NCIS: Hawai'i's Yasmine Al-Bustami Talks Up Lucy's Return and the Joy of #Kacy: 'I Feel Like We're at a High Now'

NCIS Hawaii Kacy Reunion

This Monday on CBS’ NCIS: Hawai’i, Special Agent Lucy Tara returns — a bit early, at that! — from her agent afloat assignment, after months away from both the team and, more importantly, her partner, Kate Whistler.

TVLine spoke exclusively with Yasmine Al-Bustami about her midseason absence, just how “surrpise!”-ing Lucy’s return is, a “spicy” upcoming episode and the importance of her and Tori Anderson’s on-screen connection. (Update: Also, you can find an exclusive sneak peek at the #Kacy reunion at bottom.)

TVLINE | It’s really great to talk to you. The fans have really really missed you.
Awww. I know, I know. It’s exciting to finally be able to talk about “Kacy.”

TVLINE | For starters, congratulations on the Season 3 renewal. Did you by chance get that news while on-set?
I did! It was yesterday (Tuesday) and I was doing a “Kacy” scene, so I was with Tori [Anderson]…. We popped some non-alcoholic champagne — I think it was Welch’s grape juice, or whatever juice — and we heard the news along with everybody, which was really nice. We were the first scene up that day, so it was exciting.

TVLINE | So, what all were you busy with during your time away from the show, that the producers were so flexible to let you go off and do?
Um…. Life. Life, Matt. I was able to get back to the mainland, which was really nice for me, just to spend some time with my friends and my family and do some travels, and to fulfill some work obligations.

The ChosenTVLINE | I assumed you were doing episodes of [the streaming historical drama] The Chosen…?
Yes. I’m happy that I was able to get some time to work with those guys also, because I love those guys. Any time that it works out, I jump on it, for sure.