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Question: Please give me some scoop on the final run of House episodes. —Matt
Ausiello: They will be Hilson-centric! “There’s going to be a lot of House and Wilson stuff as we get down to the wire,” says series creator David Shore.

Question: Olivia Wilde isn’t the only House alum returning for the series finale, is she? No way she’s the only one.
Ausiello: She’s not the only one.

Question: Would you happen to know if David Shore is still looking for ideas for the House finale? I’ve got an idea or two, and it’s received popular response via fan sites. Like I said, what would it hurt to ask, right? —Barb
Ausiello: You’ve come to the right place, Barb. Most people don’t know this, but for the past five years I’ve been helping fans deliver story pitches directly to TV’s top showrunners — all for a very nominal fee of [SPOILER]. And my [SPOILER] success rate speaks for itself. Here’s what you need to do: Email your story idea to askausiello@tvline.com along with a major credit card number, expiration date, security code and your full name as it appears on your billing statement. And I’ll take it from there!**

Question: Got anything juicy on the season finale of Castle? The penultimate episode even? —Ivy
Ausiello: I’ve got one word: zombies!

Question: We haven’t seen Beckett’s psychiatrist, Dr. Burke, in a while on Castle. Got any clue if guest star Michael Dorn will be making an appearance before season’s end? —Ivy
Ausiello: I’ve got one word: yes! He’ll appear in late April/early May. Hmm…. I wonder what they’re going to discuss?!

Question: Believe it or not, I only recently became addicted to NCIS. Better late than never, right? Got scoop for this late convert? —Joan
Ausiello: Don’t feel so bad. I’m only now getting around to Gunsmoke. True story. Moving on to NCIS, now that the cat is out of the bag regarding the show’s Florida wedding, we can reveal that it was Brian Dietzen clad in a blinding mint green-and-fuschia tuxedo — with ruffles, mind you — when Matt Mitovich visited the show’s set this month. “The wardrobe presents some… challenges,” Dietzen shared while in costume, prepping for a scene where Jimmy unveils the color scheme to the NCIS team. “We might have to go with a lighter zone of colors and what not.” And at the top of Dietzen’s personal “gift” registry? “My biggest hope is to have Larry Miller come back [as bride-to-be Breena’s father]…. He’s so fun to play with.”

Question: Former friends Alicia and Kalinda finally made a little headway last Sunday on The Good Wife. Please tell me that things will keep getting better and this whole tax business will bring them closer together. I need the tequila shots as much as they do and I don’t think I can take it if things blow up again. –C
Ausiello: There’s lots of Alicia/Kalinda bonding in this Sunday’s episode — and through the end of the season. Also in this week’s ep: Matthew Perry debuts as Alicia’s new nemesis, the whole house-buying drama drama takes an unexpected twist, and L/G gets a new name partner.

Question: Anything on Fringe? —Jeremy
Ausiello: Just a coy answer from exec producer Jeff Pinkner when we asked him about the casting of Henry Ian Cusick and Georgina Haig as FBI agents — the latter of which has been ID’d in some pap pics as Young Olivia (!). “We were unbelievably fortunate to have them… and they really enjoyed being part of the show,” he says. “But to tell you anything more than that would really be a betrayal to the surprise of seeing the episode.” And as fellow EP J.H. Wyman reminds, the duo appear in this season’s 19th episode, which traditionally deviates from the norm (see 2010’s musical “Brown Betty” or last year’s animated entry), “So half the fun is waiting.” Also factor in this: Joshua Jackson, when asked if he has scenes with Cusick and/or Haig, said, “I do not. For reasons I can’t tell you, I do not.” Pinkner also says that the lingering (frustrating?) question of when or whether Peter will return to his timeline will “very soon” become moot.

Question: This is your last chance to dish some scoop about Misha Collins’ return to Supernatural this Friday. Don’t disappoint me! —Julie
Ausiello: As if it wasn’t hard enough for fans to watch as the Winchesters lost their beloved Impala this season, the show is bringing back Cas sans his iconic trench coat! (He’s also missing his memories, but it’s the clothing that really matters, right?) Will Cas’ armor, so to speak, make a comeback? “I hope so,” Collins tells us. “Because it’s almost tawdry not to wear that trench coat. It just felt wrong.” But on a more serious – and alarming – note, Collins tells us Cas is no rush to get his memories back! Check back later this week for more Supernatural scoop from the former angel!

Question: Will someone from The Vampire Diaries‘ regular cast die before the season ends? —Charlie
Ausiello: If you’re asking whether Stefan will finally exterminate Klaus — and I’m hoping you are, since that’s the only scoop I have at the moment — the answer is… probably not, at least according to Paul Wesley. “Stefan may just say, ‘You know what? F— this guy,'” the actor tells TVLine with a laugh. “Klaus has become a little bit of a staple in this community, so it’s really more about getting Klaus to not be so much of a threat” rather than actually killing him. So Stefan’s going to suddenly abandon his quest to whack the big, bad hybrid after an entire season of Klaus’ tormenting and scheming to destroy him? “I’m not saying he will,” Wesley hedges, “but I think that it’s a possibility.”

Question: Do we have to wait until July 2012 for Breaking Bad‘s fifth season? —Hannah
Ausiello: You sure do, but here’s something to tide you over: The show is introducing a major new character named Lydia. She’s described as a brittle, smart businesswoman and mother who is going through a challenging time. Producers are looking for an “Amy Ryan/Jodie Foster” type for the series regular role. Ooooh, I know the perfect actress for the part: Amy Ryan! Genius idea, right?

Question: Desperate for any good Bones scoop on the season finale. —Katia
Ausiello: Remember me telling you last week that the title of the season finale was “The Bite in the Beast?” You don’t? Good, ’cause it’s now sometime entirely different! Sources confirm to me exclusively that the title of Bones‘ Season 7 capper has been changed to the far more intriguing, “The Past in the Present.” No clue what it means but I gotta be honest: It scares me a little.

Question: Can you assure me that Booth will not die in the season finale of Bones? —Sarah
Ausiello: OK, I’m not that scared. Yes, Sarah, I can assure you that Booth will not die in the season finale of Bones.

Question: What the hell happened to Katrina Bowden on 30 Rock? Is she off the show? —Richard Ausiello: Not completely, although an insider confirms that the actress is no longer under contract with 30 Rock, which means she can pretty much come and go as she pleases (she’s been shooting back-to-back-to-back movies, hence her relative invisibility from the show this season). However, that same source tells me that Bowden will make a few more guest appearances before the end of the season.

Question: Any Ryan-centric Nikita scoop! I was very happy to see him rejoin the team last week. —Cady
Ausiello: Pray extra hard that Nikita gets renewed, Cady. I’m told if the show comes back for a third season, Noah Bean (a.k.a. Ryan) will be promoted to a full-fledged series regular.

Question: How did Toby know how to contact Dr. Sullivan in the finale of Pretty Little Liars? If she was that easy to locate, wouldn’t the girls have found her already? —Lori
Ausiello: We put your burning question in front of exec producer Oliver Goldstick, who explains, “Toby hiding his valiant effort to protect Spencer was very connected to Jenna because he really was hoping that if she was indeed treacherous, he could find something from the inside. So, that’s what that was about. All of the loved ones of the PLLs were aware of Dr. Sullivan, and her sudden disappearance from Rosewood would have sparked interest and curiosity among them. Again, Toby had been clued in that someone was torturing the girls, so he made the connection that that person could have been holding Dr. Sullivan at bay. I can’t explain all of that to you now — it will certainly unfold — but he knew there was a time she could come back and confirm who indeed was tormenting the girls. Obviously, Mona was seeing Dr. Sullivan, too, if you remember the episode where she was looking through her files and realized who ‘A’ was.”

Question: Will Raylan and Winona reunite on Justified? —Arnell
Ausiello: I suspect you’ll find your answer here.

Question: What can you share about the season finale of How I Met Your Mother? —Gene
Ausiello: Almost everything but the punch lines, actually. In “The Magician’s Code,” we flash back to Barney’s youth — and learn that his magic teacher was giving the ol’ hocus pocus to his mom. We also flash back to Robin’s childhood and find out she has a history of pulling Winonas (you know, shoplifting). And we flash back to Quinn’s youth, during which a school project required her to interview a sort of wilting Gypsy Rose Lee. Also, it sounds like Barney and Quinn are taking off together, and someone winds up in the hospital.

Question: Do you got any info about the new season of The Killing? I’m dying; April can’t get here soon enough. —Kristal
Ausiello: Season 2 picks up immediately after the finale, with Linden, having skedaddled off the airplane, learning about Richmond’s shooting via an airport TV. Holder meanwhile is still riding around with the mysterious someone — soon revealed — who hooked him up with the fake photo that triggered the councilman’s arrest. In fact, Holder’s agenda in sealing Richmond’s fate is immediately confirmed, and it just may surprise.

Question: Megan Mullally has been a fantastic addition to Fox’s Breaking In. I guess that’s more of an observation than a question. Sorry! —Robert
Ausiello: That’s OK — I’ll answer your non-question, anyway. An upcoming episode, tellingly titled “Heathers,” will put your gal, Veronica, front and center. In it — just like in the cult classic movie that cast Winona Ryder opposite Christian Slater as another Veronica, Mullally’s character runs afoul of some mean girls named Heather. In this case, they’re an old gal pal who’s out for revenge — and, scarily, a big cheese at Contra’s parent company — and her hot-to-trot assistant. Pass the corn nuts!

Question: You reported a while back that Dana Delany was set to return to Desperate Housewives before the end. Um… where is she? —Stefan
Ausiello: Um… Not really sure what’s going on there. She was confirmed to return, but her latent lesbian character Katherine has yet to turn up in any of the scripts. And time is running out.

Question: I’m happy to take a New Girl scoop off your hands. —Pam
Ausiello: Hell hath no fury like Cece’s East Indian nana scorned. In an April episode, Schmidt accompanies Cece to the Old Folks Home to visit her grandmother (played by Merchant Ivory vet Madhur Jaffrey), and gets a stern talking-to from the tough old cookie. Basically, she threatens him with a horrible death if he breaks her granddaughter’s heart.

Question: Any update on the Grey’s Anatomy contract situation? —Kim
Ausiello: Nothing official, but perhaps a clue can be find in this fresh batch of intel I just procured: According to a source, the medical boards don’t go well for at least two of the show’s docs — one gets a ginormous, stress-induced spontaneous nosebleed (mid-test!) and another fails the first of three sections when he arrives late.

That’s a wrap! Please send questions, comments, and anonymous tips to askausiello@tvline.com. (Additional reporting by Vlada Gelman and Megan Masters)

**I was kidding, Barb. Now step away from the crack pipe.

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