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Courtesy of ABC

This post contains spoilers for A Million Little Things‘ series finale, which aired Wednesday. Proceed accordingly. 

Fans expecting a little love in an elevator in A Million Little Things‘ series finale instead got heartbreak in a Boston apartment.

If you read TVLine and are a fan of ABC’s ensemble drama, you might recall that in late April, cast member David Giuntoli teased a sexy interlude in the series final episode. “I’m going to say this: Aerosmith’s hit 1992 track, ‘Love in an Elevator,’” he said at the time, laughing. “And I’m not going to say between who, and I don’t know if it was 1992, but that’s what I’m going to say.”

His co-star Stephanie Szostak, who also was in the interview, immediately asked, “Do we even know if that’s in there?” At the time, neither had seen the final cut of the show’s finale. And, as the episode aired Wednesday evening, it became clear that the scene they were talking about… was nowhere to be seen.

So when TVLine spoke with executive producers DJ Nash and Terrence Coli on Monday, we asked what happened.

“There was a scene that we cut,” Nash said. “The episode was long, and it felt like just the group being together was enough. But there was a scene of Eddie and Delilah in the elevator. And the elevator stops, and at first Eddie thinks it’s stuck. And then we see that she’s stopped the elevator for them to have some love in the elevator.”

Coli laughed. “We have to find a way to release that online, if they’ll let us,” he said.

Coli explained that Eddie and Delilah’s stolen, sexy interlude wasn’t the only scene cut for time. “Between Episode 12 and 13, we could’ve probably had four episodes if we’d had the extra airtime,” he said. “We had a lot of footage.”

Had the scene made the cut, it would’ve provided a moment of levity in an otherwise grim (yet moving) hour. The ABC drama wrapped its run with the death of James Roday Rodriguez’s character, Gary, who chose assisted suicide over waiting for his terminal lung cancer to kill him. A flash-forward at the end of the episode then revealed what all the characters were up to 15 years later. (Read a full recap, and hear what else the EPs — and Rodriguez — had to say about making the finale.)

Would you have liked to have seen the scene in question? Hit the comments and let us know!

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