Post Mortems

Only Murders' Unsolved Mysteries: EP Teases Who Poisoned Winnie, Identity of the 6th Avenue Slasher and More

You’ve just finished Season 2 of Hulu’s Only Murders in the Building but find yourself with more questions than answers. That’s where TVLine comes in!

Though the Aug. 23 finale revealed both the identity of Bunny’s killer and our next murder victim (Paul Rudd!), several mysteries were left unsolved — including, but not limited to: the reason for Charles’ dad’s arrest and the identity of a certain early-aughts serial killer.

What’s more, the series has yet to reveal who poisoned Oliver’s canine companion Winnie, letting viewers reach their own conclusions about whether it was Jan, Sting or someone else entirely.

Below, series co-creator John Hoffman attempts to answer some of those lingering questions…