Castle Creator Weighs In on 'Spectacular' Finale Buzz, Dismisses Veronica Mars-Style Spin-Off

ABC’s Castle will close the book on Season 4 “with such a huge satisfaction, but such a huge cliffhanger. You’re going to be like, ‘Oh, that’s great. We got through that, but — [Gasps] — oh my God, did that just happen?’”

That titillating teaser is courtesy of Lanie’s portrayer, Tamala Jones, who also used the word “spectacular” to describe the season-ender when speaking with TVLine prior to the ABC drama’s PaleyFest event this weekend.

Color us intrigued.

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Moments later, we went to the source — series creator Andrew W. Marlowe — to see how he himself was touting the finale, set to air May 7. Namely, how does one top sending a sniper to gun down your female lead, and then have her partner in crimesolving profess his love? (And all in the wake of killing off their boss!)

“I don’t know that we top [Season 3’s finale],” Marlowe answered. “We try to service the characters where they are now, and every story is different. It’s always significant when such a key player of the family ends up getting killed, but that’s not something we want to do every season.

“But we have some tricks up our sleeves,” he continued, “to make it a pretty big event for the loyal viewers of the series.”

Mind you, the show boss previously said that an upcoming string of “really stormy” episodes would feed into a “pretty exciting, emotional conclusion to the season.”

I’m thinking, secrets come out and then… what? Locusts?

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One thing that won’t come out of the Castle season finale is a spin-off — this despite Molly Quinn dropping several hints at PaleyFest that Alexis, who is about to graduate high school and is now working as Lanie’s forensics helper, might evolve into a crimesolver herself. Speaking with TVLine, the ingenue said there had been “discussions” about an offshoot that would be “a little bit of Veronica Mars or Goonies,” something revolving around “a strong group of friends that are quirky and have different strengths that bring them together.”

Marlowe however dismissed the spin-off talk when we ran it by him, though he did confirm that Alexis is heading toward a crossroads — one that rouses anxiety in her dad.

“Where she decides to go [to college] is something we’ll be dealing with by the end of the season, and how close and how far [away she will be],” said Marlowe. “Castle’s really struggling with the fact that his little girl is not going to be in his life anymore, and that’s going to figure in as we come to a conclusion this year.” (With reporting by Vlada Gelman)

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