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Year in Review: The 22 Moments ('Destiel'! McDreamy! Riker and Troi!) TV Fans Had Been Waiting For


The coronavirus pandemic took away so many things we love this year — which made us even more grateful for the TV shows that gave us exactly what we wanted.

Fan service — or a show’s move to meet its fervent viewers’ demands — often gets a bad rap, particularly when said service doesn’t make much sense given current characters and plot. But when a show serves up something you’ve been waiting for for a very long time, and does so with style and love? Yeah, that’s a good fan feeling.

And since 2020 has been short on good things overall, we thought we’d gather our favorite fan-service-y moments in one place. The assemblage includes returns of favorite faces (we still haven’t recovered from Grey’s Anatomy‘s McDreamy’s surprise), nostalgic callbacks with wry twists (aka 95 percent of Saved By the Bell‘s continuation series) and super satisfying scenes from series finales (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.‘s flash-forward, anyone?).

And before you put on your “Well, actually…” hat, know this: We stretched the definition of fan service when it suited us, because celebrating when your favorite show does something you’ve wanted your favorite show to do is #selfcare.

So scroll through the list below to see our favorite fan-service moments from the year in TV, then hit the comments with any that you would’ve included. 

Still ahead in our Year in Review: Most Heartbreaking Character Deaths, Quotes of the Year, Shocking Reality TV Moments and much more!

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