General Hospital Exclusive: Meet the New Kristina - and Get Scoop on Her New Attitude

Port Charles crime boss Sonny Corinthos’ most unlikely yet nonetheless formidable adversary may turn out to be his own daughter.

TVLine has learned exclusively that ABC’s General Hospital has cast Lindsey Morgan as Kristina Adela Corinthos Davis, and with the recast comes a new direction for the character.

General Hospital Cheats Death as ABC Instead Ends The Revolution Talk Show

Morgan, whose credits include recent episodes of Happy Endings and How I Met Your Mother, will make her debut the week of May 21, when Sonny and Alexis’ daughter returns to Port Charles in not the best of moods, having learned that there was much more to her admission to Yale than she originally thought.

In fact, Kristina will put her scant Ivy League days behind her to lay down roots in Port Charles, where she has some major plans for the summer — and I’m pretty sure they don’t include waitressing at Kelly’s.

General Hospital Puts Another One Life to Live Vet on Contract

Lexi Aisnworth, who previously played Kristina and earned an Emmy nom during her two-year plus run, exited the sudser in October.

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  1. kia says:

    Pretty and she looks like Sonny!

    • blu_ikelli says:

      Really GH I’m not likeing the recast of Maxi do to her illness I hope she comes back soon but nothing wrong with the old Kristina and I really want the old Connie and Kate Howard back this new one is just not doing it for me at all and when is Lucky coming back I mean how long is he going to be gone and Nicholas too and who the hell has Robin stop teasing and start pleasing

      • stuckonsoaps says:

        the new Kate HOward is the best it has ever been…she is a much better actress than the other one.

        • DJ Detroit says:

          Have to agree with ya’!

        • rebecca says:

          Kelly Sullivan plays a good Connie.. but definitely not a good Kate. Thank goodness for the split personality.

        • annunziata says:

          Disagree completely. Her acting is so overdone that it looks as if she’s faking the duel personality thing…getting real old real fast…..he needs his real love Brenda back….she doesn’t convince a s a power couple with him like Brenda did…………

          • Nicole says:

            I agree I want Brenda back. I’d like to see Lois and Ned back too. The new Kate Howard and Maxie suck. Neither of them can act. Speaking of acting please get Starr off GH she is HORRIBLE. I would also like Jax, Lucky, Nicholas and Ethan back all with better story lines. And what happened to Shawn and that kid?

          • Sheila says:

            How can you want Brenda back after her last stint? The writers completely ruined her! She was a whiny, lifeless drag, and she and Sonny together were AWFUL!

          • Janet says:

            I would love to have Brenda back but not as the shrew they portrayed her to be. The writers ruined her character and it was awful. If they will bring her back as the real Brenda, who could as for anything better. Brenda was and is Sonny’s true love and he hers. As for Kate/Connie, wasn’t it enough they did this on OLTL with Vickie. Please, please get rid of the OLTL actors. Especially that screaming character of Starr. Very annoying. I am so glad for DVR.

          • Bev, Houston, TX says:

            I hated Brenda she was too much of a whiner. And you are write this new Kate plays a good Connie but not a good Kate, not classey enough.

          • jeanine says:

            the last thing we need is Brenda back. They can come up with a better story line tha Brenda. She is history. t
            hank god!

        • LISA says:


        • michelle says:

          the old kate was much better, this 1 sucks

        • adrien says:

          I like this kate better than the old one too

        • dottie says:

          she has made the kate (connie )now worth watching !!!

        • Carol says:

          Yes, I agree about the new Kate, the other one was good, but this one puts more fire into Kate and Connie..

        • Andrea says:

          Have to agree…this Kate Howard outshines the other. Better actress!!

        • The story line of Kate and Connie is not so good. Vicky of OLTL, was much better at playing this type of role; personally I don’t think they should have wrote in this particular drama

          • kellie hall says:

            I heard that Connie, that’s the truth. OLTL had that drama going on for years. when they finally stop, years later Vicky’s daughter pop up with the same o, same o. Don’t wear it out already. For certain reasons OLTL is Over, and I am very sorry, but who’s idea was it to have there characters to Join forces with GH? Connie C. my common sense says: DOES IT LOOK LIKE GH NEED ANY HELP FROM OLTL?, and if it did, surely you don’t need help from a Soap that somehow was taken of the air and deemed horrible.
            I my not agree with 60% of what I have seen so far, with the writing of GH, in the last 6mo., but OLTL, Starr, Tea, John, and Todd, needs to go. They serve as no purpose, but taking up air time, that GH could use for one of their main characters, to do and say something worth while.
            As far as Sonny’s daughter, she was off to college, and that’s where she should have stayed, cause she is a hot mess, and totally disrespectable for a young adult, I perfer not to see her anymore, she should be done.

          • konnie says:

            Thanks for your OPT. I am so glad you gave the full details on your feelings about your experience concerning this program and it’s assorted characters. Do you think that they will last a year or what? I agree with you, when you said it does not look like G, H. need any help from OLTL, considering the fact they are out, and no one wants to deal with them. I will say that AMC as well as OLTL, were good for years, it kept me pretty interested. Every now and then they miss the mark. I have start watching ME/TV,(the old stuff from years ago) which grabs my attention much better than the crappy mess that’s on the tube now days(regular or cable tv). You know that John McBain and Sam were on a Soap togther before.( That was a mess also), can’t think of the name right now, it was nuts.

        • ML says:

          I agree. Kelly Sullivan brings more personality to the role of Kate Howard.

        • BrendaFan says:

          NOT EVEN!! Didn’t really like the old Kate til they cast the new one. Bring back the old KATE!!!

        • jesssy says:

          agree! She is SUCH a good soap actress, it’s as if she is up there with all the best; Tony Geary, Finola Hughes, etc. She is great with the DID illness, and she is beautiful!

          • Rave says:

            I love Starr and Michael togehter, and I think putting OLTL character was a fantastic idea. I loved both AMC and OLTL and at least I feel like OLTL is still alive to a certain degree. I would hate to see them take them away. If they are too stubborn to cancel the show that took OLTL’s place, they they need to bring all the best characters to other shows as the same people as they were on OLTL so it can always stay alive.

          • kellie says:

            Ok, hopefully they will read, learn from your comment, and regroup.

        • Rave says:

          I agree; I like this new Kated. I did not at first, but she has proven to be a better actress than the ohter one. She just does not favor Liv as much as the one did.
          I love the new Kristina, she is prettier than the old one and just seems to fit the role better. I had nothing against the other one either though.

          • Jolene says:

            I totally agree Rave with everything you said. Summed it up well. There are too many fans reeling from the cancellation of these long running soaps and the online movement proved just how strong a base the soap opera genre has in place. I am happy to see the other characters integrated into GH, I just think they have to be careful of the storylines. I don’t really like the new Christina and had read somewhere that the old one did not want to play the role the way that had written it where she would have been dressing sexier(=sleazier probably) and trying to mature her up quickly with an image that she was not on board with. I agree with her on all counts if this was true, that image is not representative of every young female teenager out here today and the networks need to stop doing this. I hope they bring her back though and with a really strong storyline, not one based on trashy clothing and wild behavior.

      • Eva says:

        Change the channel..It’s a soap! This is what happens…

        • Sami says:

          Agreed some people take too many thing that are not important too personal!

          • BrendaFan says:

            No one said they were taking things personal…. just a personal opinion – just like yours so get over it! Everyone is entitled to their own opinion

          • I think everyone has the right to say what they want and not what they feel. If you feel like a person has express their own opinion of a character or storyline to personal, I believe that would be their business, not yours. I believe you should be entitled to think what you want, but you do not have to write everything you feel that is your opinion, about a real person, a character on a soap is totally different. Sometimes when people speak of others illminded, feelings get hurt, and that sometimes can cause a Big Problems. All people do not think the same, and what is important to one person may not be important to another.

          • konnie says:

            Oh my God, I am so scare.

      • tmwalkerm says:

        The old Maxie isn’t coming back, there was an announcement weeks ago.

        • tvnewsplus says:

          Euh… there has been no announcement on the status of Kristen Storms. Please check your facts.

          • shann says:

            Yes, there was, I saw it too, will try and find the link for you

          • ashlee says:

            Kirsten Storms tweeted a while ago that she was coming back. But that was weeks ago. I don’t know what is going on now.

          • nickikay75 says:

            The announcement was made in “ABC Soaps In Depth” several weeks ago that Kirsten Storms was slated to return and then was not able to after all.

          • Thea says:

            I read that as well a few weeks ago. They said Kirsten storms would not be returning. “Kristen Storms will not return to General Hospital as previously announced. The actress, who has been sidelined for nearly five months, was expected to return to the role of Maxie in February. Jen Lilley will continue to play the role.” This came off of soapcentral.com

        • Sharon Barnes says:

          If the old Maxie won’t be back–I don’t want ANY Maxie! Or at least, not the one they have now–And please change Star, bring Robin back to get with Johnny(good match up), and since I’m wishing Find a Carly that will suit Sonny!!!

          • jeanine says:

            i agree about Maxie, old maxie or NO Maxie. Star, get rid of her. She does not belong and can not act. Robin, really disaponted with the episode showing she was really alive somewhere. It was very beleivable that they killed he off the way they did. Then they just said ” (FX you) with that final scene. I did not like that at all. I am ok with carly.
            Happy to see Heather Weber Back. She plays a very believable crazy lady and adds the suspense to a some what boring story right now.

        • nancy says:

          what happened to the old Maxi?

        • jeanine says:

          too bad. I liked her spunkiness, The new one does not have it. She is too fake.

        • hallie says:

          I belive the annoucement you are refering to is the one back in january where she was slated to return but due to circumstances she was going to be out a little longer but there has been no official word from gh as to her current statues from the show only guesses but she has been gone for pretty much a year now

      • neet says:

        d-u-e…. due such an easy word to spell

      • carolyn says:


      • Kirsten Storms isn’t coming back…

        • Sami says:

          Well that sucks she is the better Maxi and I am sorry she is not coming back~!!!! They will never find another actor to play the part as well this new Maxi stinks!

          • Rave says:

            I think the old Maxie will end up back on Days. I think both she and Shawn will come there as husband and wife, but I may be wrong. They made a good couple on Days.

        • Paola Peña says:

          Where did you read this? As far as I know KS is still on leave because of her illness and will eventually come back. Jen isn’t on contract.

          • hallie says:

            Well, I don’t think there has been anything official but it has been almost a year i think since ks went on leave not to mention she has been on her twitter a lot talking about her vacation and other activities which makes me wonder if she is to sick to return to work how is she managing to go away and do all these things. My guess she is not returning as for jen not being on contract that doesn’t really mean anything the show could be waiting for ks contract to expire depending on why she really left and her outs in the contract. I find it very questionable that she has been gone this long with no word of her return. I am guessing people are making a guess at this point

      • Kelly says:

        Nicholas is not coming back, he left the show and Lucky also left to spend more time with his family in real life and he is in a band and will also be in a new show this Fall on Primetime called “Nashville”, he chose to exit the show and may come back next year for a bit. Not EVERYONE was fired or let go… Some actors chose not to come back! I do wish I knew why Kirsten Storms really isn’t coming back though. Maxie is annoying in general but Kirsten played her better!

        • Cynthia S. says:

          I had read somewhere’s that Kiersten Storms has Endometrious (and that is why she won’t be coming back to GH. At first they thought she was going to come back, but after being examined by a dr., the result was this and I guess when you have this problem it sounds like a person needs alot of rest. I,also, read that she is only 25 yrs of age.

          • Rave says:

            If KS really has endometriosis, she will probably not be able to come back. That is a serious disease. I had that and staff together and had to have a complete hysterectomy at the age of twenty. I truly hope she does not have that.
            I just assumed she left GH to go back to her old stomping grounds at Days, but she never showed up there either.

        • Patricia Clark says:

          Nicholas got fired.

      • Debbie says:

        i have read that robin left GH to go into production work

      • I am with you, I like the old Maxi and Kate/Connie. And what’s up with Robin, she really isn’t dead, saw her towards the end of one of the epIsiodes and she is much alive, but someone is hiding her. WHY???

        • Rave says:

          Well, I would guess that since they are bringing OLTL over to GH that maybe David has her. He was well known for saving people to look like a hero later. So maybe the the head shirnker and David are in cahoots.

          • kellie says:

            I though, crazy Dr David was on AMC, are you trying to say that they have brought in AMC, character too?

        • Rave says:

          Or,maybe the psycho doc Lisa is really alive and keeping her to break her and Patrick apart. If so, it is working; look what is happening to him. He is a mess.

      • Von says:

        I don’t like the new Maxie either…

      • tim says:

        GH wanted Lexi to return as Kristina,she turned down the offer to focus on her film career.

        • hallie says:

          no, lexi was not offered to return to gh the intention was alway to cast someone new that looked older so they could go in a different direction with the character

      • elizabeth Kelly says:

        I agree… hate the new Maxie and why must characters always be ruined.. it always goes to the vilolent, dark side. SICK OF IT!! Maybe GH shouldn’t have been picked up again… it sucks

        • Karlie says:

          I hate to say it, but I have to agree with you on the state of GH right now. It’s gone from bad to worse.

          I was really looking forward to the new producer and writers coming in, hoping they would re-vamp the show for the better (namely, get rid of all the mob crap, and get back to stories about the hospital and other characters besides Sonny and Jason), but they’ve actually made it worse. It’s turned into the cheesiest version of GH I’ve ever seen, from the ridiculously over-dramatic music that you can’t go 2 seconds without hearing, to the the short attention span pacing (does any scene last longer than 10 seconds?), that bland new theme song, and some pretty awful dialog. I would be so embarrassed if I were one of the show’s actors having to recite the lines they have to say lately.

          Oh, and is Carlivati incapable of running a show without at least one “split personality” character on the canvas? The Kate/Connie scenes are some of the most cringe-worthy I’ve ever seen in the over 30 years I’ve been watching this show. It’s pretty sad, because there was a day when I loved this show, but it’s just not the same.

          • Rave says:

            Keep that kind of talk up and there will not be a GH to watch. I think it is a good show; I enjoy watching soaps, what I have left to watch anyway. If you do not enjoy it, just stop watching it instead of trashing. Some of us love it and would like to see it stay.

          • kellie says:

            Everyone will know sooner or later, whether or not GH writers/storylines pays off or not.
            If you have years of history watching a certain soap, that’s time invested, and I know that people are hurt, but another soap writer/producer, to give you 25%of a soap that did not make it because of poor ratings, and mix it with a soap, that’s been standing on it’s own, it’s pretty sad. For those who need to look at the soaps that bad, good for you.
            I feel that it is the principal about it. You can’t just throw me a bone, without any meat on it, and say they are both the same.
            It goes on to show you people of today believe in, I can’t get what I want , even though I use to have, so I will take anything you offer me.


      • linda mckenna says:

        Helena has Robin of Course, don’t u agree

        • ALynn says:

          Helena would have no interest in Robin. Either A0 Her HIV is NOT under control and someone faked her death for her, maybe Sonny? Or B) She is being held by Cesar Faison who was obsessed with her mother Anna.

      • karen says:

        I agree with all of this. Where is the old Maxie. What is with Kate howards hair, so stiff looks fake. The Robin thing is just wrong.

      • Bobbe says:

        I loved the old Maxie, Kate, Kristina, Lucky, etc., etc., BUT I love the new actors portraying them just as well. It takes longer for some to get used to change, and others just hang on to the old way too long. I admit I’ve had a little bit of a hard time understanding all the new characters from other soaps who’ve joined the GH cast, but glad they were able to get jobs! I’ve watched GH since it’s inception, and at the age of 60, I have adjusted as characters come and go, or get recast, and I’ll never stop watching GH!

        • Rave says:

          Amen, me neither. As long as it is somewhere to see, I will be watching. I watched OLTL from the very first episode and I cried when it ended. It was like I lost members of my family. I had not watched AMC that long, but I loved it and hated to see it go as well.
          I hate it when they take off shows like that. I used to watch Another World and Summer Set and the same thing happened; they axed them.

          • konnie says:

            I agree with you 100%. You got my vote.

          • kellie says:

            konnie girl, I see, you don’t give a _ anymore, cause you are tired of the crap, just as I was. I am glad you told me about something else worth while to watch. All the other girls were interested in your idea too. Thanks

      • zenobia.hampton@gmail.com says:

        I am glad there is a new Kristina.This new Kristina is very pretty and more mature looking for the part. She is a better match for Sonnie’s daughter,however I do like the old Maxie better.They can do without a kate,but please bring Robin back to Patrick,

      • cfahy1204 says:

        We all want to see our GH Characters like, Lucky, Nicholas, Robin, What about seeing some more of the Quartermaines and old time players like Bobbi, Laura etc..There are so many more we would love to see, but this ain’t gonna happen with these OLTL Characters taking up valuable GH Storyline time! They need to take there Characters and there STORYLINES i.e. Connie/Kate, Vicki/Nicki, Jessica/Tessica etc and send them back to Lanview, let them be as it ended, DONE, I am so over this, I feel bad to say this but at this point I honestly wish they would just cancel GH already cause it is turning into OLTL Part 2 now showing in Port Charles…ughhhhh

        • I agree, all these people from OLTL, makes no sense. I really loved OLTL, from years ago, however, John McBain, Blair, Tea, and Star, was not my favorite. Vickie, would have been someone I would have tried to ask to be on GH, if anybody, then Bo and others that were their from day one. They should have produce some type of spin-off, from OLTL, instead they throw in a cheap virgin, of some senseless, mess that don’t have nothing to do with anything; which makes you hate to watch the day time soaps.
          AS far as I am concerned they could have gotten rid of DAYS and The Young and The Restless, is getting just as terrible.
          I am starting to believe that maybe this is how they want all the Soaps to be, not interesting at all, so that they can get rid of all of them.
          Everything now days appeals to somebodies generation, but I don’t know whos’, I was there in the begining, I hate to see it come to the end, with all these rotten storylines,; it really shows you the thinking of the people in charge of writting, which is dumb-founded. If I personally had the money, I would have invested into some kind of station, have good writers, imput my thoughts, with help of others, and keep All My Children, One Life to Live, The Young and The Restless, As the World Turn. Days use to be interesting many, many years ago, The Bold and the Beautiful, has always been terrible for the half hour that they have.
          People like Robin, Jason and many others, know what time it is, that’s probably why they are getting the heck out of dodge, someone who has been with the show for years, and you repay them by sharing the spotlite with some people from another show; NOW THAT’S CRAZY.

        • Shar says:

          I know people have their love of GH and I learned to like it a lot too. But I have to speak up for the One Life to Live characters coming in. I like it so much because I felt OLTL ended right in the midst of a tremendous story line that I loved. The Todd/Victor arc which of course includes Starr and Tea and Blair is a good one for me. I wasn’t at all thrilled with John McBain coming over to interfere in Jason and Sam’s relationship — trying to stir up trouble by pairing up characters who worked well together on “Loving” (was that the one?). Please give Sam and Jason more than 15 minutes at a time to be exclusively in love…come on Soap World, true love and fideltiy really can work on the soaps, just write it right!! Oh yeah, maybe Robin and Victor are in the same place. Both of them are “dead” but really are yet alive! Ha Ha, I LOVE it.

        • Rave says:

          Why do you keep watching it if you do not like it. Why do you want it canceled just because you do not like it. Do you not want any of us to see it just becasue you do not want to watch it anymore?

          • konnie says:

            Whether a person decides to watch GH and don’t like it’s storyline or characters is really their business. It has nothing to do with how another person reacts to watching the show, one can agree or disagree. At the end of the day, I believe it has something to do with ratings. GH, decided to do the unthinkable, by giving a little of OLTL to it’s fans and also maintain GH, fans, maybe it might work and maybe it won’t. If GH, last for years to come,we will all know; but I do believe that any loyal fan(from GH) is entitled to voice their OPT. and I do not think, that anyone do not want you to watch it. It’s anyone choice.

          • kellie says:

            You hit the nail completely on the head.

      • Heather says:

        The new Kristina is a terrible actress. The old one was better. I hate the new Maxie, I wish Kristen Storm was back. Where is Robin, Nikolas, and Lucky? WTF? I DO like the OLTL and GH crossover. Wish there was more there. The replacements suck though. Really, really suck.

    • Lee-Anne Williams says:

      I don’t even watch this suds but how rediculous is it 4 Sonny Corinthos 2 b his own daughter lololol unless ofcourse he was previously Sunny lololol having had a sex change…but being a woman myself…I can’t understand why any woman would volutarily give up her girlie parts!!! I guess it’s a matter of preference lololol =D

      • jalynmac says:

        what the hell are you talking about, no one said Sonny was his own daughter

      • Tammy says:

        WTH??? I totally think you missed the boat; you’re whacked! Sonny is not his own daughter; I have no clue how you even pulled that info from the article…La La Land, maybe???

        • m. malone says:

          read the time line. Sonny his own daughter… somebody didn’t have their starbucks

          • Tammy says:

            @ m.malone…The first sentence is missing commas in the appropriate places. if you read the whole first sentence and place the missing commas after the correct words, you could take out three words and still have the sentence make sense. There should be a comma after the word “unlikely” and a comma after the word “formidable”, then you could take out the words “yet nonetheless formidable” and still read the sentence in correct form and perhaps understand it a little bit better.

            The sentence reads that Sonny Corrinthos’ most unlikely adversary may turn out to be his daughter Christine. It DOES NOT read that “Sonny Corrinthos may turn out to be his own daughter”.

            Do you see the difference??? It’s common English and grammar rules, which should be known, about the English language. Another example in the previous sentence. Remove the words that are in between the commas and the sentence still means the same thing.

        • darlene says:

          someone posted that the new christina looks like sonny how it got to he was his own daughter is more than far fetched

      • Kelly says:

        Wtf r u talking about lady??? Sonny isn’t playing HIS OWN daughter! Lmao. Can u read? This woman is replacing the last actress that played his daughter!

      • Esther says:

        omg this and all the replies gave me the best laugh Ive had all week. Thanks.

      • tricia says:

        jeeze, go back to remedial reading

        • laura says:

          wow this woman made an honest mistake and didnt understand what it meant. im pretty sure she can read as good as any of you who are sitting at home making fun of her. shame on you!

    • Annette says:

      I am not feeling these writers that were probably hires from one live to live. We never had split personalities and it never took a 3 weeks to tell someone they died. I too am not feeling this maxi and Kate/Connie. Come on….GH is about drama espionage, love, family,. Just not feeling GH and why can’t Jason and Sam be happy?

      • Dan says:

        The new headwriter from OLTL walked into this split personality storyline. He either had the option to run with it or drop it completely. He’s done the latter with the Woman in White storyline… but he opted to run with it since he had success with it on OLTL. He had SERIOUS reservations about it though… because he would be doing another split personality storyline. Ultimately, he saw what story he could tell and decided to run with it. I’m glad he dad. It’s given Kate something interesting to do (since the recast….) and before, she was always travelling or out of the office (what the hell?) :>

        So it wasn’t his idea. About telling Ewen that Irina died? She was really a no one in Port Charles. The person that cared about her is gone (Ethan) and the only one connecting her to him was Alexis (since he leased the house at some point). She did fire him… so they stopped all contact. Not exactly bad reasons for hearing that she wasn’t alive, especially with her being a Cassadine. Do we even know what happened to her body?

      • I agree with you except for the part about Sam and Jason. I think he belongs with Liz. Sam is heartless and I am suprise Jason is still with her. WHEN SAM DECIDED TO TRY TO KIDNAPP, JASON SON, JUST TO GET EVEN WITH LIZ AND JASON, I WAS DONE WITH THAT HEFER.

      • Heather says:

        I agree on this. The writers are screwing up the personalities out of no where. I hate the Jason/Sam fiasco. I hate the new Maxie and the new Kristina. I hate that Robin is gone along with Brenda, Nikolas, Emily, and Lucky. Suck. I DO like some of the OLTL crossover. It’s fun to see Todd on there and I’d like to see Blair, Stacy, and her man Rex. I miss some of the old characters from AMC too especially the hot JR Chandler. Why did horrible shows have to replace daytime, shows by the way that are already flooding cable/regular networks. Don’t need more of those. Also, quit making fun of people for how they type/write. Seriously, how old are you?

    • mandy says:

      i think she does look like sonny alot ahw is very beautiful young lady

    • Shaun says:

      What I want to know is where did Sean,Molly and that TJ kid go to?Was that ever explained?

      • debra says:

        good question where did they go? there was so much focus on robin and her exit that they kind of pushed that storyline on the back burner.hummmm i really hate that jason is not the father of sams baby. they could’ve left another door open to bring franco back. the storyline is great about them being brothers but come on yeah its a soap put jason deserves to have to baby. sonny is the mobster king and he’s got kids coming out of the woodwork why not jason? think the viewers were very disappointed with the way that went.

    • Melinda says:

      Don’t like this New christina she looks too old!!! smh they might want to think about that!!!

      • zenobia.hampton@gmail.com says:

        All soap stars age quickly. sometime they go upstairs 2years old and come back 22 years old.It’s the soap opera way!lol

    • Nasrin Namei says:

      I like old Kristina, why GH likes to keep changing people ,I hate STARR,I like old Maxi, and please don’t bring back Brenda. Starr and Brenda need to take some acting classes .

      • jeanine says:


      • BrendaFan says:

        Sad to admit that I agree with you. I used to be a very big Brenda fan – loved her with Sonny and was so excited when she came back. I was very disappointed – like she had not acted ever before and there was NO chemistry with her and Sonny. Such a disappointment. Again – I agree don’t like Starr either – I hate the way the OLTL characters walk in acting like it is their set. Bring back the old Maxie – the old Christina – the old Kate! I miss Ethan, Lucky, Nickolas, and Jax. I also hate how they eliminated GH characters only to bring on OLTL characters…. smh

    • Why are the writers having the children grow up so soon and the parents never look any older? I really do not like the storyline concerning kate-connie, carly and johnny, it ‘s to over boring. I prefer the old General Hospital, that kept me hanging on the edge of my seat. I want to see Jason back with Liz; and actually Liz should have had twins and someone took 1 of her babies, not Jason’s mother, we saw what happen years ago and she did not have twins.

    • Sandy Spraggs says:

      I like that some on the characters from OLTL are on General Hospital, since OLTL was canceled.I miss that show very much, and with those characters and more coming, I but that would make for some great story telling. John, Natalie, Jason and Sam. Todd, Carly and Blair. Even the the old “Todd” Trevor St John, the two Todds story…the stories yet to be told with that one. WOW! Go writers.

      • huh, I am not sure that I like the idea of the ONE LIFE TO LIVE CAST joining GH. It takes the spot light off of the main characters that’s been there for years, such as Sonny, Luke, Liz and Jason. As for Kristinia; I would not like to see a child, grow-up to be a young adult so soon, while their parents look the same year after year, the kid start looking the same age as the parent.

    • kenri says:

      The new kristina looks more older than the previous one and i think the show wanted pick someone older to bring the character to a new direction and to boost new audience 20-26

    • kenri says:

      The show wanted to the character to grow up and bring new audience.

      • What about the people who has been watching the show since 1980, or before then. Some people are retired, these soaps sometimes make there day, I doubt that, a new generation of people are interest in watching GH, when there are so many things that comes on TV, now, is sore of the real deal for them. On one hand you want new people to watch(you hope) and on the other hand, you are loosing the faithful watchers you had way back when. ago. What can I say, which one do you choose?

    • Randy Caruso says:

      She does look like Sonny, I just hope they do not turn her into a slut like they have done with the character Connie. The DID storyline could have been good but NuKate plays Connie like some cartoon figure and it is impossible to vest into either Kate or Connie. In fact, Lindsey Morgan NUKristina is only 8 years younger than NuKate, so she is age appropriate for Sonny but this makes NuKate/Con even more of a joke.

    • Jon says:

      She’s way too old…and way too nasty. She now looks older than Luke’s son, Dodge, who kept telling her she was too young for him…a kid. Now it’s the other way around. She looks as old as Carly. Will they have to get a new Michael, as her older brother, ’cause he looks way younger too. Bad choice.

      • Jon, it kind-a make you think that the new writers think they can throw anything(storyline) and anybody at you, and you will accept it and say nothing, but they are totally out of line. I am glad you spoke you mind, keep it up!!!

    • Laura says:

      Way too old looking to play the role, and she towers over everyone in height. Who thought this was a good fit :(

      • PinkTi x says:

        Reading these comments makes me wonder how many people do the research. Lindsay Morgan is only 1 or 2 years older than Lexi Ainsworth. Not that big of a stretch. Lexi is just shorter. The fact that they aged all of these kids and not uniformly, pisses me off more. Just let them grow I say. That said, I will never accept anyone but Mirsten Storms as Maxi. I now ff all her scenes :(

    • alexsis says:

      getting rid of the old kristina was a good move , she looked twelve, carly and jason should get together, sonny needs to get out the mob boring,, and jason needs to change his shirt once in a while wheres the old maxie I liked her acting better, and is mac scorpio gay , he never has a love intrest on the show and he has been on so long I do know he is married i n real life , but that dont mean nothing,

    • nan nishimoto says:

      Don’t like the New Kristina I will fast forward my recording Do like Kate Don’t like Maxi Bring old cast back

        • alexsis says:


          • konnie says:

            You know Alexsis, I am so angry about some of the changes, as well as the story lines, so I quit watching it for two weeks so far. Perhaps in a month it might warm up to being the GH, I remember and loved so well. I really do not like the fact that they removed OLTL from the tube during the daytime but what can I say, IT IS WHAT IT IS.
            My thoughts are, that they will also remove GH at best 1 year. Some of the characters that we like to see have got on with their life seeking other shows, though this is just my OPT(I have not read this), but that’s what it looks like. Nickolas, Robin, Jason,Lucky, Maxie, just to name a few, went bye bye, so I believe they know something we don’t know, because some of them have been there since they were a kids.
            Bringing in OLTL characters, only takes away from some of the characters that GH already has. I like Blair, Tea, and Todd, but GH and OLTL, were different and these characters developed their own personalites that we like so well.
            We already have Sonny, Luke Monica, Carly, and on and on folks; is it really possible to add in more people to the story line, and keep it interesting for 1 hour with all these people, in addition to OLTL characters, I DON’T KNOW. If you get a chance please let me know, I quess right now I’m not feeling it.

          • kellie says:

            You took the words right out of my mouth. I have a lot of kin, who are saying the same, as you are. I do not suppose it’s easy to write a storyline, but, you would think someone, would have check these people’s charcters from the past, or even look at people enjoyed seeing that made these characters worst while to see and talk about, except for being cute.
            I have read that Jason is on his way out, perhaps that’s good, since him and Sam do not make good couple in the first place. Soon enough, maybe Luke, and Sonny will leave the show as well and the rest of them, I could care less. It’s the people who revolve around some of the main characters that makes it interesting to me, when its a good storyline.
            Luke’s daughter and Sonny’s son, makes me sick, I am tired of them. Why Heather is back, I don’t know.

          • konnie says:

            I agree, with you Kellie. I have 2 friends who complain everyday that they are disappointed with the characters and storyline, I listen to them, and advise them that they have choices, simply QUIT LOOKING AT IT, REPLACE IT WITH SOMETHING ELSE. Apparently someone loves it, that’s why they continue in the direction their going with these characters and storyline. The Young and the Restless, is okay, try it, newcomers might find it interesting.
            I kind-of- advise them not to look at Days or the Bold and Beautiful. I don’t understand, how they have made it for all of these years, but it’s only my OPT. I wish that particular tv station(CBS &NBC) would have allowed AMC and OLTL to replace both of the above mention, I would have kept As the World Turn, before I deal with those.

          • kellie says:

            I agree Konnie, this Soap is done, unless they head in some type of direction that looks like the Old GH, let’s keep it real. The cast of GH, did not need OLTL, cast of characters in their lives and if so, what was the reason behind it. I don’t consider myself stupid, however, it makes no sense to me,except to give the people who miss OLTL, the chance to start watching GH, thinking that they would get more ratings from a business idea.
            I then ask myself if this was true, why not pick someone who has been on the set with OLTL, for a very long time, that is great to watch, what ever show they would go to, and my answer would be: some of the cast members from AMC as well as OLTL.
            My pick would not be Starr,Tea, or John M. for sure.
            They should have started a new Soap, which could include a cast of character for several different Soap, a little something that would be pleasing to my mother,her mother,and myself, which covers all generations.
            I agree with you, GH, probably will not last no more than a year, if that. My friends and I do not bother to record, or look at the soaps in the evening if we miss it. It’s like who cares, right now, since it’s so dull and lame. It almost has me wanting to watch that soap the BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL, and that ashame.
            I watch the young and the restless, for sure, at least their characters have been on the set for a long time, and they do bring in some new, they just don’t TOSS the main cast of character to the side like GH. PERHAPS GH NEEDS TO LEARN SOMETHING FROM THE Y&R.

          • konnie says:

            You keep it real girl. What ever you, just tell it like you feel. Don’t dress it up, focus on how you feel. That’s the reason why I response to you; we have something in common when it comes to our thoughts about what direction we seem to have concerning the Soap in question. You know I thought it was going to be a little hard for me to break out of my habit of watching GH, since I started looking at it since I was a kid(when I wasn’t in school), or my mom would talk about it. But I think I got Piss Off one time to many, and said the Hell Away With It, it’s not like somebody is making me watch it, nor do I get paid for looking at it.
            it was a habit, and lets just say I kicked it without having to go into a program.All those merging soap characters(that did not fit in) and bad storylines, will do it to you. I, am not saying I am completely done with it, but if it change for the better and one of the girls let me know, I will watch it again, daily, maybe.

        • kellie says:

          It’s just plain nutty. Konnie, where are they getting the storylines from, the Moon, maybe Mars, or what?

          • konnie says:

            I heard that Kellie, and I already watch Law and Order, except for 1 of them. The guy make me sick; it’s the one that the man knows the answer to every doggone thing, I quess he got ESP or something. I am not dealing with GH right now, I got a few friends who announce what’s happening with it. I decided to watch that Soap, once a week, only on fridays, until they make up their minds to to show me some kind of storyline I can say that resembles what it use to be, if ever, if the ratings drop low enough maybe they will get it or not. My feelings for it has drop from my mind to my feet, now how bout that.

          • konnie says:

            It’s a done deal kellie, the writers just throw anything upside the wall kellie and whatever sticks, THERE YOU GO and also perhaps another has something to do with it also. They are trying to please several generation of watchers and it’s just not working. What can I say you win some and loose some. I’ll tell you what Kellie, a few of us are going to do something about this crap, next weeks. Stay tune, I thought of something new, it might work.
            HELP IS ON THE WAY.

          • kellie says:

            I heard that Luke was with Anna Konnie. Is Jason rid of Sam? Hope so. I’ll be waiting for this new idea you have, that something to replace, the current Soap storyline and character some of us are not interest in. Can wait!!

          • konnie says:

            I am getting it togther, who do you know who does the websites? We have been on the same subject for over two weeks. You mean to tell me there is nothing going on but Kristina?
            What’s up with that?

    • littleriverpat says:

      don’t like new christina at all….. or the storyline ….. hope kids don’t see how they could talk to their parents, lol

      • konnie says:


        • kellie says:

          I agree 100%. Do they think this Drama is cute or what? Are they use to this kind of behavior from their own experiences? Konnie, it sounds like the young heads are in charge of writing the script. If this is what the world has come to, and kids disrespect like this, heaven, help us. I did not watch all of it, I was piss off. For those people who watch this type of drama, good for them, perhaps, that’s what they are use too in their own personal life, not me.

    • mary mclean says:

      Like the new Kate. She has done a tremendous job acting out the dual personality role. I don’t like Heather Weber returning and would be glad to see her go. I kind of like Todd and John McBain. They shake things up. Is Trey Kate’s son??

  2. She’s very pretty, but there was nothing wrong with the first Kristina. She was a fantastic young actress.

    • Jason says:

      They obviously want her to be superhot though!!! The other actress always looked really young and girl next doorish. Looks to me like they want the character to be supre hot man-eater vixen type. I predict a Johnny-Kristina coupling now that Ethan is gone!!

    • Patti says:

      As Kimberly Mccullough and Genie Francis could probably tell you (KMC constantly told she wasn’t sexy and scripts making fun of her looks and GF being told she was fat after having a baby), Jill Farren Phelps wanted a recast based on looks not talent. They wanted not a 19 year old playing a 19 year old but someone who looks like a sex kitten so they can have her with Johnny.

    • Julie says:

      The other actress was way too young looking and viewers complained when she was hooking up with Ethan..it looked wrong. I like the new one better.

  3. Joe says:

    The first Kristina looked way to young and was way to annoying with her delivery.

    • Lena120 says:

      I agree. I didn’t like Lexi as Kristina at all. Part of it had to do with her acting and the other had to do with the writing. Kristina was written as an annoying brat and I couldn’t stand her. We got enough of the emo garbage from Michael, did we need it from her too? Even if she looked young, they could have written her to be more mature, but they didn’t. She just wasn’t likeable. I’ll definitely give this girl a chance because she looks like Sonny and I’ve seen a little of her work. I hope they write Kristina better though. If she’s doing the same old, same old we’re going to have a serious problem.

    • Julie says:

      I aggre

    • Jmtvm says:

      Lexi had a HUGE fan base and had chemistry with everyone she worked with. They just wanted a girl with bigger boobs. As a woman, I’m o offended that that’s what was more important then a Emmy nominee

      • Dan says:

        She was/is a good actress… and I loved her character but come on. Be serious. Emmy nominee for kids/younger leading actors is SO misleading. There are just so FEW of them out there (even when we had more soaps), so that if you were ON a soap and you were able to fit in the category… you were going to be nominated. It didn’t necessarily mean you were good. Winning (at that age) is what counts. Now older actors (outside of the younger category) when you’re nominated… that’s something to be respected for.

    • zenobia.hampton@gmail.com says:


  4. I am willing to give her a chance but there was nothing wrong with Lexi Ainsworth’s Kristina in the first place.

  5. Sarah says:

    now they need ethan back for her

  6. Nina says:

    There was nothing wrong with Lexi, I agree. She’s a fantastic actress and GH writers should had given her time to grow. But, they wanted Kristina to look more mature an passable as an adult. while Lexi sometimes looked like a child playing dress-up when she was trying to seduce Ethan.

  7. Eric says:

    this girl is beautiful and having seen some of her acting videos from imdb, she is going to knock the old kristina out of the water.

  8. Nina says:

    YES! Now I can get behind that couple, if Nathan ever returns.

  9. Patti says:

    Lexi Ainsworth is a great actress. She was wonderful as Kristina and it was her chemistry with Ethan that I liked. No thanks to the recast.

  10. sherry sylvester says:

    I want the old Maxie back!!!

    • Tammy says:

      I totally agree we need the old Maxie back!! Just not the same with out her. Don’t even like Maxie with this girl playing the part. Kristen please get better soon so you can come back and claim the part of Maxie back!!.

    • Katheine says:

      ~ i am so happy to see that I’m not the only person that wants our “Maxie” back. This fake Maxie is so unbelieveable; she could never do ‘over the top’ like Maxie. ~

      • Penny says:

        You know maybe when her mom ‘Felicia’ comes. Back on the show both her and ‘Frisco’ are supposed to be coming back to the show the originals….

    • Sue Hacker says:

      so do I. Does anyone know if she is better and if she ever will be returning? They stopped saying this other girl was playing in the absence of Maxie.

    • kristine morea says:

      Me too!!

    • Rebecca Rhodes says:

      please bring her back!!!!!!!!!!what did gh do to her that she’s not back yet. is she pregnant?

    • Annie says:

      I want the old Maxie back aswell, this new Maxie this the really brat for sure, the write have her move backward not forward like the old Maxie was. The thing that this maxie do the old Maxie have been there and done that already and grow from it all!!!!! The new maxie do not fit this part !!!!!!

    • Jenn says:

      I would love the old Maxie back. This one is so annoyingly painful to watch. Thank God for DVR, so I can fast forward. I miss the old Kate. I agree that this Kate is doing great at being Connie, but as Kate it’s horrid. She has no class. Lexi’s character was very annoying. She did look too young for what the writers wanted to do with her character, plus I don’t think she could pull it off. I rather see her doing younger more appropriate scenes. Why are they dragging the topic with the strippers being attacked? I am over it, there is no reason for this to drag.

  11. ray says:

    what i can not understand is why they can not keep the original cast of gh we we watch them grow only to be taken away stop trying to fix things if they are not broken bring back tyhe one and only kristina and leave well enough alone been watching for over 35 yrs

    • cat says:

      I have to agree. The one great thing about GH was that the cast had pretty much stayed the same for the last 15/20 years – Sonny, Alexis, Jason, Robin, Elizabeth,Mac, Old Maxie, …Nikolas and Lucky before they exited. Now that they are changing things, people and bringing One Life To Live people in, I’m just not as interested and don’t care for the story lines.

      • Rebecca Rhodes says:

        totally agree. why do they keep changing characters, i’ve been watching since before Luke and Laura.

      • Michelle says:

        I like the fact that they are bringing in the characters from OLTL, it makes for an interesting story to see how they intertwine with GH characters, so i am happy about that! I would however like to see the originals back ….unless they really just dont want to play the character anymore. Then recast the part. Oh how i am glad Sonny and Jason are the same! And I really miss Tamara Braun as Carley!

      • Ari says:

        GH was based on what goes on in and around the hospital, now it’s all about what goes on in the life and times of sonny. The writers have taken what once was a good show with great story lines, to a poor excuse of a show, Even though they tried to bring back some of the people that made GH what worth watching it didn’t work.

      • i agree with you totally 100%

    • John says:

      The thing is…GH was broken ubtill all the recasts. It was gonna be taken over by Katie Couric’s show but sin the integration of OLTL characters and new storylines, GH is safe again. They are gonna cancel the Revolution.

      • Tammy says:

        The Revolution sucks anyway! That “fashion guru”, Tim Gunn, is the most annoying person that I have ever had to watch….he NEVER shuts up and is ALWAYS interrupting the guests while they are trying to speak. The show isn’t awful, but it doesn’t compare to The Chew…I LUV that show, but being completely honest…I MISS AMC & OLTL!!! =( So glad that GH is sticking around a while longer…I, like many, grew up watching GH…and I’ve been a loyal fan since 1980=) So glad that Heather is back; I want the old Maxie and I prefer the new Kate/Connie…& for goodness sakes, I PRAY that Jason is the father!!!

    • tmwalkerm says:

      Its all about the money, ABC is on a crazy tight budget and they can’t afford to keep the big names anymore, so they had to cut characters. Its the price they (and we) have to pay to keep the show on the air.

  12. Maggie says:

    Ridiculous! Lexi shouldve never been let go to begin with. GH is making a big mistake. Im sure this actress is fine, but I doubt she’ll be able to fill Lexi’s shoes.

    • Kristen says:

      Exactly! just like Kirsten Storms! I’m ready for the real Maxi!

      • Linda says:

        I agree. I hate the new Maxie. She doesn’t even cry for real and fans were robbed of seeing Kirsten Storms play Maxie grieving the loss of Robin.

        • Faithful GH Friend says:

          I don’t think anyone could play Maxie the way Kirsten Storms did. It’s sad that she had to take a leave and I know how difficult that can be. If she’s not ready to come back that is completely understandable and why I deal with the replacement, but if she is able to come back and she has just lost her job, that is terrible. I can tell her replacement is trying, but she really lacks the talent needed to play this character it is just not a good fit. I understand cast members will come and go, but if you have to replace them, please do it right and always consider that the original cast members are the better choice especially for your customers, which are the viewers.

  13. ttgw says:

    okay, i understand making the character look older, but HELLOOOOO, michael was born before Kristina, so wouldn’t you want michaels character maybe if nothing else act like he’s older.

    • kristine morea says:

      Point well made….

    • Ann Womack says:

      So with them ageing Krist then want they age her sister.and what bout Morgan how old are they going to age him.I also have a question..If Steven is Liz brother then who is there father.Is Heather Liz mom to.How can Liz an Jason get together? If Jason is kine to Heather .

      • Lena120 says:

        Steven and Liz are half-siblings. Same dad, different mom. Their father is Jeff Webber (who was played by Richard Dean Anderson back in the day). Steve’s mom is Heather and Liz’s mom has never been established. She’s some unnamed woman. Jason and Liz aren’t related. Jason and Steve ARE related as second cousins through Heather. Heather and Jason’s biological mother Susan Moore were first cousins. Hope this helps!

      • Tricia says:

        I think Steve and Liz have different Morhers! Also Lexi tweeted that they asked her tocone back she turned down the part and Kristen is nit coming back anytime soon if even at all. Both her and Jen tweeted that.

  14. Leanne says:

    I don’t usually like change, but I think this will be a good change….looking forward to it

  15. kathy hunter says:

    think ABC is using there head I have just about had it with taking things off what if you quit it

  16. Meg says:

    The writing was very annoying for the Kristina who went from age 5 to 16 overnight. She basically whined and had the same lines over and over, which is why I stopped watching GH a few yrs ago. Now they are back on track, happy to see they have a hot fresh female in PC, good for all the hot men there.

  17. Tonia says:

    SHe is beautiful. Lexi was cute but she looked way too young to be a sexy vixen for any of the men on the show

  18. melissa says:

    the re-cast is because Lexi Ainsworth is going to college.
    From what I have read, this was her decision.
    She did not get fired.

  19. dude says:

    Wish they had kept Lexi Ainsworth. Now Kristina looks older than Michael.

  20. Angelina says:

    I feel like having her as Kristina will look awkward since Michael is supposed to be the older one on the show but she kinda looks older.

    • Brenda says:

      Girls tend to look older at that age. Guys don’t get that mature look until they are in their upper 20’s. I really like this Michael. I think he will continue to grow in his part.

  21. Marissa says:

    Really is that what we are all supposed to look like at 19 years old? I’m twenty and I look waaaaayyy younger than this recast. Starr is only 20 and 19 year old Kristina is going to look older than her?? The reason I like watching GH and loved OLTL is the actors who were playing teenagers looked like teenagers. If you want to draw my generation stop telling us we look too young and cast actors who are close to their characters age

    • Mae says:

      Well Lindsey just turned 22 a couple of months ago, so I don’t see the problem. She beautiful and a great actress!

  22. Alex says:

    Lexi did a great job as Kristina Corinthos. Lets see if this new one measures up. I mean, the new Maxie is a perfect recast. And I like her better.

    • Ange Hertz says:

      The new Maxi is NOT a perfect recast. She is constantly whiny (I realize the character of Maxi usually is) but Kristen Storms could do it with out making me want to rip her eyes out, unlike the new chick.

    • MeenaK says:

      Jen is a much better actress. KS was playing herself onscreen and painful to watch and listen to. Plus she had 0 chemistry with Jason Cook/Matt. KS’ Maxie and Spinelli had chemistry but the Maxie recast is one of the only things I’ve enjoyed about GH this year. Plus she’s super sweet in real life and to fans online.

  23. Ange Hertz says:

    I’m glad that Lexi didn’t come back. I have to disagree with the people who say she was a good actress….she was awful and very annoying. Of course, now we have Starr to take over the annoying factor.

    • Kia says:

      She was awful. She could only play whiny and shrieking or crying her eyes out. When Kristina tried to be strong, flirty or sexy, LA failed at it.

      • ghkfan says:

        Kia: Are you kidding me! I loved the Kelly’s scene where Ethan teaches Kristina to play poker and he talks about having a “poker face” and she fans herself like Lady Gaga! That was funny and flirtatious just not sex kitten. I agree with Meg it was the writing that made her immature and at times annoying which the actors have no control over. It was evident this was the problem when in one episode she’d hate her father & the next without anything event happening she to provoke her forgiving him she would without any explanation. There’s nothing an actor can do to fix gaf’s like those. Too bad she didn’t have a chance to show how she could act with OLTL’s writer who are experienced at writing for her age.

  24. steph says:

    Isnt it crazy that carlys son Morgan was born in 2003 Elizabeths son cameron was born in 2004 and Molly was born in 2005 but yet cameron is still so youg and molly and Morgan are already sorad to be older than Cameron. Come on GH

    • Shannon says:

      I think that has more to do with the fact that Becky Herbst (Elizabeth) still looks 20 herself. I mean does that woman ever age?

  25. iliana a p says:

    Its about time they get a new girl for this part. The old kristina was to cute and young in the face for all the storylines that were airing.

  26. ctwildheart says:

    I look forward to seeing what this young woman brings to the role and am happy to have Kristina back. I still think Lexi was fine and would have been able to do what they wanted. They used to say Kimberly McCullough looked too young to play sexy also and then they paired her with Stone…I just wish they would’ve given Lexi the chance.

  27. Penny says:

    I agree she is pretty and more age appropriate too. You know she actually looks more like she could be Olivia and Sonny’s daughter. What happened to the real Maxie???

  28. Judy says:

    All these kids age really fast, but the adults never age, except Luke

  29. J. Hiler says:

    Disappointed that GH is still going to be on….think story lines stink and some of the actors also stink……the story line about Robin being alive really hits bottom..

    • tvnewsplus says:

      You should change your name to J. Hitler… You moron ! Its a good thing its still on. Its an American tradition that needs to survive.

      • jeanine says:


    • connie says:

      It’s only a soap, don’t be so serious. This show has gone through a lot of changes but I decided to keep watching. If you are so unhappy with the show stop watching.

    • When you are disappointed with the story lines, due like me; I don’t watch it, sometimes. I am from the old school, I remember when, it kept me on the edge of my seat. I had to tape it when I went to work years ago, it kept me wanting more and more. Now?

  30. Rafela says:

    Kirsten Storms has been back filming since Feb so I’m sure we will be seeing her very soon!!! I can’t wait! :)

  31. DeDe says:

    Ethan’s real name is Nathan to end your confusion. They need to put General Hospital back the way it was, even the beginning song! They dont even show all the cast like they use to. I’ve been watching since i was 12, i am now 48. This is my favorite soap. Seeing they took off AMC and OLTL! What happened to Molly, Elizabeth, Edward, Patrick, and everyone else???? Bring them back! Im telling you what your viewers want.

  32. Taryn says:

    Dont be mad at gh people Lexi the old Kristina left to Perdue other things

  33. Cyndi says:

    I think she’ll be a great addition. I mean she’s part Corinthos and part Cassadine. This could be a great thing. Let her come back and be all grown up. I enjoyed Lexi as Kristina but she’s away at college now. Time to show her all grown up.

  34. iliana a p says:

    I also want the old maxi back she was way better with delivery. And could b a lot more genuine and convincing. Star needs to go or they need to get a move on with her n michael hooking up. Its going to happen n I think she would play a good sexy skank. Andi really want to see michael get some happiness back in his life. Hes so serious all the time.hes gonna go crazy way sooner than sonny did if he keeps holding on to so much pain.

  35. Marlene says:

    the actress that portrays Kate Howard is AMAZING!!! The new Christina is beautiful and does appear a bit more mature looking than Lexi (although I was a HUGE Lexi fan). The new Maxi is wonderful…I can barely recall Kirsten Storm. Gotta go with the changes and allow these new actors a chance. Just glad as heck that the Revolution was cancelled and GH appears to have gotten a reprieve!

  36. shirley says:

    Odd thing though, Robin always was a very young looking girl, infact they never replaced her!! She was able to win mens hearts! Guess they don’t think the old Kristina can!!

  37. Heather Curtiss says:

    I think we have to give credit to the new maxi she doing the best she can. Also she knows that this position is temporary until Kirsten Storms comes back (hopefully soon). We all know how big of shoes it is to fill, there’s no one like Kirsten.
    I honestly agree with that direction though I don’t think Lexi looked old enough for some of skits they had her in. She barely looked like she was 15 or 16 and it was just awkward when she was trying to do love scenes with Ethan. I definitely wish Lexi the best but I think this is the right moves for GH.
    I really wish they would never have recasted the original Kate/Connie. I kinda feel like this Kate doesn’t have the gumption to be a fashion magazine Director the first 1 definitely was more controlling. She seemed to have better on screen chemistry with Sonny. Nevertheless I love General Hospital I’m really glad it’s still on.

  38. iliana a p says:

    Yeees the song in the beggining what the heck. That was like the alarm for my babies. They knew it was naptime when the song was over. This new one hardly gives u enough time to listen.

  39. Dee says:

    Omg the old Lexi was a skank-thinking she cud have ethan-get over it little girl… Im sure this one will be much better

  40. nancy says:

    Are you serious! You have brought in the writer of OLTL and and now some of their cast all the while eliminating GH characters..there was a reason GH was not cancelled…Someone needs to get a clue..bring back those that we love not ones that were rejects!

  41. susiescott says:

    i cant beleive they made sams baby francos that so sux i for one am very dissapointed i thought they wanted jason and sam finally together bulls_____!

    • MichelleAmaya says:

      Totally AGREE with you!!! I am so disappointed with this I’m going to stop watching, and I’ve been watching for 25 years.

  42. Dee says:

    Oh btw, where is Kirsten Storms-is she ever comin back?

  43. susie says:

    omg!really robin is alive who has her david from all my children???

  44. Gloria King says:

    i would like to see some of the realy old shows with the older actors back with Luke and Laura and so forth,it would be realy great.i remember those days

  45. Michelle says:

    Lexi Ainsworth was fired for the simple reason they wanted to sex her character up. She did not want to leave GH, and was one of the best young actors on the show. There’s a reason why Kimberly was so successful as Robin. They allowed her character to develop while she grew with us. They allowed Starr to do the same. I had hopes when Phelps left, they’d bring Kristina back and Lexi, but not this.

    Lexi was a fantastic addition to GH, and I’m pissed off they never got her going with Nathan (Ethan) who is only 3 years older than her in real life. Just a terrible decision to bring this girl on who looks 30. Ridiculous decisions. You take one step forward, and one giant step back.

    • Lena120 says:

      The replacement does not look 30. I understand your frustration but you’re reaching. First off, I’m sure they’re decision to recast did have something to do with Lexi’s youthful look, but I don’t think it was all them. A lot of viewers were on message boards complaining about how odd her and Ethan looked together so I’m sure that influenced their decision as well. And I really wish people would stop with the Robin comparisons because Lexi is no young Kimberly McCullough, no Jonathan Jackson or Amber Tamblin. She is a capable actress but nothing to write home about. Kristina needed to be rebooted Point. Blank. Period. They had written her into a corner as an annoying one-note brat and I couldn’t bare to watch her anymore. Hopefully, with this new actress they’ll revamp her attitude and make her watchable again. I want the character to succeed and I don’t care who plays her. As long as the writing’s good and the actor’s good, I say bring it.

      • ghkfan says:

        This new Kristina has an advantage over Lexi in that she has a totally new set of writers who know how to write for younger characters so there is no way she will come off whinny & annoying which was totally the fault of the dialogue. In the Davis girl scenes she came off as a loving devoted daughter/sister because the dialogue allowed her to portray that. And as far as looking to young for love scenes, they never wrote a real love scene for her to play. The scenes which she rocked with Keifer were not about love but abuse and they wrote her pursuing Ethan to the point of ridiculous which would be difficult for anyone to act their way out of.

    • Mae says:

      Well she’s 22, so I think that’s a great age to play a 19 year old. She looks nowhere near 30!!!!

  46. Renita says:

    Great job..I am so glad GH is sticking around. It was time to age her I mean her and Sam are sisters and the old one just didn’t have that glam like big sis..she just looked like a little girl.

  47. Jen says:

    Well, even though they killed OLTL For NO REASON, at least they are killing the revolution! Hmmmm….less than 6 months later. As we all said!

  48. Debbie says:

    I am glad this Kristena looks her age and not 14, that is why they had to recast character, she looked way to young in love scenes even tho she wasn’t. This Kristena will fit the bill better. Old Maxie not comeing back, at least not for a long while. Still having medical issues with endometriosis (Sp), but I did like that Maxie better. Hope she recovers and is able to return.

  49. so what is she gonna be older than Micheal now?