A Million Little Things: An Unexpected Split Rocks Katherine and Greta


A Million Little Things‘ Greta and Katherine have been engaged for all of two episodes, and already they’re running into an upsetting relationship development.

But don’t call off the wedding just yet: The marital problems at the forefront of Wednesday’s episode have to do with Greta’s parents, who seem like the ideal couple but who wind up revealing that they’re heading for a divorce.

Let’s back up. Katherine is nervous about re-meeting Greta’s parents for the first time since high school, but Greta says she’s got nothing to worry about. And upon their arrival, that seems to be the case: Greta’s folks envelop her and her new fiancé in a huge hug. “I always thought there was a special connection between you,” her mom tells them at dinner that night, reassuring Katherine that they don’t hold any grudges for the way things went down between the girls when they were teens.

But later, Katherine overhears Greta’s parents having a terse conversation that involves the word “wedding.” Sure, they cover well when they realize she’s within earshot, but when Greta sees a dating app notice pop up on her father’s phone just as they’re about to take the annual holiday-card photo, the jig is up: Greta’s parents confess that they’re splitting up. The news sends Greta into a tailspin. “My parents were always so solid,” she sadly tells Katherine while they take a moment alone. “If they can’t make it work, what makes me think I can?” Katherine assures her that even though the two of them got it wrong before with their prior spouses, “we’re going to get it right this time. I promise.”

Elsewhere among the Friends of Jon:

* As Regina and Rome prepare to talk to Walter about moving into an assisted living facility, Omar shows up and is angry that he had to hear about the development from another family member. Rome points out that he called his brother three months before to tell him about Walter’s moving in, and Omar hadn’t done much in the interim. Omar doesn’t believe that Walter’s dementia is a huge problem… until the older man walks into the room and doesn’t recognize his own son for a few moments. Still, he balks when Rome talks about selling their family home. The Howard brothers argue. They actually wrestle. Then they come to an agreement that they’re going to have to work together to be Walter’s safety net. At dinner that night, they tell Walter their plan: They’re going to rent out his house to pay for his assisted living center, which will keep the structure in the family. Walter easily agrees, and everyone is relieved.

* While Gary is at an insurance conference, his aunt Inez watches Javi so Maggie can go back to work. She’s dismayed that the radio station has started running ads for an unproven supplement that claims to alleviate depression, and she’s furious when Colton announces that Maggie will have to move to Saturdays — while Jessica stays in the weekday slot — if she wants to keep working. At home, she unleashes when she realizes that she missed Javi’s first smile and that Inez soothed him with a pacifier despite Maggie’s explicit directions not to use one. But the next day, Maggie finds herself relying on the paci when the baby won’t stop crying. And as she paces and listens to Dr. Jessica, she’s heartened to hear the shrink tell a caller that the supplements advertised on her show are basically just vitamins that won’t help her mental health. So Maggie goes to Jessica’s office and apologizes, and Jessica in turn apologizes for not realizing how much Colton had been manipulating her. (Oh, and she got fired for speaking out on air, which led the supplement maker to pull its ads.) When Colton asks Maggie to come back, she has conditions: She and Jessica will host on alternating days, and they’ll host together on Fridays. Colton says he’ll think about it, but it seems like a sure thing. Gary comes home, Maggie apologizes to Inez for acting like a jerk, and Inez forgives her. After all, she points out, they’re family.

* Mean professor Dr. Craft isn’t happy to see that Eddie and Nicole are friendly. So she threatens to tell the university that Nicole broke its code of conduct by letting Ed into her class, then she moves up his presentation date so he’s wildly unprepared. Eddie plans to drop the class, but Nicole gets to Craft first and tells her everything about how she and Eddie know each other. So Craft apologizes to Eddie for judging him too harshly, then gives him another chance to do his presentation with the proper preparation. Later, when he’s at Nicole’s and celebrating his victory in the class, Danny calls with alarming news: “Something’s really wrong with Charlie.”


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