This Is Us: 9 More Moments We'd Like to See in Season 5 and Beyond


The good part of becoming as close to a fictional TV family as we’ve become to This Is Us‘ Pearsons? Their major life experiences feel real, potent and important to us. The not-so-great part? Like our real families, we miss them when they’re not around.

And so while we wait for This Is Us to return on May 11 — to kick off the run of the final three episodes of the season — we thought we’d continue a daydream we started a while back: What milestones from the characters’ lives might we hope to witness in the end of this season and possibly even in Season 6?

So we’ve once more assembled a wish list of character milestones we’d like to see. Because this show loves flashbacks (and now flashforwards!) so much, there’s really no reason that we shouldn’t be privy to any number of momentous occasions in the lives of Rebecca, Kate, Randall, Kevin, Madison, Beth, Miguel, Toby and the kids, both in the past and in the future.

After all, wouldn’t you like to know how Kev ended up with that sweet new abode? What prompted Déja to decide to become a doctor? What the heck is the deal with Madison’s horse-minded OB-GYN?

With that in mind, scroll down for nine snapshots in the Pearson family’s history and future that we’d love to see in the coming season or beyond. And make sure to add your own wishlist entries in the Comments!