Year in Review

2022 in Review: Best First Kiss, Worst CGI, Most Improved Series, Lamest Cameo and 80+ More TV Superlatives

2022 in Review

Thus far in TVLine’s Year in Review, we’ve been looking at the big picture: The very best shows of 2022! The very worst! The TV industry’s most puzzling, backwards decisions of the year! (And so on; go here for all of our year-end content.)

But now, it’s time to honor the minutiae, because a terrific (or terrible) TV show is made in the little details. To that end, the list below features the winners of nearly 100 ultra-specific categories, from the year’s best monologue to the small screen’s most fashionable character.

And though many of our “round-up” categories give well-deserved kudos to this year’s shows — other superlatives include Best First Kiss, Funniest Scene and Kid You’d Be Proud to Call Your Own — not every award is one you’d want to win: We’re also calling out this year’s most disappointing show, the worst CGI and the dumbest line of dialogue uttered by a character, among other 2022 flubs.

Keep scrolling to see all of our final Year in Review accolades, then drop a comment with your own winners and losers!

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