Exclusive: Fox Launches Spoilerific Twitter Campaign For Glee, Bones, Fringe and More!

If you don’t want to know what topics will be trending on Twitter during this week’s episodes of Bones, Glee, Fringe and New Girl, a) who are you?! And b) stop reading. I mean it — stop now.


Because this week, Fox is launching a first-of-its-kind Twitter campaign that basically spells out this week’s trending topics before they start, you know, trending. In the lower third of your TV screen during the aforementioned shows (among others), the network will be posting hashtags pertaining to key plot points in that specific episode.

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But that’s not even the best part: TVLine has obtained several of the aforemetioned hashtags from Bones and Glee. Some of them are obvious no-brainers (naturally, Glee‘s hashtags tie in with this week’s big disco-themed musical numbers), others are a smidge revealing.

And they are…



Some added intel on that third Glee hashtag: Glee Project winner Alex Newell covers the KC and the Sunshine Band classic “with a surprising twist,” teases an insider.

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Hit the comments and start guesstimating the significance of the Bones hashtags. Oh, and please resist the temptation to tweet any of the above hashtags until the respective episode airs.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Amanda says:

    The surprising twist for Boogie Shoes is that he’s in drag. We’ve all seen the pictures…

    • Alita says:

      Shocking… except not, because people have also seen “The Glee Project,” where dressing like a woman was apparently what made this diva unique.

  2. Quincy says:

    so theres nothing about fringe…

  3. whatever says:

    not exciting at all FOX…The glee ones were super obvious.
    Also spoiler alert (not)..he performs boogie shoes in drag.
    It’s in the promo!!

  4. Rolfe says:

    I dislike when the networks forcibly create hashtags. Hashtags should happen organically.

  5. Ryan says:

    I’m so glad the headline is about “Fringe” but the article mentions absolutely nothing about it. I’m even more grateful about this given that FOX has been doing the hashtag thing with “Fringe” for weeks now.

  6. Daniel Nowoselski says:

    Matt Czuchry, you are adorable, but do up a button on your shirt.

  7. Calvin says:

    Yeah, I agree that the twist has to be Alex performing “Boogie Shoes” in drag -probably in heels. It’s amazing how astute the fans are getting in getting spoilers -I mean, we are already talking about the mall scene in Glee’s episode 20. Unless, spoilers are something fresh from an episode not yet filmed -it is most likely the fans already know about them.

  8. Carmichael says:

    Blueman=Tobias Funke. No? PLEASE? I don’t want to have to wait for the new Netflix episodes.

  9. Brittany says:

    @Carmichael Tobias Funke would be AMAZING! lol

    As for Fringe, they probably didn’t mention any because they have been using the tags that Fringenuity creates and as of right now I don’t think they have one for this week yet. I can’t help but feel this is all due to the amazing Fringedom and the awesome people at Fringenuity that started it all. Though I may be a little biased with my Fringe obsession. ;)

  10. Kevin says:

    ABC Family did this with the Pretty Little Liars finale, so it’s not really a “first of its kind” marketing strategy. I’m not sure how I feel about it but it’s an interesting concept

    • @Kevin says:

      Same here but could be fun if you take it lightly I suppose. If I’m home and watching “Bones” and “New Girl” when they air tonight and tomorrow then I’ll try to participate. As I said, could be fun. But it’s gorgeous out today here; almost seems a shame to be inside watching TV unless you have nothing else to do or something that’s “Must See” – which is “Castle” tonight for me and not until 9.

  11. Allison says:

    Thank you Fringenuity.

  12. cjeffery7 says:

    i saw hashtags on this past week’s Fringe. now i get it!

  13. Fringe Fan says:

    Might be grasping at straws here but is this another clue to Fringe’s renewal? I know that they were doing this for Fringe already but the other three series that are now involved are all renewed already. Maybe a Fringe announcement is just around the corner?

    Fringe season 5!!! Go on FOX!!! You know you want to!!!

  14. I think this story needed to be told differently. This all spawned from a FAN CAMPAIGN started by Fringe fans, and Fox is taking that model and running with it on their other shows.

    They may be prefabricated trending topics, but they are designed to inspire curiosity, both by those seeing it on the television screen, and those who see it trending on Twitter.

    All I can say is: WAY TO GO FRINGENUITY!

    • Mike says:

      Exactly Erin! I just mentioned this above too. Pretty great idea by them. And of course, now everyone will do it and it won’t be very unique anymore. lol

  15. kerry says:

    They also do this in England on the big saturday night programmes. A random hashtag will appear during the show in correation to something thats just happened but i dont know how effective it is though.

  16. I want to thank all the Fringe fan and participants on the Fringenuity campaigns for posting their responses.

    The Fringenuity campaigns started back in Jan 13th when Fringe returned from winter hiatus and a group of us felt the need to find a way to unite all the Fringie voices we saw in the social media platforms. There is a huge community of fans in these spaces. We also knew that SocialTV was going to be the next big thing to collect viewing habits and measuring buzz for shows, for products, etc.

    I think we jumped in at the right time and we are fortunate to have such a strong fandom (92.7% show loyalty!) that is willing to give it their all to support their show in an enthusiastic and positive manner.

    That passion has caught the attention of FOX. We at Fringenuity were informed that FOX was considering using the hashtags that we were developing and using to trending worldwide Friday week after week on air during the episode airing. FOX carried through on that idea and #WhereYouBelong was the first of these hashtags to hit the screen during the airing of episode 4.15 “A Short Story About Love”. This is not only an acknowledgement of the fandom by FOX is indicative that the network is still looking at new ways to measure audience for the show.

    I have no doubt that FOX loves Fringe as much as fandom (business decisions aside). I am extremely proud of what the fans have been able to achieve through these campaigns. Fringenuity will be here to support Fringe with campaigns to the end of season 4. There has been no change in the strategy.

    The hashtags (4 more to go including this week’s “Fight The Future”) was discussed and picked by the Fringenuity team. FOX will continue to air Fringenuity hashtags for the remaining of this season.

    Thank you FOX and GO FANDOM!

    @Fringeship & @Fringenuity

  17. Marie-Kim says:

    I just want Groff/Jesse St-James back!

  18. Mindy says:

    Really wish therehad been actual intel about Fringe in this. The Fringenuity campaign was wonderful. I loved it. FOX does really good promos for Fringe. Ah well. I suppose a real spoiler on the 19th episode was too much to hope for.

  19. Erin Dao says:


  20. Ashley says:

    I love Matt and think he is very hot but he still looks like he’s in collage even though he’s in his mid 30’s

  21. C Dubbs says:

    FRINGENUITY FTW!!! FOX/TVLINE should give credit to them. They deserve it!