Should Ivy Lynn Smash Karen? Which TV Doll Is Creepiest? Is Dan a Gossip? And More Questions!

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, here are some queries we are going to throw at you, from shows including Smash, The Voice, Gossip Girl, Ringer and Revenge!

1 | How, how, how does Fringe‘s Jasika Nicole pull off the Simultaneous Teardrop Down Each Cheek trick?

2 | Which timeline do Blue Bloods‘ Reagans live in that the Jets were still playing? (Or perhaps they were getting oddly excited for an airing of West Side Story?)

3 | Can the ad community agree to not sneak-leak any Super Bowl commercials next year? What happened to the mega-ultra-top-secrecy they used to be shrouded in? And why doesn’t Cindy Crawford shill soda pop at rural cafes anymore?

| Submitted by TVLine reader Corrine: “Are we really supposed to believe that it was Dan who sent the video to Gossip Girl? After how selfless he’s been all season, he, what, decided to do something so selfish just so he could save Blair? And when did he even have the opportunity to do it?” Speaking of Humphrey: Do you think Penn Badgley is now keeping his hair long for Gossip Girl – and no longer just for that Jeff Buckley movie – because it’ll be a big plot point when Dan cuts it? Like when Joey shaved Pacey’s beard on Dawson’s Creek?

5 | Were you as upset as we were that Christina Aguilera didn’t remember her old Mickey Mouse Club pal (and Malibu Shores star!) Tony Lucca on The Voice? We bet Ryan Gosling remembers him.

6 | Was Pretty Little Liars‘ Aria trying to send out a beacon to “A” with those brightly colored neon shoes?

7 | Do not quote us on this thought, but is 2 Broke Girls‘ Oleg almost kinda sorta maybe becoming just a bit —  what’s the word? — tolerable?

| Can we consider Katharine McPhee effectively introduced now? And if you caught the Smash premiere, who else is (not so) secretly on Team Ivy Lynn?

9 | Did Glee really need to make Mr. Schue so stupid to make believable his transition from Spanish teacher to History teacher?

10 | This Ringer dialogue — “You’re no closer to Bodaway Macawi than you were six months ago. Pathetic” — kinda referred to the pace of that storyline itself, no? Also: Who was more confused and confounded by this week’s episode: Henry, Tyler or viewers?

11 | Is news of Jason Ritter’s pilot adding a bittersweet undertone to Sarah and Mark’s charming Parenthood romance?

12 | Seriously, New Girl? Couldn’t just give us that one Nick and Jess kiss? And where the heck has Cece been?

13 | Just how many batteries and memory cards did The River‘s cameraman bring along for this remote expedition exactly?

14 | Who had this week’s creepiest doll: White Collar (with “the present from hell”), The River (eek, it’s a doll tree!) or The Secret Circle (Faye’s ratty totem)?

15 | Who else wants to go play dress-up in the Revenge wardrobe trailer? The dresses…. [Dreamy sigh] Once we’re done there, how do we score an invite to the Graysons’ next Revenge-ful dinner party?

16 | On Modern Family, did Greg Kinnear’s serial smoocher remind you a little too much of a certain Saturday Night Live skit involving an overly-affectionate family? And the Cam-Gloria kitchen tango was this season’s funniest moment, si?

17 | Do you hope that someone at ABC is considering a Suburgatory spinoff built around Chris Parnell and Ana Gasteyer’s delightfully daffy couple?

18 Does Heejun Han’s facial expression here pretty much sum up your feelings about Thursday’s American Idol?

19 | Does it sometimes seem like the pretty peeps on Vampire Diaries and Secret Circle are always either A) thrusting one another against walls during foreplay, or B) thrusting one another against walls during fights? And speaking of Vampire Diaries: Did anyone else have a hard time hearing all that very pivotal dialogue over the loud waltz pop song?

20 | Was Grey’s Anatomy doing another “alt reality” this week? One where someone who looks like Lexie has no date for Valentine’s?

21 | Should IKEA be flattered or horrified by 30 Rock‘s (arguably realistic) depiction of the furniture mart as a relationship-destroying prison?

22 | Has anyone else noticed that snippets of the Up All Night theme song play throughout each episode?

23 | Who else is going to think twice about buying anything by Cynthia Rowley after watching her make Mondo cry on Project Runway All-Stars?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. xav says:

    I’m totally Team Ivy Lynn. No contest.

  2. Tucker says:

    And we all know Britney remembers Tony Lucca.
    As for ‘Smash’, so far I’m in both camps and I love that they didn’t make it simple to choose.

  3. luvi56 says:

    dan didnot sent that video in gossip girl when are you going to stop be so ooc it’s getting old try sumting new.

  4. Mark says:

    Number 8: no freaking way. Ivy Lynn is definitely good but she’s also most definitely a raging bitch. She knows no bounds and she would do just about anything to get what she wants. And not in the good way. Sorry Ivy Lynn… team Karen all the way.

    • Russ says:

      What episode did you watch? Since there is only one out that in no way, shape, or form show Ivy as a raging bitch. I saw a girl stuck in the chorus who wants to break out.

  5. a girl says:

    Team Ivy all the way!!!!!!

  6. JC says:

    So far Team Ivy. I haven’t seeing an “raging bitch” moments yet.

  7. Caro says:

    I’m definitely on Team Karen, of course! I like her character way better so I hope she’ll get the lead of Marilyn on SMASH.

  8. Kath says:

    I think Dan hasn’t sent the video to GG. Maybe Cavalia Did!

  9. JC says:

    I kind of felt Christina was trying to remember who he was because she didn’t appear to go after him like she normally does.

  10. Oleg has always been awesome.
    Also how can you not mention that AWESOME Fringe Peter/Olivia sneak peek for today’s episode????

  11. danielle says:

    I’m glad they didn’t give us Nick/Jess yet. too. soon.

      • KevyB says:

        Waaaay too soon! And, yes, Ringer was way too confusing! Are we going to have to have them wear “My Name Is _____” badges now that they’re both in NYC? And, NO NO NO! Cynthia Rowley is the best! And Mondo is a petulant manchild who needs to grow a pair if he’s going to make it in the fashion world. ESPECIALLY considering 50% of what he creates is fashion-forward and the other 50% makes your eyeballs bleed!

  12. McScotty says:

    lolz to the Lexie-having-no-date thing. what I thought was interesting was the Cristina-Owen waiting for the elevator thing which almost EXACTLY mirrored the Mer-Der waiting for the elevator in the alt-reality episode.

  13. Day says:

    Team Ivy Lynn. Her voice just has a better quality to it; Karen sounds too fake and popstar. (And I had to scroll up just to remember her name.) She can stick around for awhile though, just so I can watch more of Raza Jeffrey – loved him in Mistresses.

  14. Alyssa says:

    Of course Dan is the one who sent the video.. And not for selfless reasons to make Blair happy but its very selfish reason, he wants Blair all to himself and he wanted to eat his cake by making Chuck out of the picture for Blair.,its not new or OOC for Dan.. he is very selfish when its for his own sake. Come on this is the guy who wrote about all his supposed to be friends without their permission and portrayed them pretty bad for his own book.I expect everything from this creepy stalker of Blair. He is getting worse day by day.And what about the video he showed on Blair ‘s birthday party last year and ruined one of the happiest day of her life? That video thing pretty much foreshadow how far Dan can go last year. so no surprise..He should go bak to his hole in Brooklyn and leave Blair and others alone.

    • Sami says:

      Do you watch the show?? how would dan sending the picture get chuck out of the way? breaking up the wedding would be freeing up Blair FOR chuck.

    • lorena says:

      Somewhere i read that they were making believe that Dan sent the video but he didn’t do it, maybe was Cavalia or Georgina’s husband

    • Sara says:

      You’re allowed to write about your friends without permission…. he changed the names. And it wasn’t even his idea to sell the book, he wanted to keep it hidden because he knew people would be hurt….
      And really, he isn’t a creepy stalker. They are openly friends now… Blair likes her friendship with him…. seriously, do you even WATCH the show??? Dan is one of the only good characters left…

    • Emma says:

      Dan is the only good guy in Gossip Girl. You definitely don’t watch the show. He never ruined Blair’s life. Perhaps you don’t remember but it was Chuck who ruined it. I know you’re threatened by his relationship with Blair because even you know that Chuck can never be like Dan.

    • Call Me Al says:

      LOL, enjoy it while it lasts bb,Dan is the devil, I love Chuck blah blah, blah. There would be no video if Chuck, IDK, didn’t leave it lying around in the first place. Those suits don’t fool me, he is a few sandwiches short of a nice picnic. Continue to avoid canon though and check under your bed for Dan Humphrey before going to sleep, he’s dangerous and eats little girls. Sweet dreams!!!

  15. MrMank says:

    8. I am quite firmly on Team Ivy for the moment, simply because Megan Hilty is such a powerhouse, and I’m not certain McPhee measures up. That being said, I’ve really warmed to McPhee as the actual character of Karen. She’s displaying remarkable acting chops. Both of my girlfriends happen to be on Team Karen, and I actually like that there’s a sizable presence in both camps. Should make for a really interesting season.

  16. DJL says:

    Maybe not 100% team Ivy, because as an audience we’re definitely supposed to relate to Karen as a small-town girl chasing her dream, but I can’t help but want Ivy to get the part because Megan Hilty has a great Broadway, project-to-the-back-row voice. Katharine McPhee is lovely, but who do I actually think can bring the house down 8 shows a week? :)

    • Danielle H says:

      This to a T. I’ve been struggling to convey how I feel, and I think you did.
      7) I’ve always kinda liked Oleg :)
      10)There are some storylines on Ringer that definitely take a back seat for awhile, particularly the bad agent and the murderer.
      19) Hey, the thrusting is fine. And yes, I had a terrible time hearing alot of the dialogue on TVD this week. I had to keep turning it up, and still missed alot of it.
      20) Meh, Lexie needs to grow some balls and just grab Mark back. I know she was gonna try this week, but she just needs to jump up, grab him, kiss him, and be done with it!

  17. LizE says:

    Don’t think he sent it! But I didn’t think about the hair. It would be a Joey/pacey like scene for Blair & Dan since she has bugged him since the beginning of the season about his hair. Btw sorry for typos if any I can’t see what I’m writing

  18. sarah says:

    Yes, I think it was Dan. Not perfect and not a good guy either. Let’s hope so, because he is the most hypocritical man of the show. This guy is very unbearable.

  19. Goku says:

    Team Ivy! She deserves it. Karen is just another girl from nowhere, she shouldn’t be the star yet. And Ivy has better voice!

  20. Kate says:

    It would make so sense if it was Dan, everything else hes done for Blair was to make sure she way happy regardless of his own feelings, oyu can see hes starting to stick up for himself but I cant imagine he would have done that! Im hoping its one of the adults, that makes it juicer, plus I wanna see more or Louis mum (not him hes boring) facing off with the parents!
    Team Ivy! No doubt about it!
    I neeeeeeeed that Revenge wardrobe, especially Victoria’s!
    Nick and Jess kiss was so actually I though kinda cute because they kinda played each other to get to that point but that were like ew kissin boys/girls is gross, so cute!
    I think someone told Xtina who he was and it then clicked, mind you he wore a hat that covered his eyes, he should gone there looking similar to who he was back then!

  21. ceebee says:

    Ivy, Ivy, Ivy!!!

  22. Chris says:

    Selfless all season? They set this up from the premiere! He was about to take Blair away because she was mad at Louis for doing something that DAN asked him to do and wasn’t going to tell her. He also was mad for not being invited to her bridal shower, making him an outsider again! He was bitter. This fits in line exactly with the way he’s been acting. He has been more than capable before of screwing people over and blaming others or the circumstances. He’s just done it again.

  23. donna says:

    Go Team Ivy!
    Also ignoring anything DB related in GG while watching but yes Dan sent it, what show do people think they are watching? I’m so bored with this PJo comparing. They are nothing close to PJo ever. So dull.

  24. Sami says:

    Dont think Dan sent it its not a Dan thing to do

  25. Levi says:

    Dan and Blair are the best thing to happen to Gossip Girl. How Chuck Bass, an alcoholic rapist/abuser, became a hero to some viewers is beyond me. Even the executive producers Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage said that the actor looked like a serial killer when he went to originally audition for the role of Nate.

  26. Sara says:

    LOL @ #18. Couldn’t agree more. Getting pretty tired of Idol.

  27. Pam says:

    Team Ivy!
    And could Jasika Nicole be any more adorable?

  28. Lime says:

    I’m team Karen, for sure! Megan Hilty has a gorgeous voice (gorgeous!), but the character of Ivy is off-putting to me, somehow. Karen has the sweet innocence of young Marilyn and honestly, I can’t see Ivy pulling that off.
    I’ve always liked Oleg! He’s actually a funny caricature, unlike Han. Don’t be ashamed to like Oleg, Team TVLine!!
    Nick and Jess KILL me. They have so much chemistry, it’s crazy. The whole threesome dare was hysterical, I just love that show.

  29. Drew says:

    Team Jasika! She never gets enough love on the show. She’s part of the family dynamic for sure, but it’s always just Walter-Peter-Olivia who get credit for that element. Astrid is like the kid sister of the family. Put her in a DVD cover image already!
    As for Smash… Karen all the way. I didn’t like Ivy at all. She didn’t have the humanity in her performance that I think all actors need in order to tell a story. A good voice isn’t enough.
    Also, I hope they ditch that baseball song when they produce the actual play. Seriously, everyone was going nuts for it, but I thought it was a disaster. They don’t want to make a joke out of Marilyn, so they have a song wherein she’s boppin’ an entire baseball team? Classy. It’s one part of the show that’s really bugged me since I watched the pilot.

  30. Ari says:

    #19 (I think) In reference to TVD dialogue being drowned out by music, I think this is a common problem for TVD, expecially when they are at the grill. I always watch it with the captions turned on (my college roommate was deaf so we would watch with captions and I kind of liked it so I still use them!) so it doesn’t really bother me because I can always read what is happening.

  31. Manu says:

    Penn’s hair looks amazing, I wouldn’t be opposed to it being a plot point, cause all Dair and PJo parallels are awesome :D
    But he said today he’s letting it grow for the giggles, so…
    And no way Dan sent the vid! I refuse to believe that, since it makes absolutely no sense.

  32. .... says:

    Chair fans are reallllllly desperate. Your desperation & bitter is showing

    • lol ok says:

      Lol, oh really? Because I’m pretty sure it’s mostly dair fans who are b*thing about how Dan couldn’t have possibly sent in that tape. It’s SO unlike his character. Blah, blah, blah. If anything, YOUR bitterness is showing.

  33. Candice says:

    Someone had suggested that Karen plays Norma Jean and Ivy should play Marilyn. I think that’s the best solution.

  34. Jenn says:

    You dair fans are really something. It is NOT out of Dan’s character to have sent that video in. Do you guys not watch the show at all? Do you all not remember the tape of Blair he showed at her party? I guess he did that because he “luvvs” her SO much, right? Point blank, if dan did send in the video, it would have caused the prince to not marry her, everyone (including douche Dan) would have blamed Chuck, even though Chuck has looked after Blair’s happiness the entire season. Then Blair would have been left all alone, and ran to Dan so he could have her all to himself. Selfish.

  35. Little Scarf Girl says:

    I was also having a hard time hearing the dialogue in The Vampire Diaries during the dance scene, but I just secretly blamed my friends, who had been talking during that time!

  36. Jenn says:

    Love DAIR! And I really hope Dan didn’t really send the video!
    Also I LOVED this weeks episode of New Girl. I think it’s my favorite one thus far. Jess and Nick are perfect together!! Ugh they should’ve kissed…

  37. Grace says:

    Well considering that Glee has the worst continuity in the history of TV, yes they had to make Will stupid just for an uncreative way to bring Ricky Martin on the show. I loved Ricky, but what a boring plot and snoozefest of an episode. Considering will could speak Spanish fluently, (well, better than in “The Spanish Teacher”), in the pilot, it was really aggravating to see Glee try and fail to tackle another ‘serious’ issue.

    • Hali says:

      Love this. Y’know I’d forgotten that he spoke Spanish well at one point. When Figgins said that Schue should learn Spanish I was like ‘you mean that wasn’t a job requirement for a SPANISH teacher?’. But hey, at least we’ll be seeing more of Ricky Martin now ^_^ (and this episode was actually enjoyable for the most part).

  38. Guy says:

    Team Karen all the way. Sorry but not a fan of Ivys at all. It’s a character I don’t particularly like and not a fan of the actress either.

  39. Ashly says:

    I really enjoyed the Smash premiere. However, I’m not sure who I like more. After only one episode, they are pretty neck and neck. NBC produces a lot of programs where the characters are fully fleshed with likable and unlikable qualities (i.e. Parenthood). For instance, it is easy to identify with Karen because of the scene in the bathroom where she is trying to get control of her emotions. Ivy Lynn is easy to root for because she works hard, but can never attain the approval of her family. Both characters are easy to relate to. Which character I like more? I’ll have to watch another 3 or 4 episodes.

  40. L2u9 says:

    I’ve been thinking that the reason for Penn’s hair is exactly that because after all the producers did say that they were going to make a story that would resemble an other couple and I think they were talking about Dair and Pacey/Joey and they will have Blair cutting Dan’s hair she did insinuated he needed a haircut right?

  41. Erika says:

    3. Yeah, it was disappointing that so many commercials were online days before the game.
    5. I wasn’t upset. It’s been a long time and the girl has worked with a lot of people over the years. It was actually kind of funny and just sad on his end lol.
    8. Out and proud Team Ivy!
    9. He has always been stupid and creepy but in may be in a more subtle way to the general audience. It was funny to me that the writers went so far to expose what I knew all along. Doesn’t seem like they really care if we like him. I’ve never liked him so go ahead writers ruin his character some more.
    10. Hahaha i actually thought we got a lot of plot this week. If you’re paying attention it shouldn’t be hard to keep up. I was surprised that Shioban took so many risks that would expose herself though. Seems to me that she would try to be more careful and even though it must be hard for her, it would have been smarter to stay away from Henry. Yup, I’m gonna go with Henry was the most confused. I also may throw in Bridgette on that one as well.
    13. Potential plot holes are developing eh?
    14. Only watch The River so my vote goes there. All dolls are usually creepy.
    16. It only reminded me now that you said it. Funny, bc I don’t watch SNL often but I remember that skit. Loved the Cam and Gloria dance, but I think I’ve laughed harder for other things.
    18. Yes. Freakin’ cowboys.
    19. They like it rough.
    20. She is still a doctor with crazy hours after all. And she is in love with someone even if they are not together.
    21. Both??? LOL

  42. Kim R says:

    I have no idea who Ivy & Karen are so I’ll move on…. :)
    14. I did not see the other 2 shows mentioned but the doll in White Collar was pretty creepy.
    16. I loved the “tango” in the kitchen with Cam & Gloria. So funny and smart.

  43. Alicia says:

    One of the promos already revealed that it was Dan who sent it in… Georgina’s husband said “you know Dan sent the video in”. Do your research before you all go b*tchin about how its not true.
    Chuck and Blair are endgame, you can see what the writers are doing. They’ve been building Dan as more selfish the whole season while letting Chuck improve himself. Dan sending the video isn’t OOC in the least. When Blair realizes who Dan is becoming and that they aren’t meant to be, her and Chuck can be together for the end of the season/series or whatever.
    I like that they’ve explored Dair and I don’t mind them continueing with it for awhile, but Chair is always endgame. <3

  44. Marie says:

    I have a question re: NCIS’ 200th episode: did anyone else notice that Gibbs’ first wife Shannon called him Gibbs? I remember in one old episode when they went to Stillwater, PA for a case and the gang met Gibbs Sr for the first time, at the end of that episode Gibbs reminisced about his first meeting with Shannon and upon learning his name she said, “I will call you Leroy.” Did the writers forget that scene when they wrote the 200th episode?

  45. sindella says:

    9. Schuester might appear to be real stupid right now, but wait until he kills the Glee club in a bus crash, then we’ll see…

  46. jordan says:

    def team ivy…glad there are others who feel the same way

  47. Jai says:


  48. Karen says:

    I can’t decide between team Ivy and team Karen (though have a built-in bias towards Karens in general). Both of these women are great and I can’t wait to see more. Karen has none of the Marilyn look, but has some of Norma Jean. Marilyn was such a complex person … public vs. private versions … that I could see doing a musical with Ivy as the public Marilyn and Karen as the private one.
    Looking forward to more epsiodes. If only Smash wasn’t on Monday nights at 10.

  49. DJ Doena says:

    I don’t think it’s Dan because they were showing him while GG spoke her overlay. Typical red herring.
    And from the information given I don’t even know when he could have had the opportunity to watch and send in that footage.

  50. Cursty Lee says:

    I love Ivy Lynn because she is a Fairuza Balk clone who looks like she swallowed the real Fairuza Balk.