Vampire Diaries First Look: Jeremy Returns - and He's in Trouble (Again!)

It’s road trip time! Elena and Damon make tracks to Denver to check on Jeremy in the April 19 episode of The Vampire Diaries (The CW, 8/7c), and we’ve got a sneak peek at the family reunion.

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Elena sent her little brother away to keep him safe, but as Kol’s presence in the following photos proves, danger is never far away when it comes to a Gilbert. And that’s bad news for Damon, who becomes the victim of the Original vamp’s “batting practice.”

Check out the gallery below and then hit the comments with your thoughts.

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  1. Im still angry Elena sent him away without his actual feelings and memories! I was so excited about the prospect of Jeremy being a bad ass demon killer! Im hoping hes been doing that still without Elenas knowledge!

    • Anon says:

      It was totally pointless for Elena to send Jeremy away. I get that the writers probably did it because they currently didn’t have much story lines for Jeremy at the time, but the fact that Kol found him so easily and Klaus still put his life at risk when he’s all the way in Colorado made the whole “compelling Jeremy to leave town” redundant in my opinion. :\

      That being said, I still can’t wait for April 19th to get here, because I need my Vampire Diaries and Secret Circle back!!

  2. Wonder if Jeremy’s been compelled by Kol!

  3. R says:

    I find Jeremy the most annoying whining character in VD! Ok, he suffered a lot of losses but GET OVER IT already.. every time he does something crazy or stand-offish and lands in deep trouble … I was kinda happy to see less of him in the second half of this season..

    I guess if Damon is not able to face Kol, Bonnie will pop up to save the day – as she went away after Klaus released her..

    • A. says:

      And I think Bonnie is only going to disappear for the next 5 episodes, just like Jeremy and Tyler and Caroline and Alaric and so on after any major event. That’s why I quit this show.

      • Manie says:

        Actually, this should be the last episode Kat G will be missing.

        • TV fan says:

          And exactly how many more episodes Tyler would be missing? As if Bonnie isn’t already bad enough, lets remember the reason it takes a roadtrip to fetch Jeremy is because the character was absent for half of the season too. This show is barely holding it together as it is.

      • ulugbek says:

        WHO will appear in VD if they live klause also forsake m. FALLS

    • Artemis says:

      I like to see how easy it would be for you to just get over it when you’ve lost multiple girlfriends and parental figures within a course of about a year when you’re about 16 years old. You should get over complaining about him

    • Noone says:

      I agree with you, Jeremy is probably “the most annoying whining character” on the show. I, personally wouldn’t miss him much if he got killed of the show.

  4. ggny says:

    taking Jeremy off the show was a bad mistake by the show runners…he was a good part of the show and him and Boonie where great together then they just throw it all away

  5. tanner15 says:

    Glad to see Damon gets a little beating!!

    • TV fan says:

      The only consequence Damon has ever faced in his whole life was Bonnie walking away from him when the Originals had him. I’m sure the beating’s only consequence is going to be Elena’s annoying pouting face all over again. I’ll pass,

  6. A. says:

    If this is supposed to make me watch the next few episodes its not working: Neither Bonnie nor Tyler are on those pictures and yet another road trip all over again it’s even more lame than yet another “Original” all over again.

  7. Elena says:

    New stills and they’re all from the same scene? They do known some of us care more about the other much more interesting characters on this show, right?

  8. Suz says:

    Finally Jeremy back on TVD!! I hope he stays for good I missed his character very much!

  9. Glad to see Jeremy again! Is he going to get his memories back/they’re going to stop compelling him to stay away? And is anyone going to tell him that ring of his could give him a psycho split-personality? Unrelated, but that’s a cute jacket Elena has!

  10. zoey says:

    don’t really care about bonnie (she is my least favorite by far) or jeremy.
    as long as I get my originals, salvatores and caroline I’m happy!!
    I loved Tyler, but the fact that he is gone for so long kind of made me get over him.

    • I know, Bonnie is my least favorite, too. They never do anything to make her likable! She’s not a team player, she’s super judgemental, and she tends to blame everyone else without seeing things from their point of view. (And I hate how she herself has done bad things, and then no one calls her on it! Back in the first season she lied about deactivating that device, and that directly resulted in the situation that caused the mayor’s death!) Contrast with Caroline, who showed a great deal of compassion and level-headedness in acknowledging that Alaric killed her father, but at the same time pointing out that they all have done bad things. They really need to make Bonnie integrate more with the rest of the cast (she’s always portrayed as such a loner!) Whether she has reasons for the way she acts or not, being the grumpy, put-upon witch does not make a fun character to watch or root for.

      • jessica says:

        now look you don’t need to be that way about bonnie, jeremy, or anyone else on TVD. its not fair. all the characters are great and you ought to think twice about saying anything bad about VD while im still around bitch cuz you got another thing coming

        • Whoa, watch it on the personal attacks. I’m entitled to my opinion, and I just listed some reasons why I personally don’t like Bonnie as a character. (I don’t think I even mentioned Jeremy.) I think the show could do a better job of making her likable, and making her a better part of the “team.”

        • Amy says:

          Hey there, Jessica. Way to respond to a rational, well-reasoned argument with random and unnecessary name calling. Does your mommy know you’re on the computer? You sound a little grumpy, how about a fruit rollup and a nap, mmkay?

      • Manie says:

        I find it hilarious how Bonnie “haters” can only repeat Damon’s words to justify the reason for not liking her. Except what she did in season 1, the girl saved everyone more than once. Let’s face it, no matter what she does, no one can’t get passed what happened in season 1. Problem with Bonnie is that a lot of what happens to her character is off screen. And find one episode where see says she is perfect and hasn’t done anything wrong?!

        Being judgmental, was in S2, last I’ve seen, she was quite open to work with Stefan who was still in ripper mode, that is clearly being open-minded to me. Most people are just pissed at her because she is the only character left that puts everyone back in there places.

        She clearly did crappy things in S1, but that’s it, still Damon will do the most horrific things (Killing Alaric because he pissed him off, killing Jeremy to make a point, and the list goes on), yet everyone forgives him. Same for Elena, Caroline, etc. Just because Bonnie calls everyone on their crap, doesn’t mean that she is a saint.

        • I’m not a “hater,” I just personally don’t like her character much. I think the show could do a better job making her more likable, and integrating her into the “good guy team.” I wasn’t comparing her actions to anyone’s other than Caroline, and I was using that comparison because it showed how differently they’re reacting to the bad things happening around them.

        • A. says:

          These so called “Bonnie haters” are just Delenas still charging against the character because of the book, as ift v show Bonnie would be even remotely interested in Damon. Please! tv show Damon would be LUCKY if she would ever be interested in him.

        • TVTime says:

          Manie, you are correct, a lot of things happen to Bonnie off-screen, which alienates her from the audience & the characters in the show. Her character does play a large role, but for the most part it seems to be by force and not by deliberate thought. It’s “do this or else!'” all the time with her character and that can be tedious. And Bonnie does have a lot to be bitter about. A lot of the bad things that have happened to her have stemmed from her friendship to Elena (her grandma dies while helping with the spell-for elena; her mom dies and is turned into a vampire-so Elena doesn’t get killed; a brief flirty crush of hers was killed by Caroline who was turned by Katherine, in attempt to get back at-Elena; the list goes on). Toxic friend, party of 1?

          And for all the people who are mad at Jeremy: he really is one of the more realistic characters on the show. People who experience that much loss and trauma at a young age, would be devastated, mopey, etc. He comes across as whiny because EVERBODY ELSE doesn’t dwell for longer than 5 seconds. Think about it; is Elena’s go-with-the-flow attitude rational for all that she’s been through? Not really. But people aren’t really going for realism when they watch a show like this (seriously, I along with many others love Damon, but really, he’s narcissist and a serial killer-not someone you would love in real life).

          Just saying.

          • white walker says:

            I may not go for realism when watching The Walking Dead, but at least I watch consequences happening on camera: I see people distrusting Rick because he made mistake, I see people being mad at him because he didn’t go back for Andrea and I see him losing it because, regardless the genre, the character is still human. Same goes to the family from American Horror Story, the late Ned Stark on Game of Thrones or the several races of supernatural in True Blood and Being Human. The Vampire Diaries lost it because instead to develop characters like Bonnie, Tyler, Caroline Jeremy or Sheriff Forbes – among others – neglected legitimate human reaction for a stupid Elena Gilbert swooning over the next vampire.

      • ChrisGa says:

        Caroline is by far the best female character on the show. I could live without Bonnie and I’m also neither here nor there regarding Elena(and it’s nothing against the actresses, who are both great, particularly Nina Dobrev).

      • Kate says:

        I completely agree with you, Little Scarf Girl! I have had what one would call an on-again/off-again like and dislike for Bonnie as a character (Kat Graham is fantastic, though).

    • Noone says:

      I know right. Not seeing Tyler for a while really lowered my interest in him.

  11. nikki says:

    I am so happy about Jeremy! He is a fave! I am done with those originals. Hopefully the show is too

  12. Beck says:

    I know I am just playing into this, but Vampire Diaries fans are so whiny. I thought it made perfect sense to have Jeremy go away, as why wouldn’t that be almost everyone’s instinct when their lives are in constant threat of non-killeable Originals. And I am equally delighted to see Elena and Damon going to check on him. I too miss Tyler, but it would get really old to watch him in the ardous process to break the sire bond, which I think we can safely assume he is doing. Additionally, the show is centered on the Salvatore brothers and their relationship and this girl, Elena, who they both love. Why would we focus exclusively on the other characters? Also, the originals and all the drama they bring have been an excellent story arc. So go at it, bitter fans, and complain that this excellent show doesn’t come close to meeting your ridiculous and close-minded expectations. I for one, trust the writers, who have brought us this far, to continue entertaining and wowing me with their narrative.

    • I don’t mind when characters go away for a while. The cast is pretty big, so it makes sense they’re not all in every episode. The only thing I get bored with is Klaus, since he’s not very threatening anymore, and the storyline was getting a bit stale. I feel like they really invigorated things with last week’s twist, though, so I’m anxious to see where it’s all going!

    • Russ says:

      While I do agree, I also get it. TVD creates these amazing characters and gives them great story arcs then all of a sudden they’ll be missing for a few episodes. People like Caroline, Bonnie, Jeremy, Tyler, and Matt and want to see in the show. I can’t even remember the last time we saw Tyler. I think it has gotten a lot worse this season, I feel like they just pull names out of a hat and those people get to be in the episode. But TVD is amazing and even though this sometimes bothers me ill still love and watch the show.

    • Manie says:

      Would you seriously watch the show with only Stefan, Elena and Damon in it?! No, no one would. Bonnie, Matt, Caroline and Tyler are also part of the main cast. Without the characters around that triangle the show is nothing. It’s usually the antagonist and the supporting cast that make the story moves forward. Take Buffy the Vampire Slayer for example, everything revolved around her, but her friends had AMAZING storylines and people loved them just as much as Buffy. Problem with TVD is that you are supposed to get episode focusing on one character and it ALWAYS ends up being about Elena, Stefan or Damon.

      At this point, I find it annoying to be told that we will get a Character!centric episode just to realized that Elena is seen more often than said character. And above that, how many useless characters was introduced than killed this season?! We learned more about Sage in 2 episodes than Bonnie or Caroline in 3 seasons. Actually we learned more about any new characters than the existing ones, that’s not normal.

      So, call me whiny, but even if TVD is the strongest show on CW its rating have been decreasing since the beginning of the season.

      I love that show, I do, but they need to change a few things, cause you can’t make the show survive 6 seasons with only a love triangle. :(

    • TV fan says:

      No it didn’t make sense for Jeremy to go away, but then again nothing in this show makes sense as it is.

    • Jocelyn says:

      Ya I agree with u a lot.

  13. Manie says:

    *YAWNS* Oh look at that, another boring trip, oops, I meant road trip… Seriously can we get something new?! What reason will they use this time for Elena to go alone on that road trip with Damon?! Stefan having a migraine?! Caroline having a heart to heart with Klaus? Bonnie hiding in her non existent house?!

    I’ll prepare myself for another boring episode where every DE fans will rejoice until they actually see it and realized that once again their dreams were crushed… I call this season “How to turn the most amazing evil into a lovesick puppy 101” or “How to annoy SE and DE fans 101” or finally “How to create new characters when you could spend more time developing the ones already there 101”

    And please, don’t kill Kol, he’s probably the only new characters of this season that is actually interesting. Keep him and Elijah and kill the rest of the family! LOL

  14. Jane says:

    Yay for Jeremy returning! He’s my absolute favourite character on the show.

  15. Anon says:

    Will you guys be doing this for the set of SECRET CIRCLE images for their next episode “Crystal”? Those are very interesting to me! These TVD pics are sadly all from the same scene. I would have liked to see some Caroline / Tyler / Klaus images since Tyler returns in this episode.

  16. Em says:

    :( I really enjoyed the Atlanta road trip. Others not so much, but maybe this will be a good one. I’m just wondering if vampires can’t fly in airplanes? I’m assuming they can, so it does seem a bit extreme to drive from Virginia to Colorado.

    In other news, look how sexy Nathaniel Buzolic looks after he bashes someone’s face in! Yum.

    I think they are looking down in horror because Damon used the broken bat piece to stake Kol, which seems odd since they’re in public. Just seems like something Damon would do– impulsively piss off an Original just for the hell of it. In fact, it’s something he already has done. Repeatedly.

    P.S. Count me among the Bonnie haters. She exists only to magically fix their problems. Except when she lies about fixing them and makes the problems even worse. And sometimes she takes a second to irrationally blame every evil in the world on Damon. She should have died in S2. Witches are apparently a dime a dozen, so she’s totally disposable. (It’s nothing against Kat as an actress, just to clarify.)

    • Manie says:

      That was in S1! People are seriously getting annoying with that! Yes, she almost killed Damon, but she did have a changed of heart and saved him. Anyway, if she hadn’t done it 3/4 of Mystic Fall citizens would have been killed by those vengeful vampires. Since then, she hasn’t done anything else than saving everyone and being collateral damage (with Caroline, Matt and Jeremy. Cause those four characters and the death ones have seriously just been taking too much in my opinion)

      But I do admit, the writers have seriously neglected her characters considering that she is after Elena, one of the lead with Meredith in the books (I know it’s the TV Show but still, there have pretty much done nothing to make her character 3 dimensional) And it is getting frustrating that Sage has most background story than her and that she is clearly only a plot device this season and that except magic the writers seemed unable to give her a good storyline.

  17. Sonni says:

    I think TVD has gotten better with every season. Kat Graham is awesome and gorgeous but her character Bonnie does tend to get a little preachy sometimes (blame the writers). The whole Stefan-Elena-Damon triangle is always smokin’ hot but I do love the supporting characters, like the ever-grounded Matt, cool dude Alaric and my two faves, Klaus and Caroline. The latter two have great chemistry and I hope that story continues to develop between “Klaroline”. Finally; great to see Jeremy back as a bit more mysterious and bad a$$. Love it. I hope Plec and company keep on going the way they’re going because this show and it’s great cast just keep on getting better.

  18. Dave says:

    Jeremy was always a useless character in the show. The actor always had a limited range in the acting stakes so there wasn’t much the producers could do with his rather bland persona. There was enough pretty on the show and he simply wasn’t needed anymore.
    Seriously, what could he bring to the show now?

  19. A says:

    Jeremy’s in trouble. Must be Thursday.

  20. B says:

    Finally Kol’s back!

  21. vd fan says:

    It’s interesting that so many are complaining about the show however they continue to watch it. No one is forcing you to watch a show you don’t like. It’s one thing to give constructive criticism it is another to bash the show about how bad things are. Every cast member has a character that is significant in its own way. Everyone has a right to an opinion and favor one character over another. But for those who don’t like the show stop watching and stop reading updates about the show.

    • white walker says:

      Who says the ones complaining are still wathing? If anything that was the one mistake Heroes made: check the ratings, not the comments. This show is lossing viewers faster than this article its getting coments.

  22. Luna Maya says:

    if I don’t see Elijah again before this season ends, I will be very2 devastated :((

  23. Chris says:

    F**k that! Bring back Uncle Mason! Hottest piece of meat ever on VD! Damn you Gaga!

  24. Lily says:

    Sassy Kol is back. I love it! And… Am I the only one who already kinda ships Kol and Jeremy from the pictures alone…?

  25. Tvd forever says:

    Kol is back!! Finally I thought they would never make him appear again! He is so badass in these pics! Finally Jeremy is back too!

  26. ulugbek says:


  27. ulugbek says:


  28. Hayley says:

    Personaly I like all the characters. With out just one of them it wouldn’t be that same VD. Some character dont have big roles in every ep. but they really dont need to. When characters leave for a couple ep. than it just makes it that much more exciting for them to come back! CANT WAIT FOR EP. 19!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Camilla says:

    I’ve read the books and watch the show religiously. I love both and understand that they don’t have to be identical and can’t be, but there was a clear plot in the books and character development that I find lacking in the show.
    In the books the characters were well fleshed out and defined, none of them were useless and you actually saw each character struggle with their development, none of it was off screen and none were shipped off and forgotten.
    As for the love triangle, I found it so much more intoxicating in the books! Elena accepted her feelings for Damon which brought turmoil and fire to the series and he wasn’t shunned like he is in the show. There was such a passion between them that you couldn’t help but want more of.
    In the tv show….I can’t take it anymore. I am at the point where if she doesn’t choose Damon, I won’t watch it anymore. It sounds awful, I know, if I was a real fan I’d watch it no matter what….but I’m tired. The story is being dragged on, the Originals and Stefan’s drinking problem and Elena’s inability to be honest with her emotions and Bonnie being written as such a hard character…sigh…its just too much without a payoff, and that payoff for me is Delena. I love Caroline, she is definitely my favourite female character, but she and Damon can’t keep the show going on their own. The writers need to step it up, bring us back the magic of season 1 and 2 and even the first half of season 3, because if they don’t they’ll loose a lot more fans.

  30. becky says:

    i rely hope elana choses damon he is much hotter than stefan :)

  31. becky says:

    carnt wate 3 days :O