Yellowjackets Mysteries: An Up-to-Date List of the Showtime Series' Biggest Questions (and Answers?)


Like protein-packed hot meals in the frozen wilderness, concrete Yellowjackets answers are pretty tough to come by.

And we wouldn’t expect anything less from the intricately woven, possibly supernatural Showtime series, which wrapped in its second season Sunday. After all, mystery is at the heart of the drama, which unfolds in two timelines: Exactly what happened after a plane full of high school soccer players crashed in the Canadian Rockies in 1996, and how is that experience still affecting the survivors in their present-day lives?

Now that Season 2 is as done as Nat is (too soon?), we’ve pulled together a rundown of the show’s biggest questions. Among them, in no particular order: Have we met everyone who made it back to suburban New Jersey after the horrific accident? Is Mari experiencing auditory hallucinations or sensing a portent of death? Where the heck was Javi all that time? Is the Antler Queen who we all think it is? And what about that girl in the pit?

Our list goes on… but we’re sure that you’ve got Yellowjackets questions you’d like answered, too, as well as theories to share. So if there’s something you don’t see outlined below, make like a good citizen detective and shout it out in the comments.

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