Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on Vampire Diaries, White Collar, Fringe, Smash, Secret Circle & More

What’s up with Vampire Diaries‘ Bonnie? What’s the good news for Smash fans? Will White Collar‘s Neal plant roots in paradise? Read on for those scoops plus other teases from TV’s hottest shows.

The Vampire Diaries | We start this week off with a dip inside the reader mailbag, and a question dear to many a TVLine editor’s heart, courtesy of Marilla: “Do you have any Vampire Diaries/Bonnie Bennett spoilers?” Right? We expressed our own curiosity about Bonnie’s storyline in last week’s 20ish Questions column. Let’s see if Julie Plec can sate our thirst. “Bonnie hits her emotional threshold this week, but don’t despair,” the exec producer tells the Inside Line. “She finds a nice bit of hope when she gets closer to Jamie and takes him as her date to the Decade Dance where he gets a glimpse of Bonnie the hero in action.” Works for us!

The Vampire Diaries‘ Joseph Morgan: ‘No One Is Safe!’

Smash | I spoke with Brian D’Arcy James about the next episode, in which Frank gets wind of Julia’s affair with Michael Swift, and one bit of good news coming out of that imminent marital imbroglio is that you can probably kiss the clunker of an adoption storyline bye-bye. “That’s safe to say,” James concurred. “It definitely becomes not high on the list of things to take care of, after the [husband/wife showdown] is in full bloom. We’re heading down a rocky road.” Not that we wish marital strife on anyone, even fictional peeps, but this one is for the greater good, yes?

Smash Producers Weigh In on Season 1 Backlash and the Plan to ‘Correct’ Any Mistakes

White Collar | Can you plant a white picket fence in sand? Because when we asked Matt Bomer about the start of Season 4 – guest-starring Mia Maestro (Alias) as a local girl who on-the-lam Neal will be involved with – he indicated that the charming con is looking to emulate that which his FBI handler has. “Neal admires Peter’s picket-fence existence and thinks that maybe in his new life he can have that for himself,” Bomer shared. “Mia’s character is a key component in that because she is a girl who is a local but who has a really good head on her shoulders. She’s someone he sees a lot of potential in.” Hmm, but will Sara get a vote? That’s the question.

White Collar Makes Tracks for Sunny [Spoiler] in Season 4 – Plus, Who’s Hunting Neal?

Fringe | So… if Peter’s been home all this time, and it’s everyone else who will gradually have their Sideways Lost epiphanies, where will that leave alt-timeline Lincoln Lee, who in the regular world isn’t part of the Fringe team? Seth Gabel, for one, holds out hope that his alter ego will keep a toe in the mix. “Towards the end of Season 3, Lincoln [Prime] and Peter did have a conversation where he said, like, ‘Feel free to come back one day,'” Gabel relates. “It was left open for Lincoln to become a part of that world because now that he knows about it, he’s either going to get killed by the government or they’ll let him in!” Do you want Our Lincoln to officially join Fringe? Or is alt-Lincoln enough? Sound off in Comments!

Fringe: Scoop on More Walters, ‘Meana,’ the Top-Secret Episode 19 and Two Finale Plans

Private Practice | When the show returns on its new night – Tuesday, April 17, at 10/9c — Erica’s medical condition will rapidly worsen, leading Cooper and Charlotte to do their best to prepare Mason, who’s still in a bit of denial about losing his mom. But when the time comes – and it will – is Charlotte truly ready to assume a full-time parental role in the lad’s life? When I ran that question by KaDee Strickland, she paused for a moment to think, then offered, “I, Kadee, do believe she is. [And as an actress] I love it and I want more of it.” Especially seeing how far the once-prickly doc has come since Seasons 1 and 2. “It’s so surprising to see [Charlotte] really just open up to this,” Strickland marveled. “Who would have thought this would have been where she would go? And I think it’s great.”

Secret Circle Boss on Blackwell’s Intentions, Retribution for Charles’ Crimes and More!

The Secret Circle | If anything about the CW freshman suspends disbelief, it’s that drop-dead sexy Faye would ever be lacking for a love life. And yet she does, and in this week’s episode she and gal pal Melissa use a bit of hocus pocus to help themselves out in the hook-up department. According to Phoebe Tonkin, “Faye and Melissa are helping out Adam, who’s doing this party for the hockey team, and they’re both being flirty when Melissa decides to get Adam to help her impress some guys” – by helping herself to a magical upgrade. Faye quickly cries foul, saying, “Hang on — I’m the one who’s usually getting the guys without even using magic! So they both set out to try to one-up each other.” And on that note, I quickly Google directions to Chance Harbor… because I love a good hockey party.

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