I HATED the Huddy relationship – it was much better when they were sparring with each other. Wish they’d kept it that way. Didn’t appreciate LE until I started watching early episodes in syndication again. Looking back, she really had the stuff to match HL. She was an big part of the show’s success and I don’t blame her for walking after the salary issue. However, if it made sense, it would’ve been appropriate for Cuddy to make an appearance – just to stick it to House one more time. But, whatever, it’s not like I’m going to go out of my way to waste two hours on finale of a show that used to be so well done and disintegrated so fast.

  39. Dr.Rockso says:

    I just wanna say I love the fact that people are talking directly to RSL like he’s actually sitting here reading these comments, lol.

  40. aurore says:

    RSL is the only one whom could say that without totally pissing me off. That’s just the way he is…
    I will still miss Cuddy though. She was a big part of the show and it’s not the same without her. I wish she would came back for the final, because right now it’s not really appealing. Specially with the House/Dominica cr*p they seem to love these days.

  41. Evan says:

    Yes Robert, the show doesn´t need Cuddy back. Who cares about ratings? It´s already cancelled anyway. Doesn´t matter if the last episode does well or bad.
    But you sound totally bitter and disrespectful. I wish Lisa had said the same after Wilson´s Heart: “Hey why the hell would Wilson be coming back? House just killed his girlfriend. That friendship is over. There is no reason for a House/Wilson reunion”
    Well, it looks like, after all, people didn´t watch for Hilson and their pathetic antics.

  42. Kiri says:

    I love RSL’s humor, and I love the way he speaks his mind. All too often all we get from show runners is the same old, same old, and none of it sincere. He’s a breath of fresh air.

    Huddies–I know this may come as a shock, but RSL wasn’t talking about your Titanic. He was talking about stories and the way they work.

    • Hyperbole Hater says:

      This is true. Hugh Laurie is so afraid of stepping on anyone’s toes, that you rarely get a spontaneous, from-the-gut statement out of him. Everything he says is couched in specific, generic, non-provoking terms; RSL just lets it rip. Good for him.

  43. jehanzeb khan says:

    I just wanna say I love the fact that people are talking directly to RSL like he’s actually sitting here reading these comments, lol.

  44. Laura says:

    I would love to see Cuddy again, but it’s not gonna happen. All I want is a tiny scene where Shore&Co write an offscreen meeting between House and Cuddy, he says sorry or she tries to kill him (LOL) I don’t care, I just want a bit of closure. They don’t need to pay Lisa Edelstein and have her on the set for this.

  45. Lyns says:

    Im sorry but I do think it’s necessary that she comes back. I don’t expect everything to be tied up in a neat little bow because that is not House. But for me I want her back, I feel that the show is missing something and I think that it’s her. This season has been bad (in my opinion) and very predictable. Even if she was in it for a minute it would be good.(but I highly doubt it). Although do not understand why 13 has to come back again!! But it’s all filmed now so will just have to wait and see

  46. Brian says:

    BJ and Hawkeye did say Goodbye in Mash. Sort of. One of them spelled it out in rocks while the other saw it as he took off in the helicopter.

  47. Yuli03ZH says:

    Although RSL is honest he sometimes sounds rudeness and bitter…
    “She fled the scene, and that’s it. That is the end of the story,” the actor stated. “Why the hell should she come back?””

    When he said this lines,he make me confused. He seemed to speak about LE not Cuddy….she went because House to kill her or not? what to supposed she should do? She was betrayed for the man who she shared years… I dont support this kind of themes like violence domestic. Also Gregory House was not sorry .. when this show goes for this way make it not credible… NEXT rating is horrible .. I never thought House MD would have 5 million.. :( bad decisions bad rating.

    I dont like that he and some people try to decrease Cuddy`s importance. She was very important for House MD: YES, SHE IS …

    • karomana says:

      She was, until Se 5 baby crap-fest. That’s when the ratings started dropping and never revived!

    • Hyperbole Hater says:

      The problem is that we don’t know the details of LE’s salary dispute with NBCU; it could have been extremely adversarial. RSL may be reacting as a result of that, or because of some other, unknown personal issue with her. Or he could just be the type of person who is naturally abrasive or in-your-face, or just plain tactless, even if he likes you. Who knows?

      • Clarissa says:

        I think he hates Lisa. He was so rude here that i only read hate in his words. Pretty unclassy to be honest.

  48. Kriszta says:

    This article was deleted one month ago! And now it back!Why? You want the newest war the Cuddy fans versus Cuddy hater?

    • Hyperbole Hater says:

      I WONDERED why all of the sudden there were comments dated 03/28/12 showing up. They weren’t here last night, when I first read this article. Good catch!

  49. Zippy the Wonder Turtle says:

    I think she should return and there is an organic solution. While on a drug high House should break away from Wilson, wander into traffic and Cuddy should run him over. Perfect ending.

    • Hyperbole Hater says:

      I could totally get behind that idea. Good thinking. :)

      • erin says:

        Great Idea !! Only She should also back over him at least twice more to ensure success and make sure she gets Dominika as well. Why not have her Mother (CANDICE Bergen) riding shotgun

  50. Sara says:

    I don’t hate Cuddy. I really enjoyed her character for a good long time. However, I totally agree with Robert Sean Leonard. This is a well-spoken response and I believe it goes well with the story that they have set up.

    • Volta says:

      Agreed. Personally I’ve really enjoyed this final season, and Cuddy’s departure didn’t harm it (for me) at all… and this is from someone who enjoyed Cuddy on the show for a long time. Up until she adopted the baby and her character became less flirty/fun and more of a sour-puss. Like Cameron, when her time came to leave I didn’t really miss her character!