Post Mortems

Only Murders Killer Tells All! Star and EP Talk Twisty Season 2 Finale

All is now OK at the Arconia, now that Bunny Folger’s killer has been apprehended.

Prior to Paul Rudd’s surprise debut, Tuesday’s Only Murders in the Building finale revealed that Becky Butler (aka Cinda Canning’s assistant Poppy) killed the curmudgeonly board president — but why?

Through a series of flashbacks, we learned that the Chickasha native, inspired by an earlier Cinda Canning podcast, successfully disappeared herself. She changed her appearance and traveled to New York, where she introduced herself to Cinda as Poppy — named after Cinda’s favorite bagel — and pitched her All Is Not OK in Oklahoma. Though Cinda liked Poppy’s style, she couldn’t commit to All Is Not OK — not unless Becky turned up dead. And so, Becky returned to Chickasha, where she met (and began a romance with) Detective Daniel Kreps, who helped her fake her own death and dupe Cinda (and the rest of the world).

On the heels of All Is Not OK‘s success, Becky learned of the elusive Rose Cooper and her missing painting. She pitched Cooper as a potential podcast subject to Cinda, and in her downtime attempted to convince Bunny to sell her the painting, but neither party was interested. That’s when Becky decided to create an even bigger New York story: She’d kill Bunny, steal the painting and frame Charles, Oliver and Mabel. If all went according to plan, Cinda would move forward with Only Murderers in the Building, Becky and Kreps would sell the painting and move out of Becky’s “s–tbox” apartment, and Kreps would “solve” the case and earn himself a big promotion. But alas….

Below, series co-creator John Hoffman and Becky Butler herself, Adina Verson, weigh in on Season 2’s killer reveal.