Castle First Look: A Firefly Reunion!

Firefly co-stars Nathan Fillion and Adam Baldwin are teaming up once again to take down bad guys. But this time, they’re staying grounded — on ABC’s Castle — rather than taking flight on Serenity, and we’ve got a sneak peek at their April 16 reunion.

Castle Creator Weighs In on ‘Spectacular’ Finale Buzz, Dismisses Veronica Mars-Style Spin-Off

With the situation between Beckett and himself growing ever more tense, Castle decides to work alongside Baldwin’s Detective Ethan Slaughter, who hails from the gang unit. But the novelist/amateur crime sleuth gets more than he bargained for when he sees Slaughter’s grittier methods up-close. (His name wasn’t enough of a tip-off?)

Check out the gallery below and then hit the comments with your thoughts/Firefly excitement/etc.

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  1. Hilary says:

    I’m getting tired of these filler episodes; I mean last night’s episode was pathetic. When are we going to get progression with these characters? I’m slowly giving up with this show, and sadly stunt casting like this isn’t going to keep my tuning in. Oh how I wish we could have Castle of S1 and S2, those seasons were brilliant. Oh well.

    • Allyson says:

      These aren’t even close to filler episodes. “47 seconds” established the beginning of the arc: Castle hears Beckett’s secret slip and reacts angrily. In “The Limey,” Beckett sees that Castle is acting strange & decides (with Lanie’s help) that she needs to tell him how she really feels; meanwhile, Castle tries to prove that he can move on (and subconsiously tries to make beckett jealous/hurt in the process). “Headhunters” looks like the tension between Castle and Beckett is reaching the point where it hurts to be around each other, so Castle shadows another detective, and from the promos, it looks like Beckett is struggling with the fact that she may be too late with her feelings. And then there are two more episodes left in the season: 4×22 which is called “Undead Again” (we don’t know much except it’s a case dealing with zombies); and then 4×23, the finale, titled “Always.” …ALWAYS. It’s that magic word that is a sign from AWM and Co. that something HUGE is coming. If they were to resolve this secret thing in last night’s episode, then what progression would we see in the last three episodes of the season? There would be nothing to progress, and wouldn’t leave anything to play into a season ending cliffhanger to bring you back for season 5. I agree that seasons 1 and 2 of Castle were brillant…but so are seasons 3 & 4. Anyone who doesn’t see the progression of these characters, namely Beckett, needs to watch again. It is all there even if it’s happening slower than you think it should. They know what they are doing. No, they might not be perfect, but they have a plan that is being very carefully executed. Frankly I think its brillant, and I can’t wait to see how it ends.

      • JB says:

        Bingo.. This is precisely the right thinking here.

      • Karen says:

        Thank you you said what I have been saying all along

      • Judy says:

        “What progression would we see in the last three episodes of the season?” Maybe Castle could have let his secret out of the bag? Beckett and Castle could start to work on figuring out who was behind JB’s murder? Or we could have seen the start of a relationship between Castle and Beckett? Maybe they go on a date? Maybe Beckett plays the “I’m still not ready card”? There’ are so many possibilities of where the last three episodes could have gone. As it is, we get more interrupted conversations and Castle and Beckett STILL haven’t had a substantial talk since the season premiere. Now we know how the season is going to end, with C&B maybe hooking up and then BAM anothe secret revealed and another summer spent apart. I for one am getting tired of that pattern.

        • Allyson says:

          Actually, the more I think about it, I feel like 4×22 “Undead Again,” is going to confront Castle’s secret. I think the zombie thing is a ruse that tries to make the episode look more lighthearted than it is. And that reveal coupled with Beckett’s from two weeks back is going to lead into “Always.” I honestly think the finale is where all of this is going to be resolved in a big dramatic way. I just think it would be anti-climatic for the least three episodes of the season to be “Oh, everything is peachy now, let’s…go on a date and not leave the audience anything to wonder about.”
          One thing I agree with is the interrupted conversations. It was mildly funny and frustrating in a good way the first couple times Ryan or Espo came in at the wrong moment, but now it’s just annoying.
          As for the JB storyline, I want that to be touched on again with Castle’s secret this season, but I honestly think it’s something that Beckett is going to decide to put aside for the time being, once Castle tells her everything about Smith and Montgomery’s blackmail package, and then wait for it to crop up in another case next season before they pursue it again. I think her sessions with Dr. Burke (on and off-screen) are going to help her come to the decision that justice for her mother shouldn’t come at the cost of living her life anymore.
          Honestly, IMO…I don’t think they will be spending another summer apart. If anything keeps them apart for the summer, I don’t think it will be either of their secrets. Maybe I am blindly optimistic, but from the contextual and subtextual clues I’ve been picking out and putting together, it really looks like the finale is the moment. (I’m not pretending to have any real idea though, and if my guess is wrong, feel free to say “I told you so!” lol) It just feels like the right timing.

          • Judy says:

            I don’t think everything would have been wonderful if Beckett discovered why Castle was mad in last night’s episode. I think there could have been a lot of interesting ways to take it. I guess I’m worried that everything is going to come out in the finale and there won’t be enough time to do justice to the HUGE conversation these two need to have. The fact that relationship stuff has to be sprinkled in among murder of the week or JB conspiracy stuff, tells me that the finale might give us shippers what we’ve been waiting for, but not in a way that’ll be satisfying, at least to me. I hope I’m wrong, but the history of this show worries me. I don’t want to see this couple hook up in the last two minutes of a seaon finale, I want to spend time with them as they work out what it means to be together.

          • Allyson says:

            I share that same fear. I guess I’m just choosing to have faith in what Marlowe plans to do and will reserve judgement once the season ends. It’s also why I think Castle’s secret will come out in “Undead Again,” setting the stage for the big talk to happen early on in “Always,” and not in the last two minutes. I think that there are very few ways that this resolution could be handled that would disappoint me, and the way it’s being set up doesn’t make me think it will be any of those. I guess we just have to wait and see…and hope for the best.

        • Zak says:

          What doesn’t help is that all the episodes are the same in the regards to how things play out. Castle/Beckett tries to tell Beckett/Castle something, gets interrupted, case gets solved, Castle/Beckett say something that causes Beckett/Castle to change their minds, episode ends.

          The show is two minutes of banter at the start, two minutes of banter somewhere close to the mid part of the episode, and three minutes of some resolution to the previous four minutes to end the show. Which is one of the main reason’s I think it feels like they’ve stretched the storyline longer than it actually has, and people are getting frustrated since they never talk ever about anything that means anything for more than half a scene.

          The episode that have matter this season have been Rise-Cops & Robbers-Kill Shot-Dial M for Mayor-47 Seconds-The Limey. Which is only 25-30% of the episodes that have aired if you don’t count C&R since the only moment worth mentioning their is the ending.

          • Judy says:

            I agree Zak. There doesn’t seem to be continuity between episodes. I know that this is a procedural and not a soapy drams (thank goodness) but what dramas do well is let their characters build over an entire season. With Castle we get little moments of awareness from C&B but it doesn’t seem to carry over into the next episode. And the whole interruptions thing is another issue, that was old and cliche 15 years ago. I give this show so much wiggle room because I really love it, but I’m losing patience.

      • becky bird says:

        What she said! YES!

  2. mamangun says:

    OMG I can’t wait!!!

  3. Peter Venkman says:

    Can’t stop the signal! This is awesome, simply awesome. HUGE Adam Baldwin fan over here- he was the original reason the wife and I tuned into “Chuck” when it first debuted. Can’t wait.

  4. Bernadette says:

    Not used to Col. Casey with all that hair!

  5. Paige says:

    So exciting!! It’s also adorable because it’s like an actual reunion — everyone has gained a little weight. :)

  6. Sue says:

    So, can’t wait for this. Castle and Casey. Absolutely love this season of Castle. Actually love all the season of Castle.

  7. Jan says:

    I have recently started getting caught up with old seasons of Castle. I agree that seasons 1 and 2 were better than the current season. But I also agree that last night’s episode wasn’t just filler. It was quite different, following Beckett instead of Castle, and not having Alexis and Martha was a disappointment, but it certainly wasn’t filler.

  8. Kristina says:

    I am so excited; these are my two favorites from Firefly. Seeing them onscreen together again…yay!

  9. raven says:

    Aww, that just makes me want to watch Firefly/Serenity. Adam looks a little different with all the hair though…and I can’t wait for the episode!

  10. Peter Noble says:

    Wow, great actors both, though they seem to have gained more than a pound or two.

    • Ruby says:

      Oh for crying out loud, who cares? What good does pointing that out do? Are they not still good actors? Are they not still funny as hell? Then what does it matter?

  11. kcooke84 says:

    He’s even wearing a brown coat! Awesome.

  12. leigh says:

    Well said Allyson. Well said.

  13. Joe B. says:

    I would totally watch this thing except for Baldwin, who once again this past weekend at a convention in Portland acting miserably, picked fights with other panelists and generally showed the world what an asshat he can be.

    For now on, I’m gonna actively avoid everything that includes Adam Baldwin.

  14. Jaja says:

    Hopefully the first of many reunions to come.

  15. Michelle says:

    Am I the only one hoping for some mention of Vera? lol

  16. Superhero says:

    There is literally no chance I won’t adore the living crap out of this episode. That’s more because of my unhealthy amount of love for Firefly than anything else, but still.

    • Alyssa says:

      Very true. I will be keeping tick marks of Firefly references! Maybe they’ll even throw one or two from Chuck in there???… :)

  17. ZomZomZombie says:

    If Castle and Beckett don’t smoosh by the end of this season – they might as well just end the flirty-dance nonsense and turn this into a normal procedural. They, maybe inadvertently, fallen into a pattern of tossing up the status of the Caskett relationship as a cliff-hanger at the end of every season. Love the show, but it’s no longer a realistic dance. You know what is realistic?… Boom: two consenting adults succumb to their obvious attraction to one another and THEN find out about all the lies/secrets between them thus complicating the union.

    • You know what would be even better? Keeping in mind that shippers have completely destroyed Bones beyond all recognition, reminding ourselves that they should be happy with that and then leave Castle the hell alone, and finally forget the Castle/Beckett romantic relationship completely and let them go back to being just really great partners.

      • E says:

        You do know that the tension between Castle & Beckett is an essential element of the show right? It’s the one thing that makes it different from your regular procedural. If you just want to keep them as really great partners -which I agree, they most certainly are- then all this unresolved, obvious tension is just gonna keep hanging between them. How’s that for realistic? Furthermore, there’s no way these two people can ever go back to just being partners after everything that’s happened between the two of them (especially the secret keeping now). I’m just gonna have faith in AM and hope that he can handle the will they/won’t they hook up better than other series (Bones, House…) have done and appease both Caskett shippers and ‘normal’ viewers.

  18. Pepper says:

    I just hope he calls someone a moron.

  19. sam says:

    are all you complainers that impatient? Geez, this is a television series that will go on for seasons to come — let us enjoy the getting there, which I for one am enjoying, rather than just seeing them getting in bed and then now what….

  20. Mari says:

    I guess Castle will be in danger in this episode and Beckett’ll finally say that she loves him.

  21. Diane says:

    Enjoy the ride, Peeps! I want Castle around for seasons to come!

  22. Kat says:

    What happened to Adam? He looks so old. What’s with his weight? He was this hot badas and now he looks like some old fat uncle who sits at his TV with beer all the tme.

  23. Vannesa says:

    Can’t wait to see this. ;) Now if they somehow bring Gina Tores & Summer Glau for a guest star…that would be great. ;) :D