Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Castle, Grey's Anatomy, Gossip Girl, Glee, Thrones, True Blood and More

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Question: OK, I’m dying here. Can I please have some True Blood scoop! —Mariamne
Ausiello: Ever wonder what an eight-pack looks like on a teenager? There’s a good chance you’ll find out in this season’s ninth episode, titled “Everybody Wants to Rule the World,” which introduces us to an “innocent-faced” 14-year-old Alcide. That flashback sequence also features a young Debbie, so my guess is we’ll probably see how that toxic relationship of theirs took shape. Speaking of TB, the show is also casting a Marilyn Manson-esque vampire who was once powerful and heroic but is now a sad old man.

Question: Do you know anything about Season 5 of Sons of Anarchy? —Elyse
Ausiello: I know that Clay might not be the only one facing an uncertain future with SAMCRO when the action picks up several weeks after the transition of power that landed Jax at the head of the table. Rather, his old lady Gemma, as evidenced by the look on her face at the close of the Season 4 finale, should also have cause for concern. “I don’t think she manipulates Jax in the same way she manipulates Clay,” Charlie Hunnam told us at FX’s upfront party. “There’s a dynamic inherent in every mother-and-son relationship, where after a while the son is going to say, ‘Mom, you ain’t running my life anymore.’ So I think she definitely has a good reason to be nervous in terms of her position in the club.”

Question: Help a girl out and give a clue about the couple sealing the deal in your latest blind item. Please, with a case of Snapple (you pick the flavor) on top? —Lisa
Ausiello: I’m starting to get some intel on how the hookup goes down, and I think it’s fair to say fans will either love it or hate it; there will be no in-between. How’s that? Not good enough? Figured. Pay a visit to my Twitter feed in the next day or so. I’ll narrow things down a little further for you.

Question: Listen — here’s the most important question of the season. Happy Endings was picked up for a full 22-episode season… so why is this week’s 21st episode the season finale? What happened to that mysterious 22nd one? —Nicolas
Ausiello: Listen — ABC had too much Wednesday night inventory to accommodate Episode 23. It will see the light of day though, if not over the summer then in the fall.

Question: Give us a scoop about a Gossip Girl/Dair moment in the future that you can’t wait to see? —Ivana
Ausiello: There’s a fairly epic kiss on the horizon. That should be pretty cool. Also, look for Dan to make a pretty big professional sacrifice during May sweeps — in the name of love.

Question: Do you know anything about Gossip Girl and the possible reunion of Blair and Chuck? Give us some hope for true love. —Gabby
Ausiello: Would you settle for some truly heartbreaking news regarding another GG duo? You would? Awesome. Thanks for being so flexible. Exec producer Josh Safran confirms that Lily and Rufus are headed for a rough patch — and it’s caused by their recent move across the East River. “There is a lot of relationship drama [coming up] for Lily and Rufus,” he says. “Let’s just say a tree may grow in Brooklyn, but Lily van der Woodsen does not. She is a Manhattan girl at heart and her transition is not going to last very long.”

Question: Will there be a Senior Prom this year on Glee? If so, anything you can share? —Daly
Ausiello: I can share the title of the episode: “Prom-asaurus.”

Question: Anything — anything — you can tell me about Castle‘s zombie episode, titled “Undead Again”? —Cat
Ausiello: It airs April 30, one week before the season finale — and that was by design. “As part of this final Beckett/Castle run-up to a very emotional finale — where we confront a lot of the issues that the characters have been skirting all season — we felt like it was important to bring some fun into the show,” series creator Andrew W. Marlowe told TVLine’s Matt Mitovich. “Zombies are very much in the zeitgeist, and we thought it was something that was worth tackling.” The boss man hints that he found a “credible” way to incorporate Walkers into the procedural à la how “last season Castle was convinced that aliens were behind a murder.”

Question: I’ve thought long and hard about this. Would the mystery person you said is returning to Castle during May sweeps be Kate’s father? We haven’t seen him since the premiere. —Bexx
Ausiello: Nope. The character I was referring to in last week’s Ask Ausiello is female. And she has ties to a former series regular.

Question: The Killing premiere was great but I am worried about Holder. While I am glad he’s not a dirty cop, will Holder and Linden ever be friends again? And will this push him back into his addiction? —Katie
Ausiello: Holder has one very good reason to stay clean, and he’ll be reminded of it later this season when his sister arrives on the scene (played by Homeland‘s Marin Ireland). “As you know from the first season, Holder’s sister put a ban on him because he messed up so fatally when he was doing drugs,” Joel Kinnaman notes. “He’s been banned from [seeing] his nephew, and we’ll see [where things stand with that] when they get in contact again. It’s going to be heart-wrenching.”

Question: Do you have any scoop Addison’s upcoming storyline on Private Practice? —Beth
Ausiello: The title of the season finale has me very worried about her quest to become a mom. It’s called “Gone Baby Gone,” and, according to series creator Shonda Rhimes, it will be an emotional rollercoaster. “There are a lot of twists and turns in that finale,” she told TVLine at Monday’s Academy of Television Arts & Sciences event, “An Evening with Shonda Rhimes and Friends.” “There’s just a real sense of growth for our characters, a sense of change. A lot of things come to a head that I don’t know people were necessarily expecting to, and that’s exciting. There are some real heartbreaking moments and some surprises. There are many developments romantically.” (BTW, one of those surprises apparently doesn’t involve Taye Diggs’ Sam getting fatally shot, as has been rumored. A rep for the actor insists to TVLine that “there is absolutely no truth” to the death chatter.)

Question: I understand Callie and Arizona are in the background this season on Grey’s Anatomy, but there’s gotta be something happening with them, right? Any little spoiler will do. Thanks. – Amy
Ausiello: Allow me to introduce you to Colleen, a heretofore unseen Seattle Gracer with whom Arizona “had a bit of a thing” before she met Callie. The beautiful, exotic, brunette (safe to say ‘Zona’s got a type?) pops up in this Thursday’s episode.

Question: Grey’s Anatomy scoop – dealer’s choice. Hit me. —Jason
Ausiello: The mysterious character that Entourage alum Jordan Belfi will be playing in two May sweeps episodes just got a little less mysterious. “He’s a patient who needs surgery,” reveals Rhimes. “And he is an old friend of one of our characters.”

Question: You’ll make my day with any Grey’s Anatomy scoop on Meredith Grey! —Jessica
Ausiello: Remember me telling you that one of the Originals will get a ginormous, stress-induced spontaneous nosebleed while taking his/her medical boards? Well, quick update/correction: It’s not a nosebleed but it is some kind of medical-ish emergency. Also, after TVLine chatted up Ellen Pompeo at the aforementioned Shondaland event, I’m 90-percent certain the victim is Meredith. “Meredith has a big crisis… a huge obstacle that interferes in her taking the boards,” Pompeo told us, “[and] Derek just has to support her through that.”

Question: Please tell me The Good Wife isn’t killing off Jackie! That promo looked very ominous. Is her hospitalization related to the confrontation with Alicia? —Jen
Ausiello: Don’t know if she dies, but I do know that Alicia isn’t present when she takes ill. Rather, the pot-stirrer actually collapses during a confrontation with another character.

Question: Will Amy Sedaris make another appearance on The Good Wife this season? I love her and Alan Cumming (Eli) together. —Eric
Ausiello: She isn’t, but I’ll tell you who (or better yet, what) is returning: Eli Gold’s post-sex hairdo!

Question: Do you have any scoop on the finale of The Vampire Diaries? —Sara
Ausiello: Prepare for an “epic” hour of TV — Joseph Morgan’s words, not mine. “It’s going to be more dramatic than last year’s finale,” elaborates Klaus’ portrayer. “Honestly, I’ve got goosebumps now thinking about it. Get ready, because the biggest thing we’re going to get is a backlash at the end of it from people who are desperate to know what happens next. They’re going to have to wait a long, long time [for Season 4], so I just urge everyone to get ready for the finale to end and go, “Oh my God! But what happens next?!” (And you guys call me a big tease!)

Question: Love your column, thanks for keeping us all entertained! What I’m confused about is why no one is talking about The Finder? Great writing, all the procedural stuff without the heaviness, and don’t get me started on the eye candy! —Julie
Ausiello: You make a strong case, Jules. You’re timing is actually perfect because the Bones spinoff moves into its new Friday death perch this week with an episode that, ahem, finds Walter enlisting young Willa to help him cyberhack a DJ while Leo is off reconnecting with an old flame (played by Eureka‘s Salli Richardson-Whitfield). You’ll also see 50 Cent playing a gun-toting, angry music producer and Walter channeling his inner white rapper.

Question: Got anything interesting about Game of Thrones that you’d like to share? —Allyson
Ausiello: Episode 4 contains the most confusing/disturbing/disorienting birth scene in TV history.

Question: I’m still processing the insane finale of Spartacus: Vengeance. I know much of the attention has been (understandably) focused on Lucretia’s suicide, but I was more shocked about Mira’s death. Are the producers planning to introduce a new love interest for Sparty in Season 3? —Lilu
Ausiello:  Showrunner Steven S. DeKnight tells me “there is a possible romance we’re discussing, but it’s not something that will happen right out of the gate” — particularly since only six months will have passed since Mira was killed. “When we come back into the new season, what happened to Mira is still very much heavy on his mind,” DeKnight shares. “What I want to set up … is that he’s keeping people a bit at arm’s length emotionally because he feels that anyone that’s close to him, anyone he truly loves, ends up dying a horrible death. So that is part of the story and part of his journey. We won’t come back into the next season and suddenly Spartacus is with a new woman.”

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  1. hey ausiello, nice job on ignoring the series finale of OTH TOMORROW! real nice.

  2. A says:

    You know what Ausiello, don’t act like you’re going to answer a Chuck and Blair question, then have it be about Lily and Rufus. Be consistent and bias, and just answer your precious Ban questions.

    • please continue with what you are doing ausiello.

      • A says:

        That was my point? Continue to be bias and just answer Ban questions. No need to get snippy and b*tchy. Predictable as always ban fans. ;)

        • CJ says:

          Bias isn’t an adjective.

          • silly says:

            I remember once that ban fans were complaining that chair fans were pointing out their typos because they had nothing else to argue.

            – adjetive
            7. cut, set, folded etc., diagonally: This material requires a bias cut.

            Now since we “mostly” have common sense, we knew what she or he was talking about. If you’re going to try and insult his or her intelligence, make sure you double check. ;)

          • Emily says:

            If you really want to go there, it’s adjective, not adjetive.

          • Grow Up says:

            Congrats Emily! You pointed out a typo. 10 points for you!

        • dude says:

          LOL sending Ausiello an encouraging message is being bitchy? Typical Chair fan.

          • A says:

            It’s b*thy when they purposely reply to a comment that had nothing to do with them. They could have made a seperate new comment to put an “encouraging” (RME) message, but they didn’t. Intentionally doing it on purpose is bitchy. Typical ban fan.

        • I’m not sure what ban is…. do we seat on it?

        • luli says:

          what’s ban?

    • arya says:

      This. There are actual Rufly shippers you know, they probably just didn’t bother asking you knowing the media’s preference for this whole Chair versus Dair bull.

      • wow says:

        It’s clear Ausiello has made this site all about “dair”. I don’t even know why other ships continue to ask on their couples. This Chair vs. dair in the media is ridiculous.

    • dude says:

      Did you ever think him not answering it maybe had more to do with the fact that Blair/Chuck don’t have a ton going on in upcoming episodes and not some journalistic conspiracy?

    • rgalvshpbks says:

      I think you’re being a little harsh. I mean he probably didn’t have any Chuck and Blair spoilers but still wanted to give GG fans something so he commented on another couple instead.

  3. Liv says:

    How come there are never any SVU scoops anymore? I come here every week hoping for one and there hasn’t been a single spoiler in months. They’re all about Castle. You know, not everybody cares about that show and caskett sex. I personally find that show extremely overrated.

  4. Unprofessional says:

    “Would you settle for some truly heartbreaking news regarding another GG duo? You would? Awesome. Thanks for being so flexible.”

    Is Safran rubbing off on you Ausiello? Don’t be such a dramaQUEEN next time, and ignore the Blair and Chuck asks. Unbelievable.

  5. The Private Practice title must mean something bad for Amelia’s baby. Shonda said Addison fans would be happy at the end of Addison’s journey for a baby this season.

    • Grey's Fanatic says:

      Maybe the title “Gone Baby Gone” refers to Amelia giving her baby to Addison because like she said, she is fresh out of rehab and not mother of the year material and this way Addison can finally get her baby and Amelia can see him/her whenever she wants. Everybody’s happy. Although, no one is always happy in Shondaland. That’s not how Shonda works, but one can dream right?

  6. Amy says:

    Thank you Ausiello! Dair and Game of Thrones <3

  7. sofia says:

    Montgomery’s wife? Why? The whole time he was alive we only saw her 2 times, why is she returning after him being dead for a year? What relevance does her return have to the show?

    • jana says:

      The information that ‘Smith’ has is supposedly keeping Beckett AND Montgomery’s wife and daughters safe and protected, so she’s still linked through that…

    • Becca says:

      Maybe she figured out his involvement in Beckett’s mother’s death?

  8. Angela b says:

    About Castle scoop, i believe the series former regular has to be Capt Montgomery, but can’t figure out who this female character is….

    • Michael Sacal says:


    • Nerwen Aldarion says:

      I think it is Montgomery’s wife. Maybe there is going to be a memorial or something.

    • Monica says:

      I think is Montgomery´s wife and I think that she will be back because she wants to know the truth about his husband´s death and what the team did (covering Montgomery´s past) will come to light in some way.

      • Brendan says:

        She was under the same protection for keeping the mysterious info secret as Beckett was, so my guess would be that the info leaks, and they have to go find her to protect her from whoever is behind it all.

    • Nev says:

      Capt. Montgomery is the only “former series regular” so it has to be his wife/widow. I’m guessing, as others have predicted, she comes back with new info about Montgomery’s death or she is danger in some way. I hope, at the same time, she will give Castle and Beckett a mighty push together. There’s been a lot of talk on the show lately about “tomorrow not being guaranteed” and who better to make that point to them than her?

  9. Michael Sacal says:

    Six months is too long? How long was it between the time his wife died and he and Mira got together? Days? Weeks?

    • Christine says:

      I actually prefer him staying away from romances a bit. He’s a man with a deep heart that is still hurting from his wife’s death, and now with Mira it will be worse. Seeing him jump right into bed with another one would feel kind of cheep.

      I don’t mind seeing him with another woman, but not right away. After all, I do not want to see his character reduced to a love interest. He is so much more than that.

  10. jana says:

    Hmmm, could the mystery person coming back on Castle be Captain Montgomery’s wife??

  11. Anon says:

    Think you can get us some scoop on the season finale for The Secret Circle? After the tweet that Joe Lando (John Blackwell) made a few days ago, I’m really excited about it!!

    Thanks for the scoop on the TVD finale as well. I’m psyched for that too!

  12. The GoT birth scene is more disturbing/disorienting than the American Horror Story birth scene?! Now I’m really nervous.

  13. Lexi says:

    AUSIELLO, I LOVE YOU and your snarky self. lmao, stick it to the angry CB fans. thanks for the scoop on rufus/lily, i was wondering if they were the couple with a “breakup on the horizon”.

  14. castlefan says:

    The only former series regular on Castle I can think of is Montgomery. Maybe his wife?

    • castlefan says:

      Montgomery is dead…right? Now wouldn’t that be a twist. Not necessarily a good one but still a twist. As much as I would love him to be alive because I truly love that character, I really hope they don’t go that route.

  15. My guess regarding the mystery person returning to Castle – Captain Montgomery (RIP)’s wife?

  16. S says:

    Thanks for the Gossip Girl spoilers :)

  17. Mari says:

    Please someone who has more atention to details please tell me who’s the mystery female returning on Castle!

  18. wow says:

    Why didn’t you just answer a Lily and Rufus question? Stay classy Ausiello, or not, which you’ll probably do.

  19. Alicia says:

    Oh, so the Castle returning person is Mrs. Montgomery. Well, that should be interesting.

  20. Shannon says:

    Caste’s mystery return guest is female with ties to a former series regular….well, Montgomery is out, Lockwood is out, one of Castle’s ex’s is out. Got me thinking could it be Montgomery’s wife? I’m at a loss.

  21. Saint Alicia says:

    Who are these aberrant Good Wife viewers who inexplicably care about Jackie and whats-her-face (Amy’s character)? O.o
    Need more Kalinda (plus Alicia) or Will (plus Alicia) scoop, oh and some Diane and/or Cary news as well!

  22. Carmen says:

    Gemma has more balls than the entire club combined. I’d rather see her manipulative self at the head of the table!

  23. Gus says:

    Cannot WAIT for Melisandre in ep. 4. I was afraid they were gonna cut the *spoiler* off, but I’m glad it’s there, disturbing and disorienting.

  24. Sami says:

    “Nope. The character I was referring to in last week’s Ask Ausiello is female. And she has ties to a former series regular.”

    Hmm, the late Captain’s wife?

  25. Tulip says:

    I love when people ask for Game of Thrones spoilers. Read the books!! All your questions will be answered! (Plus, they’re freaking awesome.)

    • Mike says:

      Agreed, the books are fantastic but I understand why some people aren’t going to read them. There’s always positives and negatives to each format but if there’s one show that could end up being on par with the books, it’s this one!

      Anyway, it took me awhile to remember what “birth scene” Ausiello was referring to….but once I did, his adjectives all made sense. lol

  26. Kinsey says:

    Thanks for the Dair scoop!! And please Chair fans it’s not like you don’t hear enough Chuck/Blair scoop.. Over at E News that are constantly releasing Chair news and pictures, so let Dair fans have a chance to ask some questions from a reliable source as well. There’s been tons of Chuck/Blair set pictures lately, and news about them working together for Chuck, so let Dair fans have a voice as well. Jeez, annoying as usual about it! We love you Ausiello <3

    • lolo says:

      Um…no. Let you have a chance to ask some questions? Ausiello ALWAYS writes, answers, and talks about dair. With all do respect, I can kinda understand not answering a Chair question when Blair is with someone else (while still married), but why mention Chuck and Blair at all? It’s clear he wants to get a rise out of Chuck and Blair fans. Why? I don’t know, but don’t act like this is the first time he has EVER answered a dair question.

  27. Tim says:

    So excited for Grey’s Anatomy, and thanks for the Dair news and Lily/Rufus news. Poor Rufus,I don’t think Lily is a good match for Rufus, she’s so selfish, and I love Dair as always. True love forever <3

  28. yep says:

    Chuck and Blair are TRUE LOVE and ENDGAME. Chair fans, don’t come here expecting Chair spoilers and mature replies. Go somewhere else.

  29. dorkaleena says:

    I’m pretty sure the couple “Sealing the deal” is Caskett. I’m afraid it’s gonna annoy the crap outta me if it is. They’re not READY to go THERE yet dangit!

    • DL says:

      Yes, yes they are!

    • Castle Lover says:

      I really hope you’re wrong, because, unlike most fans, I agree with you: they’re not ready!!!

      • dorkaleena says:

        I don’t understand how so many are clamoring for them to get it on. They can barely admit to themselves, much less anyone else, that they have feelings for one another. Hopping in bed is NOT the resolution that’s gonna create good “Character growth”

        • Jenny says:

          They’ve been “dating” for 4 years, I see NO issue with them taking their relationship a step further. Their characters have grown and will continue to grow beyond this, I really don’t see how this isn’t good character growth? Bring Caskett on!!! They’re ready. I’m ready. I think most of the 12 million viewers are too!

  30. sara says:

    Really with the Chair psych out? WTH? We all know you want to have a threesome with Ban so fine talk about them, but don’t pretend to give a crap about Chair!

  31. Zoe says:

    I feel kind of adrift after the Spartacus ending. I understand about most of the vililans had to die, but Mira was a real shock. She was the only female rebel character I cared about and now she’s gone, and no Naevia doesn’t count, I don’t conenct with her the same. The end felt more like for shock effect. I don’t know if I’m going to check back, just being honest.

  32. casey says:

    What profession does Dan have that he will be sacrificing…being B’s b@$%h? And yeah I know he is supposed to be a writer, but when have we actually seen him write anything? In fact didn’t B dog him for giving up writing to be S’s lapdog and now he is doing the same thing with her? Dude is pathetic.

  33. Jenn C says:

    Thanks for the GG scoop, Ausiello! Can’t wait for this epic DAIR kiss!

  34. Poor ‘The Finder’! Friday is where shows go to die!

    • Renee says:

      I hope it does well on Friday’s. It is literally the last show I will watch on Fox for a while (years). Hate that network.

  35. Sasha says:

    I can’t wait to see the finale of “The Good Wife” and “Castle”. I like that they’re putting a little fun episode in before the finale drama on “Castle” and am looking forward to seeing where so many threads lead to on TGW. Thanks for the “Game of Thrones” scoopage too. Awesome show. I saw on TVG a spoiler about the NCIS finale. I’m really looking forward to next week’s episode with Tony and Ziva in Colombia and her mentor. Got any more info on either of these two episodes? Thanks, Aus.

    • Cheri Spence says:

      My DVR screwed up and I missed almost the entire Castle episode!! The last I saw Beckett was going to tell Castle how she felt and he drove up with a blonde!! What did I miss, can anyone tell me? Did Castle get that Beckett wanted to tell him something? Did he tell her why he is backing off? I love this show and The Good Wife and so many more!!!

      • @Cheri says:

        Well, he didn’t realize she wanted to talk to him and she seemed to lose her nerve at his response about the blonde. So it ended with him going off with the blonde and her changing her mind about the drink invitation from the Scotland yard guy, calling him and accepting to meet for drinks. But from the promo for the next episode in two weeks, she seems to still be wanting to/struggling with the idea of telling him. I’m betting it comes out then. ;)

  36. Jess says:

    Love you Ausiello! I am praying that Dan and Blair stay functional and please pass along the message to the producers/writers that they should do what makes sense for the characters on this show (growth, friendship, stability) and not buckle under pressure to go back to Blair and Chuck simply because that was the original trajectory of the show. Blair and Dan are the only untainted couple that has existed on this show. Two characters should not be put back together because it was a part of the original storyline of the show. Let Chuck grow and find someone new. Let Blair and Dan have a relationship; as they make so much sense as a couple who get along and treat one another well (they have as friends and, at least for now, Blair has never seen so light and happy on the show), if they don’t work out, it will be due to very contrived logic on the part of the writers. Crossing my fingers that the writers move the characters forward and stop with the stupid back and forth; it only serves to spoil and diminish the importance of Blair’s relationship with Chuck and her relationship with Dan.

  37. mooshki says:

    Duh, “couple sealing the deal” are obviously Quinn and Rachel. It’s what the internet wants, after all, and everyone knows you must obey the internet.

  38. Leslie says:

    I thinks its Meredith… Alexis Mom It could be a really good twist!

    • chafra says:

      It might be funny, but he said that it was a former character of the show. The only one who left/died is Capt Montgomery, so I think it’s his wife and it will be a beckett’s mother’s case centered episode (this year, I didn’t saw many episode on that!! They HAVE to do one before the end!!)

  39. K. says:

    Thanks for the Dair scoop! And LOL at you trolling Chair fans. :D

    • Grow Up says:

      The only ones “trolling” are you and other dair fans trying to mock and poke at chair fans. Grow up. :D

      • Kate says:

        Grow Up is right K. This is what to troll means: “The art of deliberately, cleverly, and secretly pissing people off, usually via the internet, using dialogue.” ( Chair fans don’t troll – note the word ‘cleverly’. There’s never anything ‘clever’ in their dated spiels and paranoid claims Ausiello hates them. Keep up the good work Ausiello, haters gonna hate…

        • niks says:

          Good one. Chair fans are mistaken that the world revolves around them. That there is a massive conspiracy and everyone is out to mock them. Ausiello provides scoops that he has, and tries to make the article as fun to read as he can. And these dunderheads go around jeering him. Pathetic.

      • K. says:

        Awww poor bb. You seem to be upset about something…

  40. Mel says:

    Montgomery’s wife comes back and slaps Kate and Rick’s heads for being so damn stubborn and stupid?

  41. arcadia says:

    The couple sealing the deal is Geirge and Dallas on Suburgatory. The producers hinted as much by saying “wouldn’t it be funny if they hooked up but weren’t really ready to and they try to act like nothing big happened?”

  42. Josh says:

    Lol mooshki a Faberry hookup would be hot!! Faberry has more shippers than Brittana!!

  43. 4everchuck says:

    Chuck and Blair fans I wouldnt waste my time asking for spoilers from Ausiello! Its obvious he is team BAN! and therefore not worth our time!

    GG sucks !

  44. CRISS says:

    Am I the only one confused about the Happy Endings question and answer? Were there suppose to be 22 or 23 episodes this season?

  45. Shannon says:

    I want some NCIS and NCIS Los Angeles scoops!! Please? Pretty please with sprinkles on top? :)

  46. dude says:

    If TVD knows what’s good for them they’ll make Rebekah a regular ASAP!

  47. The Grey’s scoop about Meredith really has me thinking now, ok it’s not an actual nosebleed but a huge medical issue that Derek has to support her through heart tingling can i predict surprise your pregnant being the said issue.

    • Ari says:

      I think we’re going to find out Meredith is actually pregnant as well. It’s such a tv cliche for a couple who had trouble concieving to adopt a baby and then find out they are pregnant as well. GA lives in cliche land so I’m surprised this hasn’t already happened.

      • Mort says:

        I thought exactly the same thing when I saw this :) What else could it be that Derek would have to support her through that’s a “medical-ish” emergency?

  48. Tommy says:

    Can dair and Chair fans take their cat fight somewhere else? It’s getting pathetic now. Anyways, yay for The Good Wife!

  49. niks says:

    Why are Chair fans hell bent on bashing everyone who likes Dair. You don’t see dair fans bashing a writer for writing about Chair. Ausiello always provides legit scoops about a lot of shows. Don’t harass him just because you can’t take a joke.

    • Grow Up says:

      Stop. Don’t act like dair fans are perfect angels who never go out of their way to mock and intice Chair fans on the internet. You even have a Guy who is supposed to be giving spoilers, yet decides to mention a fandom when he did NOT have to. We all know Ausiello ships dair. They is no need to be a dramaQueen.

      • niks says:

        No. Dair fans don’t go around abusing a writer for writing something good about chair. As for mentioning a fandom which he didn’t need to, if you were a regular reader of Ausiello, you would know that he does that all the time. If there is a spoiler available for something about which no one asked, then he clubs that spoiler with something else related to that show. Its not Chair specific. Its not to incite anyone as not everything revolves around your precious fandom. Its just a way to inject some humor in an article. Apparently, you need to do a lot of growing up, so I would leave you to do that.

  50. mr2boynz says:

    Re the Castle scoop, it almost certainly be Mrs Montgomery. Also given what Andrew Marlow have said cards are forced to be put on the table which now makes sense. This is how I think the secret may be revealed.
    We know that Mrs Montgomery and Becketts safety was because of the package that Roy sent. However I don’t think Castle knows Mrs Montgomery’s safety is also ‘guarenteed’ but will find out possibly when he goes and talks to the mystery man who told him to keep Beckett away from the investigation. Now that Castle knows not just Beckett’s safety is at stake which bring what he said in 4×19 on the lines of ‘doing something that matters’ into perspective. He then realise he has to resolve this now before more people are dragged into the conspiracy He continues to give Beckett the cold shoulder even more but Beckett somehow has stumbled or finds out on the fact that Castle has been the way he is because of him investigating into her mothers murder (which of course we know he wasn’t). Even though Beckett is angry but totally understands why he did it because of what is at stakes and it is then that she tells him how she feels and the rest is histroy…. :)

    • chafra says:

      LooooL Is that what happen in your dreams?? ;)
      I hope that you’re true! however not the last part, cause beckett must show her caracter!! And I think she will feel betrayed because castle went behind her back in an affair which took 2 persons she loved : her mother and the captain…
      And I can’t see the writers end the season without leaving us in a total despair, and the hope (!!) that the holidays end!! ^^