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A Million Little Things‘ David Giuntoli and Stephanie Szostak Preview Delilah’s Heated Homecoming

Courtesy of ABC

A Million Little Things‘ Delilah is barely off the plane at Boston Logan International Airport in this week’s episode before she runs smack into a sick-kid crisis and a highly emotional argument with her daughter’s father. And all of that happens before she can even put down her suitcase!

Wednesday’s installment of the ABC drama (10/9c) is titled “Father’s Day” and finds Stephanie Szostak and David Giuntoli‘s characters dealing with the fallout from Danny’s upsetting phone call to Eddie at the end of the previous episode — the one that warned him that “Something’s really wrong” with Eddie and Delilah’s young daughter, Charlie. (Read a full recap.) That something apparently involves doctors and emergency procedures:  In a preview for this week’s ep, Szostak’s Delilah arrives at the hospital and immediately asks Eddie, “How could you agree to surgery without talking to me first?”

TVLine Zoomed with Szostak and Giuntoli ahead of the fraught hour to get their take on Delilah’s return as well as to find out how long the former Mrs. Jon Dixon is planning on sticking around. The conversation started with Giuntoli, solo, as we discussed how Episode 6 revealed that Eddie’s been simmering about something for quite some time.

 a-million-little-things-season-5-episode-9-david-giuntoli-interviewTVLINE | It seems to me that Eddie has a legitimate complaint: Delilah just took Charlie and left, without including him in the decision.
DAVID GIUNTOLI | Yeah, I mean, I can talk about that. I think that Eddie and Delilah committed the show’s original sin. It turns out, when you philander with your best friend’s spouse, people don’t like that. Your friends don’t like that, and the American viewers really don’t like that. Twitter really, really doesn’t like it. So, he’s lived a lot of the following years in a state of penance, making himself small, maybe not speaking up, because he doesn’t feel like he deserves to speak up. And he didn’t voice his concerns about Delilah taking Charlie to France, because he didn’t feel he could, because who is he to talk about anything?

TVLINE | Right.
GIUNTOLI | So, in a previous episode, Rome sort of gives Eddie permission to speak up, and be a 50/50 parent with Delilah. And that’s new and scary for Eddie.

TVLINE | Quick question that’s been bugging me and some of our readers: How did Charlotte show up at Eddie’s place?
GIUNTOLI | Don’t start poking away at this, Kim. You start pulling that thread, the whole sweater just unravels. Who… did Danny? Is Danny over there?

TVLINE | He was. He’s been going back and forth, I think. So, it’s conceivable that he brought her.
GIUNTOLI | There was a time cut. There was a time cut, Kim. All answers lie in a time jump! Who’s to say what happened in those four weeks?

TVLINE | Wait, talk to me about Eddie and Nicole, though. What can you tease about those two as we head toward the end of the series?
GIUNTOLI | Is there a relationship with a woman that Eddie can start not waist-deep in muck? How fraught can the start of a relationship be? [Laughs] “You paralyzed me, literally, with your car. Let’s see what happens between us.” This is what I’ll say: Rachel Nichols and I worked together in 2009 on my first pilot I ever did, called U.S. Attorney —the most unprovocative name for a show in the history of network television — and it didn’t get picked up. Getting to work with her again has been so absolutely wonderful.

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She’s a gifted actor, and per ping-pong rules, she makes me better when I’m playing against her, and it’s been so lovely having her back. Eddie, I think, is probably reluctant to get into a relationship with a woman who hit him with her car. But I also have been Eddie for four years or five years now, and it isn’t off the table. [Laughs]

[An ABC publicist chimes in to let us know that Stephanie Szostak is entering the Zoom. After some hellos, we get back to business.]

 a-million-little-things-season-5-episode-9-david-giuntoli-interviewTVLINE | Stephanie, David and I spoke a little about Eddie’s side of things, regarding Charlie in the hospital, but now I want to hear Delilah’s side. In the preview, she’s coming in hot when we see her at the hospital. Is there anything in her that’s like, “Maybe Eddie had no choice but to make this decision?” Or is she just seeing red by the time she gets there?
STEPHANIE SZOSTAK | I think the emotions get the best of her. She’s worried, she’s scared. Fear is leading everything she’s doing.

TVLINE | Do you think she’s ever reconsidered, or regretted, her decision to relocate to France?
SZOSTAK | Yeah, I’m sure she did, but I think she had to [go]. I mean, at least, this is the freedom that I’ve had, is to create the best version of Delilah for myself, but that she had to leave, because she couldn’t go on. Of course, she questioned herself. I also like to think that Eddie and Delilah have had a lot more conversations than were seen. [Laughs] So, yes.

TVLINE | This is for both of you: Are done-done between them? Is there any anything, aside from co-parenting, going on there, as we hit the end of the season?
GIUNTOLI | I’m going to speak for Eddie, and for the American people. Stephanie Szostak is irresistible. Can you ever be done? I think they’re ex-lovers. They were going to build a life together. There is something there forever. There is a huge incentive for them to never get together, and that’s what I’ll say. But I’m sure Eddie, were things different, they would be together in a parallel life.
SZOSTAK | I think David said it really, really well. There’s also this thing of: How can they look at each other and not think of what that’s caused? Like, how do you even entertain an idea like that, when you feel like you’re at the root of everything that’s gone down?
GIUNTOLI | All the more irresistible.
SZOSTAK | [Laughs] Yeah, I mean, look at David’s eyes. Look at them. His hair, his scruff, three-day scruff.
GIUNTOLI | I’m an artist.

TVLINE | Stephanie, is Delilah back now for the rest of the season?

 a-million-little-things-season-5-episode-9-david-giuntoli-interviewTVLINE | David, even given everything that is happening in this episode, and that has happened in the past, it seems like Eddie is at the best place he’s been at in a really long time. Do you think that’s accurate?
GIUNTOLI | I had a therapist tell me one time that it’s good to be sober, and sobriety is boring, but once you get past the boredom, it will offer things that you never saw before. That’s where Eddie is. I think that he has been making rational, unselfish decisions for a few years now — wow [Laughs] — and he is OK with being alone. He is OK with focusing on his son, and I think he is almost myopically focused on being honest. And yes, so, despite all of the things that have happened to him, and are happening with him, he is the healthiest he’s been, and maybe the most stable he’s been in a very long time.

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