Castle Recap: Sinning By Silence

ABC’s Castle on Monday night dropped the first shoe.

In an episode that otherwise was about the bombing of an anti-Wall Street protest, another bomb was dropped: Rick discovered that Kate in fact remembers everything about her shooting, his profession of love in the aftermath included.

“I was shot in the chest, and I remember every second of it,” Beckett told a suspect in the bombing who was claiming post-traumatic amnesia — all while Castle, unbeknownst to her, looked on through the one-way glass.

“All this time…. You remembered?” he said to himself, crestfallen. Gut-punched. Defeated.

Team Castle Talks of the Big Hook-Up, the Father of All Mysteries, Satiny Kisses and Secrets Spilled

But rather than confront Kate with his possession of this information, the show shamelessly bought itself some time and instead had Rick slip away, to instead vent to his mother and deduce that Kate didn’t want to embarrass him by saying that she didn’t return his feelings.

Martha questioned her son’s willingness to rush back to work with the woman who hurt him so, but Rick maintained — echoing words expressed by Alexis earlier — that he wanted to be involved in something that “matters.”

Mom, though, warned him that “love is not a switch…. You can’t work side-by-side with her and not feel anything.”

Rick’s response: “Watch me.”

Castle Hot Shots: Beckett Glams Up for a Case… and a New Man?

And from there, Castle cooled around Beckett, who (somehow!) failed to put two and two together despite his rather conspicuous choice of words when chiding the captured bomber.

“That’s what your friend ….would call ‘sinning by silence,'” he told the [groan] overly ambitious news reporter. “It’s not smart. It’s not brave. It’s just cowardly.”

Beckett raised an eyebrow and shot him a sideways glance, but… that’s all. Moments later, when she prompted him to revisit a serious-sounding conversation he had started pre-bombing, he deferred, figuring that ship had sailed.

All together now: Ugh.

Fortunately, as shown in the promos for next week, quality girl talk time with Lanie — coupled with some wine — seems poised to give Beckett the kicks in the tailored slacks she needs.

“He’s different… It’s like he’s pulling away,” she shares with her bestie. “You think I should tell him how I feel?”

Um, yeah, Kate. Sounds like a plan. Because as Martha said, “Nobody’s tomorrows are guaranteed.”

What did you think of this first toppled domino in Castle‘s season of “secrets”?

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  1. Jane says:

    I was SOOO frustrated after watching this episode. How could Kate, A DETECTIVE, not know that Castle heard her? Its such a fake out! I feel so cheated, us shippers deserved some real conversation tonight. :(

    • Allyson says:

      You really think the best time for that fight was in the middle of a bombing investigation? There are still four episodes left in the season–the conversation is coming, and the build-up is huge. Mostly, I’m surprised Espo didn’t let it slip that Castle was in observation watching. She knows something is up, she just doesn’t know what exactly. Don’t feel cheated…I’d bet my life that what they have in store is gonna be HUGE.

      • linds7398 says:

        This. If this was a movie, you’d expect the build up/climax/resolution to come in one sitting. You can’t do that on television. What the heck would they do for the remaining episodes? Make little Castle babies? ;-)

        • Allyson says:

          haha exactly. That doesn’t come until season 7 ;)

        • allie08 says:

          hmmm… well, I for one would like to see them try :) (in a PG-13 way, of course)

        • Jeff says:

          If you think that the show ends once they start seeing each other (and this does not mean they have to jump into bed immediately and move in together – obviously, they could take it slow) then you’re as unimaginative as the producers. This drawn out nonsense of two intelligent intuitive people not knowing what the other wants, or not directly discussing the issue is just a lame excuse to drag the storyline out. They can start dating and still solve crimes together.

          • Allyson says:

            I think you misunderstood. Linds is saying that there are four episodes left in the season and if they were to confront this in last night’s episode, then the last four episodes would have been anti-climactic. By starting to build the tension now and keeping in tense until the season finale, the storyline has somewhere to go that will leave us hanging over the summer. I think all the shippers agree that there is storytelling to be had once they get together–just doing it four episodes before season’s end isn’t the most exciting timing.

          • linds7398 says:

            Thanks, Allyson, for explaining it! Sometimes it sucks to work all day. ;-) I’m glad some understood!

      • Sinead says:

        Agreed. I don’t think writers own anything to shippers, ever. They have a responsibility to the story first and foremost. And storytelling as noted by others here involves progressions, climaxes and anti-climaxes. We’re counting down to a finale where, unless the change the focus suddenly, is going to pivot on that ‘I love you’ and not the secret investigation Castle’s carrying out. I thought at the start of the season it would be both, but we have seen Castle do precisely nada on that front, with the exception of the mysterious billowy deep throat meeting he had in the mayor’s case. SO I don’t think there will be a payoff to that storyline this season, meaning it all comes back to the declaration.

        • Caskett says:

          You’re wrong – they will focus on the “I love you” BEFORE the finale, act on it either 4×22 or in the finale, and Castle’s secret’s coming out in the finale as well.

        • Jillian says:

          Yeah. I would be really surprised if anything happens in the finale now. There has been no movement at all this season, except for some hand rubs and some puppy love and jealous looks from Beckett

          Also, just because Marlowe says that they will deal with the ILY and Stana says that shippers will be happy doesn’t mean that they will get together. I think that they will deal with their secrets and ILY, but I don’t think they will act on it and be a full fledged “I want to get married and make babies with you couple” by the end of the season.

    • Dolphinluva says:

      A clueless Detective Beckett, so not cool, don’t worry fandom Lanie’s gonna smack some sense into her, starting next episode.

    • davishannah says:

      I think she knows, but just isn’t ready to confront it yet. She has more than an inkling on where Castle stands, but not being sure is holding her back…and that’s biding her more time to get her thoughts in order. You have to think that all the time with her therapist is getting her somewhere, but I still think she’s just not there…yet. She’s so close, but jumping that gun a little too prematurely can cause a fracture.

      I, however, did NOT like Castle’s reaction. Cold and quiet, he was doing exactly as he accused the anchorwoman and not-so-subtly accused Beckett of doing: Staying Silent when he should have let it out. Even if he was angry, he should have said …or yelled…something.

      But, alas, Andrew Marlowe seems to know what he’s doing, because I’ve been watching since Episode 1 and Monday nights are quite possibly my favorite!

    • joybrennan says:

      Even a dectective has to be told there’s been a crime before they start investigating. Castle hadn’t even arrived at the precinct when she went into the interrogation. She had no reason to link his upset to what she said in that room. SPOILER ALERT!!! In upcoming episodes, as Castle starts pulling away & acting all kinds of weird she may very well start backtracking and put things together.

  2. Kate says:

    I really loved this episode, and am glad that FINALLY the secrets are at least coming out. I guess they can buy a little time, but I’m really looking forward to seeing how the two of them deal with the secrets together. We still have his secret to come out, and I’m guessing Beckett will not be taking that well either. Real conversation between the two of them has never been a strengh, so I’m guessing it’s going to continue to be a little stormy right up to the end of the season. I have to admit that I’m expecting rainbows and flowers by the end though! (I know- wishful thinking…)

    • hm.., says:

      Somehow you managed to put my exact thoughts about this into words… thank! Now I don’t have to type it all out!(:

      But seriously. I SECOND THIS!

  3. nitemar says:

    Very frustrating, though promising, I can’t lose my faith with those two, something or someone has to give..soon I hope. :)

  4. tlc19 says:

    Dangling a carrot… always giving the viewer just enough to keep them coming back. Darn you, Andrew Marlowe, but I’ll always keep coming back to this show. Have a feeling the end of the season is going to be fabulous, gut-wrenching moments and all. I’m hoping that they do talk in the near future – all that two-levels-to-the-conversation stuff can be cute, but I think we need some actual discussion this time. This one was a cool ep, though – I didn’t see the identity of the bomber’s partner coming. I liked the story-telling, too, the flashbacks and piecing it together bit by bit. Kinda felt like I was solving the case with them. I do love that this show has all the parts – I think I wouldn’t be as interested if it was just the cool cases without the romance, or just the romance without the humor, or just the humor without the mystery, etc… it’s a rare show that just has a touch of it all. Can’t wait for the rest of this season!

  5. Nerwen Aldarion says:

    EXCELLENT episode! Sometimes frustration leads to the best places.

  6. Daniel Nowoselski says:

    Beckett wasn’t stupid: She wouldn’t have known he was there, because she was already in the interview room when Castle walked in, so she wouldn’t have seen him.

  7. James says:

    After watching them and Tony and Ziva on NCIS, while Castle and Beckett are closer, they have nothing on the Tiva’s chemistry and they actually have real problems, not just lying.

    Then next weeks episode with Kate being all, should I tell him how I feel? Really? They’re doing that crap? This is why people don’t ship people. Ugh.

    • seriously? says:

      You’re really going to compare two completely different fictitious couples? Really?

      I started out being a huge Tiva fan. NCIS was my first favorite show. Now I’ve moved on to Castle and let me tell you, the situations are ENTIRELY different. It’s like comparing apples and oranges. Please. Don’t even bother.

    • TM says:

      What problems do Ziva and Tony have,as a potential couple? Cause recently it’s like the writers of the show aren’t even trying to make it seem like they are going somewhere,romantically speaking. The two relationships are entirely different,in that with Castle and Beckett the fans,the writers,the actors,everybody knows that they are eventually going to become romantically involved at some point. With Tiva, we hardly have that because there has been little to no progress in their interactions and it’s already been 7 seasons since they first met.So while in the case of Caskett there is the question of “When?”,with Tiva we don’t even know “If” that is where the writers want to go with they relationship.I love both shows,so this is not to criticise any of them,just pointing out that these two relationships are nothing alike.

  8. Allison barry says:

    this was one of the most depressing episodes ive watched. this one hurt more than the season 2 finale. this time theres so much more involved. seriously marlow, what were you thinking?

    • Allyson says:

      It hurts now. It hurts SO BAD right now.. But this is all gonna explode in one painful bomb blast, and when the dust settles…its gonna hurt SO GOOD. Just be patient. :)

  9. Elizabeth says:

    I thought I remembered reading comments from Andrew Marlowe on how he didn’t want Castle and Beckett to become the next Booth and Bones (ie waiting 6 seasons to finally bring them together) and thinking “THANK GOODNESS HE’S LISTENING TO FANS!” Watching this episode makes me doubt things now…

  10. Heather says:

    Castle is being really childish in the promo. Really? Getting another girl to make her jealous? And I guarantee none of the fandom is going to blame him for it, but if Kate did the same thing they’d jump all over her. I get that he’s hurt but he KNOWS that she has issues. She told him that her mother’s death is still hanging over her and she can’t be the person she wants to be until it’s behind her… plus its not like he’s not keeping a pretty substantial secret himself. I’m sorry but I wish Castle would just man up and confront Beckett about his feelings instead of acting like a wounded puppy all the time. This passive-agresssive, making assumptions and walking away thing is getting old.

    Side note: I’m really looking forward to the Kate-Lanie scenes next week. I’ve missed those two as best friends!

    • Dolphinluva says:

      I love forward to the Kate & Lanie Scenes too, and Castle’s childish behaviour flaunting girls in Becketts face is going to make her doubt that he meant what he said when he said he loved her and push her back a step behind that damn wall. They need a resolution before one of them wakes up dead! (yes i meant that!)

    • sam says:

      It’s not about being childish, it’s about him moving on thinking that beckett is not interested, like he’s been saving himself for her but now feels fooled.

  11. LMP17 says:

    Ugh. We are no further than season 2, except that we, the viewers, are even more frustrated.

  12. M says:

    I’ve had my money on a get-together in this season’s finale since mid-season three, so things seem to be lining up pretty well.

  13. Michael says:

    I saw this coming.

    Why would they do something this big on the 19th episode of the season? They did manage to clear the way a bit, though. In the next two episodes Beckett will find out that Castle’s been looking into her mom’s murder/her shooter and they’ll end up in a fight of some sort.

    (Early predictions are fun!)

  14. Mari says:

    My heart. It hurts. Physically hurts.

    This is the only show on tv rn that can do that to me. This is why it’s my favorite show as well.

  15. Jaime says:

    I’m surprised that they spoiled the reveal in the promo and there wasnt anything else. It was awesome, don’t get me wrong; I just thought that there’d be more.

  16. Liz Bessey says:

    Castle should have manned up and told her but like everybody is saying the secrets will come out and they will eventually talk about it . I can’t until the hook up

  17. Shae says:

    Here’s my issue with Castle’s reaction: how did he know she was telling the truth? I mean, we do, because we’ve heard her tell her shrink, but he hears this in the box, while she’s trying to get a confession. He instantly knows this isn’t her lying to elicit a reaction?

    He turns cold on her without even knowing if its true.

    • kelly says:

      you’re question is almost illogical because if he didn’t believe her, then he would interrogate her about it — hey i heard you remembered everything — then you wouldn’t have this beautiful story. All the great love stories work because they have these obstacles. Just be patient.

      • Shae says:

        I think you missed by point – yes he believes her, but my question is why? Why doesn’t he stop and think that this was used to induce a confession? I don’t understand the automatic certainty that was present.

        • a. says:

          in the same vain – why does he assume she hasn’t told him because she doesn’t feel the same way?
          he could have figured that she wasn’t ready to reciprocate or something similar. Beckett has told him about the emotional ‘wall’ she has built because of her mother’s murder etc.

          • John says:

            Because Beckett is right about him?

            He still is a jerk at heart. The passive aggressive little snide quips in the interrogation room were classic jerk. Heck even his MOM warned him…

        • kelly says:

          i’m sorry i’m confused by your clarification. People react in different ways, Castle has been struggling with this too — he was afraid that if he told her his true feelings that she might not feel the same way and they couldn’t work together. If she admits it in an interrogation — one that she knows that castle is not there — why wouldn’t he take it with certainty? If she had done it when she knew he was there, then you can question his certainty.

  18. Loki says:

    I say they should play it like a Remington Steele, where they hookup and solve a lot of cool cases and still have chemistry. But they don’t get all marriage and kids.

    • Nan says:

      They did not hook up in Remington Steele, they were trying to. Then the rush wedding in season 5 did not solve anything anyway and they cancel. They can play differently and I hope they will do it, (Like hiding from Espo and Ryan, or even Gates – trying to avoid getting caught by Alexis and Martha, issues working together and living together

      • Crystal says:

        I am a expert in all things Remi so here’s a few:: Remington steele was canceled in season 4, but many fans were so upset that Remi never found out who is father was and wrote/called the network. So, the network brought it back for a 4 part mini-series to appease the fans. The S5 marriage was because the writers thought it might draw in more viewers and the series would be renewed past the initial 4 parts, and added Jack Scalia as a love triangle, and though the show received good ratings, the network still canceled it.

        Pierce Brosnon lost a role in James Bond because of this until a few years later when another Bond movie was being considered and Pierce was cast. Also, at the same time, Stephanie Zimbalist lost a role in Robocop.

        As for Castle, i love love love it!! Stana is a great ‘eye’ actress. You just see her eyes and know what she is feeling; vulnerability, anger, attraction, ect. I do believe this show will not be cursed now that Kate and Castle are together, as long as writers continue to write in the flirtations, and the bicker banters. Gilmore Girls did a good job for awhile when Luke and Lorelai got together and it might have worked out if the network didn’t replace the writers. Anyway, love the show.

  19. sam says:

    Oh this is such a great twist, if you wanna call it that and adds so many layers to this relationship that it just breaks your heart — I love it, undeclared feelings, makes me feel so much more for these characters and their love for one another. Great, great story but obviously very heartbreaking at the same time. Castle is really one of the best shows on TV!

  20. Amanda says:

    can’t wait till next week. holla.

  21. Luu says:

    I so frustrated. I thought this episode would be one of the best of the show, but now it’s my least favorite. I think i might have actually hated it. I just can’t believe Andrew Marlowe did this. I really don’t think Castle would ever react the way he did, it is just so out of character. Man, Andrew Marlowe really messed up.

  22. Kim says:

    Here’s my take. Castle and Beckett’s relationship will
    peak at the final episode of the season and after Beckett will learn Castle secret about investigating her mothers murder behind her back. We will have to see angry Beckett all summer long.

    • Monica says:

      I absolutely agree with you. This seems consistent both with Ausiello’s blind item and with the theme of Castle’s finales that leave Castle and Beckett apart for some reason. I think that Beckett will tell him how she feels, they will have a fight about the fact that he knows that she remembered that will end with them having sex. Afterwards for some reason Beckett will wander to Castle’s office and discover the board and then enter colossal fight.

  23. maryploppins says:

    “And from there, Castle cooled around Beckett, who (somehow!) failed to put two and two together despite his rather conspicuous choice of words when chiding the captured bomber.”

    Yeah, it’s cr*p like this that drives me nuts. This show just draaaaaaaags this stuff out soooo slowly, and it’s at the expense of any logic on the characters’ parts. a) It was SOO obvious why Castle was mad, that it makes no sense for Beckett to not get his hints, and b) it’s incredibly frustrating that Castle didn’t confront her. Instead he just threw out passive aggressive barbs and acted vaguely annoyed.

    AGGH … COME ON people!!!! It just drives me nuts because if they get them together before this season is out, which I THINK they are going to … I want to be able to actually SEE some of that relationship progression before the season is over!! I don’t want it to be like, they kiss at the very END of the season finale and then they start their relationship over the summer and we see none of that progression. The only reason I’m doubting that’s going to happen is that I think Andrew Marlowe will throw another wrench in there to make them angry at each other all summer.

    • vortexman50 says:

      lets take a look at the facts, the first thing we see after the interogation where she spills the beans, she finds a cup of coffee on her desk. At least she realizes that Castle was there, not bad Beckett, the detective must be starting to show. He asks Esposito if Castle was there and he says earlier. Now if Esposito saw Castle he must have asked him where Beckett was since she wasn’t at her desk. She didn’t even ask he he was looking for her. Sorry I forgot that Castle is the delivery boy for the Second Cup next door and all he does on his show is bring coffee. Very strange to me anyways. If she would have asked the time that he was there, it might have raised a small red flag.When is Castle not with Beckett, he follows her around like a whipped puppy hoping that some day she will be that strong independant woman that everyone talks about and finally confess that she heard those three magic words.Don’t tell me that she didn’t realize what the talk was going to be about when Castle had come in the morning before and had ask if she had a second. It had been a theme from both of them not to put off plans because of what happened to the people when the bomb went off, but as fate would have it Ryan interrups Castle thoughts,what a surprise. When Castle hears the declaration he leaves in anger and meets up with his mother at the memorial at the bomb site. He tells her what happened but that he has to go back to work not for her but for the victims, now what a smuck this guy is.He’s been stabbed in the heart buy the one by his own admission he would wait for but will go back to work to find the bomber. He returns to the station with no coffee for Beckett, wow red flag # 2. When does Castle ever come to the station without coffee. He gives her the death stare while asks her about the case, she sort of looks at him but it doen’t click. They Interview the reporter and Castle lets some tidbits fall, trying to hint that he know her secret. The episode ends with Castle being standoffish and says good night and heads to the elevator. In the next episode promo we see Beckett and Lainey talking and Beckett says he’s changing and trying to pull away. So Laney’s briliant deduction is that he must be tired of waiting. This from the guy who sits on a chair for 18 episodes and doesn’t flinch, so now in the space of a day he goes from hot to cold for Beckett. I would summize that it’s a bigger reason and not that his patient has given out. Someone hear said that there are still 4 episodes left, I don’t care if it’s 4 or 44, this is starting to smell like Jag and will only be resolved at the end of the series. What a waste

      • Allyson says:

        Marlowe has made it clear that he has no intention of waiting for the end of the series to bring them together–that there is plenty of storytelling left to be done after they get together. So no, this is not going to turn out like JAG (which, by the way, was another great series that I was a huge fan of–even if the relationship didn’t resolve as quickly as I would have liked).
        Beckett obviously knows that something is up with Castle, but doesn’t realize that he was behind the glass whe she let her secret slip–how would she know? All Esposito told her was that Castle had been at the precinct but had left because he had something to take care of. And there was no indication that Espo was behind the glass with Castle, so he doesn’t know about the secret slip or why Castle really left. He might have known that Castle was in observation, but he doesn’t know what was said, or about the secret, so he probably didn’t think anything of Castle leaving and didn’t think to mention that Castle had been behind the glass watching. Why would she ask if he was looking for her? He’s always looking for her when he comes to the precinct. She probably assumed that he got there with the coffee, got a call or something and had to leave. And now something has made him upset, but she doesn’t know what. For all she knows, something happened with his mother, or an ex-wife, and he’s just in a bad mood. Just because she is a detective doesn’t mean she is a mind reader. Yes, she knew what the conversation was going to be about earlier before Ryan interrupted, but she’s not about to try and restart that conversation by telling him what he was going to say–no, you bring it up by saying “so what was it you were going to say earlier?”
        And Lanie’s reasoning in the promo makes sense too–how would she know why castle is acting the way he is? She wasn’t even there. As far as we know, she doesn’t know about Beckett’s secret either, and there’s no way she’d know about it slipping out with Castle listening. Her logic as an outside perspective is perfectly reasonable. Honestly, were I in Lanie’s shoes, I’d probably assume the same thing: that Castle was tired of waiting and trying to distance himself and move on.
        We as an audience need to remember that we see (nearly) everything that goes on–we see both sides to the story. In the situation, in the character’s eyes? All Castle and Beckett see are their own sides. No wonder they have no idea what the other is thinking–they aren’t psychic.
        I’m sorry, but the entire storyline made sense. Was it perfect and flawless? Of course not. Nothing is. But it made sense. Complications and miscommunications like this happen in real life all. the. time. And yes–there ARE 4 episodes left this season, and this is only the beginning of the build-up. I just wish fans of the show would have a little more faith in what Marlowe and Co. are doing here.

  24. Anke says:

    I think Castle and Beckett will be on good terms at the end of the season but something else will cause an emotional cliffhanger. Can’t wait to find out!

  25. I think it’s actually interesting that a detective such as Beckett (who simply rules the detective world) couldn’t put the pieces together. That’s love for you, that’s what I believe at least. Even though Beckett remembers that he told her the three big words I believe her brain is just trying to deny it (because it is, after all, Castle, and she knows his history and such)….
    Anyways I’m glad I got the canadian promo (I still haven’t seen the ABC one yet) because next episode sounds simply hilarious and I cannot wait to see Beckett’s reaction to what Lanie tells her *giggles*
    Other than that I LOVED this episode. I love the bombing themed episodes because the level of action somehow rises and the cast simply does an amaizing job with them. :)

  26. Seon says:

    Love “47 Seconds” – super excited for next episode(s).

  27. j2talk says:

    amazing for Caste not to realize that Kate would want him to say “I Love you” at a time less stressful, i mean seriously shes been shot,near death and THAT the time he says it? Tell her over coffee,not in a highly stressful situation

  28. Karen says:

    Just watched it OMG I feel bad for both of them these two are the masters of miscommincation what ever happens between now and the finale it will all be worth it in the end

  29. Becca says:

    Loved the case this week, definitely one of the best this season! I had a sneaking suspicion watching the promo that he wouldn’t actually be saying “You remembered?” directly to Beckett. And I agree that it seemed kind of uncharacteristic of him to not confront her immediately. But…at this point I’m willing to go along with it since it seems like they’re building up to a pretty excellent finale, hopefully one that will take a big step on the Caskett front. :)

  30. Templar says:

    Totally fed up, now. All that’s lacking is the Days of Our Lives logo. I’m done with the show.

  31. Tom says:

    This show is starting to have that “House” feel about it — the plot is starting to sound repetitive and predictable. Let’s see, last year Beckett was near death and Castle tells her he loves her. No response from Beckett. The year before, Beckett seemed to be ready to say she was in love with Castle, then he decides to go off with and reunite with his ex-wife. So I guess this season it’s Castle’s turn to find a new love and leave Beckett heartbroken.

    It’s a shame both Castle and Beckett live in apartments because otherwise one of them could ram their car into the others’ dining room and put this dying show out of its misery.

  32. Patty says:

    I loved 47 seconds, but I do think that Castle should have confronted Beckett. I love a good love confession but I always think that it should come from someone who has thought it through, not from an stressfull moment. I like were the story is going because it will make Beckett realize her true feelings. Castle has already said it, now I want Beckett to make the first move, but not out of fear, but out of love.

  33. Symce says:

    Oh, we’re going to have an epic confrontation a-la end of season 3 “We kiss, and we don’t talk about it.” In fact they don’t talk about much of anything that’s personal this season, probably afraid of where it would lead.

    But in the meanwhile it’s building up towards an explosive fight of epic proportions. I’m looking forward to the reward for all this waiting, it should pay itself out in the finale, fingers crossed.

  34. audrey says:

    All together now: UGH!

    But the case was a fun and fast-paced. I quite like it!

  35. Karen says:

    I think some and not all peole fail to grasp or realise that last nights ep was part 1 of the 5 arc to end season 4. It would have been stupid for a resoultion that quick Just sit back at enjoy what it sure to be an explosive 4 eps to end the season I have one have to say BRING IT ON

    • Tom says:

      Explosive? Last night’s show looked like all the major characters were bored to tears. Even a bomb in a knapsack couldn’t make it “explosive.” This show has always been a little silly, but the cast looked like they were having fun doing it. That made watching it fun. This whole season the cast seems to have that “it’s a job” vibe. It’s almost like they’re counting down the episodes before they can go off and do something interesting during the hiatus. My prediction is next season will be the last for this show.

  36. scifisiren says:

    Tired of this. Get it together before it becomes Bones.

  37. Alex says:

    I can honestly say that this is the first episode that I’ve actually enjoyed this year (I mean 2012 because I enjoyed a lot of the fall episodes last year). I haven’t even bothered to re-watch some of the episodes this year. I really enjoyed the case and how it was presented but I felt that it was a little tacky that it just turned out to be a reporter who wanted attention. That being said, I’m not entirely sure about how I feel about the fallout from Kate’s secret. I don’t think Castle’s reaction is completely childish. I mean, he told her he loved her and he was ready to stand by that and then she tells him she doesn’t remember a darn thing. Then she doesn’t contact him for 3 months and all it takes her to get him back is to tell him that her and Josh were done (I’m still a little upset about how they handled that, I wanted him to be a little more angry with her)…ANYWAY before I go off topic, she DENIES it after he asks her and then he finds out that she knew all along. To him, that’s a big slap in the face. He probably felt like an idiot for waiting patiently for her to reciprocate his feelings and then she drops this bomb on him. I mean, he isn’t entirely wrong to think what he thought. The way Kate said it also made it sound like she wasn’t lying about the thing either I mean, what else is there for her to remember? She might as well have said, “I was shot in the chest as my partner tried to save me by tackling me to the ground and then he pleaded me to stay with him and not to leave him and he told me he loved me and then the lights went out” (yes, the overuse of and’s was on purpose). He’s hurt. It’s understandable for him to feel the way he does. I had a feeling that the issue wouldn’t be resolved within the episode. It does bothers me a little that he didn’t confront her about the issue but as someone said earlier, the whole let’s-argue-in-the-precinct-in-front-over-everybody-in-the-middle-of-a-bomb-scare wouldn’t have been the way I would have wanted them to handle it. Kate knows something is up but I think that she’s maybe trying to deny it to herself that he may have heard anything (although there isn’t anything else in the world that would cause behavior towards her) but for the sake of storytelling I’m willing to let that slide. I’m intrigued by how the rest of the season will play off. If Marlowe has them not talking to each other AGAIN over the summer so help me someone will have to chain me to my chair before I go after him. And if you took the lovely time to read this long post then thank you for your time and I’ll make sure to bake you a cookie. :)

  38. zaza says:

    What got my goat was when, after realizing how short life can be, he sat down to tell her something important and her eyes lit up like she was thinking…oh, he’s finally going to tell me he loves me. Um…honey….he ALREADY told you that and you blew it off, so if you want a relationship with him, you’re going to have to be the one to say it this time, especially now that he knows you blew him off. Ugh…she just bugs me acting all girly and breathlessly expectant.

  39. Jeff says:

    Lame and pathetic – now we’re going to be treated to scenes of Castle acting like an A-hole to Beckett, trying to get her jealous. These are supposedly two very intuitive intelligent people, but the writers have them acting like two 14 year olds. Marlowe and the writers can do better. This is just pathetic. Sorry, I really like this show, but I’m not going call every episode a masterpiece when it’s not.

  40. Rachel says:

    From the promo I feel that I’m not going to like Castle’s reaction at all! Come on trying to make her jealous. Ugh! Of course I don’t think its right for her to keep her feeling bottled up, but she has been through a lot. It’s a long shot, but I would love for Beckett to go over to Castle’s place to tell him that she loves him. However, she wonders into the room that has all of her Mom’s case files in it. All of the sudden huge fight, and Castle’s comeback says, “Why didn’t you tell me you remembered, and I was trying to solve the case for you so we could be together.”

  41. lame says:

    Watching two intelligent grown ups deteriorate into immature,stunted behavior time and again has gotten old. The problem is AWM & CO have failed to realize this allowing the show to become a bore.

  42. mco says:

    I do not think He’ll try to make her jealous. I think he tries to move on. Remember, for him, she doesn’t love him. She feels nothing for him but friendship. That’s why he didn’t confront her. He’s certain that he will have to handle a HUGE rejection. If you are absolutely sure that the person will say no, why bother to ask ? To make yourself hurt a little more ?
    Some of you forgive Beckett shortcomings and fault because she had live some very traumatics events in her life. I think you should also consider that Castle hadn’t live the magic et beautiful life ever, mostly in the last 4 years but even before he met Beckett. (Unless you consider that growing up without a father and a slithly flighty mother is the best way to become an adult, to have the first love of your life leaving you for no good reason is wonderfull, and have you first wife cheat on you and then raised you daughter by yourself is that everyone want in life among other things we don’t know or that happen in the show (like discovering that two person you trusted happen to be a murderer for one, a traitor for the other, let a serial killer go away (it’s untrue, of course, but I think he stil feels guilty about that. And not lets forget the Demming incident, where Beckett already flat out lied to him about this relationship and pratically ignore him when Demming was there but managed to create a scene when Castle shows some interest in other girls)).
    I would love to people to cut Castle some slacks. He has his flaws too, I agree with that. However, like for Beckett, it’s understandable. He’s human, he has human reaction, even if it’s not for the best. He make mistakes, and usually, he owns his mistakes and tries to make it better. And IMO is that that make the show that great. They have “normal” if not perfect reactions. Like any other human being in this planet.

  43. Heidi says:

    I quit watching this show when Kate claimed amnesia after last seasons cliff-hanger. When I hear they’re together I’ll watch it again. It’s just silly and annoying to stretch out the storyline.

  44. kibuxin says:

    Actually, im disappointesd that shes not putting her foot down on his unprofessionalism.

  45. don byerley says:

    They should have talked about it immediately, Kate was there and had the time, it could have
    most beneficial to both. I have seen similar situations in other scripts.