The White Lotus Poll: So Who's Dead? We Examine All the Potential Victims

The White Lotus is nearing the end of its sophomore run… and with it comes the reveal of whose lifeless bodies are bobbing up and down in the Mediterranean Sea.

The Season 2 premiere of HBO’s luxury hotel dramedy kicked off with a flash-forward that promised someone would end up dead this season, just like they did in Season 1. Only this time, there’s more than one victim: In the flash-forward, Daphne took a final dip in the sea only to bump up against a floating corpse, running screaming back onto the beach, and hotel staffer Rocco later admitted “a few” dead bodies were discovered out there. So with just two episodes left, which of this season’s characters won’t survive long enough to leave Sicily?

First, let’s eliminate some people: Daphne is clearly alive, as are hotel manager Valentina and staffer Rocco, since we saw them in the flash-forward. Rocco also told Valentina that “one of the guests has drowned” and “other guests have been killed,” so that means front desk clerk Isabella, piano player Giuseppe and Lucia’s male acquaintance Alessio are likely safe, since they’re not hotel guests. (We also don’t think the dead bodies are characters we haven’t met yet, because that’d be anticlimactic.) But that still leaves plenty of possibilities among Season 2’s sprawling cast.

So grab an Aperol spritz and join us as we take a closer look at all of the other candidates, reviewing all the clues so far and making an educated guess as to who might end up fish food. Oh, and we want to hear from you, too: Vote in our poll below to pick which two guests you think will wind up dead, and hit the comments to share any clues we might’ve missed.   

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