The Bachelor: How Long Each Couple Lasted, From Shortest to Longest

The Bachelor Couples List Where Are They Now Update Married Broken Up

It’s time once again for The Bachelor to hand out his final rose. But as we all know by now, those roses tend to wilt in a hurry.

For two decades now, ABC’s reality franchise has sold us a swoony fairy-tale idea of romance, with a dashing bachelor choosing one woman from among dozens with the intention of marrying her. With 25 seasons in the books, though, The Bachelor has a shockingly low success rate. According to our calculations, whether Clayton picks Gabby or Rachel (or Susie) to receive his final rose this Tuesday (ABC, 8/7c), he and his chosen lady have a four percent chance of getting married and staying together for the long haul. (Good luck, guys!)

As this Bachelor season draws to a close, we’re taking a stroll down a rose petal-strewn memory lane with a list of all the Bachelor relationships, in order of how long they lasted together after the season finale aired, from shortest to longest. As you’ll see, many more relationships fizzled out before they even left the After the Final Rose taping than actually made it down the aisle — and it turns out you have a better chance at true love if you’re the runner-up rather than the winner. (Note: We’re just looking at The Bachelor here, not The Bachelorette or any of the various spinoffs. For a rundown of The Bachelorette‘s relationships, click here. And for Bachelor in Paradise, click here.)

Read on to see which couples didn’t make it out of the starting gate… and which, against all odds, are still going strong.