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Magnum PI Season 5 Saved Renewed Returning

Is Magnum P.I.-ing a Season 5 save? What’s in store for Walker in the finale? Is NCIS: LA preparing to walk off into the sunset? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows. (You can and should email any brand-new Qs to InsideLine@tvline.com.)

I am really really sorry to hear Magnum P.I. will not be back in September. Please tell me another station will pick up this show? –Cynthia
I cannot tell you that another station will “save” Magnum — though I am now hearing that lead producer Universal TV is trying to shop it around….

Any scoop on what the end of the season will hold for the couples on All American? –H.
We can’t say what, exactly, this entails, but rest assured that Jordan’s confession of feelings for Layla in last week’s episode won’t go unaddressed in tonight’s finale. Meanwhile, one couple makes a life-changing decision — and it might not be the pair you’re anticipating.

The NCIS: Los Angeles finale was great but sure felt like it was written to maybe be a series finale. Is it safe to say next season will be the last? –D.B.
Actually, at this point in time at least, CBS Entertainment president Kelly Kahl told me that NCIS: LA Season 14 will neither be shortened (as per a 13-episode rumor that once made rounds) nor necessarily the last.

Any idea on how they are planning to end Bull? No deaths, please! –Yvonne
What is basically a two-part series finale kicks off this Thursday, and that hour ends with a twist that takes us into big ol’ spoiler territory. And while tragic deaths do not appear to be on the table, there will be big changes for several of the main characters, by the time the CBS series fades to black on May 26.