How Long Each Bachelorette Couple Lasted, From Shortest to Longest

The Bachelorette Couples Where Are They Now Update Married Broke Up

When it comes to forming lasting relationships, The Bachelorette is running circles (or should we say “rings”?) around The Bachelor.

The female-led spinoff of ABC’s reality franchise has had a much higher success rate at producing couples that actually stay together than the original: While The Bachelor has only seen one (!) final couple get married and stay married, The Bachelorette has had four marriages among their final couples, with several more currently engaged as well. (So are women just better than men at picking the best match for themselves when faced with a couple dozen options? Yeah, probably.)

But that doesn’t mean every Bachelorette fairy tale had a happy ending. In fact, most of them ended in heartbreak. We’re taking a stroll down memory lane and seeing which Bachelorette couples stayed together long enough to walk down the aisle… and which ones didn’t even make it past the After the Final Rose reunion special.

Read on for our comprehensive list of each Bachelorette and the man who received her final rose, in order of how long they stayed together, from shortest to longest. (And if you’re looking for the same list for The Bachelor, we’ve got you covered — click here.)

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